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100 Things Found In A Haunted House

One hundred items found in a mysterious haunted house.

1A painting of the previous owners of the house. If you look at it out of the corner of your eye, you could swear that you saw them move.
2Old, rusted knife. Can be used a weapon. If it comes in contact with food, the food begins to rot.
3A mirror in the master bedroom that doesn't show your reflection, but the reflection of your previous life.
4A cupboard that shakes if touched.
5A display case, full of shattered china.
6The handrails on the stairs look like clean wood, but if you touch them you feel something wet and sticky. Looking at your hands you see they are covered in blood.
7A mask that gives you tips in battle (+2 to attack rolls), but constantly rattles, making it terrible for stealth.
8A skeletal hand that follows you around, but only moves when your back is turned. You hear a strange skittering sound and might see movement out of the corner of your eye.
9A taxidermied pet cat in a curled up and napping position. But when you turn your back on it, it leaps at you.
10A tin for sweets/candy sits on a coffee stand. The hand of the last person to open the tin lays inside, bloody and nibbled on.
11The shutters are loose and bang against the window frame as the wind blows outside. Every time someone gets near to try and secure them, they bang shut and lock themselves, only to start flapping in the wind again as soon as that same person tries to walk away.
12A small drop of blood moves across the floor leaving behind a thin red line. No matter how far the small drop moves it never runs out of blood to leave behind. The small blood drop leads the party room to room, floor to floor.
13In random locations throughout the house you stumble across a recently lit cigar, sitting in an ash try, the corner of a mantle or an edge of a table.
14Musty moldy books on a broken shelf, but one is curiously untouched by age and mold.
15Rotting dolls in a trunk. Touching them does 1d4 necrotic damage. Throwing them at people is mean.
16A dress stand that whispers secrets of long lost owners. Where did she bury her gold?
17Curious stains on the kitchen floor and a bin full of bones. Don't move the bones... Oh, hello animated skeleton.
18A trapdoor that leads nowhere, just a brick wall.
19Broken floorboards and a dusty spike trap that is half visible through them.
20Strange collection of tiny colored glass bottles full of different liquids. One that makes you larger...
21Cracked ceramic bowl of little bits of leather. They don't taste good.
22Dog bones by a dusty bowl on the floor.
23Rotting curtains that rustle and move although there is no wind. Yeah, you should probably check behind them.
24Iron cage with a big pile of chain next to it on the floor.
25Nineteen knives stuck in the wall in a smiley face.
26An old warlock spellbook that contains a random 2nd level warlock spell.
27A painting of what looks like your adevturing party but with different Noble clothes one. (One of you are missing from the painting)
28A message written in blood on the walls.
29A pentagram drawn in chalk or blood with half melted candles at the points of the star.
30Creepy spiderwebs everywhere.
31A diary of someone. It starts out fairly normal, but slowly descends into madness.
32A broken brick wall. There is a skeleton inside the wall with lots of bloody scratches on the inside of the walls.
33A door that opens into inky darkness.
34A room with a collection of jars of strange creatures.
35Several jars full of various herbs and spices. Everything seasoned with them tastes of dust and ashes.
36Bottles full of well-aged alcoholic drink. Some of them, anyways. A few of them are poison, and a few of them are vinegar, but the ones that are good to drink are excellently aged. Also, don't drink the one labelled 'ectoplasm'.
37A strange box. It's full of small insects, which flee when disturbed.
38A journal. Upon opening, it starts with the sentence: The adventurer opened the journal. Then it proceeds to give an gruesome account of how a creature descends from the ceiling and rends the flesh from the adventurer’s bones. You start to feel as if something is watching you... from the ceiling...
39A book that when opened, the creature holding it starts hearing incessant whispering coming from it, even after they put it down. It becomes inaudible after a certain distance, but the effect is always there. If the creature returns in range of the book at any time, the whispering can be heard again.
40A large painting of a wall safe that conceals an alcove that contains the upper body of a corpse, poised as if for a portrait.
41A dusty maid's/butler's uniform haunted by the ghost of a dead servant. If worn, it will try to gently guide the wearer to its unburied body. If it is then given a proper burial with an appropriate marker, the garment will then lead the wearer to where the person stowed some treasure in life. The spirit that possesses the uniform is generally harmless, but will resort to violence if the wearer attempts to take off the garment before finding the body.
42A mirror which reflects the back of the person that looks into it.
43A divan that rams into the calves of a party member, knocking them down into a sitting position. It then rushes out of the room at an extremely fast pace, with the unfortunate still on board.
44A creaky door that is always cracked open. It closes and even locks with a satisfying click, but audibly creaks open again when no one is looking at it.
45A four-poster bed with a perfectly preserved corpse under the covers.
46A child's toy placed directly under a very heavy chandelier...
47A precarious stack of chairs.
48A wing-backed chair behind a large desk. When seated in it, one hears the voice of an old man talking right behind them, even smelling the smoke from his pipe. He doesn't seem to be addressing anyone in particular, and when one turns around, no one is there.
49A suit of armor. Lifting the visor reveals a lever that opens a nearby secret passage.
50A painting of the party, minus one member.
51A music box whose music sounds like it is coming from the next room over.
52A violin, playing itself.
53A grandfather clock that ticks backwards. If any adventurer opens its door, they see some tragedy that occurred in this room reflected in the back of the glass.
54A collection of skeletons from birds and other small creatures, all preserved under glass domes.
55An empty dress that dances alone. If a character makes an attempt to dance with dress and succeeds on a Performance check, they make out the ghostly visage of a beautiful woman inside the dress, who quietly thanks them for the dance and sheds a single tear, which turns into a diamond as it hits the ground. The dress then hangs itself up and is no longer animated. On a failure, the character sees an image of such anguish that they become frightened for one minute as the dress quickly zooms out of the room.
56A silver signet ring with a ram head in profile on the top. Can be used to press the family identity in a wax seal of a letter. Wearer of the ring has dreams of the house, and witnesses the deaths of each of the family members in those dreams. The wearer of the ring does not feel the need to eat or drink. However, upon taking the ring off, the wearer feels famished, like they have not eaten in a week, regardless of the duration of wearing the ring.
57A large metal box-like structure set into the wall of the basement. The structure is open on one side revealing a complex set of gears connected to a crank. When you turn the crank, only some gears move. One gear has been removed to stop it from working.
58A mirror that peers into an alternate universe that shows the viewer looking back but not performing the same actions. For some of the party they don’t appear at all/ are only a small glowing orb emanating a black mist.
59A bath with murky liquid in it. Was it just your imagination or did something inside move?
60A surprisingly fresh bowl of fruit. When eaten, the food reveals itself to be rotten and full of maggots.
61A child’s bedroom with the bed meticulously made and dark stains leading to under the bed.
62An entire room of porcelain dolls. Nothing haunted in the room itself, but man, are they scary.
63A small altar with a burning candle mourning the loss of someone.
64A sitting room that is sparsely furnished with seats and a coffee table. If the players choose to walk around the room, they will appear to trip or bang their legs on nothing, dealing 1d4-1 damage every 5 feet. If detect magic is used, it will reveal a simple illusion making the furniture appear to be several inches away from their actual position.
65An old wizard hat. When placed on one's head, it will cast produce water from the inside of the headband, soaking the wearer and continuing to produce water until they take it off.
66A pentacle that contains within it a full skeleton that has collapsed, and an additional skull next to the skeleton, trying to breach the pentacle results in the discovery that a forcefield has been brought up in outer circle. And the skulls eyes light up with a blue light.
67A small glass jar with what appears to be an ethereal spider inside. If opened, the jar becomes a normal jar and a Web spell is cast centered on the jar.
68A small ceramic jar. When opened, a hundred howling spirits fly out of the bottle, causing the room to shake, extinguishing all light sources, and sending a horrible chill down the spine of any good-aligned adventurers.
69A room that has torches in sconces lining the walls. In the center of the room is a single candle that sheds darkness instead of light.
70A wall painted with a glowing runic symbol. The symbol stabilizes the house. If the symbol is ever broken, wiped, or otherwise erased away the rooms are no longer organized, such that they teleport constantly (example: you enter the kitchen from the dining room, but when you go back through the same door to reach the kitchen, instead you are in a bedroom).
71Musical instruments dance around on their own, playing a melodic, eerie and cheerie tune, but no musicians are playing them.
72A bust of a noble that appears normal at first, but the next time you look at it bleeds from the eyes and mouth.
73A bloody and broken comb, with some hair still attached to it.
74A children's room that is in perfect condition, perfectly spotless, eerily so.
75An old nursemaid that doesn't realize she is dead. She still performs tasks like rocking a nonexsistant baby to sleep.
76Floorboards that groan and creak as if someone is walking on them, but no one is.
77The front door continually gets knocked on, as if visitors are stopping by, but no one is ever on the other side of the door.
78A Teaset with filled cups, the tea's piping hot though there is no warmth or fire to be found in the entire house.
79Bloody meathooks over the master bedroom kingsize bed, the bed is completely clean however.
80A window with no way of knowing what's on the other side (one side solid wall, the other the window). You see only a haze but you'd swear there is movement in the mist.
81A hallway with water reflections and wavy shadows on the ceiling and seaweed on the walls even though the house is nowhere near water. There are whispers that say 'She will swallow you too.' and 'All that will be left is crushing darkness.'
82A portrait of an immensely obese man with at least three chins, smiling smugly and with eyes half closed in pleasure. A pile of bloody bones lie against the wall immediately underneath.
83The body of a large deformed monstrous humanoid. Rune covered metal stakes have been driven through it's skull & it's heart.
84A door with strange runes covering it. It is being held shut with heavy chains & a large pad lock. If anyone touches the door, something heavy slams into the opposite side of the door.
85A chalkboard with the world 'Help Me' scrawled on it hundreds of times. If anyone looks away & looks back at it, the board is blank.
86A strange black candle. When it is lit, it reveals the shadows of ghost & spiritual creatures within it's light.
87A dagger made of a strange black metal with blood red runes, rest on a small alter held up by skulls.
88A bucket containing bloody hairy mess. If anyone pulls it out, it turns out to be the skin of an entire human.
89A crib next to a rocking chair. At some point they start rocking on their own.
90A basement full of mist covering the floor. You think you saw something moving in the mist.
91A fireplace. Human bones can be found among the ashes.
92A spice rack with labels of various poisons (hemlock, mandrake, nightshade, snake root, wolvesbane).
93A bottle with Spectre dust.
94A puppet that will animate itself once the adventurers approach it. Treat as a Tiny Goblin. Once killed, it can be controlled by the party's MU and can fly(As broom of such) and float through walls. With 10 charges, it can become invisible for 5 seconds. Each invisibility costs one charge. The puppet cannot attack, but it can mimic. Everyone besides the party members and their friends insist that a demon controls the puppet.
95A comfortably furnished room with a fire laid in the grate ready to be lit, doors which lock properly, and several sofas which are large enough to sleep on. Any sound produced in this room will be delayed by half a second. Talking is difficult when you hear your own voice echoed back at you. The delay increases by a second every hour somebody spends in the room, and decreases by a second every hour they're out of it. This could be used creatively to give a bonus to Sneak checks.
96A wasp's nest built out of an old spellbook. Disassembling and reassembling the spells has mostly destroyed them, but careful examination by a magic user reveals that they belonged to the school of Necromancy. An entire day spent carefully dissecting the nest may allow it to be used as a spellbook, granting a random 3rd level Necromancy spell. Roll Intelligence (Arcana) DC20 to decipher the spell (Identify doesn't work, as the spell isn't intact yet), plus an additional 8d20 to represent each hour working on the nest - any 1s trigger a wild magic surge for that hour. The nest contains no living wasps, and can be taken with you if enough time is dedicated to digging it out of the wall.
97A small animal dissection room. The walls are covered in carefully framed and preserved dissected animals - a rabbit, a crow, a cat, and many others - each one spread and pinned open with its internal organs pinned around it. On the desk is a robin in the process of being dissected, with tools neatly laid out around it. The room smells strongly of formaldehyde, and the tools don't show any signs of rust or age.
98A child's bedroom, with a child seemingly asleep in the bed. Closer examination reveals that the child is dead, but without any visible means of death or signs of decay. The first person to touch the child will start to receive dreams of the room, with the child standing in it looking sad. At first the child is at the opposite end of the room, but with each dream they get closer and start to reach out their hand. After seven such dreams, the child will take the character's hand in the dream, and smile. Once this happens, the child's ghost will attempt to Possess the character (see Ghost / Possession) - the child doesn't mean any ill will, just wants to be alive again. Remove Curse will end the dreams.
99A strange pendant. Anyone looking at it gets a foreboding sense of dread. If no one touches it, the pendant appears in other rooms. It's always in an unobtrusive location within each room. If anyone checks, the pendant is indeed missing from it's previous location.
100A creepy marionette puppet sitting in an armchair. When you look away or leave the room, the next time you see the armchair, the strings are cut and the puppet is missing.

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