Pocket Dungeons

Pocket Dungeon #1: The Ooze Cult’s Lair

The cult that worships this shapeless fiend has a hidden lair obscured by a trap door in the basement of The Copper Cup Tavern. Townsfolk report seeing cloaked figures leaving the basement of the tavern at odd hours and on several occasions, people staying at the tavern have gone missing. The locals ask your adventurers to investigate.

Pocket Dungeon #2: The Bandit Ogre’s Hideaway

Boserg is a menacing ogre who has joined forces with a small group of bandits. Together, they raid small caravans, travelers, and even small adventuring parties, taking all of their hard-earned coin and sometimes even their lives. A local baron has placed a 1,000gp reward for the head of Boserg, and an additional 50gp each for the bodies of his bandit friends.