100 Unique Magical Services

From shops to magical traveling salesmen, magical healers to item enchanters, Magic creates many different opportunities for fun little things for players to stumble upon.

Full List

  1. Magical Memory Deletion - Will delete unwanted or unhappy memories for a price.
  2. Magical Tattoo Shop - Get tattoos imbued with magic, either gives stat bonuses or allows the use of a once daily skill.
  3. Magical Fireworks Makers - creates fireworks that are much more impressive than normal fireworks, and twice as big.
  4. Magical Teleportation. Teleport where you need to go.
  5. TelEx. Teleport Express will deliver your items wherever you need overnight.
  6. Magical Animal Breeder - Breeds magical animal companions for mounts or pets.
  7. Dream Delvers - Allows someone to enter their dreams and create whatever they want inside.
  8. Magic Item Hunter - will find specific magic items and sell them to you for an increased cost, depending on the rarity of course.
  9. Medium - A necromancer that will become possessed temporarily by the spirit of a departed loved one for a fee.
  10. A wizard who casts fly on people who pay and want to fly.
  11. A wizard who uses Major Image to recreate a scenario or for a play.
  12. Merlo's Moving Company - uses Mage Hand and Telekinesis to move your boxes.
  13. Restaurant that uses magic to create catered food for events.
  14. An 'Adjuster' - Will magically alter your appearance for a price. Can change height, teeth, skin color, eye color, etc.
  15. Soul Infuser - Infuses a soul (either one they sell, or one you happen to have laying around) into an item of your choice. I imagine it as either for instance infusing a kangaroo soul into your boots to allow you to jump better. If you pay enough you can summon the soul as an ethereal familiar.
  16. Druidic Express - A high level druid who has designated stations(trees) to teleport people around for an aged oak leaf ticket.
  17. Warlocks Vaults - A high level warlock who runs special vaults. Creates your own demiplane for whatever use you want, they won’t ask questions but ask for payment.
  18. High level cleric that casts commune on your behalf.
  19. Fire Brigade - mages that use magic to put out fires & rescue people trapped in fires.
  20. Lamplighter - mage that uses magic to light streetlamps in towns & cities.
  21. Mage Hunters - mages that specialize in tracking down & capturing mages that use their powers for criminal endeavors.
  22. Magical Tattoo Shop - provide magically linked tattoos that allow people to communicate telepathically.
  23. Magical Telegraph Office - Offices are located in cities & towns. Messages are sent & received by magic. If the recipient of the message isn't present in the office, Then the message is delivered by courier.
  24. Sculptors - mages that use shape stone to create their works.
  25. Weather Mage - providing rain for farmers & guaranteed good weather for outside events.
  26. Wind Mage - speeds up sea travel by providing a constant wind.
  27. Swap delivery; when ordering an item, you receive a clay likeness of the item that will swap places with the completed good.
  28. Makeover Mage - will change your gender, even if you just came in to ask for directions.
  29. Laundry Service - A wizard with modified spells like Cone of Fold and Detergent Ray offers to have your clothing cleaner than the day you bought it.
  30. Summoned Stories - they specialize in the magical aspects of construction. Magically built buildings at the highest end (might take a year or more). Magical traps and secret rooms at the mid-range. Magic windows or toilets at the low end.
  31. Items lost - they specialize in untraceable getting rid of things. Depending on the thing this could just be casting disintegrate or could involve sending things to destructive planes like the center of the plane of fire. They say they won't do people or bodies of sentients, but you have your doubts.
  32. Smells By Design - magical perfumes.
  33. Better Friends - they will cast awaken on your pets. No guarantees.
  34. Vital Images - creating magical paintings that are photo realistic and may move or include sound.
  35. Waukeen’s Walk In Clinic – all cleric spells available for a price. Including resurrection.
  36. Witches Broom - a house cleaning service that specializes in using prestidigitation to get the house crazy clean.
  37. Goat Coins. Originally invented as a toy for a sorceress' daughter, Goat Coins contain one to three charges that allow the user to summon a mount for 24 hours. Goat coins are ideal for children's parties, but packhorse, draft mule, giant charging chicken, and Heffalumps are also available. Prices subject to the size and value of the mount, as well as the number of charges in the coin. (Mounts cannot fight and will dispel if injured.)
  38. A temp service that hires out undead servants (don’t worry! Our servants signed consent forms way in advance before they died!) to perform menial labor.
  39. The War Zone - A shop that sells magical trading cards which are used for dueling. They are enchanted to create illusionary images that actually fight each other. There are also tournaments held in the shop, and the champion wins a rare magic artifact as a price: a golden eye that lets you read your opponent’s thoughts. (only works during a card battle)
  40. Earwax Removal using a very small Mage Hand.
  41. Flood Cleanup using Telekinesis and Mage Hand.
  42. Dog Walking using Mage Hand.
  43. Magical beast walking/pet sitting.
  44. The Finder - will track down who or what you need. Is basically psychic, so supplying an item important to the target will help.
  45. Balthasar's Bedazzling Beauty Boutique - A high mage who was once tormented for his appearance. In younger years he had a split lip, one eye with no iris and a semi developed nose. Being so shunned by his peers he focused manically on his studies and after many years of training became a spectacularly gifted transmutation wizard. Balthasar has since used his powers to transform himself into ever more perfect depictions of beauty and is the most sought-after guest for the high-end dinner parties in (whatever town you put him). He makes a fortune with spells such as seeming and modified versions of alter self (much like professional makeup artists), but his best-selling service is true polymorph. For the small price of a couple hundred gold (scale to your economy) he changes fat people into thin, does chin and nose jobs, gender swaps, anything you can pay for.
  46. Witty Comeback Assist - The next time the player is insulted, a perverse and demonic trickster will remotely whisper 1d4 cutting responses in the players ear. They might even be able to divine personal secrets of their victim to make the remarks that much more legendary.
  47. Magical Services locator - this ley line reader can tell you how to find many of the other services on this list by studying the vibrations of the magical ley lines. All their directions will be given using invisible ley lines as landmarks. They will give the customer a special ley line candle that burns blue when it is near a ley line. But the candle goes out a lot.
  48. Magic Smack - For a fee, this vendor will cast an untraceable magical smack in real time, on any target the customer has a piece of (hair, skin, finger, etc.). The smack does no damage, but in Common a rude disembodied voice says your choice of, 'You've been smacked!', 'That's what you get!', or 'Don't make me come back!
  49. Supernatural Tracker - For a small sum, a local druid offers to track anyone of your choosing in the local forests. He employs creatures on land and air to stealthy track a target for up to 24 hours. A scribe will transpose the animal's description and location of the events on paper for a small extra fee.
  50. An “effects” seller who casts enchantments on clothes to make them sparkle or appear on fire.
  51. Magical Tattoo Remover, transfer or wipe away a tattoo or similar marking from the body.
  52. Divine investment/broker services, diviners who observe and modify markets to get the best results for them and their clients. This business can get rather hairy when different firms or individuals seek opposing results.
  53. Last Will and Testament, necromancers who use their trade to provide closure to family estates (as long as the corpse is intact). Living wills are not accepted.
  54. Divine Winds Acupuncture and Massage, a parlor that focuses on healing and enhancing the body by channeling the ambient magics of the world through key points in the body.
  55. Clothing mender uses magic to repair and tailor clothes.
  56. Magical match maker, the girl you like doesn't like you? Time to change her mind with some enchantment.
  57. Translation service using Comprehend Languages. They literally trade you the book for another one that you can actually read. For a small fee of course.
  58. Anti- Surveillance/ Security - Magical surveillance can be a nuisance. This Private Mercenary Group doesn't fight for you but will design and install methods of keeping your home safe from Scrying, Divining magics, and intruders.
  59. A prostitute offers you a magical fun time, in reality they are using modify memory to make you think the best time of your life. Nothing of the sort really happens to you.
  60. Last Chances - For the exceedingly wealthy, 1000 gp is a drop in the bucket. Why not spend it keeping yourself safe? For the cost of the components and a small fee, we cast Contingency, keyed to whatever spell you want!
  61. Twendel's Traveling Travel Agency - A wizard named Twendel travels around on foot to various towns bringing along with them a box full of vacations in a jar. After paying a small fee the client picks out a jar, each jar having its own terrain and what level of difficulty they would like their vacation to have. The wizard then shrinks down the clients, places them in the jar and after a predetermined set of time releases them from the jar either having enjoyed a relaxing vacation in a tropical paradise or battled their way through an orcish stronghold to claim useful artifacts. Based on the difficulty of the jar the price increases but the wizard also stocks the more difficult jars with better loot.
  62. Sending House - A large building, full is Stones of Sending that each go to different cities, acting as a relay, will send a message for a small fee.
  63. Lawson's Legally Binding Legislation - Magical contracts whose contents must be enforced.
  64. Druidic Gardening Service - They use plant magic to give you lush foliage and natural topiary. No more patchy lawns.
  65. The Rite Choice - Mages in the business of performing funeral ceremonies for the wealthy, complete with interment and sealing of the tomb with your choice of curses for any who might come grave robbing. For a fee, they'll also lift curses for family members who have decided they want to pawn grandma's ring after all.
  66. Sleep helpers - A group of mages cast sleep to help insomniacs or people that need a nice rest.
  67. Emergency Food - a dedicated magic-using chef will use 'Create Food and Water' to instantly make food for you, although it's pricey and there's a limited supply! (Of spell slots)
  68. Hidden Magic Item Store - the owners have an illegal list of magic items bought from shady connections. Only through thieves' cant can you identify the store and order a magic item. Otherwise, the store seems a normal store.
  69. VSM Arcade - a team of wizards have mastered the Programmed Illusion spell and have essentially turned their workshop into a 'VR' arcade for PC's. They can fight hordes of monsters (or DM can get more creative with what they can do) and perform spells and abilities without cost or rest without being in any actual danger. Costs 10gp per hour.
  70. Body Mods - A mage will alter your appearance to take on the characteristics of different creatures. Fur, fangs, claws, gills, bird eyes, even wings if you have the coins.
  71. The Auction of Many Things - An Auction house that specializes in obtaining artifacts and magic items throughout the multiverse. The cost may be expensive, but the various artifacts are well worth the cost. You may feast your eyes on the Book of Asmodeus one day then the next day is an artifact that gives you insight into the draconic prophecy.
  72. Speak with Well-Read - using something similar to Telepathic Bond but with a potentially longer duration depending on how much you pay; these wizards will act as translators or on-call assistants for nearly any intellectual problem you have. They bill more if the customer exceeds a certain number of questions per minute.
  73. Boss Music - they'll put a spell on you. Specifically, they'll give you the ability to play one song or other musical arrangement of your choice (no action required) at will. The song emanates from your location and can also be turned off at will.
  74. Sloomba? Roomslime? The name is a work in progress, but the wizard presents a small slime. This magically created creature will move slowly around your house casting prestidigitation to keep things clean and maintained! And for the adventurers, I have a travel model! Basically, one installed in a custom backpack. This kind of magical labor-saving creature will revolutionize domestic life. Presto-slime?
  75. Imagined Intimacy - a perfectly legal way to have the very realistic illusion of any kind of fantasy you could desire - just speak to the slightly sweaty wizard behind the counter, fill out your Fantastic Fantasy Form(tm) and head to one of the rooms in the back. Your Intimacy Awaits.
  76. Alms Aplenty - A food bank run by a fairly exhausted cleric and their disciples. Constantly creating food and water for the poor and making sure it's distributed fairly.
  77. On The Mend - For a small fee will cast mending on any object brought into the store.
  78. Frosty's - A shave ice stall that manages to never run out of ice even on the hottest days of summer thanks to the proprietor knowing Frostbite.
  79. Zone of Trust - A marriage/ relationship counseling group that one can go to and be ensured that your partner will not be speaking any lies within a 15ft radius. (The can also Calm Emotions)
  80. Allie's Appraisal - An antiques appraisal store that will be able to Identify the object, Detect Magic, and Comprehend Languages that may be written on your piece.
  81. Dr. Feelgood's - Not a real doctor. He is, however, a washed up one-hit-wonder bard who can Cure Wounds for a small fee.
  82. Magical Cleaning Service - Enchanted tools and prestidigitation. Please do not leave apprentices alone in the room.
  83. Dr Drenzel's Dentistry - A half-orc who doesn't actually fix your teeth but creates beautiful decorative metal or gemstone caps and bands for all sorts of teeth or tusks.
  84. Manpower - Need a few extra hands for menial labor? We provide golems that can do a wide range of physical labor jobs.
  85. Tunneling & Mining - Mages with shape earth & shape stone.
  86. The Ice Mage - providing ice whenever & wherever you need it. Ice cubes, ice blocks, a frozen pond, or even ice sculptures.
  87. Body Doubles - An illusionist that can make it look like you’re in two places at once. they can also make someone look & sound like you, so you can be seen somewhere that you’re not. Great for party tricks, alibis, or confusing assassins.
  88. Soul Jars - keep the soul of whoever you like in a jar. No questions asked.
  89. Pet Translators - Druids and rangers casting speak with animal to let pet owners communicate with their pets
  90. Adventure Tours - Will teleport people to places like undersea ships they have made breathable and give interactive tours
  91. Magical Confections - All manner of candies and pastries with magical twists: will it turn you green? Will you be able to lift a tree out of the ground with your mind? You never know until you try one!
  92. Curse Delivery Service - Do you really hate someone? Send them an item imbued with a minor curse! Try some of our favorites including incessant screaming inside of their head, a curse to make every food taste like something the recipient hates, and many more.
  93. Culpert's Construction Company- A magician speeds up construction efforts for large structures by using Move Earth to create the basement, leveling off the ground and smoothing the earth out.
  94. The Phantom Opera House - An Opera house owned and run by a collection of illusion-based wizards who create visual spectacles to go along with the performances.
  95. Perfect Paintings - A wizard creates what are essentially the world's first photographs by magically superimposing the target's image onto his own specially made material. they are in perfect clarity and he has a variety of fun pose and background options to choose from.
  96. Grenden the Enhancer - By night, this shady guy will sell you magical performance enhancers (jump, longstrider, etc.) to win races. By day he is a successful sports gambler.
  97. Snilloc's Cold Storage - these ice wizards will keep your meat cold until you can sell it. Gentle repose is a specialty of theirs.
  98. Locksmiths - Need an arcane lock on your door? Need an alarm on your entrance hall? Need a glyph of warding on your safe? These wizards have got you covered.
  99. Roland's Replicators - Will make an exact magical copy of any item brought in. Cannot replicate magical effects but will give off a similar magical aura.
  100. Melvor's Magical Mead - Magic infused 'mead' that will get you drunk with only a thimble full. Contains all the effects of heavy drinking, but no alcohol.
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