100 Indefinite Madnesses

One hundred indefinite madness effects for your fantasy characters.

Full List

  1. 'I must be clean all the time. If I get even the slightest bit dirty, I drop everything and try to clean myself.'
  2. 'I hear and see things that aren't there, and don't hear and see things that are there.'
  3. 'I don't recognize anyone, even party members and family.'
  4. 'The world is too dark and creepy. I prefer to be asleep at all times.'
  5. 'My nightmares are too vivid. I prefer to stay awake at all times, and rarely sleep.'
  6. 'I do not want food or drink. It could be poisoned! I will not eat or drink until I myself prove it to be safe.'
  7. 'In the dark something lingers that I cannot see. I need light all the time.'
  8. 'I do not understand others. Their speech sounds like someone else's scream.'
  9. 'The sun radiates an energy I do not comprehend, and I will not be touched by it's rays.'
  10. 'I look horrifying, and am terrified to let my face be seen. The people who’ve seen it and say it’s normal are lying to spare my feelings.'
  11. 'I’m being stalked by a secret society. They can be identified by the fact that they all wear green shirts or tunics.'
  12. 'I never eat wild-caught meat and sometimes go so far as to sabotage hunters, because around one in four wild animals are actually polymorphed humans.'
  13. 'I’m letting it stay in for now, but my hand has been infected by a parasite that slumbers inside my palm. Someday, it’s going to start making me miss attacks or fail at skills I should know well. At that point, I’ll have to cut the whole hand off before it develops sentience and tries to take more control.'
  14. 'My (close family member) is out there somewhere, and I’ll turn every village I find upside down until I find them. The corpse they showed me was obviously a fake.'
  15. 'My patron has given me everything, and I would do anything for them. Why yes, of course they're real!'
  16. 'I cannot stand the color red. Every time I see it, I have vivid hallucinations of my own death and the spilling of my blood.'
  17. 'I am constantly wary of verbal and contractual trickery. I'm sure people are trying to catch me with a clause I skimmed over.'
  18. 'Every night, my god talks to me. I believe that I am their prophet.'
  19. 'My own appearance disgusts me, and my hands appear far older and more withered than they should reasonably be.'
  20. 'I feel an unnatural compulsion to do 'unlucky things', such as passing by a black cat I see, or breaking any mirrors in my dwelling.'
  21. 'I'm very guilty for a great crime I committed. I'll do anything to cover it up.'
  22. 'Someone else lives in this body with me. I'm not sure who.'
  23. 'I dreamt about someone in great pain. I'll do anything to find and save them.'
  24. 'Music sounds cacophonous and discordant to me.'
  25. 'Cooked meat tastes ashy and burnt. Only raw meat taste edible.'
  26. 'Every whisper is about me.'
  27. 'Pain is meaningless. I find myself struggling to motivate myself to get out of harms way.'
  28. 'Perfume, food, and soap smell putrid. Filth, refuse and sewage smell aromatic.'
  29. 'I see my flesh wriggling out of the corner of my eyes like there's something moving underneath.'
  30. 'I see things in art and depictions that no one else sees.'
  31. 'Words and letters move around when I read them, sometimes they spell other new word or sentences.'
  32. 'Every emotion I have is stronger than I can control, I often find myself snapping over small things or weeping uncontrollably.'
  33. 'I must be undead. I just know it.'
  34. 'My vision has gone haywire, and I can only see things on my (roll 1d4, 1-2 left, 3-4 right)'
  35. 'I think I can talk to the dead.'
  36. 'I blink and breathe only on command, and have to concentrate to do so.'
  37. 'I think things that are far away are very close by, and things that are close by are far away.'
  38. 'I have lost the concept of numbers. There is either no things, one thing or many things.'
  39. 'My limbs feel weird and awkward, and I have trouble doing what I want with them.'
  40. 'I can't smell anything at all.'
  41. 'I can't hear anything, only whispers urging me to do things.'
  42. 'I only feel safe when not holding anything. Anything in my hands might animate and attack me!'
  43. 'Books contain dangerous knowledge. Only I can be trusted with them.'
  44. 'Knowledge is dangerous, and must be destroyed.'
  45. 'I only understand every other word, but I believe I understand words in languages I dont understand.'
  46. 'I am scared of being alone forever. I must keep myself near someone I know at all times, or I might be abandoned forever.'
  47. 'I must look at the sky any time I'm not doing anything to ensure it doesnt start falling and kill me.'
  48. 'I can't read, and books are useless anyway. Who needs them?'
  49. 'I communicate only in code, and never say anything directly.'
  50. 'I do not care about gold, silver, copper. Blood vials... That is currency of the future and I foresaw it.'
  51. 'I believe in astrology to the point of impulsive stupidity.'
  52. 'Potions are poison. I do not care how much research and testing they have. Big Alchemy is ran by Greedy Demons and Grey Sky People!'
  53. 'I want a very specific gold piece, and will do anything to get it.'
  54. 'I cant stand the idea of people breathing. If I see someone breathing, I will treat them as an enemy.'
  55. 'I will have my revenge against those closest to me!'
  56. 'I am being overcome by rot on my body, and there is nothing I can do to stop it.'
  57. 'I will die if I become fully sober. I will die if I become too drunk. I must awake regularly to imbibe alcohol, and I must carry three person's share of water and spirits at all times.'
  58. 'If I have the opportunity to kill someone, anyone, without getting caught, I will. My recognition of this fact is a direct order from my deity.'
  59. 'Every other minute, I act like an animal.'
  60. 'Everyone else is being controlled by telepathic spiders, and I must pretend I'm being controlled as well, or I WILL be controlled by one.'
  61. 'If a hole with a diameter between the width of my thumb and the length of my thumb exists, I must urinate in it before being able to touch the object it's in.'
  62. 'If it looks edible, I'll probably eat it.'
  63. 'If I see and recognize a number as prime, I must verbally count from zero up to that number.'
  64. 'Every humanoid I see looks the same, like its an army of clones.'
  65. 'Everything tastes super spicy, even the air!'
  66. 'I cannot willingly tell a lie, and if I figure out something I said was a lie, I must make an unarmed strike against myself.'
  67. 'No one must know that I'm a secret agent of (insert nonexistent BBEG here), and I cannot be convinced that they do not exist, for who else could I be serving?'
  68. 'Every time I blink, somewhere, that statue of (insert famous person here) moves another mile towards me. I must ensure that it never catches me!'
  69. 'I am incredibly lusty all the time, and the only time I am content is when I am sating that lust.'
  70. 'A powerful mage turned me into a different race, and even modified all images of me and my memories to beleive I am one of that race!'
  71. 'A powerful (insert other race) stole something from me, and I will kill every person of that race until I get the item back!'
  72. 'I no longer know how to open or close doors.'
  73. 'I hear all spoken words as song, and when I speak, I sing to join in.'
  74. 'I must mentally catalogue all of the ways to feel pain. If I see a new source of pain, or one that I’ve forgotten the exact feeling of, I must hurt myself with it.'
  75. 'I am guilty of a heinous crime against the people I interact with and must pay recompense in some way. I seldom remember what my crime was, but I can feel in my heart when I’ve wronged people.'
  76. 'I am never wrong. Evidence against me is always fake or a misunderstanding somehow.'
  77. 'My fists feel more powerful than any weapon or spell I own.'
  78. 'I believe I can turn things invisible to me, and am convinced that I can use this to see things I actually cannot.'
  79. 'I have to use sarcasm at least every other sentence.'
  80. 'I think theres a tasty thing that I'm always chewing on, but I'm not actually chewing on anything.'
  81. 'The authorities are conspiring against me. I do not trust any authority figure, whether civic, religious, institutional or otherwise.'
  82. 'I have been chosen by a particular deity to carry out its will, and sometimes its will contradicts my own. But I have no choice. I must carry out its will, even when its commands are not congruent with my alignment.'
  83. 'I am constantly carrying on conversations with an invisible entity that no one else can perceive. I believe the conversations are silent within my head, but I'm actually saying everything out loud — sometimes TOO loud.'
  84. 'I have gazed into the abyss and it has left lasting effects on me. Every time I roll for anything, I have a low chance of instead staring into space. this chance increases every time i make a check, attack roll, or saving throw.'
  85. 'There's a particular piece of unusual headgear that I prefer to wear, and I wear it all the time, even in inappropriate situations and circumstances. Whether it's a cap, hat, helmet, crown, or whatever — I wear it when in combat, when asleep, when eating, drinking and bathing. I never take it off. It protects me from the mind-readers, you see. They're trying to steal my thoughts.'
  86. 'I believe that my weapon of choice is an intelligent creature. I talk to it occasionally, but I especially talk to it during combat. Every time I roll to hit with this weapon, there's a chance that I will instead stop to argue with the weapon instead of attacking.'
  87. 'I carry a skull of a member of my race with me everywhere I go. It's not hidden in a bag, though — I wear it around my neck on a chain. I refuse to answer questions about it, and during down time I can often be seeing staring into its empty eyesockets and muttering to myself.'
  88. 'I am easily distracted by the fascinating complexity of the universe. I am constantly going off on tangents which at first sound super intellectual but don't actually go anywhere or lead to any meaningful conclusions.'
  89. 'When I mean to say anything, I am instead silent, but when I mean to think something, I say it loud and clear.'
  90. 'I believe I have lycanthropy. As the full moon nears, I go into a panic and insist on locking myself away, in isolation, to protect innocents from my rampage. I will remove all my clothes, howl like an animal, and try incompetently to claw and bite anyone near me. I will forget how to speak, use tools, and wield weapons. My attempts to break free will be hilariously ineffectual. When dawn comes I will be convinced I transformed, insist I remember nothing but feelings of hunger and rage, and be very concerned about having hurt someone.'
  91. 'Every kill I perform must be artistically pleasing, I'm a man of culture after all, not some crazed psycho!'
  92. 'Because of the constant dangers out there in the world, I need to be constantly reassured that I am alive. If not acknowledged for twenty or so minutes, I will start to believe that I was just killed and became a ghost.'
  93. 'Certain words hold power, and I refuse to utter these words. Anyone who says them are against me and planning my demise? What are these words? Are you planning to kill me?!'
  94. 'Any act of kindness towards me has ulterior motives.'
  95. 'Mercy is for the weak. I kill all of them. Even the women and children. All are possible threats.'
  96. 'I can’t remember large portions of my previous life, and I’m not sure I can trust what I do remember.'
  97. 'I am convinced someone tampered with my memory (though this never happened).'
  98. 'I want all the money, I want to possess every single coin in the world.'
  99. 'I burst out in random bouts of laughter, crying, or screaming, and I just can’t help it.'
  100. 'Don’t look, but there are *things* following us. They’re hiding in the shadows, watching us. They’re everywhere!'

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