100 Guilds To Liven Up Your World

One hundred interesting guilds to add to your fantasy world.

1The Salty Dogs: A mercenary guild that specializes in maritime activities. Crew for hire, protection of merchant vessels, dock security, etc. You can find a Salty Dogs guildhall in any city with a port. They recruit all types, but their primary composition is of the more physically inclined. Everyone has to pull their weight on a ship.
2Disciples of Trastor: Almost more of a cult than a guild, the Disciples of Trastor follow the teachings of an ancient necromancer, rumored to have been the first Lich. Their practices are, of course, veiled in secrecy, as Necromancy is generally frowned upon, but every tavern usually has one drunk who claims to know all about their secret rituals…. heard from a completely reliable and not at all suspect chain of sources.
3Nightblades: A guild for the more violently inclined roguish types. Small, but widespread. From intimidation to assassination, the Nightblades have you covered.
4Hinterland Paragons: A religious order who follow the patron deity of travelers and pilgrims, the Hinterland Paragons are dedicated to keeping the roads safe for travelers of all faiths.
5Order of the Shattered Helm: A guild sworn to follow in the legacy of an ancient hero, slain in battle. The Order is host to many paladins, clerics, war clerics, and fighters. They take on only just causes, and claim their reward from fallen foes. They constantly search for relics of the fallen hero.
6Cult of the Eternal Dragon: A group of sorcerers and warlocks devoted to finding the next vessel of the Eternal Dragon, a deity they claim is trapped in a mortal form, doomed to be reincarnated as a mundane being over and over until his followers can find him and break his curse. Most regard the Cult as a collection of crackpots, but what if they’re right?
7The Sons of the Sword: A guild of knights dedicated to mastery of swordplay. They take mostly noble sons, but those with enough of a reputation may be able to secure membership. The Sons accept quests based on political gain, and are constantly maneuvering for ever more power among the elite. And they don’t come cheap, either.
8Purple Pansies: One of the longest-standing guilds, the Pansies are well respected and quite proud of their heritage, which is very serious and not all silly. The tale seems slightly different every time it is told, however. The Pansies are almost always seen in their ostentatious formal uniform, gratuitously bedecked in brightly colored ribbons and polished medals. (Seriously, though, the founder did participate extensively in a resistance against an occupying army. It just wasn’t very well documented.)
9The Aeternal Academy: A group of wizards dedicated to lofty study and ideals of knowledge for knowledge’s sake. Masters of magical theory, not always great with practical application.
10Divers of the Deep: An adventuring guild specialized in spelunking and dungeon diving. Not for the claustrophobic.
11The Fatherless Sons: a guild of former squires whose knights fell in battle, who had to make their own way in the world.
12The Shepherds: A guild dedicated to protecting the common folk from danger. Take a tithe from their members’ loot to offset costs for those who seek their aid.
13The Fuster Cluck Cabal: Sure, you can keep up to five hens in your backyard for breakfast egg production, but you get that sixth chicken and don’t tithe to the cabal, you’re going to be real sorry. They have a stranglehold on chicken/egg production in town: good quality birds and eggs, but pricey. They live like kings.
14Gourmet Gorget: A society of cooking professionals. In a world of hungry adventurers and monsters, someone has to prepare the dishes to sustain and liven up a party. And who knows, rare ingredients in dangerous places don’t collect themselves!
15Society of Former Healers: This group of disenfranchised healers, abused by adventurers, have banded together. They learned the sacred art of healing for undead destruction or for precise calculations of death, not to cure the first idiot who thought jumping off a 50 foot cliff to ‘ride the giant crow to the ground’ was a good idea.
16Experiment X: A guild dedicated to the advancement of science, for and only for science sake. There are no limits to what members of this guild will do just to see what might happen. The guild accepts members of any race/class as any good experiment needs a wide sample size. Members of Experiment X can be known by the large green X patch that they wear on their personal garb, although often you will know they are a member of the guild before you see the patch, whether it be by the extra appendages, copious glowing boils, or an ever present burning smell.
17Syndicate of the Hammer/Camaraderie of the Sickle: Secret guilds of city and farm workers (respectively) usually found on big cities, working to make the worker’s lives a little better, including paying warriors to protect the people during strikes and even assassins to try to kill bosses/leaders/royalty if they’re known to exploit their subjects.
18The Flying Dragoons: Once a powerful independent fighting force for a civil war long past. This guild comprises of skilled pilots of the skies. Many members are dirigible and airship captains, in fact it is hard pressed to find a skilled pilot or captain that isn’t a part of this prestigious group. Dedicated to the freedom and clarity of the skies, Flying Dragoon’s have no problems speaking their mind, and many are quite vocal about being committed to fighting tyranny if the need ever again arose. Most just view this as idle talk however as commuting adventurers around the skies can often be a long and lonely task.
19Fellowship of the Bling: A group of jewelers, varying in race and class, focused on creating the most extravagant pieces of jewelry known throughout the world. Their founder, Sir Laurence Tureaud, is know for keeping his hair in a mohawk, a career as a member of the B-Team, and wearing so many heavy, ostentatious gold pendants and amulets, that he now walks hunched over.
20Harlequins: An assassin’s guild, going into every job like they’re stepping onto stage, a smile or a snarl on their face to fit their role. Each Harlequin is deadly, but they work together in troupes, led by Solitaires that are some of the most dangerous individuals in the world.
21The Keepers: It’s only member is Gerry (or is it?), the crazy homeless guy on the corner, but he will tell you and anyone who will listen that they number in the thousands and are the most powerful secret society in the verse. A tribute paid to him will ensure you good favor and that the Keepers will watch your back.
22Carrion Crows: The garbage collectors of major cities, traveling armies and outer regions. They collect, burn and remove refuse in all its forms. They work closely with assassins guild in disposing of bodies and thieves guilds with finding homes with wealthy residents (who knows more than the goon going through your garbage). Refuse to pay off their dues at your own risk. You may find garbage, dead bodies and fecal matter on your doorstep.
23The Augerers: Because even your fantasy setting needs weathermen.
24The Vixen Syndicate: A well organized guild of highly trained escorts and confidantes for hire who specialize in finding secrets out about their clients. Used as spies and information gathering. They can also be used to disseminate information, gossip, or lies, to those they work with to pass on to their clients. They have no government affiliation and often have a member in every place people of power go for comfort. It is advisable to pay promptly and often tip for their services as any failure to pay for services rendered will lead to the hiring person being ruined, disgraced, or having the same mission done to them free of charge.
25Golden Griffin Guild: Once a big and prosperous guild spanning their work through many nations, supporting and training many adventurers, they had their castle destroyed by plague magic and now ,the few members left, live in a dilapidated tavern in a rural town. The Guildmaster, Svetlana Trigg, a middle Aged Wood Elf, still receives requests from the local populace, but unable to fill them will pass the quests to any of the tavern’s patrons who are interested in some easy cash. People close to her also say that she has maps of local abandoned dungeons and fortresses, including one of the old Golden Griffin Castle, now plagued with blight, surrounded by poisonous bogs and home to all kind of evil and pestilence, but still, filled with the treasures of adventurers who wintered there.
26The Lightning Hooves: Guild of all types of transporters, riders, and drivers of all kinds. Emphasis on speed, they are the ones to call if you need a message delivered swiftly, a package transported securely, a ride through dangerous territory, or just need someone who can pilot/ride a vehicle or mount to an expert ability.
27Tree-buchets: A siege crafter guild dedicated to the finest siege weapon ever made: The Trebuchet. For some reason the guild is heavily themed after trees… Rivals to the Cat-apults.
28Cat-apults: A siege crafter guild dedicated to the finest siege weapon ever made: The Catapult. For some reason the guild is also heavily cat themed… Rivals to the Tree-buchets.
29The Gilded Compass: An organization of adventurers that specialize in hunting magical or extraplanar creatures. They are named after the golden compasses handed to proven members which always points to the guildhall instead of pointing north. Currently still lead by the Gnome who was part of the founding members, but is retired from the hunts because of his age.
30The Justichars: a chain of slaughterhouses that specialize in beef products. Their signature product? The charred ground beef patty served on a bun with a leafy green to boot. The individuals in the guild are referred to as ‘burgers’… Whatever that means.
31The Namesayers: A guild of scribes, tailors, and artists. Want to start your own guild but can’t think of a cool name to stand out among the Flying Dragoons or the Nightblades? Come to us, give us some details on your guild and founding members, and we’ll come up with a name for you! We also do crests and tabards.
32The Sirens: An elite group of bards who meet once a year to complete and share new skills. Each year, the 3 High Callers – those in charge – get a Silver Note, a silver pin in the shape of a music note, to award to one bard. This allows them to join the next annual meeting, getting them through the advanced wards and spend surrounding the site each year.
33The Hoard: A group of various races who work for a beholder known as The Collector, trading artifacts or knowledge for secrets and information. (Personally, I’d call the members ‘Hoarders’)
34The Ceaseless Bloom: A group of farms and coops run by druids and rangers who manipulate growth times to produce large amounts of crops all year.
35The Silver Lions: A three branched guild of mercenaries ran by fraternal twin Tieflings, and their human half brother, which take many different contracts for their services, often offering reduced pricing for quests that have them searching out powerful artifacts. The twins work together for now, but one seems to always have the harder contracts to fulfill, against their better judgement.
36The Heirs of Xor-Kumbukquan: This guild is a trail of refugees who survived a subterran battle around the already perilously conflicted dwarf city Xor-Kumbukquan in which the drow defeated the dwarf army that stood watch. This specific guild of dwarfs dared venture to the surface world in order to plan the recapture of their home city. They are, for dwarf standards, open to new things and even allowed other races to join their guild, which they originally registered to have weight in surfacer politics. Now some dwarfs catch themselves thinking about dwelling on the surface forever. The dwarfes are apparently about to split up into different groups again, re-creating the fate of Xor-Kumbukquan. Some disagree with letting other races join, some want to become mountain dwarves and get even higher into the mountains. They are expert miners and sell coal and small amounts of valuable materials found under the earth. Also their elders know the drows plans to expand and eventually start raids against human settlements at night.
37The Navigators: a semisecret guild that offer planar travel services for a big price. (You’ll probably have to pay them in rare spices)
38The Other Hand: A guild of street urchins who have dedicated themselves to moving in and out of urban social situations. Their speciality is in creating large distractions throughout the city…for the right price.
39The Spotless: This guild began as simply members of a city’s street cleaning crew. However, over time they began accepting coin in order to clean up some adventuring party’s misadventures. When a team of adventures have an encounter go sideways and need to dispose of evidence, bodies, or clean a crime scene it will be The Spotless that they call upon.
40Embertenders: Viewed as a “guiding light” type of organization from anyone on the outside, this Guild serves a wildly different purpose known to the dwarves whose strongholds are lucky enough to support a branch. Primarily, they are fire mages charged with keeping those bastard trees from burrowing in and destroying their craftwork and tunnels, whether it be root-ine maintenance or clear cutting forests around growing settlements before or during development.
41The NPC’s: A guild of meta-knowledge truthers who recognize that there is something off in the world. For example, why does everybody always stand 5 feet apart from one another?
42The Denizens of the Endless Void: Members of this organization call themselves ‘listeners.’ They are dedicated to contacting and uncovering life on other planes. Not appropriate to all settings, but possibly great for irony in settings where extra-planar creatures are relatively common.
43The Contenders: Your local fantasy organizers, rule-creators, and sometimes inventors of non-combat sports.
44The Spice Traders: No need to be coy or mince words. These merchants pay well for exotic spices, reagents, and herbs.
45The Order of the Secret Chest: Dedicated to the art of non-magical security, including the finest locks, the most innovative traps, and the strongest chests.
46The Arbitrators: Powerful, neutral, and unquestionably wise. They are invited to resolve disputes before war breaks out not only for their wisdom, but because they have the power to enforce their decrees.
47The Inquiring Minds: Dedicated to invention, innovation, and tinkering of all sorts.
48The Order of the Faithless: In worlds where the divines unquestionably exist, these humanitarians defend those who believe that great power does not necessarily grant authority to rule against those who would abuse divine magic.
49The Court of Miracles: A group of shapeshifters, changelings, illusionists and the like who infiltrate other guilds and high ranking positions to gather private information, whether it be for personal/guild gain or blackmail. Anonymity is highly valued by the members and as such they usually communicate with untraceable or cryptic messages. Entry is only through anonymous invitation and the cost is a valuable secret which can benefit the guild members. The guild motto is ‘We are no one…and everyone…’.
50Golden Road Caravan Company: Works with independent artisans and guilds to transport goods between settlements in the local province. Also buying goods that are cheap and taking them to high-demand areas for extra profits. They run a set of wagons and cart trains, with a crews of drivers, guards, and extra hands to load and unload goods, along with a guild representative.
51The Brokers: Technically a form of indentured servitude, it is a government-run guild that is considered a respectable form of repaying your debts to other citizens and to society with strict regulations protecting the worker. Have a love/hate relationship with many other guilds due to perceived stolen contracts. – Service Brokers operate as house servants and chefs. – Labor Brokers work as farmhands, miners, builders, etc. – Protection Brokers provide mercenary and security services. – Underling Brokers are apprentice tradesmen who assist artisans and merchants. – Wild Brokers act as hunters, trackers, rangers, and scouts. – Pleasure Brokers operate brothels & manage acting troupes and bards.
52The White Lotus Order: A worldwide, secretive guild of elves that works to control the flow of magic users, and magic in general in the world. You can tell one by their white lotus amulet.
53The Watchers: A thieves guild of Wererats lead by a WereTiger named Korrik Sandarian. Based out of Luskan, they spread out amongst the Sword Coast watching and learning secrets, selling said secrets to the highest bidder. Sometimes infiltrating entire governments to sell secrets to their enemies.
54The ROMP Riders: The Righteousness Order of Mounted Paladins are a mercenary guild that are hired out by the various provinces to police the smaller cities and islands of the archipelago. They ride on horseback, or whatever mount suits them and carry pole arms and long weapons. Their ranks mostly includes Paladins, Clerics, Fighters, and Rangers but anyone of good intention is more than welcome to join so long as they are willing to pledge allegiance to Tyr and uphold justice over self-held beliefs. Oh, and their horses are equipped with horseshoes of waterwalking.
55The Glass Eyes: A small group of elite wizards specializing in scrying. Need to find a person or object? Pony up enough coin and they’ll look for you. Very stingy with their services and what they consider is worth their time.
56The Honorable Profession of the Clothier: While they do not mind people mending their own clothes, or children wearing hand-me-downs, they are remarkably proactive about ensuring no one else makes clothes. These tailors and seamstresses demand to inspect all cloth and clothing sold within their territory. Anyone caught making clothes or worse, counterfeiting HPC tags, finds out the hard way that people who sew tend to own multiple variants on the theme of scissors.
57The Gatekeepers: A group of conjurers that maintain stone daises which allow for economical teleportation. Travel to cities halfway across the world without having to deal with bandits, monsters, and other unpleasantness of the road. All for a reasonable fee of course.
58The Blades of Bahamut: A devoted order of monks serving the Draconic God of justice. They are known for establishing monasteries and orphanages and providing protection and aid for communities in need. Their fearsome reputation and ruthless manner of dealing with the wicked tend to keep criminal elements and evil aligned guilds far away from them.
59The Bonfire Battalion: A mercenary guild who make their living by leading expeditions through frigid climates. Members are mainly rangers, druids, and Mages with a specialty for fire magic.
60Sphinxchasers: A small group of treasure seekers and riddle solvers. They have a base of operations, but no one remembers seeing lights on inside because they’re always out in the field, chasing the next rumor.
61The Surety Guild Fantasy insurance. For a fee up front, they cover the losses of a failed expedition or trade journey. Ripe for exploitation and plot hooks.
62The Town Criers: sharers of news, tales, and lore, these bards and minstrels ply their trade in markets and bars across the kingdom. They can be induced to spice up your particular story for a nominal fee.
63The Royal Zoological Society: Dedicated to identifying, cataloging, and describing all living things.
64The Red Wolf Hunters semi-legal professional bounty hunters. These warrior-trackers work alone, and are recognized the world over as the names to call when an individual needs to be apprehended alive.
65The Order of the Silent Temple: A society of monks, clerics, and bards dedicated to cataloging and studying forgotten religions. They don’t profess to seek to bring these god’s worship back into the world, but their archives are an invaluable resource to adventurers (and cultists…) of all kinds.
66The Shrikes: A group of assassins they say cannot be hired, and no one can reliably say how to contact them. They are known only by their kills, which are all very distinct. The Shrikes only target people who abuse the law for their own ends. Those who act ‘lawfully’, but are wholly unethical. A Shrike’s target is always found impaled to spikes set in a wall or other vertical surface, and marked with feathers of a shrike.
67The Sisters of Stone: A multi-purpose guild primarily composed of Dwarf women, the Sisters work in adventuring, stonecraft, brewing, smithing, and more. They were originally founded to help their fellow dwarf women, and fight the belief that there are no dwarf women. As time passed and that notion fell by the wayside, they have opened up their membership to women of all races, particularly those who still regularly fall under prejudice.
68The Iron Circle: A group of mages dedicated to guarding against the dangers of magic. They understand that with power comes temptation, and they dedicate themselves to policing the magical community and researching ways to detect, resist, and fight the threats specific to magic-users. Their intentions are good, but not appreciate their efforts, and sometimes the methods of some members fall into definite gray territory.
69The Street Worker’s Action Guild: A loose conglomerate formed to organize and protect all those who ply their trade on the streets. From traveling merchants to street performers to women(and men!) of the night to your favorite meat-on-a-stick vendor, SWAG makes sure that everyone gets access to the choicest corners equally. The guild also records any reports of harassment or mistreatment by any other organization, and pressures them accordingly. Just make sure you pay your dues… It’s amazing how quickly your sales can dry up.
70The Wave Breakers A loose collection of human armadas, merfolk, and powerful marine entities that guard the ports of important trade cities from the many threats of the deep.
71The Mechanim Heart: As cities rely more and more upon great works of technology and magic the government repair systems were lacking. The Mechanim Heart keeps the vital systems of the world running, from floating citadels to small country lift bridges.
72Fiddlesticks: A relaxed musicians guild that provides job posting and benefits to members like reduced travel fees and lodging costs by cooperating with other establishments.
73Corvin’s Tears: Bodies tend to pile up around cities and are not often disposed of properly. This guild collects bodies from off the streets and execution grounds, then gives them the burial rites of a handful of common gods before disposal. The most common method is cremation. During plagues or other crises mass graves are employed and covered in holy seals to protect the bodies from the forces of undeath. The guild also keeps large flocks of enchanted carrion crows that patrol the surrounding countryside for forgotten bodies or in extreme cases rip and tear unholy animated flesh to pieces.
74Overland Express: Sometimes you need to send a message, but those pesky wizards are just. so. expensive! Overland Express is the budget-friendly way to get your message from A to B. Though sometimes less reliable than other methods, they’re still a household name in most of the world.
75The Royal Bird Watching Society: if you are dreaming of sitting alongside tranquil rivers watching the graceful dance of migrating birds then this is not the guild for you, as only the most diehard and adventurous birdwatchers choose to join the RBWS. Perhaps one of the most ruthless and blood thirsty guilds in the land, the RBWS’s annual bird watching competation see’s adventurous birdwatchers competing to find some of the most far flung, exotic and dangerous birds in the world. But it is not the many feathered fiends that appear on the annual list that makes this guild so dangerous, but rather the extreme and often homicidal lengths your fellow guild members will go to to ensure they win the prize.
76Bureau for the Conservation and Management of Magical and Mundane Wildlife: With so many different kids of magical game and varied hunting methods the job of wildlife management is unending. From regulating hunting lodges to fining local necromancers for letting their creations feast on animal these surprisingly bureaucratic druids, rangers, and even clerics keep the forests well stocked and healthy.
77Friends of the Fey: Druids and other lovers of nature who preserve and protect the most ancient sources of first-world magic.
78The Horizon-Seekers: Guides, generally non-magical rangers, rogues, and bards who use their local knowledge to pierce into the unknown and unexplored.
79The Uptown Gentlemen: A secretive guild of confidence artists who prey on the naive rich.
80Followers of the Broken Blade: Ideals: this guild is devoted to using and making broken pieces of equipment as they believe they are better then anything else, normal members normally only cray small broken objects such as rings, daggers and other small rusted or broken trinkets. | Higher standing and more devoted members have been know to wear shattered pieces of armor and only arm themselves with rusted, broken and chipped weapons. | Entry: to show devotion to the guild one must bring a item of personal value, and break it in some way, however it has to be broken in some way not destroyed as destroying an item is seen as a symbol of a inability for restraint as the group only values broken items not destroyed. | After the breaking, the act will be judged by the most devoted and high ranking members of the guild if the act was seen as sufficient and showed willingness to the cause then they will be let in, but if the believe the person hesitated or went to far they will deny them entry, not for life however but a person can only apply and go trough the ritual once a year.
81The Torchers: Once a vile group of nighttime marauders, but now a respectable group of escorts and tour guides that use preventive measures and escape tactics to keep their customers alive from the freaks and scares of the world.
82Scroungers: A group of people looking to teach the homeless, poor, or whomever is curious how to find food wherever they go: which spotted mushrooms are good to eat, and which will cause your skin to rot. How long can a banana sit in the trash before it’s considered inedible? Which roots should be boiled, which should be ground, and which should be left out to dry to attract green beetles: which make for a great paste on old toast. Great for aspiring adventurers, those who find it difficult to make or keep coin, and those who are thrifty and curious!
83The fishing district of ‘town name’: orcs that seem like reformed, civilized fishermen, but when they sail, its 10% actual fishing, 90% fighting sea beasts to protect the kingdom and relieve orcish agressive tension. (Evil version: they raid Triton villiges)
84The Scholarly Gents: Archive upkeep, funding for magic colleges, and staring directly into the heart of the weave. This group of superannuated archmages tend to the preservation and pursuit of knowledge. Just be sure to turn your book in on time.
85The Unseen, a group of halfling druids, rangers and others guardian a forest that keep a monster trapped by magic.
86The Treant-Hugger Coalition: A worldwide, cross-governmental preservation and research society founded on the common goal of protecting Treant historical sites, preserving magical woodland zones, and maintaining sacred forest parks. Members of the coalition and most of their honorary members are granted safe passage through most Treant forests. Consequentially, most coalition outposts make their required dues to their regional guild through selling out their services as guides through Treant forests and educators of Treant culture. Due to their deep connections with nature, natural magic, and the wilderness, most members of the coalition come from druidic and necessity-hunter backgrounds—the former making up the the educator workforce and the latter making up most of the “Park Ranger” workforce.
87The Old Constabulary: When a new lord moves in, sometimes he wants to put new laws in place. Guardsmen/Police that refuse to go against their long standing principles for trivial things such as a temporary new boss, will generally be unceremoniously dropped from the force. That’s where the Old Constabulary recruit from. Their motives are to uphold the (previously established) law, and provide safety to those harassed for jumped up charges. Oftentimes they’ll be above average age for their race, and have a knack for blending in/remaining under the radar. Anyone ringing a handbell can expect a Constable to aid them, if one is within earshot.
88The Glitter Court: they travel the land recruiting promising young beauties and train them in nobility, selling them off as brides/husband’s to knights and Lord’s without spouse
89The Capstone Guild: An organization of mostly halflings, dedicated to the collection, cataloging, and study of the different mushrooms around the world. They know which ones are edible, which ones are poisonous, and which ones have special or magical properties. A member tends to always have some type of special or magical mushroom on hand, for emergencies.
90The Rawhide Guild: A guild of leatherworkers, they are experts in creating clothing, armor, and any type of ornamentation in leather. A member’s uniform consists of a blue-dyed leather jerkin, leather pants, leather boots, leather gloves, all topped with a blue stylish leather cap.
91The Kensington Tumblers: This guild is ostensibly known as an organization of acrobats and showmen, experts at putting on circus-type performances for the townsfolk. To those in the know, however, they have a reputation as the finest burglars in the business, and may be willing to steal certain objects for a client, if the price is right.
92The Slave Traders Union: They would never trade slaves in an area where it is forbidden but this merchants guild will do anything and everything within the law to make as much money as possible. There is even a special division of lawyers dedicated to finding loopholes for lucretive streams of business. There are certain benefits to being a member so long as your fees are up to date such as if a member is accused of something illegal the guild will pay for their defense attorney. However of a member is ever found guilty of a crime then they will be outcast, fined, and forbidden from applying for new membership ever again. Their leader is a halfling with a silver tongue who has skin in the game in every game, and a pension for getting other people in trouble instead of themselves.
93The Night Lighters: A union comprised of the men who are hired to light the torches and lamps around town each night. They’ve managed to intimidate the torchmakers and lamp oil salesman to the point where they have a monopoly on post-sundown light and are working to get the Continual Flame spell outlawed. But at least they aren’t a shadowy conspiracy that works in the dark.
94Hand of Smaddur: Self proclaimed children of the smithing god, this group of Dwarves is known for their talent at making things. Tricks include making babies from metal, making mechanical limbs that can shatter mountains, swords that sing of peace and ships that become stable during storms. Their current leader is Haddrin Connor, a 350 year old who is known for his armor, the Dwegennaer, an armor that would shriek at attackers, stunning them.
95The Path Walking Guild: Who keeps the walked paths walked? For a path Unmaintained becomes a path unwalked. A walked path is inviting, even if it leads through the dangerous wilds. These folk seek adventure and wish it upon others, however they see the difficult level of entry and so they vow to keep the paths walked so that fledgling hikers, travellers, merchants, and adventurers can go forth without fear and with some level of decency. Many are retired folk, and many are simply folk who care about their health. “Walk the path, my friends, so that others may follow.” Edit: some are map makers and contribute by prospecting new paths. Each year they hold a ceremony to announce the formation of a single new path. Each member walks on it. In doing so a brand new path is born. The guild values distance efficiency, terrain quality, scenic score, oxygen level based on elevation, and many other factors. Note that they value the origin and the destination less because they believe it is the journey that matters most.
96The Silent Orchestra: A surprisingly large guild consisting of bards and some rogues. They are used to pass along messages to others, sometimes in secret, sometimes in public. The bards developed their own version of Thieve’s Cant and use it in song. This is especially useful when it comes to spreading a message quickly. Some bards travel on their own while others hide in a traveling group, unaware to having a Silent Orchestra member among them.
97The Orphan’s Vow: a secluded, monastic cult of sorcerers who curse their gift of magic, refrain from practicing it under severe penalty, and pray their whole lives for it to go away.
98Ylem’s Brothers: Guild of constructs named for the first successful creation of the great wizard Isemar. Ylem looked like a mortal man, but needed no sleep, could crush stone with its bare hands, and cast spells like a sorcerer; despite years of tireless work to better the kingdom, Ylem was eventually destroyed by a fearful populace that believed constructs were going to replace them. This guild welcomes all outcasts but especially warforged and other homonculi or those of mongrel blood – tieflings are a large minority, and many of the members of the guild are sorcerers. They make their gold through typical mercenary work, but lend sorcerous aid to researchers and those who wish to study artificial life forms. Wise investment of wealth allows them to intercede on the behalf of artificial beings and mongrels everywhere who are mistreated. Their symbol is a brown field divided by black bands, a heart at its center – the heart is half flesh, half metal.
99The Order of Militant Moderates: This cabal of ascetics firmly believe that mankind is unworthy of excessive reputation. They wear rough-spun robes of undyed wool and plain wooden masks to obscure their features. Each chapter meets once a month to nominate individuals operating within their jurisdiction who have gained too much acclaim. A vote is held and one target is selected. It is then each member’s duty to bring about disgrace and humiliation to that individual, by covert means. Additional Details: The Order employs methods of maintaining anonymity even during internal proceedings. This allows them to enact and discuss elaborate plots of humiliation against vainglorious citizens without accruing any renown even within their own circles. Larger chapters might nominate more than one target, but once nominated the target is never removed from the chapter’s bounty board until they have been suitably humiliated. Particularly prominent targets have, at times, been added to the list on a ‘for life’ basis. They refer to one another as ‘Moderator’ and believe they perform vital work to keep mankind’s ego in check. Outsiders often refer to them by the epithet ‘Peggers’, since they are said to be gripped by jealousy and obsessed with taking their betters down a peg. Any member inflicting more than superficial bodily harm against a target is subject to expulsion from the Order: Bruises and scrapes are acceptable, broken bones and cuts are not.
100Victus Mercentile Guild: A merchant’s guild renound for their prowess and aggressive acquisition behavior. Originally tasked with keeping trade routes safe, they have since begun acquiring all shops, banks, and caravans, and enforcing various ‘Maintenance fees’ on its members, while gray robed bureaucrats have become the norm in most cities.