100 Wizarding Treatises and Book Titles

A list of complex, boring, or funny-sounding titles for books or scrolls in a Wizard’s library.

1Making Friends; a History of Necromancy.
2A Treatise on the Problem of Infinite Demiplanes
3Ozohr's Compendium of Glyphs for Crystalline Structures, Fifth Edition
4Analysis of Divination Spell Extension into the Astral Plane
5This Spell is Harmless' and Other Lies To Tell Yourself
6Dragons, Drakes, and Winged Demons; a Guide to Fire Breathers
7Hefty and Heavy; Proper wand shaping for beginners
8Common Rune Mistakes and Their Consequences, a Summary
9Fireball Illustrated
10Aardvarks to Anvils; Unique uses for Polymorph
11The Arcana-Sutra
12The Illusion of Space; A primer on Conjuration Magic
131,000 Prophecies to Keep Your Eye On
14A Humble Collection of Heresies
15Survival in the Outer Planes and in the Astral Sea
16Those That Came Before; An Overview of Extinct Magical Traditions and What We Can Learn from Them
17Darkness; Creating, Dispelling, and Exploiting It
18Advanced Draconic Anatomy
19Angels and How to Avoid Them
2010,000 Runes Without Meaning
21Spellbook Minimalism
22Understanding the Alien Minds of Gods, Outsiders, and Yet Stranger Creatures
23The Magic of Stone and the Souls of Mountains
24This Ore That; Choosing your first Rock Golem
25Beyond the Cauldron - Brewing Potions in the Wilderness; a Personal Story
26Proof of a Positive Relationship Between Leysian Crossings and Levitation Enchantment Potency
27Gwynssin Revisited: The Transformative School of Enchantment in the Eleventh Century
28Introductory Life Extension, Revised Edition - Now 100% dark magic free!
29Great Spirit Aid: A Study of Unique Varieties of Incorporeal Summoning Among the Northwestern Tribes!
30Ten Basic Shields: A Revolutionary New Way to Categorize Abjurations!
31The Common Genealogical Ancestor of Kobolds & Lizardfolk!
32The Science of Magic, a Treatise
33Rags to Reigns - a Traveler's Guide to the Nine Hells
34Making the Most of Your Allies; Why You Should Focus on Transmutation and Necromancy
35101 Easy Magic Items You Can Make on the Road
36Our Darker Sisters; A Cautionary Volume on the Dangers of Dealing with Hags
37lasreveR fo kooB s'karalS (also known as An Abjurer's Guide to Counterspelling)
38On the Transmutation of Gold to Lead - A primer
39A Perditio Tempus; My journey to making True Strike good again
40Myths of Malumnak the Mad; a collection of stories about that craziest of wizards
41Analysis of the Extended Lifetime of Draconic Respiratory-Flame Droplets in a Turbulently Vaporized Floomph Puff
42Relative Temporo-Thaumic Desynchronization Transitions in Hasted Targets
43A Vortex of Annihilation in a Tea-cup - Practical Applications of Collapsing Spheres
44Evidence of Omni-Planar Asymmetries Seeded by High-Density Ablator Nonuniformity in Experiments Involving Deific Artifacts and Magically Simulated Dragon-fire
45Convergence of Eigen-Tensor Continuations in Infinite Dimensional Kismet-Hazard Prognostications
46Evidence of Potts-Neme-Tenseric Superfluidity in Non-agonal Optical Levitation
47Direct Observation of Fractal-Dimensional Percolation in Renal Pyramids - In Search of the Philosopher's Kidney-stone, Diary of a Personal Journey
48Fast Friends; An Autobiographical Account Regarding Dangerous and Morally Ambiguous Misuses of Charm Spells
49Treatise on Temporal Foresight in Divination
50Annals of Grafted Incarnum: Soul Splicing
51Practical Applications of the Demiplane Spell
52Arcane Tearing: An Enchanting Primer
53The Complete Guide to Bypassing the Crystal Sphere's Barrier
54Complete Compendium of Deific Dogma
55The Philandering Philosophy in Respect to the Power Scale of Magic Users: A Deep Observation
56Syntax and Semantics in Spell Components
57A Critical Review of Every Known Spell, The Complete Collection, 5th edition (23 volumes)
58Selective Topics in the Stylistics of Spellcasting
59Gendry's Guide to Non-gullible Golems
60The Titillating Truth of Tubular Tome Making
61The Delirious Despot: A Psychoanalytic Approach
62Elder Evils' Encyclopedia
63Unabridged Atlas of Arcane Observations in Astronomy
64Vellum of Viscous Vindication: Curse Construction
65Magnum Opus of Mythallar Musing
66Contemporary Codex of Celestial Cadavers
67Death's Ancestors; An Etymological Analysis of the Words of Power
68A Cultural History of Dark Magic
69The Element of Destruction; An Exploration of Primordial Evocation Magics
70Competing Elemental Theories
71Meditations on the Feasibility of Chronomancy
72Wild Magic and Mesuring Risk
73A Compendium of the Many Moods of the Weave
74The Life and Death of Gods
75Martial Skills and Tactics for the Adventuring Wizard
76The Lost Wonders of Epic Magic
77The Lure of Lichdom; Meditations on Mortality
78Alnam's Encyclopedia of Herbal Components
79Probing Transport and Structure-Property Relationship of Highly Ordered Orgone Superthaums Lattices at the Ethereal-Material Planar Limit - Towards Living in an Immaterial World
80Unveiling Macroscopic Structures of Neutrally Charged Elemental Interfaces by Surface-Specific Vibrational Spectromagy - My Conversations with Water, and other Treatises.
81Complexified Paths, Integral Saddles; Sovereign Glue and the Super-sandwich Principle - Taming Magical Steeds via Liberal Application of Math-magical and Culinary Threats
82Hidden Symmetries, Instabilities, and Currency Speculation Suppression in Brownie Rackets - How to beat Fey Loan Sharks at Their Own Game
83Enhanced Stochastic Resonance and Spatiotemporal Synchronization in a Mass Hasted Party - A Stab in Time, Saves Thee and Thine
84The Shape of the First Collapsed Objects - Ancient Architecture of the First Great Mage Empire, Magical Weaponry, and the Application There-of
85Emerging Patterns in Oscillatory Absorption of Thaumo-Ultra-Acoustic Waves - Using Suggestion and Modify Memory to Get Ahead
86Exponentia Foramina & The Leyline Convergence Matrix, Inter Alia
87Mordenkainen's Toenails and Chrysolite Powder's Usefulness in the Discernment of Arcano-Confounding Proto-Runes
88Trans-substantial Passage of Quickened Objects or Entities Without Persistent Liminal Agency of Hyperagonal Media
89Sustained Transpontine Circumpenetration - Secrets of Sigil Stone
90On Post-Morpholiths and Proto-Daedric Sigils in the Pnakotic Testaments - All Signs Point to 'Nope'
91Essential Geomantic Engineering for Those of Average Intelligence
92Philosophy of Low-Energy Magery - a Confoundingly Incomplete Treatise, with Editor's Commentary
93On the Sending Out of the Soul
94Parchments of Pnom - A Complete and Original Translation
95Las Reglas de Ruina - translated to the Common Vernacular by Meisters Theodorius and Chevillion, with Commentary and Compleat Appendix
96Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan - The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath Explained
97Search for Heavy Resonance Decaying in the Phase of the Ethereal Plane
98Pressure Effects on Phlogiston Among Other Parameters in Limbo Environment
99Ultrafast Evocation Dynamics and Interactions in Complex Weave Networks
100Organic Energy Cells: Degradation Processes and Approaches to Enhance Performance