100 Things You Pull Up From A Casted Net At Sea

One hundred things that your players can catch in a casted net at sea.

Full List

  1. A mermaid.
  2. A merman.
  3. A shark with 2 heads and tentacles where its tail should be.
  4. The net has been chewed through.
  5. A skeleton with different gold bones.
  6. A school of singing fish.
  7. The tentacle of a kraken.
  8. A bunch of crabs with weirdly shaped claws. Some look like they have hands, paws, knives, trident, etc.
  9. A kraken toddler.
  10. The kid of a mermaid & merman. Around 6 or 7 years old.
  11. A 20ft. white lobster.
  12. A severed ear with an attached golden earring.
  13. A message in a bottle.
  14. Dragon-turtle egg.
  15. A poisonous fish that deals 1D8 damage when eaten.
  16. A school of quippers.
  17. A locked chest.
  18. Fragments of a wrecked vessel.
  19. Eggs of a Sahuagin.
  20. A coral/barnacle-encrusted magical weapon/armor.
  21. A concrete block with the remnants of two humaniod legs sticking out. If the players break the concrete, a ring of waterbreathing can be found on one of the toes. Kinda makes you wonder how the person died if it wasn't by drowning....
  22. A ships intricately detailed figurehead.
  23. A chum bucket.
  24. A pineapple with a sea snail crawling all over it.
  25. A lobster trap containing a crab, a squid, a sea sponge, and a starfish.
  26. A glass ball containing a live squirrel.
  27. A broken leg bone.
  28. A letter in a bottle. Written on the letter is a recipe for a very delicious sandwich.
  29. A painting of a pirate and his parrot.
  30. A bloated corpse that looks exactly like you.
  31. The net is empty, but coated with gritty, pitch-black oil.
  32. A perfectly intact but not fossilized dead animal that has been extinct for millennia.
  33. A fist-sized, segmented black metal pyramid that causes everyone around it to vie for possession of it with increasing violence unless it is submerged in salt water.
  34. A skull of the fishman species with noticeable gouges and cuts around the eye sockets.
  35. Driftwood.
  36. The most beautiful piece of driftwood you've ever seen.
  37. A rune-covered iron flask sealed with a silver band.
  38. A wooden doll without clothes.
  39. A grapefruit sized stone sphere that mysteriously floats in salt water.
  40. A key carved from bone.
  41. A fine/expensive looking cloak that hasn’t begun to rot yet.
  42. A large cod. (Gold ring in its stomach)
  43. A scroll case with a now-indecipherable treasure map.
  44. Your net is torn from your hands: a DC 25 perception check from on the ship, or a DC15 from in the water, reveals an immovable rod that it got caught on.
  45. A sentient jeweled necklace which appears to be worth several thousand gp but tries to convince the wearer to kill themselves.
  46. An ornate wooden statue of some god or goddess, now covered in barnacles.
  47. A bottle containing one copper piece and a note reading “spend it well”. The coin is too big to leave the bottle.
  48. A sleeping human girl wearing barnacle/seaweed covered clothes that look incredibly old. Once she is relatively dry, she wakes up.
  49. A strange stone tablet with a map etched on it, and writing in Aquan.
  50. A live crab, but made of solid gold and encrusted with gems.
  51. The anchor of a legendary pirate vessel.
  52. A talking fish that offers to grant a wish in exchage for being set free.
  53. A rusty sword that seems to glow, but only when you look at it from the corner of your eye.
  54. A carved stone talisman on a broken cord, tangled in seaweed.
  55. A bottle of rum.
  56. An ancient bottle of wine, encrusted with barnacles.
  57. A brass oil lamp - maybe you should try rubbing it clean...
  58. 1d8 spiky green fruits. It will cause you to vomit sea water (and just sea water) if you eat it.
  59. A golden compass and astrolabe.
  60. A sea-elf offering slightly damp sea scrolls for sale. Very handy during storms.
  61. Giant 30ft. clam. 50% chance for a pearl.
  62. Giant lobster being ridden by a sea goblin.
  63. A talking sea turtle.
  64. A reverse mermaid. (Top half fish and human legs).
  65. A bottle with a (d100)potion inside.
  66. A school of fish that cause hallucinations when consumed.
  67. A giant 25ft oyster. Cracking it open reveals a Sea Dragon egg instead of a pearl.
  68. A chunk of meteorite that fell into the ocean.
  69. A glass helmet that grants darkvision and waterbreathing.
  70. A trident.
  71. A shipwrecked sailor.
  72. The leftovers from a sauhaugin attack.
  73. Large orbs that appear to be made of pure water, which are slightly gesticulating (an aquatic variant of gelatinous ooze).
  74. A baby in a basket (race can very based on DM descretion).
  75. A pirates peg leg. Made of two parts, a wide brim that attaches to the leg and the actual peg. Unscrewing it reveals the leg is hollow, with a map on the inside.
  76. A Demigod who had one too many to drink. Return him to their dad to get a reward.
  77. A shackled live Triton.
  78. Several large pieces of perfectly polished sea glass.
  79. An old boot mimic.
  80. A bag of coins from different civilizations, not all of them are from recent civilizations, but all of them are covered in a black, viscous ooze.
  81. A clam that’s sealed shut, with an unbreakable shell. If the shell is pried open, the clan starts signing sea shanties in the wrong key - very, very loudly.
  82. A bottle with a map in it.
  83. An entire campfire, still lit, that doesn’t burn anything.
  84. A small red crab that speaks fluent Common with a melodic accent. Once in the boat it demands to be placed back under the sea.
  85. A barnacle clad silver hand mirror, miraculously still intact. When you try to look at your reflection, you see yourself as a bloated dead corpse.
  86. A sealed container with an important letter inside.
  87. An odd & very fancy looking coffin that is sealed.
  88. A sextant made of coral, covered in kelp.
  89. A harpoon.
  90. Gold coins that are (20d10 x 100) years old.
  91. A whale screaming bloody murder.
  92. The eggs of a kraken.
  93. A very large squid. Could easily be mistaken for a kraken.
  94. The skulls of Giants. 8 to be precise.
  95. The Kraken
  96. A shark with half-formed legs.
  97. A shell inscribed with runes (a mermaid's love poem).
  98. A giant that was out for a swim. He got tangled in the net.
  99. An octopus with a knife and a salty look in her eye.
  100. A mysterious egg that doesn't belong to any known species.
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