100 Random Potion Effects

One hundred different effects for those unknown potions!

1You grow feathers all over your body.
2You feel your body begin to change! You are turned into a tiny frog for 1d4 days.
3You fall in love with the first living thing you see.
4Your skin begins to turn a sickly green, and you gain the ability to breathe underwater for 1d4 hours. You also lose the ability to breathe outside of water for the time limit!
5You grow gills on your neck. You can breathe underwater for 1d4 hours.
6You can only speak in lies for 1d4 days.
7The content of the potion is a literal soul! If you try to drink it, you must succeed on a DC 13 CON saving throw or your soul will be swapped for 1d10 days.
8Your skin begins to glow, creating a 25ft. aura of light around you.
9You forget how to read for 1d4 days.
10You gain the effects of gaseous form for 1d4 hours.
11You gain a vague, mystical vision of the future.
12Your skin turns pale and your blood stops pumping. You become undead for 1d4 hours.
13Your body turns to stone for 1d4 days.
14Your hair turns the color of the potion you drank.
15You are filled with courage, making you immune to fear effects for 1d4 days.
16You feel your tongue begin to twist. You can only speak in rhyme for 1d4 hours.
17You lose your shadow permanently.
18You switch to the opposite gender.
19The potion gives you resistance to cold damage for 1d4 hours.
20You begin to hover one foot off the ground for 1d4 hours.
21You suddenly feel another arm growing out of your back. This third arm lasts for 1d4 days before it falls off. It functions as a normal arm.
22The potion gives you resistance to radiant damage for 1d4 hours.
23You can speak to animals for 1d4 hours.
24You gain 1d10 hit points each round for 1d4 rounds.
25You don't need to sleep for 1d8 days.
26You are cured of any diseases that you have.
27Your fingers become completely flaccid for 1d4 hours. You cannot hold anything in your hands.
28You begin to have dark visions of an elder god. You fall under the effects of Fear for 1d4 hours.
29All tattoos on your body vanish.
30Spiked vines begin growing out of your body for 1d4 days. If a creature touches you, they take 1d4 damage.
31You grow a third eye in the center of your forehead, increasing your perception skill by 2.
32You are instantly resurrected if you are killed within 24 hours of drinking this potion.
33You become extremely physically ugly for 1d4 hours, losing 2 points of CHA.
34Your size shrinks by 1d4 feet for 1d4 hours.
35The potion gives you resistance to force damage for 1d4 hours.
36The potion gives you resistance to lightning damage for 1d4 hours.
37Your skin begins to harden at an alarming rate. You are turned to stone for 1d4 hours.
38Your skin turns to metal for 1d4 hours, giving you resistance to martial attacks.
39Mushrooms begin to grow out of your head.
40You feel incredibly strong! You now have the strength of a Frost Giant (23 STR) for 1d4 hours.
41You can understand all languages for 1d4 hours.
42You cannot tell a lie for 1d4 days.
43You regain all of your spell slots.
44You are able to pass through walls that are 1ft. thick, like a ghost.
45When you drink this potion, you gain the effect of the detect thoughts spell (save DC 13).
46You suddenly forget the last language you spoke for 1d4 days.
47The ends of your fingers become very sticky. You can now climb walls for 1d4 hours.
48You are instantly teleported to the nearest body of water.
49You lose your reflection permanently.
50The potion gives you resistance to psychic damage for 1d4 hours.
51Your hair has the effect of being underwater permanently.
52You instantly become 1d6 years older
53You can speak with plants for 1d4 hours.
54You gain double your speed for 1d6 rounds.
55The potion gives you resistance to fire damage for 1d4 hours.
56Drinking this potion has allowed your consciousness to be noticed by a random deity! You have one chance to ask any yes or no question.
57You begin to secret a substance that is very similar to gasoline. Be careful, you are extremely flammable!
58You have horrific hallucinations of demons coming after you for 1d4 hours. You are under the effect of Fear!
59Your hair color changes to a random color.
60All of your inner thoughts are audibly heard for 1d4 hours.
61The potion gives you resistance to poison damage for 1d4 hours.
62You can cast Fire Breath for 1d4 hours.
63Your pupils disappear! You are blinded for 1d4 hours.
64Your hair triples in length.
65You suddenly feel more drunk than you've ever been. You're gonna have a BAD hangover in the morning!
66You begin to grow insect mandibles on your face that last for 1d4 days.
67Wings sprout out of your back, allowing you to fly for 1d4 hours.
68Your eye color changes to a random color.
69You fall asleep for 1d4 days.
70You can smell gold from 50ft. away for 1d4 days.
71You become transparent like a ghost for 1d6 hours.
72Your mouth vanishes for 1d4 hours. You are unable to speak.
73You can suddenly hear the thoughts of those around you in your head! You gain the effect of the Detect Thoughts spell.
74You turn invisible for 1d4 hours.
75You take on the form of a water elemental for 1d4 hours.
76You transform into a random race.
77Your body feels incredibly tired. You gain 2 levels of exhaustion.
78Your size grows by 1d4 feet for 1d4 hours.
79You are able to cast a random cantrip for 1d4 days.
80Your skin color changes to a random color.
81You feel like you have springs in your feet! You can jump four times your normal jumping height for 1d4 hours.
82The potion gives you resistance to acid damage for 1d4 hours.
83You grow a beautiful ginger beard down to your knees.
84Your hair color changes depending on your mood.
85Your AC increases by 1d4 for 1d4 hours.
86You create a clone of yourself every time you sneeze that lasts for 1d4 minutes.
87You begin to vomit a swarm of angry insects. You can control them for 1d4 hours.
88You grow goat horns from the sides of your head.
89You begin to emit an odd musk from your skin, attracting wild animals to your location.
90You gain 1d12 temporary hit points.
91Your hands and feet grow webbing, allowing you to travel much faster in water.
92The potion gives you resistance to necrotic damage for 1d4 hours.
93You gain a shiny film over your eyes. You can see in the dark for 1d4 hours.
94You lose all of your spell slots for the day.
95All the hair on your body falls off.
96You instantly become 1d6 years younger.
97You completely forget the last 24 hours.
98You are instantly teleported to the location you found the potion.
99Your breath is now a light flurry of snow.
100For the next 1d4 hours, fire damage heals you instead of hurts you.