The Forsaken Traveler – Issue 2: Tombs, Crypts, and Ruins – NOW AVAILABLE!

The Forsaken Traveler – Issue 2: Crypts, Tombs, and Ruins
A 28-Page Zine FILLED with tables!

Welcome to the second issue of The Forsaken Traveler. The purpose of this publication is to provide you with interesting and unforgettable content that will make your tabletop gaming experience the best it possibly can be. Lying in the pages ahead are limitless worldbuilding ideas and inspiration abound. I hope you can find this publication useful!

Inside Issue #2, you will find:

  • Ruin Generation Tables
  • Crypt Generation Tables
  • 100 Items Found in a Crypt
  • Crypt Dressings, Sounds, Graffiti tables
  • Graveyard Generation Tables
  • Grave Robber Generation Tables
  • Multiple Monster Loot Tables
  • And SO much more!