100 Breads, Muffins, and Other Baked Goods

One hundred (magically) delicious fantasy baked goods.

1Sourdough rolls glistening with freshly applied butter and a garnish of parsley.
2Braids filled with minced and roasted fruits. Apple filled braids are particular popular in this season
3Pumpernickel rye baked into rounded loafs that are adorned with caraway seeds.
4French-style plain complete with a golden brown egg-wash.
5Dragon donuts are twists in the shape of a dragon's horn with a thin sugar glaze and a surprisingly spicy kick.
6Chocolate zucchini cakes coated in powder sugar and crowned with strawberries.
7A pound cake coated in a sugary lemon drizzle.
8Meat pies, stuffed with various local game, give off wisps of steam and heavy aromas.
9Barkskin biscuits have a tough, almost woody, exterior that are often soaked in milk or tea to soften.
10Black ooze bread pudding is an acrid smelling, albeit surprisingly sweet, bread pudding that tastes of cinnamon licorice.
11Gelatinous cube flan, despite not being made from the creature, is a recipe of Calisham original that is traditionally made in square baking pan. The addition of gelatin helps the dish hold its signature shape.
12Dwarven ale bread is a very dense but flavorful bread made from ales and stouts (generally of dwarven make). Despite being baked, the potency of the drinks used in its making can still provide the eater a slight buzz when consumed. Often used as a desert in many northern kingdoms and tribes.
13Jötnbrød (YERT-n-breh), a massive boule of dark rye bread enriched with bone meal, resulting in a beefy, slightly crunchy bread. A large handful is equivalent to a trail ration, but produces horrid constipation.
14Sawyers flat, a horrid, matzo-like crisp-bread cut with maple (best), birch (ehhh), or pine (oh gods) sawdust. Often eaten by unskilled laborers, or during famine/drought.
15A frangipane style baked custard that uses a flour made from exotic, far away seeds.
16Raisin dotted pastries of choux rolled into spirals and heavily glazed. Topped with pistachios.
17Tartines made with spicy sausage and blistered tomatoes.
18Assorted Bagels (asiago, whole wheat, multigrain, blueberry, cherry, goodberry, etc.) are stacked on a nearby platter.
19Buttered Crumpet, best served warm to ensure that the butter soaks into the soft and spongy crust.
20Cheese Cake, a simple creamy filling of egg, sugar, and cheese within a fluffy pastry crust. Some variants have a coating of fruit jam on its top for added flavor.
21Carrot Cake, a moist layered cake covered in a thick layer of freshly made cream cheese frosting.
22Fresh cornbread & butter served with a side of honey, maple syrup, and/or fruit jam/jelly.
23Fruit Dumplings (apple, blackberry, blueberry, elderberry, strawberry, etc) that have been boiled or fried and coated in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon.
24Fruit Pies (apple, blackberry, blueberry, elderberry, strawberry, etc) adorns with ornate patterns in to top crust.
25Meat Dumplings, dumplings filled with various meats. Some enterprising creators crimp them to resemble a fat large lizard or dragon.
26Muffins of various flavors—apple, apple banana, banana nut, blueberry, etc.—, are heaped in a basket on a nearby table. Some are topped with powdered brown sugar, powdered sugar, and/or sesame, poppy, or pumpkin seeds.
27Pumpkin pie, a creamy orange desert that is best served with a dollop of freshly whipped cream.
28Sweet Potato Pie is a staple of many households during holiday celebrations. Often topped with a powdering or hardened glaze of brown sugar.
29Fried funnel cake with sprinkled confectioners’ sugar.
30Bowlcaps are a type of round, dense bread rolls made to be crusty on one side but soft and steamed on the other. Typically eaten by laborers, the soft side is usually pressed down over the rim of a wooden bowl to act as a lid, containing and preserving the contents, until mealtime.
31Flower bread is made from various types of powdered flowers giving it light floral taste and aroma.
32Honey bread, bread but with honey.
33The Wrong Bread, or the 'you weren't supposed to buy THAT one.', is a half-stale loaf of bread containing a plot hook baked into it. This item could be a small magical trinket with a larger meaning, such as a ring, a wand, a small piece of a very powerful spell-scroll, or something more mundane but equally powerful. For example, the item could be a signet-ring or seal of a noble or royal (maybe it's a high-end fake, maybe it's the real-deal that was recently stolen), or perhaps just a small bag of very valuable gems. No matter what it actually is, you have it now, and boy are there people who are going to try to make you regret it.
34Small chocolate bars that were prepared using healing potions. When you don't have a druid and want goodberry.
35Goodberry Pie, made with the eponymous berries, grants 5hp when consumed, but must be eaten within a day.
36Gelatinous Pudding - a very, very sticky treat.
37Spider bread that was baked by drow. Don’t ask. Seriously.
38Miner's pasties, are made with meat and potatoes in one end, jam in the other, and a thick crust 'handle' on one side that is designed to be grabbed with coal-black hands and thrown away after.
39Tiny dense black rye rolls that are studded with cloves.
40Fist-sized cups of hard bread, filled with cold pease pudding.
41Crates of ship's biscuit, barely edible but capable of lasting years at sea.
42Small boxes of traveler's biscuit - similar, but more palatable due to the addition of lard and salt, and with a shelf life of only a year.
43Monkey's tail is a coil of thin pretzel-like bread that is boiled in soda ash, topped with salt and pepper, and then baked.
44Piles of pale-yellow buttery shortbread that are imprinted with various coats of arms.
45Roll and stew is a wooden bowl containing some thin stock (fish, goat, squirrel, etc) and a bread roll to dip in it.
46Small balls of fried bread that are soaked in pistachio-flavored syrup.
47Mutton-bread, a double-fist-sized roll of steamed bread, that is filled with minced mutton spiced with plenty of pepper. The mutton is cooked inside the bread, so its juices leak out when bitten into.
48Small rhubarb pies, made with thin crunchy hot-water pastry.
49Red rolls are bread made with pig's blood instead of water, and stuffed with boiled pig stomach or intestine. Very nourishing, if a bit smelly.
50Golden pear bread, shiny and egg enriched, contains a generous filling of wine-stewed pears, cinnamon, and brown sugar.
51Peasant's breakfast', a barely-leavened flatbread that is split and stuffed with curried chickpeas and a chopped boiled egg.
52Penny treat', a finger-sized roll of brown bread drizzled with blackstrap molasses or watered-down maple syrup.
53Tuppenny treat', like a Penny treat, but topped with a sliver of dry cheese.
54Fragrant caraway seed buns display a golden brown top glistening with butter.
55Salt-roll are small round rolls of chewy brown bread, topped with a truly alarming amount of flaky sea salt.
56Nut breads, sweet or savory, baked with whatever nuts are locally grown.
57Puffed pastries cooked in meat drippings (think Yorkshire puddings).
58Mushroom breads, sometimes with unexpected medicinal or recreational properties.
59Tiny frosted cakes full of spices, nuts, or fruits.
60Towering bread creations formed in the shapes of fantastical beasts, castles, or scenes, usually for festivals or special occasions.
61Bacon, sharp cheese, green onion, and hot pepper scones.
62Chicken Bread, it's got the chicken baked in! So it's great for those on the go. Developed by humans, of course.
63Almond croissants are flaky croissants sliced in half and filled with dark chocolate spread.
64Siren’s Tack, a dry and dense bread, that is as hard as a brick. When eaten alone, this hardtack is basically a rock that sits in your gut. They are surprisingly filling, but a bit hard to keep down. It’s traditional to boil them in broth (to soften and flavor it) and serve under fish and gravy in port towns.
65Plump-Helm Roast is a unique pie, filled to the brim with minced and liquefied Plump-Helmet mushrooms. The subterranean fungus is rather sweet (which allows it to be brewed into alcohol, among other things), which makes the pie a rather addictive mix of sweet and savory. Often served with Plump-Helmet Wine and fine dwarven cheeses.
66Lifeleaf Wafer are small disks of flour, water, salt and finely chopped lifeleaf that are baked till hard. Naturally restorative, unnaturally salty.
67Vagrant’s Cake, a recipe passed down from Druid to Druid; barley flour, berries, sugar, eggs, goat butter and water, mixed finely and baked until golden. The cakes are sweet and nutritious, perfect for short, day-long journeys.
68Illithid Brain Pies appears like a common pie, with an uncommon filling. Whether the brains are from or for the Illithid is up to the skill of the adventurer wanting to bake this dish.
69Seawater bread is a notable staple of coastal markets and bakeries.
70Dwarvish baguette are short and stout like its namesake.
71Gnomish sourdough made from 4000 year old yeast culture.
72Phallic-shaped doces fálicos frosted sweet bread.
73Twice baked travelers bread provide of tough but crisp foodstuff that is perfect for trail rations.
74Amaranth biscuits yield a subtle nutty flavor that goes well with many spreads.
75Fruitcake! Can also double as a doorstop or makeshift weapon.
76Goodberry Biscuit are, a light, flaky, buttery biscuit infused with goodberry juice and drenched in a sweet sugary glaze. Eating two has either the healing or satiating effect at random. You can eat four but you are sickened for d4 rounds.
77Conchas are white, brown, or pink dusted sweet breads with a shell pattern on them
78Churros are long tubes of fried dough coated with cinnamon and sugar
79Cochito, a soft gingerbread in the shape of a pig
80Empanadas and pineapple, apple, or pumpkin turnovers provide a sweet, yet filling treat.
81A single, dusty, half-eaten cracker just laying on the floor.
82Turtle bread, a round loaf that is hard on the outside, and super soft on the inside.
83Copper cookies are small sweet cookies that cost 5cp each.
84Six Copper Pie (based on the Sing a Song of 6 Pence song/rhyme)
854 and 20 Shrieker Mushrooms baked in a pie. The pie is baked in a dutch oven and set inside a fire-pit. When cut a few soft screams escape through the crust.
86Stone bread is perfect for adventurers as it will never go stale due to it already rock hard. It can double up as a rather effective improvised weapon.
87Black moss cupcake, a jet-black appearance belies an earthy almost charcoal-like flavor that transitions to matcha aftertaste.
88Owlbear Claws are delicious pastries made with honey and fig. They are a foot across with large ‘claws’ cut out on one side. Will feed a party of five. (Or one certain Dragonborn in my campaign).
89Arcane party muffins are chocolate and hazelnut muffins with magical blue sugar (that sparkles) sprinkled on top of them. When consumed you can change your eye color for a minute.
90Peanut butter cookies, a simple cookie adorned with fork marks and granulated sugar.
91Prism dough is a bread that is risen to look like a triangular based prism. It tastes sweeter at the top of the spire and sourer nearer the base. Can feed 2-4 people.
92The Little Volcano is a cone shaped jam donut that uses chili jam.
93Troll Rolls are warm basil rolls, jarred with melted honey butter and sugared flesh (non-human).
94Swamp-weed Loaf, an uncommon and generally disliked type of baked good made from a dried aquatic kelp found in swamps. It's unknown who first invented the swamp-weed loaf or for what reason, but what is known is that it's absolutely dreadful.
95Fairy fingers are merengue treats, piped in a thinly oblong shape. Often coated in confectioner’s sugar but some recipes call for actual pixie or sprite dust.
96Fairy's heart, a pastry twisted into the shape of a heart, with a (magically?) glistening jam centre.
97Angel food cake, a light and fluffy cake made using angel blood instead of eggs. Often glazed with a light lemon and sugar glaze. Tastes heavenly.
98Devils food cake, a dense and heavy cake made using the blood of devils that is fortified using ground bone devil horn. This cake has a sweet fiery cinnamon aftertaste that leaves the eater wanting for more.
99Rhubarb shortbread bars are a sweet confection made from shortbread coated in rhubarb custard and topped with brown sugar.
100Ankheg burrows, a thin but crispy chimney cake made by wrapping a thin strip of dough around a spool and coating the outside with oils and sugar before baking. Often filled with chocolate, nuts, or various fruits.