100 Sins of a Sacred Religion

Religion in a fantasy setting can stem from many sources and be molded and changed to fit the society it was created in as well as be shaped by the just and the corrupt. And all of these factors may also shift over the course of time. What specific sins exist in these various religions that might challenge your party?

1No magic of any kind is allowed one day a week.
2Spending gold on the darkest day of the year invites greed to the town.
3The holy fountain in the center of the town must never be disturbed lest we lose its blessing.
4The faithful must yield a fifth of their income to the High Bearer or be frowned upon from above.
5It is a sin to wear anything made of metal. All jewelry and armor must be submitted to the Great Forge.
6Thou shall not spill another's blood within temple grounds. Any who do must pay an equal amount of blood.
7The gods' names must always carry their epithet or else we bring dishonor to them.
8The holy texts may not be read or seen by the common folk. They are only for the trained eyes of the clergy.
9The symbol of The Dark Traitor or mention of their name is punishable by exile.
10If you light a fire, it must be put out with the sacred waters. Any other method, on purpose or accidental, will anger the Fire Goddess.
11You must not speak when under the sky. Respect the gods with your silence.
12Sky shards require magical energy to keep the land safe. All spellcasters must give their spell slots to the crystals each morning.
13Meeting eyes with the people whose bloodline was blessed is a sin punished with ten lashes.
14All children must pass the rite of fate binding. Not all will survive, but those who will are blessed by our gods.
15It is a sin to eat around members of another race.
16It is a sin to carry gold of any kind.
17It is a sin to start walking on your left foot.
18It is considered uncouth to express bodily fluids on the Sabbath; there can be no spitting, urination, or sexual activity from sunup to sundown, and purposely shedding blood in any way is forbidden. Tears are the only exception, as long as they're from grief or holy rapture, but blowing your nose is still off-limits.
19All expressions of romantic affection or sexual interest must be in rhyming verse - to speak plainly of such things is an offense to the goddess of love, and will doom a marriage to failure.
20Strict dietary commandments make it sinful to consume the flesh, milk, or eggs of "monsters," which includes all magical beasts, dragons, hybrid creatures like owlbears, and geese (they know what they did).
21It is a sin to not give mercy to those who asked for it.
22It is a sin to kill someone without looking them in the eye.
23No red color is to be seen anywhere on the day of the blood sacrifice, so as to not draw away the gods' eyes from the ritual.
24It is a sin to take riches of any kind to be accompanied by a prayer to the deity, offering it as a sacrifice. None have been claimed yet, but not offering is a sin of greed.
25Speaking during baptism must be atoned for by a year of silence.
26To look upon another with lust requires the assailant's eyes to be removed.
27One must never deny another's hospitality.
28One must not wear metal, especially that of gold or silver.
29One must not sleep more than 4 hours during any period of time.
30One must keep their voice in check, and NEVER speak too loudly.
31One must not look another person in the eyes, as it connects the two souls.
32One must never say I.
33You must spend one full month a year with no verbal talking.
34You must spend one full month a year with no vices.
35It is a sin to throw anything upwards towards the Gods.
36It is a sin to use psychoactive plants.
37You must never mention the name of someone killed by magic.
38No cursing in the same sentence as the name of a God.
39You must not fight with your siblings.
40The ancestors must be thanked for their hard work yesterday before you eat any meal today.
41You must pour out one cup (specifically a small, ceremonial one) of water on the ground every morning to show you trust the gods to provide more.
42The last kill of the hunting season is left for the scavengers and predators.
43Any wheat that falls in the fields during the harvest must be left for the beggars to gather.
44Reading is forbidden on the day preceding a new moon to drive home just how dark ignorance can be.
45The first animal you hunt of the year must be spared and allowed to escape for mercy begets mercy.
46Predicting the future is not allowed. This includes gambling, investing, and even general planning. People get around some of this by doing things like saving money/food and saying "I simply couldn't spend/use it all."
47It is a sin to steal from others. If a thief is caught, their hand will be swiftly removed.
48One shall not put responsibilities aside for idleness.
49The faithful shall uphold peace and order. If one creates anarchy within the faithful, they shall be punished with long-term exile.
50Do not lie to another, whether under oath or not.
51In war, it is a sin to capture civilians for a purpose of slavery, as they are not engaging in the conflict.
52One shall not encourage others to follow in the path of darkness. If a heretic is caught, they will be exiled or executed depending on the severity of their sin.
53The faithful shall not hoard excessive wealth.
54It is a mortal sin to sacrifice someone without the consent of the person and/or their family. If the person has sinned in this fashion, they will be exiled.
55Jade earrings are the providence of the high clergy. It is a sin to wear jade in your ears and unworthy ears will be removed. A fallen clergy member will have their ears removed.
56The Pear is the fruit of the Gods. Pear juice is drunk at some festivals. Whole pears are not to be consumed by mortals over the age of 12. The clergy maintain the pear orchards of the land. Someone caught eating a pear after adulthood is made to fast for 4 days on only water.
57To cross the threshold of a widow or widower without saying the divine blessings to the house and those who passed is an insult and a sin. You will likely be banned from ever entering the house again and no amount of amends or apologies will lead to forgiveness.
58To set foot in the temple, everyone must undergo a purification ritual.
59Never shall you cover your feet, it is sin to spurn the Earth. (Must not wear shoes).
60Never shall you cover your head, it is sin to hide from the Sky. (Must not wear headwear).
61Never shall you consume charred flesh, it is sin to disrespect the Hunt. (Must not eat cooked meat).
62Never shall you mark your flesh, it is sin to defile the Body. (Must not have tattoos).
63Never shall you kill without cause, it is sin to harm the Guiltless. (Must not attack first).
64Never shall you speak with the tongue of a snake, it is sin to lie to your Brother. (Must not tell lies).
65Never shall you cut the flesh of the living, it is sin to spill the Blood of Life. (Must not use piercing or slashing weapons).
66Never shall you sleep during daylight, it is sin to waste the Sun. (Must wake before sunrise).
67Never shall you sleep during the night, it is a sin to sleep when Vigilance is needed. (For a nocturnal religion).
68All killed sentient foes must be given a proper burial with offerings to the gods, prayers, words spoken in their honor. It is a sin to forget your enemy.
69Never accept magical assistance in a battle. If you require magic to defeat a foe, you have already lost. It is a sin to rely on fickle magic.
70It is a sin to wield a weapon right-handed. The right hand is to be reserved for greeting friends, eating meals, hugging loved ones, the left hand is only for killing. Anyone wielding their weapon right-handed is sure to kill their friends.
71It is a sin for men to cut their hair. Hair is a symbol of virility in men. Men must grow long hair, have long mustaches and beards. (Or: It is a sin for a man to have hair. Lack of hair is a symbol of discipline in men. Men must shave their heads and bodies clean of hair each day.)
72It is a sin for a woman to have hair. Lack of hair is a symbol of purity in women. Women must shave their heads and bodies clean of hair each day. (Or: It is a sin for a woman to cut her hair. Hair is a symbol of fertility in women. Women must wear long hair down their backs, grow mustaches and never remove their body hair. )
73Birth defects are a sign of sin from one or both of the parents. If a deformed child is born, the parents are evaluated by the temple. One or both may be whipped / executed / exiled (depending on the severity of the defects. Whipping for minor defects, execution for moderate defects, exile for serious defects).
74It is a sin to give a gift that does not have three pieces. One piece for the recipient. One piece for them to split among their family. One piece to be burned for the gods. To give fewer than three pieces is to forget the gods.
75It is a sin to enter unclean into the home of another. One must always wash oneself immediately before entering someone's home.
76A fever is the result of keeping too many sinful secrets. In order to break the fever, you must divulge your secrets to a trusted friend or priest. If the fever does not break, you may be keeping a secret even from yourself.
77Seeing a fox is an omen of great sin. Killing that same fox and consuming its entire heart is the only way to atone for whatever sins you committed to make it appear to you. If more than one person sees the fox, then they must decide who gets to eat the heart, and whoever does not must suffer the misfortunes of doing so, both in this life and the next.
78It is a sin to not burn a sacrifice at sunset each day. To neglect this duty is to risk being forgotten by the gods.
79Only a properly trained member of the church may handle the devilish tools of an alchemist, lest they be corrupted into a witch.
80Only in war time may a member of the church may carry on their person a weapon; bladed and designed for murder.
81No pack animal, nor noble steed may be harmed, nor have medical care or needs withheld without exception from a bishop present.
82Food, clothing and other items of benefit, must first be offered to orphans and beggars before being thrown out or otherwise made unusable.
83Riding a horse or in a horse-drawn-carriage is forbidden. (This extends to donkeys and mules as well). The most virtuous travel is by ox or bison.
84Children under 11 may not eat meat on the holy day. On this day meat carries the animal's spirit and it may corrupt young minds.
85When you drink white wine, you must pour a cup for the God of the harvest.
86No one may sleep on the night of the last full moon in winter. This is a nod to the religious ancestors' day-long travels long ago.
87Any structure taller than the place of worship must have a holy symbol on top of it.
88Bell towers shall not ring during sunrise. It is believed that this could disturb the goddess of the sun and shift the day-night cycle.
89You must wash your feet before getting into bed. If you don't have fresh feet, your travels (dreams) will become dark and disturbed.
90When someone dies you may not say their name until they have been buried. Doing this may harm the dead person's chances of having a good next life.
91You may only pray to one God a night. If you pray to multiple Gods, they won't want to answer your prayers.
92You must place your finger on your forehead then your chin before sacrificing a living being.
93A soul will suffer one year in the afterlife for each day they do not say the holy name in this life (after the age of 6 or conversion, whichever is later).
94It is a sin not to share your substance. You must give food to another person or animal each day.
95It is a sin to cross the river while the sun god watches. One can only cross at night or when his brother, the storm god, shields them with clouds.
96The octopus (or other region-specific venomous animal) is profane. If one sees it, they must leave immediately and wash their hands thrice at the altar.
97The Goddess of the harvest is jealous and allows no offerings to her sibling, but sleeps one day per year. On that day a fun festival is held in honor of her sister, the Goddess of mischief, to ensure the year's bounty.
98To pass a traveler who is on foot, while riding on a drawn cart and not offering a ride, will bring the curse of the god of hospitality on one's head for a year and a day.
99Let not one sun set before you have performed an act of loving charity for your parents, siblings, spouse, and children such as are present lest your strength, which is wasted on other things, wither.
100100 is the number of the gods. To leave a list, inventory, accounting or otherwise at any number of items other than 100 is the most grievous sin imaginable.