200+ Parody Books

Over two hundred humorous book titles for your fantasy world.

Full List

  1. Interview with some vampires
  2. Cosmos-ology by Cal Sargan
  3. I Golem
  4. The 13 Habits of Highly Effective Necromancers
  5. To Kill a Mimic-bird
  6. The Grungs of Wrath
  7. A Clockwork Orog
  8. Invisible Man - when spells become permanent
  9. All the King's Men-at-Arms
  10. The Blind-sight Assassin
  11. Little Women - a book of famous gnomes and halflings
  12. Are You My Mummy? A to choosing your undead servants
  13. Three Mages in a Boat
  14. The Wind in the Will-o'-wisps
  15. A Passage to Icewind Dale
  16. How I Ate My Mother - Confessions of a Lycanthrope
  17. The Moonsea Chronicles
  18. Fairefire 451
  19. Do Golems Dream of Awakened Sheep?
  20. The Little Elder Brain that Could
  21. Thomas the Tank Elementalist - Story of a War Mage
  22. The Very Hungry Carrion Crawler
  23. Pride and Phylacteries.
  24. Speaker with the Dead.
  25. Heart of +1 Darkness.
  26. Great Divinations.
  27. Treasure Island: Find Yours.
  28. Kidnapped (by Kobolds).
  29. Of Near-Human Bondage.
  30. Invisible Lizardman.
  31. A Farewell to Armor: A Delver's Guide to Rust Monsters.
  32. For Whom the Die Rolls: A Fool's Guide to Dice Games and Gambling.
  33. The Great Gadsbee, and Other Famous Illusionists.
  34. Blindsense and Sensibility: Feeling your Way in the Dark.
  35. Blood Maridan.
  36. Born Efreet.
  37. Lucky Djinn.
  38. The Life and Mines of a Dwarvish Prospector.
  39. Star Lores (this is in the astronomy section).
  40. A History of the Decline and Fall of the Dwarven Empire.
  41. Of Mice and Half-Men
  42. The Elvish Gene.
  43. We're Going on an Owl-bear Hunt
  44. The Tale of Peter Rakshasa
  45. Ferdinand the Bullette
  46. The Worst Witch - a guide to min-maxing
  47. Cloudy with a chance of Manitcores
  48. The Pied Piper - Why you shouldn't trust bards
  49. Stuart Little and the Dangers of the Awaken Spell
  50. Around the world in 80 Dimension Doors
  51. The Hunger of Hadar Games
  52. Pretty Woman: An Adventurer's Guide to Nymphs ..
  53. Dances with Wolves: An Adventurer's Guide to Lycanthropes ..
  54. There Will Be Blood: An Adventurer's Guide to Vampires ..
  55. Clear and Present Danger: A Dungeoneer's Guide to Traps ..
  56. Along Came a Spider: A Dungeoneer's Guide to Driders and Drow ..
  57. Kiss the Girls: A Traveler's Guide to Succubi ..
  58. Unwrapped: A Delver's Guide to Mummies ..
  59. Frozen: A Traveler's Guide to Frost Giants ..
  60. Tangled: A Delver's Guide to Ropers ..
  61. Into the Woods: An Adventurer's Guide to Sprites and Pixies ..
  62. Some like it hot: A guide to fire elementals
  63. Under Da Sea: In Search of the Kraken ..
  64. The Boy Who Cried Roc -- A classic children's tale about a boy that though it was funny to announce to the village that there was a Roc nearby. One day there was, and the nobody believed him. He was the only survivor.
  65. The Five People You Meet in the Astral Plane
  66. Girls Gone Feywild
  67. Secret Life of Banshees
  68. The Cat in the Hat - the joys of awaken
  69. The Rise and Fall of the Third Roc
  70. A Thousand Splendid Sunbursts
  71. A Tree Grows in Baulder's Gate
  72. The Demon-Haunted World: Faith and a Sacred Flame in the Dark
  73. The Conjuration Manifesto
  74. The Grick who Stole Midwinter
  75. The Phantom Tollbooth and other strange hauntings
  76. Faerunian Gods
  77. All the Light We Cannot See - counterspelling darkness
  78. Me Before You: A Study of Initative Rolls.
  79. 50 Shades of Fey
  80. 50 Shades of Gray Oozes
  81. 50 Shades of Orange is the New Black
  82. 7 Habits of Highly Effective Peasants (The sequel to "The Hunger Games: A True Story")
  83. A Brave New Halfling: Small People Can Make a Big Difference (obviously a work of fiction)
  84. A Farewell to Magics
  85. A Handmaid's Tail: a collection of short stories by notable Tieflings
  86. A Hitchhikers Guide to the Multiverse
  87. A Passage to the Underdark
  88. A Tale of One Ettin
  89. A Tale of Two Gith Seas - a traveller’s guide to the astral sea.
  90. A Wrinkle in Mana.
  91. Adventures with Muck, Berries, and Fins - a herbalist's guide to useful foraging.
  92. Airship Up
  93. Alice's Adventures in the Underdark
  94. Ansalon, Ansalon! An Atlas of the Dragonlance land Ansalon
  95. As I Lay at Zero Hit Points
  96. Bigby's Little Lies
  97. Bond with the Wind - a guide to summoning elementals.
  98. Buddy Folio. A magical tome which tells you who your true friends are so that you might rule them out as possible enemies... (Name doubles as an in-game social media network)
  99. Bugbear, Bugbear, What do you See?
  100. Catch 22D12
  101. Catoblepas Shrugged
  102. Celestials and Demons - a tale of a Githyanki explorer and his adventures through the planes.
  103. Couatl in the Rye
  104. Dante's Infernal: A tourist's guide to the nine hells
  105. Diary of a Wimpy Kobold
  106. Dignity and Discrimination
  107. Dragon Turtles All the Way Down
  108. Dretch-22
  109. Eat, Prey, Club - A Guidebook for Orcs
  110. Everything is Illuminated thanks to Faerie Fire.
  111. Fantastic Drinks and where to buy them: A Dwarf's guide to all the taverns in , cataloguing the best and most curious drinks each tavern has
  112. Fight. Club. - A Comprehensive Guide for Barbarians (a pop-up book)
  113. Fighter's Club - First rule of Fighter's Club, don't talk about Fighter's Club... Second rule of Fighter's Club, protect the Cleric.
  114. For Whom the Behir Tolls
  115. For Whom the Bridge Troll - A tragic love story of a misunderstood Bridge Troll
  116. Frank and his Stein - The story of a poor drunk named Frank
  117. Game of Twilight
  118. Girl with the Dragon Turtle - a story about a young elf's journey through life.
  119. Girl with the Dragonborn Tattoo
  120. Glaive Hewn World
  121. Gone with the Healing Wind
  122. Gone with the Wind and a Fly Check
  123. Great Incantations
  124. Green Hags and Ham
  125. Harry Otter. A story about a young orphan Druid who lives with his boring fighter uncle and aunt who denies the existence of druids. The story sees Harry start at the Druid school led by Albus Bumbledoor, the archdruid who loves to be a Bumblebee. Bumbledoor takes Harry under his gravity defying wings and tells him the true story about how his parents died and that he is known by all druids as The Otter Who Lived. He must now meet his destiny and fight the most evil druid of all time, Voldemoth. Featuring the great cast of: Ron the Weasel, Hermione Ranger (some people can never choose only one class), Hagrid the lover of all creatures, Severus Snake and many more!
  126. Harry Otter and the Transmute Stone
  127. Harry Otter and the Room of DMs Hidden Notes
  128. Harry Otter and the Prisoner of the Fire Plane
  129. Harry Otter and the Bag of Holding Fire
  130. Harry Otter and the Order of the Phoenix
  131. Harry Otter and the Half-Elf Prince
  132. Harry Otter and the Saving throws
  133. Fantastic Beasts and How To Turn Into Them
  134. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Kidney Stone, a thrilling novel how an ordinarily normal surgery gets complicated due to wild magic leaving Harry with unexpected results. Spoiler Harry gets magic and becomes Dr. Strange after prolonged contact with the Sorcerer's insides
  135. Heart of Darkvision
  136. How to Cast Friends and Polymorph People
  137. How to make Illusions and Charm People
  138. Hunger for Names - a successful Nothic's book of baby names for any and all species.
  139. In His Steps, What Would Saint Cuthbert Do? - a religious self-help book.
  140. In Kobold Blood
  141. Journey to the centre of the Underdark
  142. Llothlita
  143. Lolth's Web - a study of Drow religion.
  144. Lord of the flies: A biography on Baalzebul
  145. Lord of the Githzerai
  146. Marr'E Rotter and the Sorcerer's Bones - a jaded druid seeks the remains of a powerful sorcerer to bring about the end of the world
  147. Memoirs of a Geisha in Oriental Adventures.
  148. Memoirs of a Genasi
  149. Memoirs of a Nymph - the life and times of a fey seductress.
  150. Mephitmorphosis
  151. Mordenkainenstein
  152. Of Merr and Men
  153. Of mimics and men
  154. One Flew Over the Harpy's Nest
  155. One Flew Over the Kenku's Nest
  156. One Lich, Two Lich
  157. One Thousand and One Knights
  158. Paradise Lost: Make A Perception Check to Find It
  159. Planar-shifting for People in a Hurry
  160. Pride and Prestidigitation
  161. Raging for Help: The Shocking True Story of one Barbarian's Dark Past
  162. Ready Mindflayer One
  163. Rune -a story about the application and use of runes from an ancient desert society.
  164. Satyrs and Sensibility
  165. Sense Motive and Sensibility
  166. Snow Dwarf and the Seven Wights
  167. The (insert race here) Cook Book - A book about how to best cook (insert race here)
  168. The Adventures of Goodberry Flint.
  169. The Adventures of Nancy Druid
  170. The Amityville Hook Horror
  171. The Brothers Dragonbornov
  172. The Charming Bones - a tale about a Necromancer looking for love in all the wrong places.
  173. The Cockatrice in the Rye
  174. The Constant Scrivener
  175. The Dog in the Bog - a children's tale about a Blink Dog disembowelling a Displacer Beast to save a swamp village.
  176. The Drapes of Wrath - a guide to identifying and destroying animated objects.
  177. The Giving Treant
  178. The Grapes of Wraith: Wining and Dining the Undead
  179. The Great Ghast-B
  180. The Haunting of Every Place You Find
  181. The Illithid by Virgil
  182. The Left Hand Casts Darkness
  183. The Lion, the Witch, and the War-forged
  184. The Liches of Eastwick
  185. The Lusty Lizardfolk Maid
  186. The Odd Sea - Stories of ships disappearing/shipwrecks off the Sword Coast.
  187. The Power of Mimics: Why Certain Encounters Have Extraordinary Impact
  188. The Ruler of the Bracelets- It's about two gnomes who find a bracelet of power, and they have to take it to the Burning Steppes and cast it into the Cauldron. They form the Brotherhood of the Bracelet. Along the way they're trailed by a murloc named Gottom, who's obsessed with the bracelet, and nine bracelet bogeymen. It could be a three-parter, called 'Ruler of the Bracelet'. The first part would be called 'The Brotherhood of the Bracelet', followed by 'A Couple of Towers', with the climactic ending called 'Hey, the King's Back!'"
  189. The Secret Life of Bards
  190. The Sound and the Flurry of Blows
  191. The Sound and The Fury (No change in the title but this is a 'Buddy Cop' novel with a Bard and Barbarian)
  192. The Thieves Cant Tales
  193. The Treant of Wildfell Hall.
  194. The Ugly Darkling
  195. The Vault in our Stars - an Illithid's guide to the treasures of the Far Realms.
  196. The Very Hungry Purple Worm - a children's book about the death and devouring of civilization.
  197. The Wizard of Ooze
  198. The Wyrm in the Willows
  199. 'Tis Pity She's a Drow
  200. To Kill a Griffon
  201. To Kill a Manticore
  202. To Kill a Roc with Birds - a military study on aerial combat.
  203. War and Geas - an enchanter's guide to bringing down established governments.
  204. War of the Wurms
  205. War or Peace: Make A Diplomacy Check
  206. What to Expect When You're Spectating - a history of the world written by a famed Beholder author.
  207. Worg and Pieces
  208. Zen and the Art of Punching Dragons in the Face: One Monk's Life as an Adventurer
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