100 Elven Clothing/Accessories Descriptions

One hundred different descriptions for what an elf might be wearing.

1This elf wears an amulet that has been passed down in their family for generations. They are never seen without it.
2This elf wears flowing robes that look as if they're made out of specks of pure starlight.
3This Elf keeps in his or her pocket a tattered scrap of canvas with a faded portrait painted on it -- a human lover, long dead but still not forgotten.
4A cloak that follows the seasons: Its color is bright green in Spring, a darker green in Summer, red and orange in Fall, and brown in Winter. It gradually turns gray if not exposed to sunlight.
5This Elf wears a flowing cloak that appears almost as a pure silvery mist. In this rainy weather, had they not introduced themselves, you might not have even noticed them there.
6This elf is wearing Elven ear clasps made of spun silver.
7This elf is wearing a single left earring made of shiny blue metal.
8This elf is wearing a remarkably thin brass choker with a single pearl.
9This elf is wearing a dull green half cloak cape with golden trim.
10This elf is wearing an engraved leather archery bracer.
11This elf is wearing a pair of boots; it's surface mimicking the bark of the surrounding trees, but the elf moves soundlessly through the leaves.
12This Elf is wearing luscious green and blue robes that flow past their feet, turning into a small river as it touches the ground. Great for leaving an impression, not good for indoor parties.
13This Elf is wearing a ring that shines a light upward. Casts 'Light' on a flat surface. When pointed to the night sky, it will blink when you're pointing it to the North Star.
14This Elf is wearing a hairpin that weighs 1 pound, is positively extravagant, made of gold and rubies. It takes an hour to apply to only the smoothest hair and worn by the highest of elves.
15This Elf is wearing a parasol that shines moonlight over the carrier during the night.
16This Elf is wearing earrings that become temporarily brighter when they hear laughter.
17This elf wears a sash that has a glowing white thread woven into it that spells out a message in the dark.
18This Elf wears a brooch that has been made by weaving metal strands to make a tiny quilt. Compared to other pieces it lacks the petite and lightness of elven jewelry, but it has history that dates it back to the high priestess Shanjura and her council of Bantor'in.
19This Elf wears a collar made out of woven tree twigs.
20This Elf wears a flowing cape that is so light, it floats and levitates when there is no wind whatsoever.
21This Elf wears socks that become warmer at higher altitudes.
22It is traditional for elves to incorporate some aspect of nature into their wardrobe. While most elves use this to make themselves look elegant, this particular elf has turned a section of a cactus into shoulder pads in order to look more intimidating.
23This sea elf’s hardy sea cloak gives it the aspect of a great octopus. The baggy hood appears like an octopus mantle; the cloak resembles the rubbery webbing between an octopus’s arms, and the corners of the cloak have tentacle-like tassels. When out at sea, fellow sailors swear they see out of the corner of their eyes the cloak waving and dancing as if underwater.
24The gossamer ends of this elf’s shimmering shawl drape from her shoulders like dragonfly wings.
25This whole elven village wears the same simple, woven sandals. Upon further examination, each sandal is fashioned from a single long, forked leaf: when the leaves fall, their leafstalks curl up, forming the signature curled toes of these sandals, while the forked ends wrap up the calf.
26This elven arch druid wears a long, slender belt made of living, flowering vine.
27This Drow elf matron wears expensive, white gloves woven from finest spider silk.
28This elf noble wears an ornate silver ear cuff in the fashion of an orchid, spiraling around their graceful ear.
29This wood elf’s ombre-dyed liripipe hood reminds people of a great hunting cat, as its tail winds and flicks with a mind of its own.
30This rustic tunic betrays its elven craft as its appearance shifts over the length of the year: its bright hue in summer dulls as its length grows in the fall; sleeves and a hood fill in before winter, only to shed away come spring.
31This paladin elf’s long, copper-hued tabard is emblazoned with oak leaf motifs and acorns.
32This troop of elven rangers wears matching leather armor, the overlapping plates of which resemble the seed scales of giant pinecones.
33The substantial clasps of this asymmetrical Drow mantle, when closed, complete a large, adamantine spider, which appears to rest on the wearer’s shoulder, its segmented legs clutching across the chest and back.
34The elven druid is wearing carved, wooden bangles around her ankles. The bands can be seen in her animal forms, as well.
35This high elven circlet is braided mithril with a single teardrop garnet in its center. It is ancient; a relic of a historic elven kingdom, and it is believed to bear the collected wisdom of each of the successive kings in the great elven dynasty.
36The lenses of these elven goggles are polished pink crystal, which reveal fey presence with motes of multi-colored lights.
37This elven fighter’s leather girdle, with matching sword hangers and custom scabbards, is stamped all over with knot work antlers and grapevines. It bears a maker’s mark, which the elf often points out to admiring commenters, as the successful leatherworker is also a generous patron of the fighter.
38The dappled, dark shades of this sturdy piwafwi shift and ripple, making it seem as if the wearer is traveling under heavy foliage, even when standing still.
39The elven ranger wears a white leather hawking gauntlet, embroidered to resemble a bird’s wing.
40This assassin was wearing a large velvet pouch around her neck, hidden under her clothes: it carried a Drow house insignia — an elongated spider stylized to look like a dagger, its legs crossing to form the house glyph.
41This costly dress’s panels are stitched with veining that mimics either the veins of a leaf, or the veins of a feather, depending on the wearer’s whim. When the dress is seen outside, it appears as if sunlight is shining through the veining from within, magically enhancing the effect.
42The elf maiden’s fine silver chain necklace hangs down to the small of her back, where a long strand of seven emeralds shines.
43The wild elf’s “breastplate” — if that’s what it is — is just a large section of tree bark, held in place with leather cording.
44These modest traveling clothes are tailored tight to the neck, limbs, and torso, and flare out around the middle, giving the wearer an insectoid appearance.
45These elegant slippers are whittled from blocks of black pine and lined with soft fur.
46The young elf’s skirt mimics a giant rose blossom: its many overlapping, soft panels look like downturned petals opening voluminously at the knee.
47The noble’s wide ruff is daringly cut to look like a thistle blossom.
48The current fashion for elven ponchos in this city is long strands all over, resembling weeping willow or wisteria or ivy vines.
49The elf’s bracelet is carved from a single moss agate.
50This elven caplet is sewn of bright tints of blue and gray and white, swirling in wave-like circles.
51This long, diaphanous, red veil shimmers with crushed amber shards, dancing like sultry flames whenever its mistress breathes or moves.
52This merchant’s black silk brocade jerkin is cut in the elven fashion, clinging closely to the figure with skirts draping almost to the knee. The jerkin is embroidered all over with tiny, precise, golden sunbursts.
53All the cloaks in this elf's shop have colorfully hemmed slits in their hoods. This seems impractical for keeping out the elements; but, then again, they are intended for the elves' long ears.
54This jeweled hair comb resembles a great horned owl: its golden topaz eyes appear to wink under moonlight.
55These trousers are almost entirely made of patches and stitches, having been kept in service long past their time. The long-lived elf commoner who wears them considers them his lucky pants.
56This elongated, angular mask is for masquerade balls: it features a large pair of velveteen antlers and a crown of lustrous ivy.
57This elven headdress bears a coral crown, is strung with fine pearl strands, and is draped with sheer silk the color of sea foam.
58This dashing elf's wide-brimmed hat bears a dazzling feather: he insists it was a gift from a phoenix. His friends tease him that it’s merely an imitation.
59The metallic buttons running down the length of this elf woman's fitted gown are carved from a gold dragon's shed scales.
60The opalescent sheen of these elven leggings could only have been achieved by a magical seamstress.
61The elven fashion here is quite modest, recognized for its high collars and long skirts. Far from restrained, however, the clothing gives an impression of airy freedom: the flowing skirts, wide trousers, bell sleeves, and loose layers are typically sewn from lightweight linens and silks, dyed in soft neutrals and pastels, and worn with casual nonchalance.
62This silk fan entertains both holder and onlookers as it flutters: the fan's animated images show a flowering tree's blossoms first budding, then blooming, then blowing away in a breeze. The holder is magically refreshed by the slight, fragrant gusts that come from this accessory.
63This sea elf mercenary wears a close-fitting bodysuit resembling sharkskin: multitudes of overlapping tooth-like, artificial scales cover the body from the neck down.
64Black leather armbands wind wickedly around the drow's arms and torso. Small slits in the leather store discreet vials of poison, needle-like blades, and other trinkets.
65This age-old archery bracer is made of dragon bone and embellished with a large moonstone. The protective article also has fitted slots holding spare arrows for rapid drawing.
66This long, sleeveless surcoat is covered in the holy symbols of the elven pantheon, embroidered with threads of precious metals. The garment is intended for ceremonial wear by the highest clerics. Stoles of four different colors accompany the garment, corresponding to the four seasons.
67The standard livery for the servants of this noble elven house are silver, blue, and green, behind a rampant unicorn. The finely made knee-length tunics and wide trousers make no noise as the staff move about the large, atmospheric manor.
68The elf's belt pouch is a length of bamboo worn horizontally on the belt. The segmented cane has three fastened openings, and each compartment is lined with padded wool to keep the contents from rattling.
69This dark-skinned elf merchant wears a red silk turban, embroidered with a winding, golden, two-headed snake, and decorated with a golden brooch set with a large onyx stone. His ears emerge from the turban through its folds, and long golden bar earrings hang from his ears.
70This wood elf's rucksack is the treated husk of a giant seedpod, fitted with leather strap hinges and closed with buckled leather straps. The long, organic vessel is hard-sided and durable, with naturally formed compartments inside.
71This high elf draws his fine, angular robes closed with a wide band, tied behind him in a crisp, elaborate knot. Obviously, he has had years and years to perfect his fastidious appearance.
72The elf barbarian wears a decorative gorget around her neck, made of painted porcupine quills. A single bear claw hangs down from the center of the front.
73This wild elf doesn't wear her backpack: she pulls it behind her on a leash. It's a deep reed basket held aloft cleverly by the spinning blades of a large wind leaf plant.
74This elf’s pointed hunting cap is especially elongated, visually mirroring the elf’s elongated, pointed ears. It’s black, and the brim is pinned on one side with a tourmaline brooch, holding an iridescent peryton feather.
75This light linen traveling smock is tailored for a long, slender frame, and embroidered sweetly with a pattern of chained wildflowers along the hem.
76The high elf’s workaday leather tunic is drawn closed at the neck with antler toggles. The long tunic is slit at the sides to mid-thigh for free movement.
77The indigo silk purse belongs to a high elf lady, intricately crusted with diamonds and sapphires in the pattern of the constellations.
78This brawny elf’s dull steel spaulders rest over its leaf-like scale mail: the armor plates over his shoulders have been forged artfully to resemble snarling wolf heads.
79This elegant coronet is a fine band of copper, with copper work wings fanning out from the temples, above the ears. A miniature copper hawk’s head, with small ruby eyes, rests over the brow.
80These fur-lined boots belonged to an elf from mountain terrain or wintry climes. Economically, the soles, hide, and soft inner fur all came from an Owlbear, and its large foreclaws were used as the toggles.
81These soft-soled shoes have a gracefully rounded toe, rather than pointed, and leave no sound or print when traveling through the wilderness.
82This elven hermit carries a long, heavy staff carved all over with miniscule wizened faces, all smiling in a cheery, friendly manner. When asked, the tinker has a name for each face, and says they are the faces of his treant friends he’s made as he wanders the ancient wood. They protect him on his way.
83The elven sprinters in this rainforest wear springy wooden running stilts, designed and crafted to help them vault through the dense wood delivering messages or fleeing predators. The races they hold each summer are watched from high up in the foliage, where onlookers can see the swift, brief contests best.
84This shining baldric seems to be woven from threads of steel, a skill only the finest of elven smiths have accomplished. Its peculiarly angled hanger is designed to carry an elven longsword.
85These heeled ankle boots have a wide sequined cuff resembling fish scales, reflecting the slightest light in watery, rippling patterns on the ground around them.
86The elf soldier wears studded red leather greaves that come up over his knees, clinging tightly to the calf. There are no visible closures or bindings on the armor. The red leather is artfully burned with the pattern of twining vines: when the soldier doffs his armor, he whispers a command in elvish, which awakens the vines and relaxes them, allowing the greaves to slip off easily and quickly. To don them, he whispers the same command, and the vines tighten and recess into the leather once again.
87This elf wears a cloak that seems to be made of living plant matter.
88The moon elf scholars wear layered velvet and silk robes with a broad pallium wrapped around the neck and over the shoulder. This ceremonial scarf is hung with several silk cords, each a different color, variously strung with copper, silver, and gold beads, or simply knotted in an obviously significant way, each ending in a small stamped talisman bearing the sigil for a specific academic discipline or arcane tradition. Everyone in the community recognizes the prestige and acumen of awarded scholars by these colorful medals.
89A trio of prismatic gemstones float over this sun elf’s haughty brow, refracting light all around.
90This leather shrug, or bolero jacket, is a rakish red color with copper fastenings. The shoulders and sleeves are specifically tailored and reinforced to protect the wood elf archer and facilitate his archery.
91The elderly wood elves wear rich kaftans embroidered lavishly with the heraldry flora and fauna of their houses.
92The sea elves tend to wear minimal clothing, but the adolescents of this seaside settlement enjoy expressing their emerging individualities by wearing short dresses, long tunics, and leggings of intricately woven kelp and sea grasses. The adolescents enjoy looking for the most wildly colored varieties of seaweed to wear: violet-red, chartreuse, puce, and cyan.
93This sea elf is wearing incredibly delicate chain adornments around the crown of the head, the waist, and the webbed feet, but notably not the neck: their gills need to remain unimpeded.
94The Drow male is wearing dangerously pointed epaulets that sweep upward. The visual effect is quite menacing.
95The small, octagonal, silver jewelry box is full of long, sinister-looking hairpins. Each pin has two long, pointed tines joined under a spidery setting holding a single, polished, perfectly round Underdark pearl: a naturally phosphorescent semi-precious stone known for protecting against scrying and mind-reading.
96This elven hunting case holds a horn, made of lacquered birch bark with antler and rawhide fittings, and several carved wooden hunting calls, each delicately whittled to resemble the head of the animal or monstrosity it mimics.
97The elven quiver resembles the trumpet blossom of a giant calla lily. Worn at the hip, the soft leather magazine's curling, flared opening allows the archer to draw ammunition quickly and freely. Also, the 'pollen' within the quiver enchants the archer's arrows with a naturally-derived soporific: any creature hit by an arrow drawn from this quiver must make a Constitution save to shake off an enchanted sleep.
98This elf wears a pair of golden eagle earrings passed on to her from her great, great grand mother. Rumor has it they were once imbued with powerful nature magic.
99The elf has thick dreads tied together with flowery vines, hanging down past his/her shoulders. The vines grow into and out of the hair, and covers it with spore that seem to twinkle with the light.
100This elf wears a belt and bracers of palm-sized, thick leaves, which have been alchemically treated and waxed until they are strong and supple as leather. Bound stems, similarly treated, link each leaf in a flowing, knot work pattern of emerald green and brassy gold.