100 Unique Dragon Hoards

What if the dragons of your fantasy world want to collect something other than gold? Use this table to generate 100 different interesting items that these great beasts might at to their hoard!

1Books. Much of the dragon's lair is devoted to a vast private library.
2Rare coins, carefully sorted by age and kingdom of origin.
3The lair is filled with bizarre Gnomish clockwork inventions.
4The dragon lives near the ocean and collects interesting seashells.
5The dragon hoards people and does not intend to let you leave.
6The lair is a perfectly arranged art gallery, with exhibits rotating in and out of storage.
7The lair is a collection of fine fabrics, silks, and cloth, neatly bolted and displayed.
8The lair is a terrarium for a variety of small, local and exotic, fauna.
9The lair is a greenhouse for local and exotic flora.
10A coastal dragon keeps a sharp eye on ports and shipyards, looking for ships and other vessels that are up for sale, or due to be decommissioned. The dragon only collects treasure so that they may buy the ships themself, to add to their fleet.
11The dragon hoards skulls that it finds visually are texturally interesting.
12A massive collection of different types of poisons and potions, even some alchemists who are told to make new and more innovate concoctions or die trying.
13The dragon's lair contains a massive amount of unique weapons, from tiny pixie daggers to ballista designed to fell giants and everything in between.
14A litany of different types of rocks from various different regions.
15A hatchery of eggs from many different species including other types of dragons, hoarded by a dragon mother suffering from empty nest syndrome.
16Several animals thought to be extinct preserved in magical stasis. If the subject is brought up, the dragon will happily rant about the ones they drove to 1 over extinction themselves.
17Objects of cultural or religious significance. Though most aren't valuable or of any use in their own right, they each have an important place in history, such as the mysterious glowing boulder that the now large city of Brightstone sprung up around. Unsurprisingly the dragon has made quite a few enemies in their gathering of these relics.
18The skeletal heads of other dragons along with the most prized part of each of those dragons hoards. They intend to be the most prized part of their own hoard, and have set things up to become a ghost or similar after their own death so that they can enjoy and defend their completed hoard.
19Swords, arrows, cannons, and every other weapon or piece of ammunition that has been used against them. They seem to be fond of picking fights with powerful adventurers and well-armed military groups for the sole purpose of collecting scars and the weapons that left them.
20Particularly tall things - a large male giraffe, an unusually tall sunflower, etc.
21Weird spellbooks. Not the great tomes of forgotten archives but unique or weird spells like Melfs Minute Toaster or hydrafication (as horrible as it sounds). This dragon has some mundane problem and is looking for a spell to solve it.
22Fake gold. False gold, gold painted copper carefully weighed to match the real thing, etc. This dragon is a prankster and a dick with multiple "hoards" they let thieves plunder while they act the part of a vengeful beast.
23A hoarder's hoard. There is gold and gems in the lair somewhere, but also tons of scrap, trash and bones. This hoarder dragon never throws away a single item.
24Wine and alcohols. The dragon never drinks itself, it hoards the alcohol for a party it plans to hold one day (which never actually comes).
25Trinkets that represent the heartbreaks of mortals. It collects those things that make us sad - letters from past lovers, mementoes of loved ones passed on, remnants of broken dreams, glories of civilizations long gone.
26Collections of poetry it has etched into its scales across its enormous body. It’s tail and wings grow whenever it runs out of space to accommodate new poems.
27Cute things. Stuffed animals, living and cute animals, babies snatched from parents, etc. Somewhere in its lair is a heap of discarded items, animals and people who no longer were cute enough to stay in the hoard.
28The dragon is obsessed with the things that people copy, and traces them back to their source. It collects the originals, which range from handwritten manuscripts of popular books, to the first prototypes of widely-used inventions, to outfits that set lasting trends.
29Things that have been sold for far more or far less than they were worth. Counterfeits made by con artists, magic items pawned without knowing their powers, an item that was fiercely contested in the auction hall, and a family heirloom sold out of desperation to pay off gambling debts and the currency of a kingdom whose overzealous coin minting lead to hyperinflation are among the collection. The dragon frequently philosophizes about the concept of monetary value.
30The skulls of as many unique kinds of creature as the dragon can find - it always discards duplicates. If you are of a particularly uncommon race, the dragon may not have a skull from your species yet, and it will want yours.
31The dragon attempts to steal things that someone treasures enough to come to the lair to get them back, where they will invariably be killed, their body displayed in the lair alongside the item. If they don't come, or if they send someone else, the dragon will destroy the item in view of the owner. The dragon doesn't care about destroying its hoard this way - any item that people don't face certain death for is not valuable enough.
32Taxidermy dragons, which the dragon kidnaps taxidermists to work on. They serve the additional function of decoys for attackers, as they are all in sleeping positions.
33Lawn ornaments - lawn gnomes, garden orbs, cat statues, windchimes, decorative rocks, etc.
34Feathers, Butterflies, and Beetles. Meticulously catalogued and displayed, then transmuted into precious materials, yet strangely still retaining much of their natural colors.
35The lair is filled with all sorts of games. The floor is covered in decks of ornate cards, crystal chess sets, and dice made from exotic woods and gemstones. The dragon is very intelligent and a great strategist and is looking for a combatant to challenge him in a battle of wits. So far, they are completely undefeated.
36Militaria- armor, uniforms, arms, only taking care for exceptional examples or complete and accurate uniforms- the PCs' hodgepodge of gear spurs no interest.
37The earliest known creations of renowned artists and crafters, which are often of poor quality compared to the later works that made them well known and are therefore rarer. The dragon will discard any item from its hoard as soon as it learns that an earlier example of workmanship from its creator exists.
38Religious symbols, some of which belong to religions long gone.
39Things the dragon considered "perfect" for one reason or another. A perfectly round marble, a perfectly cut and unblemished gemstone, a clockwork mechanism of a genius design that can't possibly be improved, and so on.
40Jars filled with different kinds of sand from all over the region.
41Alloys. As many different metals as possible as pure as possible. A small bit of every type of steel imaginable, stored right next to the various kinds of brass.
42Crowns, taken from both grand kings of old and modern warlords, as long as its a crown of some kind it wants it.
43Music, it has piles of instruments and captured musicians, music can be herd throughout its lair. If records, wax cylinders, or some other object that can play music exists then it will also have lots of those.
44Princesses, as the dragon is lonely but views themself as too noble to take a commoner and well a princess is a traditional practice so it's socially acceptable.
45Beauty is mundane, but ugliness is interesting. This dragon's hoard is filled with mis-struck coins, gems with interesting flaws, and works of art/craftsmanship epitomizing the notion of "awful taste, but great execution." Its library contains the worst books and albums and films ever made. If benevolent, this dragon adopts and cares for ugly and malformed plants, animals, and even a few people. If malevolent, it kills such creatures, and preserves their bodies. A particularly evil and insane dragon might even physically (or magically) mutilate creatures to create such monstrosities itself.
46Blacksmith tools. The dragon forges equipment and he’s been at this for century. He’ll give you equipment if you give him raw materials.
47Orphans. The dragon collects the orphans of all the people he kills. The dragon treats them well, teaches them to read and write, but rarely actually sends them out into the world - out of fear for their safety or genuine greed, who's to say?
48Cursed artifacts. The dragon’s entirely collection consists of items like life-sucking swords, heart-ripping jade claws that make you kill people, and portraits that try to kill you. He’s a powerful enough sorcerer that none of this bothers him, but any would-be thieves usually fall victim to the hoard itself.
49Fossils. The dragon digs deep into the mountain and finds the bones of ancient dragons and other things.
50Drinking vessels. Glasses, horns , jugs , mugs etc. the dragon never uses them. He only drinks fresh spring water.
51Ideas - the dragon finds people with interesting ideas or rare knowledge and extracts that knowledge from the person, taking all memory of the knowledge away. Might be voluntary or involuntary.
52This dragon creates memorialized statues of all the heroes that have tried to stop him/her. Their lair is filled with stone statues of hundreds of brave adventurers.
53Unfinished paintings, from sketches on canvas to almost-done, plenty are wonderful to view, others poorly executed and confusing, but all were clearly left unfinished by the artists.
54Rugs, from simple rag rugs to finely handmade ones. Some may even be enchanted, but it's hard to say unless you're willing to go through the stacks and rolls of them.
55Candles, some bigger than a man, others small enough to be used as birthday candles. Used stubs to pristine sets. Scent-sensitive individuals take care, for the fumes from the unburnt scented candles can cause headaches!
56Trophies from mighty creatures the dragon has slain. You are too puny and weak to be worth hunting.
57The dragon's hoard is a giant fish tank full of goldfish. The dragon has named and loves every single one of them and gets unreasonably angry when they are not treated with respect.
58This dragon collects the crowns of kings and queens that he/she has toppled over the years.
59This dragon collects foundation bricks from castles, temples and palaces that now lay in ruins.
60This dragon collects miniature cities in jars that at first appear to be models, but turn out to be cities shrunken by magic.
61This dragon collects masks of different varieties. From masquerade masks, to cultural religious masks, to masks used in heists.
62Wood. Being fundamentally lizards, dragons can't generate their own body heat. But they can light a pile of firewood and bask around it to warm up on a cold night or morning.
63This dragon collects sand - one wall of the lair is lined with shelves containing jars of sand in every imaginable shade. The floor of the room is covered in a deep layer of sand, on which stand a maze of intricate sand sculptures.
64This dragon has dozens of collectible dolls that the dragon believes to be priceless artifacts but really they are only worth a couple of copper pieces each
65Bards. This dragon like music and is setting up their own festival. There are hundreds of kidnapped bards all in their own little rooms in the dragon's lair.
66This dragon collects secrets from everyone it meets. In order to interact with him, you have to give him a secret of your own.
67This dragon collects lich phylacteries. The dragon purposely seeks out liches, strikes a deal with them, and hides their phylactery in his lair.
68The dragon is an artist, arranging bones in new and creative, and often monstrous, skeletons adorned with jewels that have been soldered on using gold and other precious metals. Some skeletons even move; the dragon dabbles a bit in necromancy after all. So, be alert. Well, even more alert.
69Humanoid skeletons, divided by race, age, sex, nationality, some of them look incomplete.
70Defeats. A young dragon took the adage that one only grows in defeat too literally and acts as a recurring nuisance to adventuring parties. Whenever driven off, outwitted or even killed, they depart amicably and thank the party for a sterling lesson and vow they will not be so easy to defeat next time.
71Things from the future, like keyboards, plastic bottles, markers, superhero graphic novels.
72The pages of books or scrolls containing the death sentence of a criminal.
73Weapons used to execute famous criminals.
74Sport trophies, either stolen from the athletes or that the dragon won themself.
75Little dragon statues and toys from toy shops all across the realm.
76Tails, tooth and claws of different reptile creatures.
77Glasses and lenses All different shapes and sizes and strengths. They enjoy hanging them in sunlight.
78Sea Glass. They've arranged them in gradient piles.
79Flying machines, spell books/scrolls that allow flight, and dead flying creatures. Only dragons should be allowed to fly.
80An aquatic dragons hoard is filled with carriages and other means of land based travel, interesting sleds and bicycles, all things that they have been able to steal from the shore or from boats lost at sea.
81Sharps. Anything sharp and pointy. If it would hurt your feet to step on they have it. They have a caltrop corridor they take massive pride in.
82Faces. Much of the skin has leathered and tanned. They've used it as decoration but once they filled up the walls they've got to carpeting the floors with them too.
83Lucky Charms. Anything that has been used for luck whether truly lucky or just believed to be. Its full of socks, rabbits feet, horseshoes and clovers but occasionally there is a true lucky stone hidden among it all.
84Diaries. The books are arranged in age of the author, language and then alphabetically. Whilst most of benign or wholesome there are a few diaries written by serial killers detailing their evil deeds. On the other hand, some are written by adventurers as they took on some insurmountable task to save the world.
85Copper coins. Why have a gold hoard when a copper one would be 100 times as big! This way it looks much more impressive.
86An exceedingly gregarious Silver Dragon has a particular fondness for collecting Obligations. It is often willing to perform favors and deeds in exchange for a signed contract declaring that the receiver of the favor is now obligated to perform in-kind at the Silver Dragon's behest. Within its lair are magically-protected and meticulously organized archives filled with Obligations. Many of those who gave the Obligation are long since deceased.
87An Ancient Green Dragon long ago developed the hobby of plant grafting and tending. Its lair is filled with unique specimens that exist no where else in the world. Of particular pride is its collection of carefully and diligently crafted Blights. From Bonsai fruit tree Blights, to unique specimens of flower blights. Its vibrant Rose Blights' rosehips are rumored to have miraculous magical healing and curative properties.
88Keys. The dragon has assembled a massive pile of keys for all sorts of locks. It is willing to allow the key's owner to make a copy of it before it takes the original, but it only wants the originals. Keys that close important objects (castle gates, the door to a treasury, the chest holding a lich's phylactery) are especially prized. If you know what to look for, you could find a key to any door, chest, or other lock... but "needle in a stack of needles" is being too generous.
89The dragon has made an alliance with a beholder. The beholder hunts down individuals the dragon names and zaps them with its disintegration ray, then uses telekinesis to load the dust left behind into a small bag. The dragon takes the bag and adds it to the veritable mountain of bags in its lair. In return, the beholder can keep any of the possessions of the deceased it may want.
90Mistakes. The dragon is obsessed with flawed and imperfect objects. A sword tempered too early, so brittle it would shatter if it hit something. A book with the pages printed in the wrong order. A statue with the nose missing due to clumsiness on the part of the sculptor. A glass bottle that bent as it was being blown. All of these are given pride of place in the dragon's lair.
91Songbirds; living specimens kept in a series of carefully curated aviaries, as well as tasteful framed displays of sketches and feathers kept from beloved late specimens or extinct species.
92The dragon is deathly sick with some strange illness, so it collects herbs and medicine ingredients of all kinds in an attempt to find the cure.
93This dragon has one of everything. As in, exactly one, of every conceivable type of thing he could get his hands on. No two items in the hoard are identical; he may have multiple swords, but the one saber is curved and single edged, the one longsword longer and straight, this particularly amusing one, the falx, has the concave part sharpened! He is fascinated by the differences in similar objects, hence one of each "kind" of sword, one of each species of bean, one taxidermy cat of each coat color, et cetera.
94A tiny dragon that hoards objects with a high value per size; itty-bitty yet oh so flawless diamonds, drops of potent poisons in small glass ampoules, coins from lost ages precious to collectors, et cetera.
95This dragon hoards sentimental value. A childhood plushie, the antlers of the first seer someone killed, all items that have little monetary value compared to the sentimental value placed by the one who lost it. The dragon does not take the items away from them, though if this dragon were evil they might manipulate circumstance such that they would lose the item "by themselves".
96A hoard of stories. Fiction, non-fiction, or even fiction pretending to be non-fiction, this dragon holds a collection of stories he has been told in exchange for, perhaps, another story, or freedom. The only rule: "It doesn't count if I've heard it before". A calligraphy wyrm writes it all down on parchment as a volunteer helper, and it's for this reason the dragon seems to refuse stories about a dragon abducting cows.
97Garbage. This dragon is interested in what others consider insignificant and have thrown away. Broken and unneeded objects are displayed throughout the lair.
98Proof of every city and town it has snuck into in human form. Sometimes it is just the log book at an inn it stayed at, other times it is a notable landmark.
99This dragon collects puppets. You will find glove puppets mounted on severed hands and arms, sock puppets on severed legs and feet & marionette puppets posed hanging from hooks on the ceiling, all of varying sizes. The dragon uses a mix of magical and natural ventriloquism to bring his collection to life.
100Elements - This dragon is obsessed with keeping track of materials in their purest, elemental form, keeping piles of gold, silver, cobalt, tin, etc, and is on the verge of creating a crude periodic table.