100 Swamp Encounters

One hundred interesting encounters for a party that is traveling through the murky swamps.

1The players trudge through a section of the swamp that has become increasingly muddy. In the midst of the mud is a patch of foul-smelling, bubbling water. If the players have an open flame and walk near the bubbles, the gas coming from the ground ignites with a burst of blue fire. Anyone nearby takes 1d10+2 fire damage from the explosion.
2The party pass by a series of small, floating islands in the swamp water which sprout foul smelling yellow and pink blossoms. Many of the flowers appear to be in the shapes of ears, and seem to follow the party as they pass by.
3A random party member accidently breaks open a hollow log and releases a huge swarm of biting flies. The flies immediately set on all exposed flesh, creeping into armor, sleeves, and pant legs, leaving stinging welts. Players who jump into the water are unscathed, but anyone who doesn't contracts a disease.
4The players spot a body with two arrow shafts protruding from the back, lying facedown in the middle of a deep water section of the swamp. Disturbing the body in any way causes the gas-bloated chest cavity to burst, releasing a cloud of hallucinogens.
5The party comes across a dead body partially sunken into the swamp. It seems as though this unfortunate soul has been assassinated and dumped in the muck. If the party is able to pull him out of the mud with a strength check, there is a spell scroll case on his belt that contains 1d4 useful spell scrolls.
6The party must trudge through waist deep mud to continue on their path. Players must pass a DC 13 DEX check or they fall face first into the deep mud.
7As the party walks through the swamp, they come across a large, ancient mangrove tree. Underneath the roots of the tree, the party finds the dilapidated, abandoned remnants of a primitive hovel of some sort.
8The party finds a rare patch of raised dry ground, suitable for camping for the night without complication. There are several simple glyphs carved in the nearby trees.
9The party unknowingly stumbles into the breeding territory of giant anacondas. They soon realize they are being hunted.
10A tribe of Toad-people must be treated with in order to cross the territory without their harassments. They may or may not decide that one or more of the PCs are to be sacrifices to the Froghemoth as the price that must be paid for peace...
11Legend has it that a rune-covered monolith in the area that, according to local lore, commemorated the site of an ancient battle long ago, has activated, and as a consequence, Bog Zombies and other undead are appearing and will soon overwhelm the locals! A Death Hag has taken up residence near the monolith and is using its power...
12Over hundreds of years, peat grows, and forms floating mats over the surface of patches of still water. Small or smaller creatures have little difficulty traversing this patch, as they are able to simply stand atop the floating moss without causing it to sink; but the terrain counts as difficult terrain for any creature of size medium or large. No more than once per minute, medium or large creatures may attempt a moderate DC dexterity check to make the next 1d4 squares count as normal terrain instead. For creatures of size huge or larger, the terrain always counts as 3x movement cost, but once per minute may attempt a moderate DC save to only treat it as 2x instead for the next 1d4 squares.
13A distant Will-o'-Wisp attempts to lure one of the characters off the beaten path into a dangerous trap.
14Trolls are fighting over the remains of a lizardfolk. The trolls claw and bite each other, trying to take possession of the remains.
15The party comes across a band of mercenaries, hired by a circus, attempting to capture a Hydra, with limited success.
16The party enters an area filled with noxious fumes. They must make constitution saving throws while moving through the water. Failure means taking levels of exhaustion!
17A colony of stirges hounds the party. The party might defeat it, but it returns again if the following condition is met: Once per short rest, roll a d6, on a 1, the colony attacks. Additionally, Once per long rest roll a d6, on a 1 or 2, the colony attacks again. Once the party has defeated the colony at least 1d3+1 times, the party is not troubled by this encounter again, having driven them off or moved outside their territory. A PC attempting to rest during these attacks must make a Easy-Medium DC Concentration or Constitution Check, or be unable to take advantage of the rest. To represent the colony, use 4x Swarms of Insects, reducing the number of Swarms by 1 each time the party faces them. Additionally, the swarm spawns 1d3 Stirges each round, but never more stirges than there are players on the board. The only way to stop the stirges from spawning is to kill the swarms.
18The party smells something rotting in the distance. Soon, they come across the decaying corpse of a massive dead crocodile. Other smaller creatures are eating it's body.
19During the evening, the party spots moving lights in the foggy distance. Upon closer inspection those look like a small caravan moving past, complete with (listening check: strangely muffled) sounds of hooves and armor. If the party tries to interact with the caravan or fails a stealth check, they have to fight the real culprit: a giant swamp anglerfish with arm-long razor-sharp teeth and illusion magic.
20A swarm of mosquitoes has spotted the adventurers and is going to follow them wherever they go. They attack every unprotected surface and can only be dissuaded by area effects or smoke (or, temporarily, nightfall). This is not a combat encounter but an extended stamina check. Characters that get stung and fail a willpower check get into a delirious fever dream where they have an audience with the swarm spirit, who offers them a quest: Bring us enough blood to last the summer (with or without body still attached), and we will teach you the magical secret of making the sun (dis)appear for 10 minutes whenever you want.
21In a particularly rich battleground on the edge of the swamp, bleached jumbles stick out of the bubbling black sludge. A giant beaver has made its nest and built dams out of the bones of the deceased. It has absorbed the mourning of generations of descendants and therefore can foresee bloodshed ahead of time. If the party makes it to its lair, it offers them the location of that age's biggest treasure, right on the battlefield, if they stop a brewing war between two nearby kingdoms.
22A group of rough men are pushing a number of wagons thru the swamp, but it appears the wagons are stuck. They attempt to deceive the party that they are merchants whose guide abandoned them or died (the story changes). The goods in the wagon are valuable and high quality, but heavy and awkward to carry.
23A number of well dressed (but mud covered) individuals panic when the party encounters them. Their wagons are stuck, and they attempt to fight off the party, thinking them to be bandits. If the party can diplomatically resolve the problem, it turns out the caravan are nobles fleeing a coup attempt and thier trusted guide betrayed them. The party will be richly rewarded if they help, but will also be pressured to join the cause of rebellion, a potentially tricky political situation. If the party joins the noble's cause, a string of slightly troubling morally gray missions may transpire.
24A short distance from where the party rests for the night, soldiers shouting and grunting and the sounds of a march are heard underway. A column of soldiers attempting to march through the unfavorable terrain have gotten a number of wagons and heavy weapons stuck. The twist to the encounter was that there was no sign of the column before the party bedded down. The column are spirits, ghosts, or undead, who don't seem to know they're not alive anymore, fighting a war long since lost. Neither the party, nor the soldiers should be made aware of this fact, but if interacted with, they seem solid, corporeal, and fully alive. It's best if the soldiers are of a (ancient) faction the party is likely to sympathize with. If the party do well diplomatically, they may attempt to help free the stuck equipment, up until the point when dawn arrives, and the column disappears, leaving only decayed and decrepit equipment behind. If they do poorly diplomatically, the soldiers may fight, attempting to capture the party and interrogate them.. up until dawn, leaving the party in the easily escapable remains of a prison wagon. In the area can be found a level appropriate amount of treasure.
25Locals have used this ferry for generations to traverse this region of the swamp, but the family that operates it have gone missing, and the ferry found destroyed, burnt, and sunk. A horde of goblins are to blame... the sneaky little bastards are smart, stealthy, deadly, and have declared war on the locals here for some reason...
26It rains heavily and the poor weather doesn't stop with frequent driving wind and crashing thunder for days on end; formerly traversable terrain becomes difficult terrain, and any terrain the would normally be swampy becomes flooded with at least 5 feet of water.
27There's something not right here about this rain, it lasts for days, driven by thrashing winds, and doesn't stop, and the air is filled with thunder and lightning. Water seems to seep its way into everything, spoiling rations, etc, with fiendish intent and power. The nearby terrain has been cursed with foul magics that drive people insane that have spent too long in the rain. The curse manifests as illusions of carved trees with evil sigils, evil magic talismans appearing in unlikely places, etc. Unless the party is able to keep dry while travelling, (which is made fiendishly difficult by the driving rain, Difficult DC Nature Check) all members must make a Moderate DC Nature check at the end of their Long Rest. If they fail they take a point of exhaustion. The curse is such that those who are exhausted must succeed each night on a Will save (which difficulty increases with each point of exhaustion), by an effect similar to a Night Hag's Nightmare Haunting ability.
28The water seems shallower in a section and white river stones can be vaguely seen in the murky depths. If the party investigates, the white stones turn out to be skulls.
29A series of covered mossy stones leads off the path and through the water. Following them removes an illusion revealing a small witches hut.
30The party hears a woman scream, but can't see anything. Each time the sound is followed the party encounters a dangerous part of the swamp. It is crows that are trying to get the party killed so they can feed.
31There is a horse stick in the mud. It is starving and requires healing.
32You come across an apothecary collecting mushrooms along with his two warrior body guards.
33The thick tree growth begins to thin, until a swampy growth is revealed with sparse trees and high ground foliage.
34The trees and plants are so thick that they cannot be moved through and another way must be found.
35A rickety walkway is discovered that goes quite a long while supported by large trees, giving a break from the mud and water.
36The players happen upon a half sunk swamp village with a small hill in the middle, on the small hill is a runestone reading in dwarvish "Runners Haven Village Center, 819" on the dwarfish calendar, dating to the current day.
37The players think they are walking on a hill with very thick ground foliage, before the see that they're walking on trees. They then proceed to fall down into a break of the tree hill.
38The players find a large dinosaur skeleton trapped in the canopy with many more skeletons trapped in the trees as well.
39The players nearly fall into a random pit in the swamp before they see that its a newly formed sinkhole with small streams of water falling in to the sinkhole.
40A cloud of 1d6+1 Lavender Fungi (reskinned Violet Fungus with an added flight ability), tending a herd of 1d6 Gas Spores (large fungi that look like faux-beholders): This rare, medium sized fungus resembles a sponge with a number of billowing sails and flagella on it. They seem to be tending or hunting prey within the field, using their flagella to goad the Gas Spore Herd into motion to remain with the cloud. A cluster of small light sensitive eyes glisten at the ends of each sail, giving them normal perception out to 60 feet, in addition to blind sense of 30 feet. They are very slightly buoyant in air, able to fly at a speed of 5 ft, but have been known to cleverly utilize air currents to spread further; they have Advantage on checks or saves to control or change their position using wind or air currents. As an action, the Lavender Fungi can attempt a DC12 Constitution adjust their orientation somewhat in up to a moderate gust of wind to increase their speed upwind by 10 ft, cross-wind by 20 ft, and downwind by 30 ft for the round. Use the stats from a Violet Fungus, and Gas Spore for this encounter.
41A Hulking Crayfish; a reskinned Hulking Crab from Storm King's Thunder. Also in the encounter a number of Giant Crayfish, reskinned Giant Crabs. They emerge from a series of large submerged mud tunnels.
42The remains of an old large airship, with many flooded chambers, hidden in a copse of small trees and bushes growing in the swamp, guarded by magical automated defenses, and inhabited by a dangerous boss-beast that the defenses ignore. The boss beast patrols the area, attacking trespassers and retreats to the airship if severely wounded. The airship is the beast's lair, and something about the area gives it additional power, like restoration, or a more dangerous attack than normal. The defenses are powerful, and it's possible that the craft hasn't been fully looted! It's possible that the defenses could also be controlled or altered to target the dangerous beast instead, giving an advantage in a boss-fight.
43A merchant barge, coming to trade with the area during seasonal high-water. When the water is low the area is not traversable by anything larger than a small cart or mount. The goods are mostly general in nature, and geared towards the locals, but there's a small chance of a some more interesting stuff in the store. Seemingly unbeknownst to the merchant in charge, one or more of their crew can't be trusted, and are plotting to attack or betray the locals, the party, and/or the merchant.
44A Corpse Flower, a large-sized carnivorous plant monster with twisting vines and an overpowering stench of rot and death. Twisted into its vines are several humanoid corpses that the flower can either digest or animate into zombies for self-defense. Its stats can be found in Mordekainen’s Tome of Foes.
45A raging wildfire. Believe it or not, but the swamp can burn! The thick, acrid smoke of burning peat clogs the skies and fills the air, obscuring vision in places, and the fire.. of course, is quite dangerous if it manages to cut the party off form the trail or surround them!
46A Bodytaker Plant and some Podlings from Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft. The podlings have taken on the forms of a local peat-cutter crew, and are crew of a large barge holding the cut peat, as well as concealing the form of the Plant.
47A section of the swamp has been flooded with saltwater, killing the trees and allowing a nearby wereshark to extend his territory. He'll accept 2d6 meaty rations as a suitable bribe to allow the party to pass unharmed, otherwise he'll attack the easiest looking prey in the group.
48The swampwaters have suffered a golden algae bloom, drinking the water requires a con save against poison. A detect magic or other appropriate investigative check will determine this algae is magical in nature, and may be traced to a hermit-sorceress trying to drive off bothersome neighbors.
49The party finds a bubbling pit of something resembling mud. If they wait, a singular chest eventually floats to the surface containing oddly shiny brass coins with fae writing imprinted on them. They are not worth money.
50A beautiful woman collecting ingredients around the swamp invites the party to her cottage not too far away on the other end of the swamp for a brief lunch and rest. As the cooking of vegetables in the soup stock continues, occasional perception checks may be undertaken to see the green hag's true form and to discern what protein she plans to put in the soup.
51Perched on top of a dead tree is a shriveled humanoid corpse with a half-torn backpack danging from one arm. Inside the backpack is an unmarked potion and 1d20 gold pieces.
52The water is high in this particular area of the swamp. The players must jump from one island of dry land to another. Make a 13 DC DEX check to keep from falling into the marsh.
53A giant crocodile is lying in the water near the road, waiting for an unsuspecting player to walk by. If the players don't see him, he lunges at the last player in the marching order and attempts to drag them into the marsh.
54In the distance, a will-o'-wisp attempts to get the player's attention. If the players follow it, they will eventually end up in a deep patch of mud that is carefully hidden off the beaten path. The players must make a STR check of 14 DC to be able to escape the thick mud.
55The players come across a houseboat that has run aground. The residents of the houseboat beg the party for help, offering a reward if they can get the houseboat floating again.
56The players come across an herblist floating down the river, willing to barter potions and information for ingredients, provisions, and service.
57The players come across a ferry that will take them down the swamp for a small fee.
58An evil undead dragon makes his lair within the swamp and recruits frogfolk to serve it's needs and worship it as a god. The party hears of certain items and people going missing from residents in the area. Someone needs to investigate!
59A black dragon flies above the party holding its next meal in its mouth, you decide which creature has been caught. You can even roll to see if the creature escapes the dragon and falls close to the party.
60The party finds a clearing with the rests of an abandoned camp. A corpse is lying on the ground between a dying fire and a tent. Next to the corpse is a backpack, which is a mimic.
61You come to the end of dry land, where the water is knee deep as far as the eye can see. The whole area is abuzz with the sounds of small winged insects. You are constantly swarmed by mosquitos and other biting flies, and fail to notice the leeches creeping inside of your boots. The entire zone counts as difficult terrain. Party makes a DC 15 Con Save, if you fail, take one level of exhaustion.
62Giant Frogs hop around in a wet swamp region trying to catch and eat giant insects. One of the them moves in your direction and invites a misunderstanding to unfold as bugs buzz around the party.
63The party finds or accidentally falls into a hole where there is a medium sized lizard colony underground. The Lizard King and Queen debate on what to do with your group. Whether to enslave, sacrifice, eat, or let go. Most of the lizards want to eat you as they are hungry.
64Come upon a swamp village run by a elderly woman, little do the party know she is a green hag and most of the villagers are her servants and followers. The right villager will try to warm them of her, others will be fully convinced and do everything to help the green hag. She will try to deceive them into a binding agreement or have them do a task for her that is extremely dangerous or misrepresented.
65The party will come upon a trap created to catch humanoids and large creatures. A group of mixed specialized ogres will be nearby to try to catch them for their next meal and trophy.
66A troll will be hunting for food and may stumble upon the party and try to grab one and run back to their hideout in the difficult swampy terrain.
67Two conflicting orc war tribes will be at a standoff and the party will arrive in the middle of their heated argument that may end with violence and bloodshed. It will over some menial reason like land encroachment, love triangle, or not adhering to a previously held agreement.
68A group of lizardfolk shamans are undergoing a strange ritual in a marshy area. If it continues, mud cased zombies begin to rise from the wet ground and attack the party.
69The players find a huge weeping willow tree that grows from the center of a large pond. There are lily pads floating in the water and frogs croaking. They think they might see a flickering light near the willow, like fireflies (they are will o' wisps!). On one side of the pond is a stone bench with an inscription that reads: "... A wandering Fire / Compact of unctuous vapor, which the Night / Condenses, and the cold environs round / Kindled through agitation to a Flame / Which oft, they say, some evil Spirit attends / Hovering and blazing with delusive Light / Misleads th' amazed Night-wanderer from his way / To Boggs and Mires, & oft through Pond or Poole / There swallow'd up and lost..." (from Paradise Lost by Milton).
70A shambling mound sits expectantly hunched down camouflaged as a large rotten bush, a profuse smell emanates in the area. The shambling mound will surprise the group if gone unnoticed and will predatorily grab for the nearest party member.
71A long abandoned animal shelter looms in the swampy wetlands, a lone yelp is heard within. When looking inside a small puppy sits locked up in the far cages wagging its tail at the new visitors. Loud growling is heard and shadow mastiffs greet the party from the corners of the room, their teeth showing and saliva drooling on the floor ready to attack. The puppy reels back in fear and terror.
72You find a Gnomish flying machine that appears in good shape, but the mechanisms of which are far beyond repair, lodged between the trees on a steep slope rising out of the swamp.
73The large flying insects here steadily cause 1hp of damage per minute unless effectively warded off.
74Trapped gasses sometimes erupt from the mulch with randomised effects from level 1 mind-altering spells such as sleep and hideous laughter.
75The Bridge across this section of the swamp turns out to be a dilapidated castle that had been built, burned, and collapsed in this area. If you can find a way into the base, you might be able to descend into its depths and find treasure, or perhaps something more.
76Awakened giant-frog druid uses "wild shape" to appear as an NPC quest giver.
77During a heavy rainstorm, a tree frog lands on a party member's wet hood, and decides to make it a new home.
78A lutum mud woman slithers up on the party in the night and attempts to rob them night after night, creeping into their belongings and sleeping nearby. During the day she creeps after them disguised as a nymph or dryad. If caught she will pretend to be a refugee from monster-torn swamplands, asking for a place of protection in the party while she continuous to amass enough wealth to lord over others.
79The party happens across a rotting, old chest containing a withered and rotting set of ancient bagpipes. However, they do tend to give off a magical aura. When a player attempts to play them badly, they awaken a mummy lord who springs up out of the swamp, awakened and scorned. They call to them a set of mummified warriors from the deep depths of the swamp. They can either be defeated and destroyed, or appeased by a DC 16 check playing the old bagpipes. If a bard plays the bagpipes with a DC 15 check at first, instead of awakening the mummy lord, they will release the spirits of those who rest in the swamp and avoid the fight all together.
80A large, man-thing like swamp blight rises from the swamp roughly 100 feet away, aware of the party. Looking up to the sky and back down to the party, the blight points into a direction. If the players head the swamp blight, a few minutes walk in that direction will be a rough shelter made from mud, a giant rotting log, and vines. Regardless of heading or not, in roughly half an hour, a torrential downpour rains down on the swamp, turning the mud into quicksand and raising the water level. If they take shelter in the shelter, they will avoid negative effects. If they are forced to push through the downpour or take their own shelter in the swamp, the effort will earn the party a point of exhaustion. They will never see the swamp blight again.
81The party sees a door in a tree. Upon opening the small door, they see the inner bark of the tree, and a glyph of warding that activates. The resulting explosion damages the party, and alerts nearby creatures of the party's presence. Perhaps denizens of the swamp will use this opportunity to ambush the party.
82In the center of a muddy pool of water, a podium juts out with a gem of ice. Wading out to it and touching it or attempting to remove the gem results in it starting to glow, and the air around it turning to stark ice. The player sees their breath leave their body, before a blast of ice shoots out from the podium. After a low DC con save from minor cold damage, players will find the water and mud has frozen over, sticking them in their positions as they are stuck. Snow is lightly falling around them now as everything is covered in a thin layer of frost. And in the distance, tiny chirps and cackles can be heard. A collection of Ice Mephits are attracted and they surround the party.
83A yaun-ti bard sings a soft song in the bows of a great swamp tree overlooking the waters below. If she is undisturbed, she will bother not the party and they will have a safe journey the rest of the day. If they disturb her or interrupt her song, she will call a swarm of leeches onto the party, distracting them as she makes her escape into the waters of the swamp. The party should temporarily loose max hitpoints only to be restored in a long rest. Should a bard play along with her at a DC 14 performance check, they sing together for some time before she leans back and dives into the swamp water, disappearing. The party gains inspiration.
84The party comes across a large, rotted, pirate ship being held aloft in the bows of the swamp trees. It is heavily overgrown. If they investigate, they will find only a few corpses onboard who have burst with mushrooms. Destruction of the ship or damaging of any of the bodies will result in mushroom covered pirate zombies to rise from the swamp around the ship and await the party to attempt an escape. Otherwise, the ship can be looted to minor success and they can be on their way.
85The party comes across a larger swamp tree sitting mostly by itself in the water. The tree is COVERED in arrows, scars, imbedded axes and swords that look ancient, new, and in between. If they approach, the tree will attack the party [An Awakened Tree stat] with no movement and legendary actions to pull players prone into the water with its roots and grapple them in an attempt to drown them.
86A human male paladin of light is jogging through the swamp with a backpack on his back holding an ancient Goblin male. The paladin will greet the party, and speak jovially at the break. He is training to be a great swordsman and is learning from a master of the arts. If pressured, the party can find that the Goblin is full of crap and is using the paladin for housework and chores and "training" him using and old book of knight training he found in a sack in the swamp.
87A bullywug or Grong bard is out on a log strumming on their instrument. If the party can communicate and be non threatening, they will offer the party a place to short rest and will play them a song for inspiration. If there is a bard in the party who plays along a DC 10 performance, the bard will earn inspiration for the whole party.
88A thief is caught in a trap of vines and mud as he is slowly being pulled under to his doom. His bag is full of a few riches, odds and ends, and a totem. Turns out he stole this totem from an alter a little bit back. If the totem is not returned to the shrine, the anger of the swamp will be felt [increased combat encounters and more difficult terrain and DC checks].
89The party discovers a run-down shack nestled on a rare spot of dry land. This shack is inhabited by an elderly and half-mad human druid who goes by the name of Jenkins. Jenkins will attack any player that attempts to trespass on his property, but he will agree to let the party pass if they complete a small favor.
90As the party wades through the waist-deep water, they are suddenly ambushed by a group of stealthy lizardfolk who have been hiding among the reeds. The lizardfolk use their camouflage to their advantage, and attack the party from all sides.
91The group hears a loud splash and sees a giant crocodile dragging a villager into the water. When they rush to help, they find that the crocodile is being controlled by a mysterious figure standing on the shore.
92The adventurers come across a seemingly abandoned campsite, but as they search for any signs of life, they are attacked by a horde of diseased ghouls rising up from the swamp water.
93While trying to find a way through the swamp, the party is confronted by a group of bandits who were using the thick fog and treacherous murky waters to cover their illegal drug ring. They are using the very rare plants in the swamp to create a powerful and addictive drug.
94A sudden and intense storm rages over the swamp, and must navigate through the rising water and avoid the hazards of the swamp. The storm brings with it strong winds and heavy rain, making it difficult to see more than a few feet ahead. The party must use their survival skills to find shelter, avoid getting lost, and protect themselves from the elements. The party can make a Wisdom (Survival) check to find a dry spot to take cover, or a Dexterity (Acrobatics) check to navigate through the slippery and unstable terrain.
95You find a group of hopelessly lost travelers who are being hunted by a group of bandits. The travelers beg for the party's help, and explain that they are protecting a rare and valuable creature that is sacred to their people. The creature is a small Faerie of a royal bloodline. It has been trapped by these travelers for a century, and handed down through generations. They are on a misleading quest by it, but believe it to be all knowing, and invaluable.
96The party is confronted by a beautiful and mysterious swamp hag who offers to trade valuable knowledge for a small favor. She asks the party to retrieve a rare and powerful artifact from a nearby tomb, and promises to reveal a hidden treasure in exchange. The party must decide whether to trust the swamp hag and risk their lives for the promised reward, or to refuse her offer and face the unknown consequences. If they agree to the hag's request, they must navigate through the swamp and evade or defeat any obstacles or dangers they encounter along the way. Once they reach the tomb and retrieve the artifact, they must return it to the swamp hag and hope that she keeps her end of the bargain. If they try to double-cross the hag or refuse her offer, they may have to face her wrath and the consequences of breaking a deal with a powerful and potentially dangerous creature.
97The party is making their way through the swamp when they come across a dense field of poisonous vines and plants. The vines are covered in toxic thorns and emit a poisonous gas that can make it difficult to breathe. Touching the vines causes a 10ft cloud that does 1d6 damage on a failed DC14 Con Save.
98The party stumbles upon a group of poachers hunting a rare and valuable creature. The creature is an orphaned very young black dragon. The poachers will stop at nothing to capture the dragon and sell it to the highest bidder, and will attack the party if they try to interfere. A druid who is defending the swamp sees the dragon as a sacred and protected being, and will do whatever it takes to protect it from the poachers. When the dragon is full grown, it will be a danger to the surrounding villages.
99The party comes across an ancient and crumbling temple hidden within the swamp. As they explore the ruins, they are confronted by a group of cultists performing a dark ritual to summon a powerful swamp demon.
100The party comes to some scraggy trees with bat-like creatures hanging from them. Will they disturb the sleeping stirges or recognize the danger and sneak past?

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