100 Evil Magic Items

One hundred of the most evil, diabolical magic items imaginable. You have been warned!

1Debt Hand: A closed blackened shriveled hand. By speaking the words "withdraw [x amount] gold" the hand will open up and pour out gold until it reaches the amount requested. By speaking the words "deposit [x amount] gold" the hand opens up and closes until you have deposited the same amount. If you have outstanding debt to pay to the hand after 7 days, you are forever cursed by the hand which cannot be removed by anything short of a Wish spell. Every day once the sun has fully set, an amount of Shadows equal to the outstanding debt (in gold) you have rises out of the ground to kill you.
2Breathstealer's Cowl - When pulled over the face, this simple burlap hood silently eliminates all air within a 10-foot sphere. Fires are snuffed, bottles explode, air is literally sucked from the lungs, birds plummet from the sky. By concentrating hard for a few seconds, the wearer can expand the radius to 200 feet. The cowl protects its wearer's body from all effects of the vacuum, though it must be lifted to take a breath.
3Pawn of Change - A game piece of almost inspiring ivory white wood. When attuned it grants proficiency to persuasion and deception. This item is cursed. Someone attuned will carry out plot actions related to a major antagonist ( preferably devil or mind control themed ) at the earliest private convenience, without having recollection of such actions.
4The Sword of Clarence Eugene - It's not powerful, or even magic, but if old CE doesn't get it back, hoo-boy will he tear the world apart as he looks for it, cuz it's his good one and he'll 'be damned if he'll pay for another one!'
5The Hat of Pain : A seemingly harmless black leather hat that has been made from the shreds of various black-skinned monsters and is possessed by a demon. When a creature wears it, the hat clings firmly to its head and can only be removed by a Remove Curse or similar spell. Whenever the attuned creature takes damage from any source, it must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or take an additional 3d6 psychic damage. Each rest, the creature must make this saving throw or fail to recover from rest.
6Claiomah Solais - The legendary Fae sword of light. It's a deeply misunderstood blade. It does not emit light, instead it steals it. It creates darkness within 50 feet when unsheathed, and can harm incorporeal creatures.
7Abyssal Orb - A dark purple and black orb directly linked to Tharizdun the Mad King, the Chained Oblivion. When touched the wearer mutates, gaining a racial ability from the simic hybrid racial abilities (DM's Choice) but also gains a permanent madness.
8Mace of Tortured Souls: This mace is crafted from various stong bones (femur for the shaft, supporting vertebrae leading up to a stack of small skulls for the mace head). Crafted from 30 different bodies, tortured for 30 days straight, and assembled over 30 nights, this mace is imbued with the essence of pain, in which 1/day its wielder can activate "Staggering Smite" at any time, transmitting the pain and suffering into the target with each successful hit, dealing an additional 1d10 damage. Should the target be knocked unconscious, tortured, and sacrificed with the mace, the user regains this ability for the day.
9The Cursed Blade of Prophecy - It can be any weapon that does slashing or piercing damage. The etching on the blade have a number, and when you use it on living beings the number either decreases or increases, seemingly at random. Legend/Lore will reveal that scholars argued constantly before it was "lost" about whether the sword was cursed, or if the numbers led to a curse. Specifically, agreed that either finally getting the number to 0 would lift the curse or increasing it to the correct threshold would unleash a curse.
10The Cloak of Lust - A richly fine red cloak with jewels hanging from ends. Gain +2 with Charisma checks. Anyone who wears this cloak has a deeper problem in wanting to flirt and have intimate relations with random people they meet. Every 1d2 person they meet, role a d100, if it is at or greater than 85 they will attempt to romantically pursue that person for 1 hour. If it is at or below 15, they will be completely repulsed by their physical appearance/demeanor and will actively try to avoid them. Otherwise they act like normal.
11Hand of the Mud-Sculptor - This slender wrought-silver pen is tipped with a tiny pointing hand that acts as the nib. Dipping the artifact in any ink and writing instructions on a clay item animates it into a walking, talking golem. Use an appropriate construct or animated object as a template. The golem follows the written instructions absolutely literally, and will even die if instructed to do so. Apart from motions and speech, the golem will not follow any physically impossible instructions, such as flight or magical aptitude. Even after shattering the golem, erasing some of the writing, or killing the creator, the remaining parts will continue following the inscription. Burying the parts in consecrated earth will instantly end the effect. At nightfall every Saturday, 10% of the inscriptions burn off, possibly corrupting the instructions.
12Drelb Draught- this brew is an ashen grey, constantly exuding a small amount of smoky, incorporeal mist. Incorporeal undead can drink it without suffering any ill effects. However, living creatures that drink it immediately drop to 0 hit points and begin making death saving throws. Once a death saving throw is failed, the creature stops making further death saving throws and instead becomes a wraith in the same location as their original body. This transformation follows the rules for the druid's Wild Shape feature, except for the rule about what happens to one's equipment. This transformation lasts for 1 hour, or until the victim uses an action to undo the process. If the creature's original body dies for whatever reason, the transformation is instead permanent.
13Envious Mirror - A magic mirror that hold the visage of the most beautiful person it's ever seen. The image ages causing the mirror to seek out a new image as it's beauty fades. When it finds a victim they are transformed (age, appearance, race, gender) into the old reflection as theirs is stolen. Shattering the mirror does nothing as remove curse is the only salvation from this fate.
14Vampiric Etheral Cloak - As a bonus action, the wearer of the cloak enters the Ethereal Plane from the Material Plane, or vice versa. While on the Ethereal Plane, the wearer of the cloak can touch a wounded creature on the Material Plane. As long as the contact persists, the target has dreadful visions and disadvantage to all its attacks. Starting at the second round of the creature after touching it, if the contact persists, the wearer of the cloak is slowly draining 1d4+4 life out of the creature and heals itself for the same amount, if the creature fails a DC 14 Constitution saving throw.
15Harrowing Ring — The Identify spell incorrectly claims this is a Ring of Protection. It does provide those benefits, but it also makes the user extremely paranoid. It causes hourly invasive thoughts about the wearer’s safety. You must succeed high DC Wisdom saving throws at night or you fail to gain long rest benefits due to being kept awake by fear. The wearer refuses to part with the ring because it provides safety bonuses. The ring can be removed like other cursed objects.
16Helm of Twin-Linked Thoughts: This circlet is one of a pair. It enables the wearers to communicate telepathically over any distance. When one of the last users died while wearing it, the other's soul was trapped inside. It works as a helm of telepathy like normal, but when first attuned, the spirit inside tries to possess the wearer.
17The Wielder - A magical, sentient +1 longsword which can transform into any simple or martial weapon at will. Over time, it gradually removes the free will of the user, until they are no more than a weapon for the sword to wield.
18Gun'Gnir - This cannontip spear absorbs the souls of the slain. At any time you can aim the spear at a foe, doing 1d6 damage per CR of collected enemies on a ranged touch attack. Necrotic damage. You must ALSO make a daily will save with DC equal to the total CR of the currently stored souls... Or go insane and start rolling on insanity tables (or go berserk until subdued).
19The Needed Cane - A small, sturdy wooden cane lies innocent. If a player picks it up, it acts as a normal cane. However, if at any point they lean on it or use it to support them, it's curse activates. For the next 1d10 days the user cannot do anything but the crawl if they are not supported by the crane.
20Leech seeds - A broken glass vial containing several emerald-green seeds with a swirling pattern of grooves. At midnight, if the seeds are within 5ft of a living entity, they will burrow through any non-magical and non-glass barrier to feed on the blood of the living, dealing 1d4 damage per seed per night.
21Necklace of the Dead: A necklace made from shrunken heads. The eyes of the heads have been plucked out. If you place a small gem in one of the eye sockets, and wear the necklace, you can cast Speak With Dead once per gem. The gem dissolves after use.
22Phobetor’s Ring – Sometimes sacrifices must be made for a greater good. While attuned to this ring, touch a sleeping child to infuse it with hellish nightmares for the next week. Once you did so, the ring can be used a spell casting focus that provides one additional LVL 1 spell slot. If this spell slot is used up, the ring can be recharged by repeating the procedure with a different sleeping child.
23Banquet Set of Lord Blackbasin - A stunning mahogany table, ten sturdy chairs upholstered in luxurious velvet, and a complete set of silver serving trays, plates, goblets, vessels, and flatware rimmed with tasteful scrollwork. About three hours after all of the seats are occupied and a feast considered elegant by local standards is served, a virulent and fast-acting poison will manifest in the stomachs of all attendees except those seated at the head and foot of the table. If a chair or piece of silver is moved more than 500 feet from the table, it instantly vanishes and reappears at the table.
24The Morningstar of Guilt (+1) - A dark morningstar with negative words like "Failure, hypocrite, & loser" messily etched on the weapon in different languages. Anyone hit with this Morningstar makes a DC 14 Wisdom saving throw, on a failed save the target feels a wave of deep guilt from their past and lose a turn contemplating it. After 3 failed saves, the target is completely passive and depressed, overwhelmed by their guilt. This similar effect also impacts the wielder of the weapon every 1d4 days at the most inopportune time.
25Vengeance of the Ent-wives: A gentle caress of this beautiful greenish orb coats every wooden surface within a specified radius with splinters, the radius increasing with the magical potency of the wielder. Over time, the untouched surfaces weaken due to the microscopic voids created by the splintering, which can destroy entire settlements and kill off whole forests if there are none willing or able to undo the effect.
26Kinslayers: When this matching pair of rust colored daggers are held by the same person any damage caused by them is also caused to the victim's oldest living child.
27Grave-breaker's Rod- this whittled-down, bloody dragonhorn has been scrimshawed with blasphemous prayers to Orcus. It is a +3 quarterstaff, which stores 8 charges and regains all charges once night falls. By expending 1 or more charges as an action, it can be used to strike the ground, creating a chasm stretching outward from your location in a direction of your choosing that is 5 ft wide, 100 ft long, and 200 ft deep. Creatures other than yourself within 5 ft of the chasm are affected by the earth tremor spell. Those who roll a 1 on their saving throw fall directly into the chasm; otherwise, they are pushed to the closest unoccupied space that isn't in the chasm. Furthermore, for every charge expended, you summon an ogre skeleton with immunity to necrotic damage at an unoccupied point within 5 ft of the chasm; alternatively, for every 3 charges expended, you may instead summon a wraith at an unoccupied point within 5 ft of the chasm. Requires attunement.
28On the Thoughts of Ebherrad, the Mad Mage - This fine tome is bound in red leather, and details the work of a mage who lived long ago, who believed that unlocking the secrets of reality first involved unlocking the secrets of the human psyche. As he recounted when he first began his studies, "To understand reality, we must first understand how we perceive it". Detailed within the tome are many years worth of gruesome experiments performed on the minds of still living subjects, as well as a number of unique spells and rituals related to altering the senses and controlling the mind. As the reader continues on in the book, they find themselves beginning to experience enlightenments on the subjects at hand, not just learning from reading them but remembering as if they performed this research themselves. The further one reads, the more driven they are to finish the book, as their sanity degrades, their personality shifts, and their obsession with the secrets of the psyche becomes greater and greater. Upon completion of the tome, the reader's mind has been completely overwritten, replaced with that of the Mad Mage himself, who now walks the world once again. Research notes in hand, he is eager to get back to his work.
29Gordon's Tarp Trap - A tarp that looks like any other traveling tarp that you might sleep under. It can be set to go off in a number of days or keyed to a victim, given the victim's hair. When the weary traveler finally begins to sleep, the tarp will physically trap them, camouflage them to hide the victims from view, and attempt to keep the victim asleep until the controller of the tarp checks their trap.
30The Mummified Heart of Granny Zelda: A small wooden box contains the mummified heart of a once VERY powerful hag. If you drop a single drop of your own blood onto the heart, it begins beating again. The heart grants you resistance to necrotic damage for 1d4 hours.
31The Rogue's Reckoning: A magical cape (+1 Dex base stat). This cape is a frayed but of extremely detailed make. It's edges covered with unidentified and constantly shifting texts (riddles). Once attuned it grants the user a +1 for the Dex base stat but more importantly: once the user performs the hide action they will enter a pocket dimension inside the Cape. The rogue will not be able to leave the dimension untill one of the riddles is solved by someone outside this pocket dimension.
32Master Belish's Ring of Punishment - Needs attunement. Whenever a creature that you can see, critically misses an attack within 60ft radius of you, you can use your reaction or the bonus action of your next round inflict 2d6+3 psychic damage to the creature and give it disadvantage on the next attack on a failed WIS saving throw or half damage and advantage on the next attack on a success, since it learned its lesson.
33Flute of Woe: When you play this flute, you can make one creature that can hear you pass a WIS save or be charmed. While charmed in this way, creature will act one of the following ways, depending on the melody: Happy: creature has adv. on attacks. Sad: creature has disadvantage on attacks. Lullaby: Creature is unconscious until takes damage. Maddening Sound: creature has short-term madness. 1 charge, restores at midnight.
34Devil's Wine - If a humanoid creature drinks a bottle of this reddish liquid it will think of it as the best wine it ever drank. As an action, scatter the empty bottle somewhere after and the drinker will appear right there in a twirl of smoke and ash. He or she will obey every command that you give in the next minute by using a bonus action. Perfect for a small army of innocent and disposable shields in every fight.
35Dream Band - This simple silver and crystal circlet gives the wearer the ability to remain completely lucid while they dream, allowing them great control over themselves and the environment around them while their mind is within the Realm of Dreams. The longer and more often the circlet is worn, the more the line between dream and reality is blurred within their mind, unable to discern the difference between dream and waking. This will eventually send them into a deep sleep from which they will never awake, their mind forever lost within the dream.
36A Different Kind Of Friend: This ring magically attunes itself to the player upon putting it on. Immediately, the ring causes the shadow of the player to stand up and wave hello. The shadow is completely silent and can only communicate through gestures. The shadow will take orders from the player, but the DM will make hidden wisdom rolls to see how the shadow reacts to the orders. If the wisdom save is passed, the shadow will act to assist the player (helping in combat, opening a door, etc.). A failed wisdom save will cause the shadow to act against the player (cutting their climbing rope, pushing them into harms way, etc.). Any damage to the shadow also injures the player. The ring can only be removed with a Remove Curse spell, or removing the finger entirely.
37Mad-Ax(+3) - This hand ax was used in a brutal murder. Once the user begins their attack with this weapon they enter a bloodlust and must fight the closest target with all their attacks until the user is either incapacitated or they miss all attacks during their turn. The first attack on each different target has advantage. At the end of your turn roll a dc18 wisdom save on a success you may end your bloodlust.
38Greedy Purse - Small coin purse that can hold a hoard's worth of coin. When an amount of coin is put into the purse roll a d20, on a 1 the coins are consumed and lost forever.
39Mace of Creeping Despair: This mace has no known origin. It has the ability which increases damage to limbs and bones, it constantly heals the health of it's target but does double damage to bones and ligaments. The target can never be killed by those weapon, only broken over and over again until their mind breaks to save them from the constant pain and suffering. All in the path of this mace are alive but unrecognizable as every bone in their body is broken and every ligament is torn permanently. The mind slowly decays as to save itself from the ever lasting despair with no hope of being themselves ever again.
40Miasmatic Distiller - This tall, heavy piece of archaic medical equipment bristles with pipes, glass bulbs, vapor columns, spigots, and knobs. A thin, flexible tube is coiled around a snake-shaped bracket. When brought near a restrained living creature, the tube springs to life, forcing itself deep into a vein or artery. It extracts illnesses, deformities, and other afflictions one by one, a process so excruciating that many subjects die of shock. By tuning the machine, the operator can inject the afflictions into another subject, or capture them in a crystal vial in the form of a yellow fluid. If exposed to air, the fluid instantly vaporizes, inflicting the conditions on all living creatures within a 20-foot radius.
41The Quill of Dark Comittment - This item resembles a golden quill with an engraved bat symbol, which can actually be used to write. However, if the owner is a spell caster, she can decide to use the quill as a spell casting focus. The so casted spell does not use up spell slots. Instead the quill will drink the blood of its owner as source for the magic. For every level of the casted spell, the quill consumes blood, causing the max HP to lower by 2d4+5 for that day. After finishing a long rest the max HP are completely restored.
42Hunter's Call: Channels have been carved into this ancient seven pointed elks horn. The user chooses a target and blows into the base. A call beyond human hearing goes out and any wolves within 10 miles will feel compelled to hunt the target each night until it, or they are dead.
43Blood-Letting Dagger(+3) - A character or monster, that can bleeds, bleeds 1d8 necrotic damage each round after being damaged by this weapon. This continues until the afflicted creature is healed by magic. When the user of this weapon kills a creature or character with this weapon they may make an extra attack with advantage.
44Albert’s Tongue – A small leather pouch, containing the withered tongue of a master haggler from the slave markets at the azure coast. As long as you are attuned to this item you will get higher prices when selling slaves.
45Hellfire and Brimstone - Twin +2 daggers that deal additional Fire and Necrotic Damage, but also double or halve the effects of hemocraft (blood magic).
46Soul Drain Dagger - Soul Drain Arrow - Hit a non magical, living creature, that has a soul and less than 50% of its HP with a soul drain dagger or arrow and it will get stuck in the creature. Every turn it sticks in the creature, the creature takes 1d4 necrotic damage and obeys commands of you, if you are within 60ft. The creature can make a DC 15 WIS saving throw at the start of every turn to break the curse and remove the weapon. The creature takes no action if you don't order an action. It takes a bonus action to command one or more creatures. Once the creature dies, the dagger or arrow will consume its soul, making it impossible to revive the creature and then loosen itself from the corpse.
47Screaming Mask: When you look through the eyeholes of this wooden mask you have Truesight, but you also see shadow creatures that will attack you, if they notice that you are watching.
48The Right Hand of Tymareus - A black leather finger glove once worn by the Great Bard Tymareus and taken from his body after his assassination. Requires attunement by a bard. Once equipped on one's right hand, the wearer's CHA increases by +2, but the wearer must inflict at least 5 points of psychic damage each day or else suffer 20 points of psychic damage at a time of the DM's choosing the next day. Cannot be removed without a Remove Curse spell.
49The Book of Fate's Mercies: This book details incidents where people were saved from death by random chance. For example, a barking dog caused someone to walk just a little quicker down the street, which moved them out of the path of a stampeding horse. The book is magically captivating, once you start reading it you need a DC 15 Charisma saving throw to stop before the end. The last story in the book is about you. If you finish reading the book, you gain advantage on Dexterity saving throws, but become utterly paranoid and agoraphobic.
50The Silver Tongue - This is a small piece of pure silver, carved in the shape of a forked tongue, about as large as your hand. Attuning to this object grants you advantage on one charisma-based skill of your choice - however, the only way to attune yourself to this object is to carve out your own tongue and place the Silver Tongue in your mouth, allowing it to fuse with your mouth and become your new, functional tongue. Attuning is automatic for as long as you have it in your mouth - which would be forever, as it won't come out from your mouth for as long as you are alive.
51Cloak of Reptilekind - A cloth cloak lined with Reptile skins. When worn with the Reptile skins inward, the cloak grants invisibility and feels incredibly good to wear. Safe. As time goes on, the reptile skins begin to bind to the skin of a wearer, slowly morphing them into servants of a terrifying reptile god.
52Pride of the Gnarlroot Hunt - The mounted head of a powerful sable greatstag with a majestic rack of antlers nearly ten arm-spans wide. The work of a master taxidermist, you can almost see plumes of morning frost puff from its nostrils. When mounted to the wall of a house, the owner becomes extremely protective of it, and will only allow it to be moved to a more prominent place. All residents of the house become much more prone to fatal accidents, especially during a hunt.
53Fyla's Diary of Fears - An inconspicuous diary of a young girl named Fyla. At a young age Fyla's talents allowed her to see into the abyss and corrupted her mind. She wrote in detail about the monsters under her bed and her fears of what awaited her. When reading Fyla's Diary the readers truest fears manifest and attack them. The reader becomes frightened and must succeed in a WIS saving throw DC18 to break the effect. The fear will follow and attack the reader until the effect is broken. Should the effect last for 5 rounds the fear becomes material and won't stop even when the effect is broken. It stops once the reader reaches 0HP or it is killed.
54Blade of the Psycho-Killer: Once per day, the wielder must make a CHA save or become overwhelmed with the desire to kill. Blade grants undead fortitude to wielder. 3 times per day wielder may teleport behind cover in front of desired fleeing prey, 3 times per day wielder may cause fleeing prey to suffer from an obligatory trip. If reduced to 0 hp, the wielder is granted 10 temporary hp, is affected by feign death spell, and regenerates at 1 hp per minute. While under the affect of the feign death spell, if the wielder is unobserved, the wielder is teleported to a random open location up to 500ft away.
55The Mace of Doubt (+2) - Requires attunement. It is a +2 weapon for anyone. If a character with divine spell slots attunes to this weapon, its cursed features will activate. It will do an extra 2d6 radiant damage on a critical hit. Additionally, after the first day, and then after each week of use, the character will lose access to one lowest-level divine spell slot that has not already been blocked. This item will remain attuned until the character uses no divine spells for a full day and a different character casts remove curse.
56The Crown of the Skeleton: A silver circlet, engraved with skulls and bones. While wearing this circlet, you can summon 1d4 skeletons from the earth for a single day. The circlet recharges after 24 hours.
57The King’s lyre - This beautiful gilded lyre causes all those who hear it to fall asleep, including the player, and summons a strange hoofed extraplanar entity who performs bizarre and unpleasant actions upon those sleeping. Victims might walk up with their mouth filled with frog spawn, thousands of papercuts all over their body, or tied to a chair upside down with yellow ribbons.
58Cursed Scroll: You can take your action to note a spell you have prepared with a spell level of 1 or higher and force an enemy to guess the spell (you must be able to understand each other). If they guess wrong, the scroll strikes them for 2d6 force damage and you can cast the spell as a bonus action.
59Shield of Blood Blackened Glass - A tarnished mirrored shield made from the blood of a corrupted celestial. Should the shield be successfully used to deflect an attack, the damage of the attack is reflected onto an ally of the attacker (wielder's choice). The target takes the damage that would have been sustained plus 1d10 as force damage.
60Static Reach: This ring is made of braided copper bands of several precious metals. While worn anyone that shakes hands with the wearer will then cast Shocking Grasp on the next person they touch. This effect does not expire until the spell is discharged. The victim is unaware that they've been affected by the ring.
61Gryst Scythe - A scythe that hits like a Maul. The attuned sacrifices -1 HP per hit and can choose Necrotic, Radiant, Bludgeoning, or Slashing Damage.
62Blade of The Void - This dark blade is of a blackness so deep that it appears as less of a physical object, and more of a blade-shaped hole in reality. Any victim cut by this blade will soon experience a corrupting darkness begin to spread through their veins, as the flesh around the would becomes black and necrotic. As the corruption spreads, those with weak willpower will fall into a deep coma, while those that remain conscious will feel their humanity drain away. Their skin pales as all of their senses dull, and slowly lose any sense of feeling or emotion. If the spreading corruption is not removed, the victim will eventually die and transform into a Voidtaken upon death.
63Emily's Mirror Blade - The daughter of an arch demon found it unfair, that the strongest creature often won a fight. So she cursed a +2 claymore, so that, on a hit, the attacker and its victim would switch their bodies. Suddenly the attacker will find itself in the body of the victim and vice versa.
64Ancient tablet of Orian - an apparently stone of black grey colour that exudes a sense of wonder, magic and mystery. Anyone within 5 feet will try to touch it. At any new daily touch roll a d10. On a 10 the toucher will be cursed and immediately turned into an ooze untill the curse is removed. If the curse is removed and the salvaged ooze is below 90% the total volume, limbs may be missing or permanent injuries incurred (DM's ruling).
65Mistiltein - Appearing like a simple branch ripped fresh off a living tree, this quarterstaff allows the user to cast the spells like cloudkill based on their current level, three times per day. It allows a wielder to also 'take root' and regain 1hp per round per fallen enemy within 1 square of distance, with the distance increasing by a square per round. A certain desire to heal the earth with blood as fertilizer may be instilled...
66The Black Finger of Akaron: This long, bony, decaying finger once belonged to the powerful necromancer Akaron. The wielder can use this finger to drain 1d6 HP from their opponent, if they fail a CON saving throw. If the spell works, the fingernail on the finger grows.
67The Book of Endings - A handsome hand-bound tome with gilded edges and supple leather covers, that supposedly details how every living creature will meet its end. Anyone who reads the book for more than six hours is struck by an overwhelming desire to take their own life. The effect subsides over time, but never truly disappears.
68Ridill, The Rapier of Madness - Wielding this weapon causes the DM to adjust descriptions and results of skill checks to gently nudge the wielder towards chaotic action.
69Angmar's Sickening Painting - This small painting shows a beautiful cottage on a lake in front of a mountain lake. Every person in a radius of 60 ft. around the painting, gets its hit point maximum reduced by 2 (1d4) for every combined 6 hours within the radius. The creature will slowly get sicker until it eventually dies. 24h after the creature died, it will raise again as a Zombie.
70The Medallion of Grim Rhymes: Every minute, using a slot spell, you can cast the silence spell without components. When you wear the medallion of grim rhymes you have to talk in rhymes or you will take 1 necrotic damage per sentence. If you take off the medallion, every silence spell you casted is undone.
71The Blade of the Soul Ripper - A massive odachi that was specifically made for fighting the powerful beings (i.e. enemies with legendary resistances and actions). When used on foes beneath it's purposes it reflects the damage back onto the wielder. If this blade is used for the final blow against a powerful enough energy, the blade rips the soul of the victim from it's body immediately and hurls it to a specific layer of the hell where the Oni devil that forged the blade uses the souls to power his forge.
72The Ring of Kazjezzren: A simple gold ring with tiny engravings of imps along the outside. You can use this ring to cast 'hold person' once per day, but the 'hold person' spell is actually 1d6 invisible imps holding the target in place.
73Shidet Shoo - A pair of dice made in Hell for fiends to use in rituals to see the future. The higher you roll, the more important the piece of the future it reveals, but it unleashes a single monster from the lower planes to plague you equal power to the dice rolled.
74Angel's Lament- an intricate, thorny contraption of brass and ebony shaped like a sphere about a foot wide, in which strips of luminous, pulsing cerebral matter are suspended by hooks. Fiends greatly treasure this device and will value it of equivalent or greater worth than a mortal soul. By spending 30 minutes concentrating on the device (as if concentrating on a spell), it unhallows an area around it, functioning as the hallow spell with 120ft radius but only functioning against celestials. Celestials already within the area make a DC 15 Wisdom save each round until they fail, becoming overwhelmed by despair on a failure and unable to attack or use reactions in response to attacks while within the area.
75The Bleak Blade of Veleris: This small black dagger feels unnaturally heavy for how small it is. When the blade is used to commit a dark act, it gains a number of charges equal to the people who swear to have revenge on you. At 10 charges, it is a +1 weapon. At 100, it is a +2. At 500, it is +3. At 1000, it is +4. This weapon also gains a additional +1 when attacking a person who has sworn to have revenge on you.
76Runes of Demonic Possession - These runes were carved from the bones of living devils and demons. Each rune reacts to the command words awaken and sleep. As an action, place a rune on a non magical, non living object of size large or smaller and speak the awaken command word to animate that object as a construct (the DM has the stat blocks) with the soul of a devil or a demon. It has a chaotic nature and won't always obey your commands. (except the command word sleep). While awake, the rune is fused with the object. As a bonus action on each turn, you can command one or more awakened objects within 60ft of you to do something that they are capable of. On a successful wisdom saving throw, the objects obey. Else they act as the DM wishes. If your bonus action command is sleep, no saving throw is necessary and the object will turn back into a mere object and the rune.
77Healer’s False staff - A handsome wooden staff with the top carved into whatever the local medical symbol is. It changes, but that’s not the most insidious part. The staff grants a bonus to all heal checks, let’s the user cast cure major wounds, and grants an encyclopedic knowledge of disease and injury. Over time, however, the staff warps the users mind into a state of extreme hypochondria, and the user eventually dies of fright. In addition, they begin diagnosing everyone with conditions based on the flimsiest of evidence and prescribing the most painful treatments possible, which, thanks to their previous established reputation as a healer through the staff’s power, are almost always believed.
78Cali’s Banner - Anyone who picks up this banner is rooted to the spot and cannot put it down, but their friends can pyry it out of their hands. The longer the banner is held the worse the effects get. At one hour distant trumpets. At two hours shadowy figures are seen. At three hours the holder is assaulted by the Wild hunt. They are usually slaughtered, and the banner falls to the ground waiting for the next sucker to pick it up.
79The Claws of Sygman Ree - This set of clawed knuckles feels warm to the touch. They function as piercing weapons, giving a ±2 bonus to attacks and doing 1d8+St+2 damage. When wielding and attuned to them, a character can make an extra attack with the claws as part of the attack action. At the end of each round, if the character has inflicted or taken damage, the sum of which is equal or greater than the character's intelligence score, the character flies into a bestial rage the next round, unable to distinguish friend from foe. The character must move and attack the nearest available targets each round until they no longer beat their intelligence score.
80The Bloodstar - A +2 morningstar that thirsts for blood (requires attunement). Every time the weapon does piercing damage over 10, the wielder regains 1 hp.
81Writ of Unfinished Business: An ancient scroll said to contain the rituals needed to bind the soul of a target creature to an area or object as an incorporeal undead. This undead is bound by this spell to follow a list of commands set by the caster and cannot pass on until they are complete.
82The Mazemaker - When placed in a manmade structure, this orb elongates hallways, enlarges rooms, and causes towers, vestibules, secret passages, and dead-end stairways to sprout like a cancer. Shatters easily, turning the room into a virtually inescapable Escher-like fractal labyrinth about 1000 feet in diameter.
83Zakiir's Blade of Balance- A worn scimitar with a scratched brass pommel. A scale is etched into the pommel, and "Everything has a cost someone must pay" written on one side of the blade in Elven. The blade scores a critical hit on a roll of 18-20 and does an extra 3d6 damage on a critical hit. Every time a critical hit is scored, the same amount of damage is done to a random individual somewhere on the plane. This amount is, usually, enough to kill a normal civilian.
84The Shy Lock - A set of common lock picks. Using them will give a +10 advantage to picking locks, but also randomly and permanently alter where the door leads. The user will have to pick thousands of locks to get to where you were originally trying to get to, as well as opening doorways to places better left unexplored.
85The Croitear-Dramm Hand - A gauntlet forged from the finger of a primordial of fire and imbued with enough magic that using it would create a volcano. A wielder who mastered it learns powerful versions of fire damage spells that do lava or melting damage instead of normal fire, which ignores resistance and immunity to fire damage unless that being targeted could survive submergence in lava for an extended period. However, failure to master the Croitear-Dramm Hand usually results in a full fledged volcano growing from the spot it rests . . . and supposedly the primordial it's made from will eventually come back from one of those volcanoes . . .
86Mimic Bait - This small and magical imbued rune stone can be used to attract mimics from miles away. When placed on an object and unobserved for more than one hour, one often finds the object cloned on return. Although, one of these objects is now a mimic that uses the Mimic stat block. The rune stone is consumed by the mimic and puts it to sleep for 24 hours. During this time, the mimic can be safely transported.
87Pouch of Fiendish Spices – An ever refilling small pouch of herbs and spices that taste disgusting and cause cramps and tummy aches. If the pouch is turned inside out, it does not refill until it is turned back again.
88Dane's Leaf - Shaped out of Shadows that resemble a long sharp leaf... This was once the blade of the great blight druid Dane. It has a +3 enchantment, does +3d6 against plant based life like shambling mounds. Wielding this cursed blade marks you as hostile to all nature and druids. Staying in place for more than 24 hours begins to noticeably wither all plant life within a kilometer, with trees dying within a month.
89Dogberry Wine - a gruesome and bizarre trick to play on your enemies. Dogberry wine is sweet and fruity, but, six hours after consuming it, 1d20 dogs, usually greyhounds or smaller breeds, are vomited out of the drinkers mouth, inflicting 3d6 of damage. The victim’s jaw is usually shattered, and those who survive have described the experience as “hurting worse than childbirth” . The dogs are unnaturally clever and loyal to the victim, but impossible to train.
90Throat of the Void: This leather gorget (neck collar) is crafted from dried leather not of animal variety. It is of supreme craftsmanship, despite each seam and stitch made from delicate veins and woven hair. It smells like otherworldly death to all but the wearer. 1/day the wearer can dislocate their jaw, creating a void of dark mist and pure blackness within their throat, summoning forth "Negative Energy Flood" as described, using their CHA to set DCs and attack rolls.
91Amulet of Amun Thuul - This amulet magically attunes itself to the person that touches it and cannot be removed by that person again. The amulet can conjure up to 3 mummies every day that last for 8h and are under the controll of the wearer. The amulet needs to drink the equivalent of 10 years of lifetime out of any assortment of living beings. If some is missing, it will be drained from the wearer of the amulet during the night. Drinking up their lifetime, ages the victims accordingly.
92Dagger of Night: Whenever you attack with this dagger, you can choose to cut abstract things, like shadows or movement of water. Unnatural cuts restore at midnight.
93Soul-Devouring Skull - A cursed necromancer's phylactery, it takes an attunement slot of an evil aligned character. Good characters take 2d8 necrotic damage at the beginning of the turn or when they touch the skull. The skull speaks to the user telepathically, telling them to gather souls for the feast. If the user attempts to destroy the skull they must make a dc20 wisdom save or take 8d8 necrotic damage while making the attempt. It consumes the souls of characters and intelligent monsters that have been slayed within 60 feet, they can not be revivified without the power of a wish or similar effect to restore their soul. Once 1000 souls have been consumed, the necromantic power of the skull consumes the user's soul and gains control of their body as a vessel. They become a lich, may cast toll of the dead using the skull, and their necrotic spells deal 2d8 extra necrotic damage while wielding the skull.
94The Epic of Abigail - An epoch poem that cannot be stopped once the reader has begun and causes all who listen to eat and drink in gluttonous abandon until it is complete. It will take at least 2 hours to read for the quickest of mind and tongue, potentially much longer if the reader is slow or stutters...
95Alter of Unholy Sacrifice: Cut from a single 10'x10' block of obsidian rock, this alter is adorned with demonic symbols that internally burn with hot fire when non-evil aligned characters are within 25' of it. An evil aligned creature may sacrifice any non-evil aligned creature of small size or larger in order to cast "Hold Monster" on a target within 90' of the alter. Non-evil creatures within 25' of the alter make all saves against this at disadvantage. The creature performing the sacrifice may add their own essence to the sacrifice, adding 1 additional target to the hold monster spell, the sacrificer suffers 1d10 damage per additional target. These additional targets also make saves at disadvantage if non-evil and within 25'.
96Belhoric Idol- a small, soft, dark clay statue of a bulbous humanoid, with flecks of a dark red mineral barely visible under the brightest light. It can be pressed into the face of an unconscious (or in the case of a construct, inactivated), non-undead creature as a bonus action, at which point it reshapes into a thin mask of the same material over the victim's face. If the victim doesn't regain consciousness within 10 minutes, the idol puts the victim's body under your control; it understands and obeys your spoken commands. If the victim dies, makes a successful Wisdom save (which can only happen once per week), or is affected by remove curse, it collapses unconscious and expels the idol from its face. The idol can only be used again after it has spent a night and a day in uninterrupted darkness. Requires attunement.
97The Twisted Seed of Darkness: This small withed seed, so blacked and hardened that you may mistake it for a rock, holds a dark secret. It is the concentrated mass of the first god of evil. When the seed is planted in ground where at least 1000 people have died and their corpses were left to rot, the seed begins to root. After a week of growing, a small black stem with a single white leaf will grow out of the ground. The tree must be in total darkness at all times and once a day, a person must be slain next to the tree for it to grow. If you use more people, this process can be sped up. Once the tree is a thick as your arm you must sacrifice 2 people each day. Once it is as wide as your chest, you must sacrifice 3 people, one person must break there oath every month, and you must nourish it with the heart of a powerful being every half year (dragons, powerful demons, high level players all count). If you fail to meet its requirements, the tree will begin to shrink and will eventually become the seed once again. When the tree is as tall as a 2 story house, it should be fully mature and in the next 6 months, the god of evil will be slowly summoned to this world and revived, destroying the world.
98Whetstone of the Fleshrender - Once per week for eight hours all non-magical weapons get -1 and all unarmed and beast attacks gain +1. The radius extends for 30 feet and floats within 5 feet of a random Party member giving them +1 AC.
99The Chopping Block - Very Rare, Requires Attunement. A large cleaver and a heavy cutting board, both stained with congealed blood that never truly dries. When a living creature's hand is placed on the board and severed with the cleaver, it becomes a Crawling Claw permanently under the control of the attuned. As a bonus action, the attuned may telepathically command any Crawling Claw within 100ft. Multiple Crawling Claws may be commanded at the same time, but they all receive the same command. Each Crawling Claw created by this item, uses the Crawling Claw stat block from the Monster Manual.
100Soul Chessboard: White figures seem to have faces of your friends and allies, black figures have faces of your enemies. A mysterious force will play against you. Will you take the first turn?