100 Random Potion Effects

One hundred different effects for those unknown potions!

Full List

  1. You can speak 3 additional languages, chosen by the DM, for 1d10 days.
  2. Roll on the polymorph table.
  3. You can jump four times as high for 24 hours, also all fall damage you take is divided by four for the duration.
  4. Your WIS increases by 1d4, and INT decreases by 1d4 for 2d12 hours.
  5. Grow feathers for 1d8 hours.
  6. An erection lasting more than 4 hours.
  7. Classic love Potion.
  8. A Potion that if poured on the ground will grow an acre of trees overnight. If drank..... Well that's unfortunate.
  9. Grows a hideous feature that lasts 1d8 hours (like mandibles).
  10. You grow a beautiful ginger beard down to your knees.
  11. You drool uncontrollably for 1d4 hours.
  12. The index finger on your dominant hand start to glow shed bright light in a 20-foot radius and dim light for an additional 20 feet for the next 1d8 hours.
  13. You forget everything that's happened over the last 2 days.
  14. Two extra arms sprout from your sides and function as normal for 10 minutes. You can use these arms to take a bonus action during combat. After 10 minutes the arms suddenly fall away, lifeless.
  15. The potion is a water elemental. Drinking it tastes like the freshest water you've ever drank. As soon as you take part in vigorous activity you spawn a water elemental in the same square as you.
  16. The potion is Coca-Cola. Describe the sugary taste and fizz, but don't use the brand name. See if the player figures it out.
  17. The potion is clear, with glitter floating in it. Drinking it gives you minty fresh breath, and you don't need to fart or go to the toilet for 48 hours as your body becomes 100% efficient.
  18. The thick yellow potion twists and moves of its own accord. The fluid inside will actively try to avoid being drunk, clinging to the inside of the bottle. It's actually a Tiny Ochre Jelly.
  19. The potion is blood-red with fleshy chunks in it, as through a brain has been put through a blender. Drinking it telegraphs the player's mood and thoughts to all characters within 30ft for one hour, as if under the Detect Thoughts spell.
  20. You hover 4 inches above the ground for 1d6 hours.
  21. You gain a mild fear of arrows.
  22. You grow a third eye in your forehead granting you +2 perception.
  23. Dark green potion : tastes cold and you transform into a lizardmen, permanently.
  24. For the next 2d6 minutes any slippery or sticky surface is treated as normal terrain for you, but any normal terrain is treated as 1d2: 1) Sticky 2) Slippery.
  25. When you talk it comes out in gibberish, but to you it sounds perfectly normal.
  26. You see that everyone has a slight outline around them, the color ranging from green to red, but you don't know the meaning. It's showing you how long since someone has taken a shit, green being recently and red being long ago.
  27. You grow an extra toe on each foot.
  28. Your hair turns the color of the potion you drank.
  29. Your skin turns green. Reduce your intelligence and increase your strength by 1d4 for 10 minutes.
  30. The drinker must dance until they fall unconscious. They do not know that they must fall unconscious, and will resist all attempts to make them do so.
  31. The drinker turns a deep green and can photosynthesize, but must consume dirt and/or fertilizer to do so.
  32. The drinker’s nose is inverted, and sinks into their head.
  33. The drinker restores all their spell slots, but can only use them to cast one spell until the next long rest.
  34. The potion contains an unknown acid that passes through flesh and organs without harming them, nor does it stop on anything other than glass. In fact, it will pass through it all except glass and bone, which it dissolves rather painfully. It's bone hurting juice.
  35. The potion restores a lost organ or body part as long as it isn't larger than an orc's heart. The restored body part will be partially see-through and assume a foggy white color, however, and phantom pain will still be felt where applicable.
  36. The potion is highly addictive (roughly 1 in 4 experienced adventurers fall victim to it), but has no other effects. It can be identified as the Hero's Flaw by a pharmacist, experienced merchant or local dealer.
  37. The potion contains a highly flammable see-through fluid that can explode when intensely moved, dealing 1d4 damage per quarter of a liter around 2 meters (+1 every half a liter). Can be used to create fire or shrapnel based explosives.
  38. The potion is empty, someone has painted over the glass with bright blue paint and promptly treated with a Major Illusion spell. Who would waste a spell on something so trivial? Who knows? Not you!
  39. You can hover an inch above the ground. Base speed is now 40 feet for 1d4 hours.
  40. You fart loudly every 1d4 minutes (as a free action).
  41. When you speak you hear yourself normal, but everyone else ears you like a dog trying to speak.
  42. It's so bitter that it makes you projectile vomit profusely for 1d4 hours. Disadvantage on stealth checks because of all the sound and tracking checks against you have advantage. Can be weaponized, treat as Acid Splash, 2d6 acid damage.
  43. You suffer the outward effects being intoxicated, but your intelligence score is increased by 8 or up to 20 for 1d4 hours. Once the time is up, you recover from all effects and your intelligence reverts.
  44. Potion of Equilibrium: For the next 1d4 hours, one random ability score is increased by 6 (no maximum), and one different random ability score is decreased by 6 (no minimum).
  45. Potion of Lethargic Levitation: For the next hour, you gain a 10ft flying speed, but lose your walking speed.
  46. Potion of Healing (Spoiled): Gain 2d4+4 hit points and gain a randomly chosen condition for 1d4 hours: either poisoned, blinded, or deafened.
  47. Potion of Sentient Clothing.
  48. Get drunk for 1d6 hours.
  49. Get Truesight for 1d10 hours, and then pass out for 1d10 hours.
  50. You are set on fire.
  51. Your body slowly starts to become transparent, and you eventually become completely invisible. Lasts until you get hit.
  52. You get flight movement equal to your walking movement, until you get 100ft high.
  53. You get a single wish spell.
  54. You get a single wish spell, except what happens is the exact opposite of what you asked for.
  55. Your STR is permanently increased by 1. If it's already 20, it goes down to 19.
  56. The liquid is actually blood. You make a CR 10 WIS or CHA check. On a fail, you throw up.
  57. The liquid seems to be normal water. Next time you are targeted by a spell, however, it's effect is doubled.
  58. You feel your skin getting harder. You AC is increased by 3, but your movement speed is halved.
  59. Next time you get hit by an undead creature or necrotic spell, you have to make a CR 18 CONS save. On a fail, your body starts to shiver, for no mere mortal can resist the evil of the thriller (You start to become a zombie. The transformation lasts 2d6 days, and can be dispelled by magic, before it's completed).
  60. Your breath is minty fresh for a half hour afterwards, but your stomach turns. You get the feeling you weren’t supposed to swallow it.
  61. You immediately unleash the fire breath of a red dragon wyrmling directly in front of you.
  62. Gommi Forrest Syrup: A thick, glowing, cyan potion. Tastes like blueberries and honey. Upon drinking, all bodily fluids glow a bright blue, causing them to emit a feint glow for 2d6 days. This glow becomes stronger when bleeding.
  63. Catharsis Poison: A deep red, runny potion. Tastes like bad wine. Upon drinking, the drinker will sweat profusely, followed by intense vomiting, crying, urination, and diarrhea for 3d6 minutes. If the drinker survives, they lose all emotional attachment for 2d4 days.
  64. Holtven Panacea: A bright gold potion with swirls of pink. Tastes like cherries and sorbet. Upon drinking, all negative conditions are removed, health is restored to full, and any injuries are instantly healed. Extremely expensive.
  65. Hathopod Blood: A black potion with flecks of green. Tastes like rotting apples. Upon drinking, gain immunity to all negative effects that would be obtained by a substance entering the body for 1d4 days.
  66. Basalisk Tears: A transparent potion. Tastes like saltwater. Casts 'Stone to Flesh' when used on a petrified object or person. When used on normal stone, it transmutes in to a random meat.
  67. Alchemist's Cheese: a yellow-white potion so thick it must be heated to be viscous enough to flow. Tastes like normal cheese. Upon consumption, the drinker will vomit various dairy products throughout the day, including milk, cheese, ice cream, and yogurt. The product is from whatever animal was used to make the potion, and is completely edible.
  68. Lotus Crystal Solution: A bubbly pink potion. Tastes like sugar and bubble gum. Upon drinking, all ability score improvements are doubled for 1d6 hours. After the 5th time drinking this kind of potion, the drinker will have all stat bonuses halved when not under the effects.
  69. Character can only speak in haikus, each haiku must reference a vision of nature in some way ('the sun sets promptly, this dungeon breathes a foul stench, goblins await us').
  70. The potion resembles bubble tea containing 1d10 small tapioca balls. If you chew on the tapioca balls, they turn into little snails or frogs in your mouth
  71. Whoever drinks this potion experiences a very vivid daydream from his childhood that leaves him shaken for 1d3 hours.
  72. You feel an extraordinary fluency and efficacy in your words and are able express thoughts with great clarity for 1d6 hours.
  73. The liquid in this flask appears pearlescent and if you look into it for long enough, you can see ghostly, familiar shapes in its reflection. You forget everything that has happened since you woke up.
  74. This potion has a bubbling, bloody texture. You have the sudden urge to go the the privy. You have 10 minutes, after which time you are incapacitated for the next 24 hours, at the end of which you fall unconscious and successfully lay a fertilized egg. The egg takes 1 year to hatch as the dragon wyrmling imprints on you.
  75. This potion appears as a silvery, translucent liquid that when drunk, makes your body fall limp as you become a ghostly apparition for an hour.
  76. The content of the potion is in fact : a soul! If you try to drink it, you must succeed on a DC 13 charisma saving throw or your soul will be swapped for 1d10 days.
  77. It swaps your gender.
  78. The drinker is teleported back to the location they found the potion.
  79. The drinker is teleported to the nearest body of fresh water, with a niggling sense they should refill the bottle with it.
  80. The drinkers head becomes invisible. They become deaf dumb and mute for 1d4 minutes.
  81. The drinker becomes extremely physically attractive for 1d4 hours.
  82. The drinker has a Scottish accent for 1 hour, and takes 1d4 damage every time the player says something in character without attempting that accent.
  83. The potion is slightly viscous and smells of iron. Drinking it causes your entire mouth to fill with a metallic flavor, rendering you unable to smell or taste for 1d4 hours but during that duration, you are immune to ingested poisons.
  84. The potions falls upward, defying gravity. Instead of having the expected effect of levitation, the potion leaves you light-headed as it seeps into your brain. -1 on perception and intelligence checks but during that duration, you feel no pain and gain +1 to endurance and strength checks.
  85. The potion tastes like the best dessert you ever had, even though it smells like a wet dog. Drinking this potions grants you the benefits of a full day of rations.
  86. It's a blood thinner! For 1 day, you bleed out after getting hit. Take half of the damage done on your first hit and subtract it for all following rounds until you are healed.
  87. The potion made you extremely flammable! Stay away from fire or be prepared for things to get lit!
  88. It's a Rage Potion! This potion gives you Rage just like a Barbarian. The bottle contains enough liquid for two drinks.
  89. The potion is a heavy mist. On consumption, your skin turns slimy as you gain water-breathing for 1d4 minutes but lose the ability to breathe above water.
  90. The bottle contains an addictive poison! When you drink it, it tastes like the worse thing you've ever tasted, but then you soon start wanting to take another drink. Each drink causes 1d6 damage, and there is enough on the vial for five drinks.
  91. It was just moonshine! Disadvantage on dexterity checks.
  92. The vial contains water. Dyed water.
  93. The potion has floating crumbs of copper in it. Drinking it gives a boost to your immunity system, curing you of diseases.
  94. The potion has a strong tangy flavor and you feel it course through your body. When it gets to your feet, your shoes/boots melt off.
  95. Elixir of Mint: When drink you can exhale a frost breath in a 15 feet cone. Each creature in the area must make a DC13 Constitution save, or take 3d6 cold damage, and half on a success.
  96. Potion of False vigor: When drank, give 2d4+4 temporary life points.
  97. Potion of inner fire: When drank, you feel really hot, and you feel your blood boiling. For the next 6 hour, you become resistant to fire damage, you when you are hit by an attack, every creature 5 feet around you must make a DC12 Dexterity save, or take 1d6 fire damage, and half on a success.
  98. You begin growing hair all over your body. After 1d4 days all your hair begins to fall out unless you drink more.
  99. Cabbage Potion - A potion that transforms it's drinker in a cabbage. Roll a 1d20, that's how many days the person stays a cabbage, on a 20 they become permanently a cabbage. Potion includes telepathy for the cabbage.
  100. Your veins seem to rise to the top of your body briefly. They leave dark purple and blue markings across your skin which will remain as tattoos.
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