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100 Resurrection Side Effects

One hundred different side effects for coming back to life.

1While dead, the character kept having the feeling of drowning. When brought back, the character is forever scared to death by water.
2You suddenly speak and read a random language (possibly DMs choice) and have lost the ability to speak one.
3While you're alive, the resurrection was not a complete success. You've lost use of 1d4 body parts.
4Another soul latched itself onto yours during your resurrection. You can communicate with it if you concentrate hard enough.
5You saw things no man should see while in the realm of the dead, leaving you traumatized.
6Your time in the afterlife caused you to realize all of those you have slain. You now attempt to not kill anything unless truly necessary.
7There is no language in the land above. You now speak all languages.
8A crippling fear of god is placed deep inside. Religion is the only way to stave off hellfire.
9Religion is a lie. There is no god and no afterlife. You get violently angry at those who say otherwise.
10If a race other than his own killed him he is now violently racist against them.
11No man can be resurrected. A demon has taken the place of your dear friend. This demon wishes nothing but harm to the party.
12You gain an extreme fear of a random monster or creature type (DM's Choice), which causes the frightened effect upon seeing them, unless a wisdom saving throw (DC is DM's choice)
13While dead, your soul arrived in the Shadowfell, and wandered there for what seemed like eternity. Since the Shadowfell is a dark reflection of the material plane, you now have advanced geographic knowledge of the region of the world you died in.
14You awaken with a brand on your ass. Asking the right people will reveal what being has 'claimed' you. Finding them will tell you why.
15You awaken with a partial tattoo of a map on your back. Finding others who were resurrected the same day you were will reveal more parts of the map.
16There's a strange smell about you that attracts demons. They want to help you and don't know why.
17Animals avoid you with a fearful respect.
18A singular horn grows from your head. Druids believe you're a sign of the apocalypse.
19You feel at home in crypts, graveyards, and other places of burial. You feel tired whenever you are in such a place.
20Some apparition or entity has attached itself to you on your way back. You're now plagued with visions of what this malevolent entity is doing on your plane of existence.
21The magic to resurrect you never truly left your body and is manifesting in some bizarre ways. Any time you are the subject of a spell with the [element] descriptor, there is a 5% chance a wand of wonder effect will occur treating you as the wand and the caster as the target.
22You awaken with a strong feeling that something is calling out to you and you know it will always be there at the back of your mind until you find it.
23The darkness of the eternal beyond still haunts you. You become unnerved in the dark, and your darkvision is reduced to 20 ft.
24The resurrection had complications... Your soul has entered someone else's body (different race, age, gender, body type, missing limb, etc). If this is near a burial ground, you have to crawl out of their grave. You have vague residual memories of the previous hosts' 'unfinished business.'
25You must make a pact with a dark power to return. They occasionally manifest their weirdness in you as strange things under your skin, such as tentacles writhing, bugs crawling, snakes or rats crawling, faces appearing, etc. You owe an unholy power a favor.
26Instead of simply rising, from within your body issues forth a small humonculoid version of yourself that grows into a reasonable facsimile over the course of a week. There are clearly either physical or mental issues with the copying process.
27A food or drink that you used to love, now tastes like the worst food you can imagine. You would only eat it if you are starving, and it's the only available food.
28You gain knowledge, and understanding of something once unfamiliar. You gain a random proficiency.
29Your mind comes back missing knowledge once familiar to you. Lose a random proficiency.
30Your soul went to the hells, wherein you were about to sign a pact with a greater demon/fiend. The resurrection canceled the signing, enraging the demon/fiend. You now have 1d10 lesser imps hunting you.
31The resurrection ritual works, but your body is put into a comatose state for 1d12 days.
32The resurrection ritual works, but your mind is muddled, you can't focus or think straight. You have disadvantage on wisdom, charisma, and intelligence checks for 1d6+1 days.
33Everyone you previously knew now appears unrecognizable.
34You no longer can differentiate between sexes. Your reproductive organs disappear.
35All humanoids now appear to be followed by a collection of sprites of various colors and shapes. These sprites are undiscoverable by any form of magic, and can be observed only by you.
36You recognize that certain kinds of sprites are attracted to certain kinds of people.
37You can no longer touch any humanoid that has recently died without feeling excruciating pain from phantom claws dragging you down.
38You have gazed into the darkness, and the darkness gazed back. You now have a phobia of darkness.
39Another soul grabbed onto you on your way into the material plane, getting resurrected as well (A NPC appears, with DM determined details)
40Born Again... (Choose a new name)
41ONE OF US! ONE OF US! (Unintelligent undead won't attack you unless attacked first.)
42Unnerving Presence (Take -2 to all charisma rolls)
43Truly Awakening (You see through all illusions and detect invisible enemies)
44Death Wish (You no longer fear death and are inclined to do thing the more dangerous way)
45Hell Bound (You have found out you're doomed to eternal suffering and you'll do anything to prevent that)
46The patron deity of your afterlife was sad to see you go, so before you left he grabbed a part of your mind to keep for himself. Lose 1d8 years of your memory from any part of your life (GM's Choice)
47When you were resurrected you lost a finger (decided by a d10 role) and anything you do with that hand gets disadvantage.
48You are now affected by Turn Undead, and other similar effects at the DM's discretion, however you are otherwise completely fine and feel no obvious ill effects.
49The magic that brought you back lingers. Whenever you gain the benefits of supernatural healing, roll a d20. On a 1-5 the spells effect is reversed, causing the same amount of necrotic damage instead of conferring any healing. On a roll of 18-20 the healing energy spikes, healing the maximum amount possible to you and half that amount to all creatures within 10 ft of you.
50Soul Lag, you move but your soul moves a little slower giving your movements a ghostly echo.
51Part of you still resided in the land of the dead every night, in your dreams, you go back there. When taking a long rest roll 1d10 on a 1 you wake up screaming and only get the benefits of a short rest.
52Swap dominant handedness.
53Loss of belly button.
54It's like a printer. Sometimes it prints twice. Gain a perfect body double.
55You made a friend while you were a ghost. But now they want you back...
56At the start of every hour, roll a d20. On a roll of 1, you leave your body and enter the ethereal plane. Any damage dealt to your body in the plane you're currently in is dealt to your ethereal self, and vice versa. At the end of the hour, you are returned to your body and you don't roll for this until the next dawn.
57Your reflection (in a mirror, blade, water, etc.) is a rotted corpse.
58You shed your skin, hair, and nails once every 1d6 days.
59Your blood smells like sulfur.
60Your eyes are cold and dead.
61You were resurrected, but it was a painful experience and the torment you wish you hadn't been brought back. You wouldn't wish upon your greatest enemy let alone your best friend. If you are aware of someone being resurrected, you will you do every in your power to stop it, so they don't go through the pain you did.
62You met your ancestors, who informed you that you're a complete disappointment. All actions related to self esteem or will receive a penalty until you become rich, famous, or infamous.
63Everything you eat has the texture of ashes.
64The afterlife was a paradise, and you now have a compelling urge to return to the perfect life ripped away from you.
65Due to atrophy in your eyes while you were a corpse, you're now sensitive to bright light and prefer to stay in darkness.
66You gain a mark resembling an eye on your forehead, which is very visible if not covered. Twice a day, you can flip a coin for a chance to reveal the next action of any creature.
67Your spirit managed to make it back to the material plane mostly intact - the only screw up is in your hands. Since they're still halfway in the spirit realm, your character has no hands unless you can maintain concentration on summoning them from the spirit realm. However, because they're spirit hands, you can summon spirit hands of any race! Imagine an orc who can will dragon claws into existence! Or a gnome with the meaty hands of an ogre!
68In the spirit realm you were able to perceive time as it truly exists. As such, you are now able to measure time exactly - knowing the time of day, counting hours, etc.
69Your soul has become bound to a random item near the site of resurrection. Thus, your character cannot be killed by conventional means - if 'killed,' his / her soul lives on within the item and can be reassigned to another body with a simple ritual. However, if your character's body is more than 30ft from the item, they will enter a comatose state. They will also die if the item is destroyed.
70The resurrection ritual, in recalling your soul from the spirit realm, inadvertently duplicated it and has created an undead manifestation of your soul somewhere else in the world. Perhaps it has some sort of evil undead agenda...
71Your senses have become a bit jumbled. You now smell with your ears, hear with your eyes, see with your tongue, and can taste and touch with your entire body.
72When you were resurrected you suddenly crave a food you disliked in the past. In fact, if you go 30 days without eating this food you go crazy and kill yourself.
73In your short trip to the afterlife, you learned that a parent made a deal with a demon, and your soul was the one promised.
74The nature of your character's soul has become muddied a little after spending time with the souls of many others in the spirit realm. As such, it reacts positively to any detection of aura - good, evil, magic, etc. Anything that someone or something is trying to find via magical means will find it in your character's soul.
75As you have now been linked to both the material and spiritual planes, you may now be sacrificed as a reagent in a simple resurrection ritual. Additionally, the second death of your character will immediately cause the resurrection of a random nearby body.
76You are now under the will of the person who resurrected you. Once per day the person who resurrected you can ask you one favor that you are required to do.
77The bond between your soul and body has become weaker. When you sleep your soul can wander the Ethereal Plane.
78Your eyes were not fully restored and you are blind with no magic short of a wish spell able to restore your vision. However, at the end of the three days of blindness your vision will spontaneously return and you find your other senses have sharpened to compensate. You have +3 on all perception rolls for a month.
79Your hearing not fully restored and you are deaf with no magic short of a wish spell able to restore you. However, at the end of three days of deafness your hearing will spontaneously return and you find your other senses have sharpened to compensate. You have +3 on all perception rolls for a month.
80The Fates had determined you were to be reincarnated, but the ritual has cheated them. You are haunted by dreams of a young couple mourning the loss of the newborn you were to be. Every month or so, you will have dreams and nightmares as the childless couple, your parents, try and fail to grow their family. Over the years they grow bitter, bicker with one another, and live miserable lives. Only finding them and apologizing will make the dreams stop.
81You get a monotonous, dead-like voice.
82While you were dead, a spirit told you about the ability to manufacture a powerful and ancient magic item, but you were resurrected just before the spirit told you what was the last ingredient. You are doomed to discover the correct component (Roll 1d100 every time you find an uncommon item), you are so stressed by your research that you get -1 to your Reflex, fortitude and Will throw.
83Living among the dead you learned the secret of the flesh. Consuming corpse parts lets you see how they died. Biting someone let you see their real intention and fear. Of course, if you do it publicly, who have saw you will prefer blades over words and you get -2 CHR in every diplomatic throw with them.
84Dogs and other canids will perceive you as a Skeleton, and for that they will try to bit a gnaw your “bones” for fun. Trying to reason with them is just a loss of time. Run or Fight.
85Your soul becomes tethered to the one who resurrected you. In combat, you will be compelled to protect them against melee and ranged attacks you can see. Out of combat, you feel compelled to help them in all their endeavors.
86Dying has taken a toll on your mental well-being. You are now scared by the creature or item that killed you and when presented by a picture or trinket that reminds you of it, you become afraid and paranoid.
87You met your ancestors in the afterlife. If you are an orphan, foundling, etc., who never knew their ancestors, now you know you have ancestors somewhere. They were important people who have other descendants: now, you know their names and location. If you did know your ancestors, you just found out that you were adopted, and belong to another, more powerful lineage.
88When you died, though your body dropped straight down, your soul was left standing. The figure of everyone you killed appear underneath you and tried to drag you down to them, and echoes of everyone you saved try to drag you up to the heavens. Your alignment changes to good, and you feel a compulsion to save every life you can, no matter the costs.
89Just before you reawaken you see a huge eye in front of you. Your soul contains a spark of the power of resurrection, and a shard of a dragon's soul. Whenever you encounter a dragon they will try to take you alive. Your life can be sacrificed to resurrect a dragon, or to give the dragon who caught you a second life.
90In existence after death, you've experienced eternity. This has given you time to contemplate yourself, but made you grow distant. You gain +1 Wisdom and -1 Charisma.
91Your soul lived out the life of an animal (DM's choice) in the afterlife. You now have the ability to speak with this type of animal and you refuse to kill or eat its kind.
92The person who revived you invested a fair amount of their own power and life force doing so. As a result your memories and sensibilities mirror there own. Your alignment moves one step closer to their own. You also gain a number of their own memories and believe them to be your own.
93The entire time that you were dead, you knew that it was not the right time, in fact you know this because the nature of your true and final death was revealed to you. You now know the implement of your death (sword, fire, drowning, etc.) and take disadvantage in any rolls to interact with it and also take +1 damage from that source.
94Your body has died before, and learned from it. When taking damage from a damage source that matches the one that killed you (Bludgeoning, Piercing, Elemental Damage, etc.) you have 1 damage resistance.
95Rum is the Drink the dead love best. You are dead. You like rum. You have taken an extreme liking towards rum and in fact all alcohol. It confers no benefits to you, but you are beholden to none of the drawbacks.
96Your soul is back in your body, and your body has been fully healed, however, they are no longer fully bound together, your soul has a strong pull towards death. Whenever a sentient creature dies near you, your soul tries to go with it. You take 1d4 temporary Wisdom damage, and you recover one point every hour.
97When the character had died before, he or she learned that material possessions (or at least their duplicates) are brought with them to the afterlife. Upon resurrection, the character learned he or she had very little and now wants to take as much possible. The character finds it hard to part with their possessions and may have tendencies to steal.
98In the character's afterlife, they were presented with an incredibly wide variety of food. Upon resurrection, the character finds it hard to stomach the same food within a week. If a food item is consumed within a week of the last time it was eaten, make a Will save (discretion of DM) to not get nauseous. If nauseous, make a Con save to not vomit.
99The resurrection changed your way of thinking, every time you wake up from sleep, you randomly change your alignment.
100The resurrection left dead trace inside you. Once per day, as an action, you can cast Chill Touch.
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