100 Fey Bargains

One hundred different bargains that Fey creatures can make with your characters.

1The character no longer has a shadow.
2The character has forgotten their own name. No one will remember them, even close friends and family.
3Every time you sleep, you only dream of yourself lying awake and wake up less rested than before.
4You can no longer distinguish left and right.
5Every day, your eyes, change their color.
6You become obsessed by kittens.
7From now on, every pet you see, you see it as an evil monster.
8You can no longer perceive the color (d6:) 1. Red; 2. Orange; 3. Yellow; 4. Green; 5. Blue; 6. Purple
9Anytime you touch something that is the color (d6) it automatically turns (d6). (d6:) 1. Red; 2. Orange; 3. Yellow; 4. Green; 5. Blue; 6. Purple
10Your blood is perceived as (d6) by everyone except you. (d6:) 1. Red; 2. Orange; 3. Yellow; 4. Green; 5. Blue; 6. Purple
11You are physically incapable of looking anyone directly in the eyes.
12The next time you see a frog, it will loudly proclaim that if you kiss it it will become a prince. Whether or not it really does is decided by the DM.
13Water always feels very cold to you.
14Your breathing is always loud and obnoxious.
15You can speak to the trees. They only talk about boring topics such as politics and the weather, but will not listen to anything you have to say.
16Looking at a corpse that is more than 1 year old causes you to instantly vomit.
17Touching gloves makes your hands feel like they are getting stung by bees.
18Touching rope whatsoever gives you rope burn instantly.
19Anytime you see holy water, you get a great urge to down the whole bottle.
20Every time you see a bear, you perceive it as a 60 year old human wearing a bear costume.
21When it rains, you perceive every droplet as a human face.
22Even the smallest explosion looks like a nuclear detonation to you.
23Ogres look incredibly beautiful to you and nymphs seem hideous.
24Everything you eat tastes like chicken.
25Suddenly, only trolls find you to be attractive. When seen by a troll, you will be aggressively sought after for a long term relationship.
26You can hear with supernatural precision, but to do so you have to wear the most ridiculous hat anyone has ever seen. In fact, the hat induces immediate laughter to any who see it being worn.
27You now have the ability to fly short distances, but only if your eyes are closed.
28You can't use your eyes and ears at the same time anymore. One must be covered in order to use the other. Trying to use both eyes and ears will result in audio or visual hallucinations.
29Sitting causes you physical pain - you can only stand up or lay down.
30Your sneezes produce sparkling dust.
31Goblins now look like beautiful women.
32You must give yourself a pep talk every morning.
33Your most used magic item that requires a verbal component is replaced by an embarrassing nickname.
34All coins look like gold to you.
35One language you know is replaced with screaming but you think it’s normal.
36You don’t believe in having a small fire anymore.
37The voice of the last person you killed tells you things about their life no one wants to know.
38Cats meows now sound like orc battle cries to you.
39Fingernails tell short stories about what you have done clipping/ biting them causes you to forget what happened but eating the nail returns the memory.
40A talking flea now lives in your nose.
41The taste of citrus now tastes like blood.
42Your hair is a kleptomaniac.
43Your skin becomes hot pink direct sun light.
44Your eyes look like the eyes of the person you talk to.
45Your blood is now alabaster white.
46The sound of a bell turned your known languages into horse neighs.
47On a full moon you think and act like you have transformed into a lycanthrope but in fact don’t.
48You think you are the worlds greatest bard.
49At midnight you recite strange lines from musicals you have never heard.
50You are unable to fall asleep anywhere except outside, at night, in a place where the stars are visible.
51You are cursed with mildly aggravating misfortune. Once per day out of combat, at random, you make a skill check with disadvantage.
52You can no longer conceive of "eleven."
53You lose d4 letters of your name.
54You lose d6 inches of height.
55You owe a pound of flesh - you can choose which pound if you remove it yourself.
56You can only read the written word backwards - usually from right to left.
57You cannot use any word beginning with the letter "t".
58You age backwards (but this will not prolong your life).
59You gain extreme sensitivity to moonlight.
60Your childhood pet always appears to you to be in the room, but no one else can see it.
61One of your friends was never born, although you retain memories of them.
62You can no longer form new bird-related memories.
63Your self-image will always be of whatever you are currently wearing - no matter what you wear you will always see yourself wearing the same clothes.
64All water tastes oily.
65You always smell strongly of flowers - it's a little overwhelming.
66The concept of death is unbearably sad, so that you burst into tears whenever it comes up.
67All elves look the same to you.
68You lose your most treasured memory.
69Lose all memories of a loved one. This loved one may be from the character's past, or a future loved one. Tough to recognize, unless this character disagrees with the number of people in a group.
70You shall spread wealth wherever you go but never hold this wealth yourself.
71Your firstborn shall carve out a great destiny but will be taken from you at the moment of its birth, either through the fey arriving and taking it or its mortal body arriving as a still birth and it's soul being born into the fey wild.
72You shall lead a great Kingdom for 10 years but it will then fall into ruin due to your efforts.
73You gain the beauty of the gods as long as you view yourself in a mirror each day, if not your beauty will corrupt into necrotic horror.
74You shall conceive a full family but lose one of them on their 11th birthday to the fey.
75Children and animals will always know their location.
76Character is unable to see the color blue or green as it blends perfectly into the background.
77Every time the character swears their servitude at the end of their lives extends by 1 year.
78There will be a surprise when they get home. What they find will belong to the fey in 5 years time.
79Both of the character's eyes are now the entirely the color of what their irises used to be.
80The character now unwillingly slips Sylvian words into their everyday speech and cannot be brought aware of it.
81Vines and leaves will now be sparingly intermingled with the character's hair and body hair.
82You can no longer go outside unless it's pouring rain.
83From now on when you sleep, you will not wake without someone performing the same ceremony. While sleeping you do not age, require sustenance, or suffer non-lethal damage.
84You age twice as fast. Cutting you time on earth in half.
85Once every year on the night of the summer solstice you are magically summoned to a place far beyond your recognition. There you will be given one task that you would give your life to complete.
86You must marry the Fae you are bargaining with.
87The would becomes cold, ever so cold. Warmth becomes something impossible for you to feel.
88One tenth of all gold you earn disappears as a tribute to the Fae.
89You will become aware of the exact time of your death.
90Your fist born child will die at the age of eleven. You will have a first born child.
91A secret will be revealed that will make you hate someone you loved.
92Your knees become fused. You loose the ability to run.
93The character is convinced they can talk to plants, despite having no ability to do so.
94Describe or name a specific type of beast. All creatures of this kind are now enamored with you, however you are now slightly allergic to them.
95The character's ears enlarge when they are caught lying. The character's ears shrink when they tell the truth and are not believed.
96The character can no longer go to sleep without making a stone circle around themselves.
97The character glows in artificial light.
98The character eats and drinks messily and noisily, no matter how hard the player tries to prevent this.
99The character emits a melodious ringing noise every time they yawn, sneeze or burp.
100The character's eyes are inversed in color; the irises are now white and the whites are the color of the irises.