150 NPC Physical Traits

One hundred and fifty different physical traits to help you create memorable, interesting NPCs.

1This NPC has bad acne all over their face.
2This NPC has their eyes squinted like they are looking into a bright light.
3The NPC has one more tattoo every time they show up in the story. This is never addressed by any other NPC who could know him.
4This NPC has luscious, carbon-black, long hair that extents beyond their own height. It is keep in a long braid. They haven’t cut it since birth.
5This NPC has a face only a mother could love.
6This NPC has a body build that appears both muscular and lanky.
7This NPC has a thin, delicate build.
8This NPC is missing one or more teeth.
9This NPC has large bushy eyebrows.
10This NPC has a distinctive military tattoo.
11This NPC has fingers that are just a little too long. Maybe they have a bit of fae blood in them?
12The skin on the arms of this NPC seems like it's recovering from a nasty chemical burn.
13This NPC's skin is covered in battle scars.
14This NPC is ampidextrous.
15This NPC has buck-teeth.
16This NPC has an unkempt and slobbish look.
17This NPC has incredibly cold hands.
18This NPC has a distinctive accent that places them from "x" (country, region).
19This NPC has a hunchback.
20This NPC has a hissing voice.
21This NPC has watery eyes.
22This NPC speaks very fast-paced.
23This NPC has a distinctive cult tattoo.
24This NPC has a high-pitched, squeaky voice.
25This NPC has a large scar across their chin.
26The NPC has a mechanical replacement for a few fingers/hand/arm.
27This NPC has gorgeous eyes.
28This NPC is always wearing only the finest clothing.
29This NPC has a patch of discolored skin around an old scar. They were poisoned by (someone, something) long ago. They recovered, but it left its mark.
30This NPC always has some red stain on their hands. Surely its just tomato sauce... right?
31This NPC always smells like farm animals.
32This NPC has a peg leg.
33This NPC has 6 fingers instead of 5 on each hand.
34This NPC is INCREDIBLY beautiful. People often do double-takes of them as they walk by.
35This NPC has a deep, baritone voice.
36This NPC smells TERRIBLE.
37This NPS has a beehive hair style.
38The NPC has hair changing color according to their mood following an accident involving wild magic.
39This NPC dresses like a slob, and tends to wear the same clothes for weeks.
40This NPC is missing 1d8 fingers from a farming accident.
41This NPC is missing a finger in a kitchen accident.
42This NPC has a distinctive slave tattoo.
43This NPC has an abormally long nose.
44This NPC has a limp due to a magical mishap (they were practicing a specific spell that backfired).
45This NPC wears torn, dirty clothing.
46This NPS has a monk haircut.
47This NPC never looks anyone in the eyes.
48This NPC has really accentuated cheekbones, and hollow cheeks.
49This NPC has lots of freckles.
50This NPC has noticeably crooked teeth. They try to hide their mouth while speaking.
51This NPC has a tiny nose.
52This NPC has a deep, resonating voice.
53This NPC has freckles on their face positioned in a way to resemble runes.
54This NPC has huge bulging muscles.
55This NPC is missing their tongue, making them a mute.
56This NPC has happy, warm eyes.
57This NPC is bald (naturally bald, shaved head).
58This NPC is exceptionally short for their species.
59This NPS has a samurai bun hair style.
60This NPC is cross-eyed.
61This NPC has an allergy that causes them to sneeze a lot.
62The NPC is constantly hunched over. If they stretched upwards, they'd gain a good foot in height.
63This NPC is has a thick, furry unibrow.
64This NPC has a tattoo of a mermaid on their arm.
65This NPC is accident prone, keeps tripping on cobblestones, spill drinks and food on themselves and others, falls down stairs, but never any fatal injuries.
66This NPC always smells like incense.
67This NPC has watchful eyes.
68This NPC has the most glorious mustache.
69This NPC has an anchor tattoo.
70This NPC has acne scars on their face.
71This NPC has sleepy eyes.
72This NPC has a skull tattoo.
73This NPC has cold, calculating eyes.
74This NPC has a mouth that hangs open.
75This NPC has a distinctive sailing tattoo.
76This NPC has a large scar over their right eye. Every time they are asked about it, their story changes on how they got it.
77This NPC always seems to be covered in dirt from working in the (fields, mines, mud)
78This NPS has dreadlocks.
79This NPC has wild eyes.
80This NPC has over-sized ears.
81This NPC always smells like fish.
82This NPC has a smile and laugh that always feel genuinely welcoming.
83This NPC clearly had their nose broken numerous times.
84This NPC has elaborately pierced ears.
85This NPC has fashionable, hip clothing.
86This NPC has dry, cracked lips.
87This NPC appears to have both some features common in the current nation's population, and some features from a population that's many many miles away.
88This NPC wears an ear trumpet to hear.
89This NPC has pointy ears.
90This NPC is rotund.
91This NPC has a dagger tattoo.
92This NPC has rotting teeth.
93This NPC is constantly biting their nails out of nervousness.
94This NPC has a distinctive tribal tattoo.
95This NPS has long, braided hair.
96This NPCs breath is visible as if it always is a cold winters day around them.
97This NPC has really long, really sharp nails. Usually used in “boogie man” stories to scare the local children.
98This NPC has piercing eyes.
99This NPC always smells of baked bread.
100This NPC is skinny as a rail.
101This NPC is exceptionally tall for their species.
102This NPC has a lock of hair that will always stick right up, no matter what they try to keep it in place.
103This NPC always speaks through clenched teeth.
104This NPC has a large bulbous nose.
105This NPC has a tattoo of an eye on their forehead.
106The NPC has jagged crystals protruding from his body/chest/arms/head. (Shrapnel or magical disease)
107This NPC has a lazy eye.
108This NPC is incredibly attractive.
109This NPC has a bony build.
110This NPC has a snake tattoo.
111This NPC has dark eyes.
112This NPC always smells like strong perfume.
113This NPC has a big and broad build.
114This NPC speaks very slowly.
115This NPC always smells like garlic.
116This NPC wears faded, patched clothing.
117This NPC appears to resemble someone from a prominent royal family... a little too closely.
118This NPC looks like they could bench-press the farmer's prized cow if they wanted.
119This NPC has bright, shiny eyes.
120This NPC has an arrow tattoo.
121This NPC is always dressed neat and proper.
122This NPC always smells like mint.
123This NPC has a handlebar mustache.
124This NPC has a distinctive gang tattoo.
125This NPC has vitiligo, where various (or mirrored) patches of their body lack any melanin.
126This NPC has heterochromia (two different color eyes).
127This NPC always has stains of ink on their hands.
128This NPC is extremely hairy.
129This NPC has had all of their teeth replaced with wooden teeth.
130This NPC is grotesquely obese.
131This NPC has two different color hair.
132This NPC has shifty eyes.
133This NPC always smells like pipe tobacco.
134This NPC has very little body hair.
135This NPC is thin and wiry.
136This NPC has a false tooth (gold, silver, etc.). They can be seen running their tongue over it occasionally to make sure its still there.
137This NPC must spend more time in front of a mirror than they do sleeping. There is not a single flaw or visible wrinkle on their face, not a smile or frown line to be had. Every single hair is immaculately placed into flowing locks of hair.
138This NPC has distant eyes.
139This NPC wears an eyepatch over one of their eyes.
140This NPC had a worn, tired face. Three days of rough stubble covered their face. There were smears of dirt spread almost artfully across one side of their face.
141This NPC walks with a bad limp.
142This NPC has a distinctive criminal tattoo.
143This NPC is an albino (no skin, fur, feather, or scale pigmentation).
144This NPC has an old-fashioned sense of style.
145This NPC is always chewing on a piece of some root of unknown properties.
146This NPC is slightly green and has pointy teeth. They have orc or goblin somewhere in their ancestry.
147This NPC has a hook nose.
148This NPC has horrible eyesight and cannot see without their glasses.
149This NPC's ears are stretched / low hanging from wearing very heavy / modifying earrings.
150This NPC has hair so long it gets stepped on constantly, leading to them always putting it up.