100 Reasons Why You Became A Druid

One hundred reasons why you (or an NPC) decided to devote your life to the druidic practices.

1They were a farmer whose knowledge of the cycles of nature that help crops grow, etc. became such that he became a part of nature. Speaking with the barn swallows and field mice he seeks to balance man and nature instead of seeing them in opposition.
2Starting researching botany and nature and eventually became fascinated with becoming a Druid through that.
3This character is an aspiring chef and knows that all the best meals are made with fresh ingredients. They've since dedicated their life to studying the fruits of nature, literally and figuratively, and using Druidic magic to protect and aid them in the search of the perfect ingredient.
4Raised by hard working, honest fighters, they rebelled and joined a coven of nature worshiping hippies.
5Suffering from extreme anxiety, the claustrophobic streets of civilization and lack of ‘clean’ air made them run to nature, and learn its secrets.
6This character's life was saved as a child by an animal.
7Initially, life started out for them as a soldier in their lord’s army. While out in enemy territory, they were separated from the rest of their band just before winter started. In order to survive the harsh winter in this unfriendly land they had to learn the ways of nature. In time they found that even the animals began to treat them as part of their community.
8Since the beginning of time, whenever the last shaman passes away, one of the tribe members is chosen by a trial to be the tribe's next shaman. Last time the duty fell on you.
9In a fit of desperation and nearness to death this one promised to protect nature if they survived this current trial of dehydration. Be it nature or the gods, an oasis appeared before them, sealing in their fate.
10Grew up in a city and on a visit to some friends who moved out of the city due to (civil unrest/paranoia/health reasons) and got a bit lost in the woods on your way there and frustrated started cursing and muttering at random wildlife then it started cursing back at you.
11You were working in the fields one day when a small deer appeared at the edge of the wood. It seemed to want you to follow it. You tracked the fawn through the wood for an hour before finding a beautiful hind caught in a hunter's trap. Freeing the creature you realized you never wanted to go back to humanity.
12This character tends to an evil seed that they have planted. A tree of terror, that grows in a dark crypt beneath a mountain.
13You were always enchanted by the wind and the woods. You would escape the unnatural confines of your human world and dance naked in the sylvan twilight.
14Born on a volcano island, this one learned in an ancient temple how to keep the evil spirits that live within the crater at bay.
15You befriended the 'mad' hermit who lived at the edge of your village. The hermit introduced you to many strange and intoxicating practices. One morning the hermit transformed into a white fox before you, it bowed its head and then ran into the woods never to be seen again.
16They could always vividly remember their dreams. It was as if they had taken place in a real location - a realm not the same, but real nevertheless. It wasn't until a fated encounter with the creatures of the fae that the reason behind these dreams became evident it was a call to the Feywilds, a call to embrace the gift of life, and a call to return the gift to those of the Material Plane who have sought out to squash this gift.
17The character liked the animals on the family farm more than other people.
18As a child you fell into a den of snakes. Becoming a druid is your way of overcoming that terrible trauma. Having control over the thing you fear has given you great power.
19Seeking the power to kill all his enemies, this character chose the way of the druid to shapechange into beasts.
20You ate a hallucinogenic plant that caused you to have visions that convinced you of your life's purpose.
21Naturally had the ability to speak with animals at an early age and your best friends became the forest creatures more so than those normally found at the local town you lived in.
22After accidentally killing their younger sibling, their family outcast the character and they were raised by a forest spirit.
23Grew up raised by awakened trees.
24Almost killing an evil arch druid, this hero's soul was dragged into the body of the archdruid.
25running away from their cruel parents, a young \[druid\] found work amongst a logging settlement. Many at the camp continued the cycle of cruelty young \[druid\] had tried to escape, all while hacking and slashing at the trees; \[druid\] could not shake the groans and cries of torment they heard from the trees and surrounding life. \[Druid\] would often seek refuge in the forest, telling the trees their story of hardship. One night \[Druid\] felt beckoned to the forest and fell into deep slumber, being soothed by the whispers of the Forest that had become so familiar and friendly. The next morning they walked back to camp after a night of deep slumber in the woods; the camp was gone and in its place a Spirit of the trees beckoned \[druid\] to approach. They had been spared, the Forest sympathized with the harm humans had done to both of them.
26You grew up a scholar, studying with wizards about the natures/properties/capabilities of magic. Slowly you began to venture off into the less explored nature magics of old, enough so to be discredited by wizard school. You eventually left to find a woodland tribe rumored to be so close to nature they could manipulate it themselves. You find the tribe, who accept your journey to find enlightenment through nature. While your initial curiosity was scholarly, your continued time with them resonated with you so much that you began to adopt their ways and learn the ways of the druid. Your curiosity persists, but new to you is a better understanding of nature’s value and of the old faith.
27The character had a loving family, a stable job, great relationships with others, no priors or anything, but one random voice calls to the player as they sleep to go to a pond outside the town/city they live in. The player constantly ignores the voice, but the voice calls to him at night. The person starts to sleep during the day, ignores their family, loses customers because of their irritability, can't afford to keep their job, becomes an alcoholic, their family leaves them, and when the character finally breaks, they leave for the pond. They find a slow, dying druid in the pond who tells them that they have to become a better person if they want to be a druid, which they inevitably do.
28She was rescued by a tribe of grippli's, but was too far from any other civilization to return where she came from. Ended up adopting their ways and living with them, eventually becoming a druid.
29After being a bard and a fighter and finally a monk within the last 300 years, this character marvels about the meaning of his life and has now chosen the way of a druid.
30Mother poisoned by a plant and father killed by wolves, this character wants to corrupt all nature and wildlife.
31The character, once a mighty wizard, lost a game of rock, paper, scissors against 3 other mighty wizards and was designated as the head of all druids.
32Learned it as a profession from the last royal gardener who was a druid as well.
33The receipt for the magical brew that gives his village the magical strength to fight the hordes that threaten their people, was passed to the character from the last druid of the tribe.
34As a small child they fell down a literal rabbit hole, hitting their head. While unconscious they dreamed of talking rabbits and tea parties. They were later found by their parents and told it was their imagination. Convinced it was real they have spent years obsessed with nature magic.
35The spider queen has captured and bitten this one. Infused by a part of her power, the character now watches over her children and the tunnels they live in.
36You were born in a hamlet that was once covered and surrounded by beautiful sunflowers of all sizes. An ancient evil was unleashed and caused a drought which desiccated all of the flowers. You knew you would do anything in your power to bring back that beauty.
37This character was inspired by a song or story of his childhood.
38He was a poacher, who sustained an injury in the wilderness while on the hunt for a special frog. While lying on the ground, unable to move due to his injuries, the giant frog he was hunting finds him and swallows him. A few minutes later the frog spits him out in a cave, where its little frog children start licking his wounds. He heals miraculously fast, thanks to their saliva and seeing the care they show for him his heart melts. Since then he searches and studies such beasts, learning their ways.
39Due to a curse, you spent several years transformed as a wolf. You came to really love the wilderness. Even when the curse was finally lifted, civilized life just didn't feel right.
40They almost died due to a natural disaster (or other nature related event, ex. animal attack, starving in wilderness, etc.), leaving them in utter awe of nature’s power and dedicated to learning it.
41The mother of the character was bitten by a spider/snake/bat/other animal while pregnant. Once born, the baby showed characteristics of that animal and was worshiped in the village as a sacred person.
42As a child, they wandered too far into the forest. However, sensing that the child meant no harm to the wilderness, the forest spared their life, granting them the means to escape its hold. To repay the forest for its kindness, they devoted themselves to it, embracing its hold willingly and swearing to protect it.
43Sent on solo mission to remote military posting and was forgotten about by higher command. Adapted by becoming Druid.
44This character was literally raised by wolves
45Member of the shipbuilding community sent to secure forests for high quality timber and found he liked the forest more than the coast/city.
46Once a ranger that led caravans through the desert, this one discovered their druidic powers by nearly dying in the hot sands, when suddenly an oasis started to sprout right below their body.
47They were raised in a Druidic cult.
48Grew up spending a large amount of time foraging for herbs, plants, and precious natural components for potion making. A love of nature naturally came from that.
49Once an accomplished merchant, you grew tired of the day to day tedious tasks of organizing caravans and trade between towns. You decide to strike out into the world yourself and after visiting countless monasteries, guild halls, libraries, and arenas, you decide to investigate lesser known wonders and peoples of the wilderness. You stumble upon the Dragonborn Druids of the Blade Mountain that you have only heard rumors of. You are enthralled by their culture and spend every waking hour reading their texts and speaking with their elders. After several years, the elders state that there is nothing more they can teach you and that you must repay your debt to them for this knowledge by searching out another great mountain to establish and lead a new clutch of druids to spread the knowledge and way of life.
50Recruited as a sapper in an experimental military unit, training in Druidic magic under false pretenses, using another of the origins as a cover.
51Huntsman in lords retinue who relates more to animals they’re hunting than his uncaring lord.
52This character's family is a long line of druids who devoutly follow the Old Faith. Although this character has been blessed with their parent's innate talents, they refuse to hone their skills. Being a druid is a boring life they are stuck in.
53They were born with an innate ability to sense the feelings of trees. When pollution began filling the air, the trees were exhausted, and the now-Druid seeks to empower nature to learn to either adapt to pollution, or to defeat it entirely.
54From a young age, animals flocked to them when they sang or danced.
55With many questions looming over them concerning the meaning to life, they sought nature to find out those answers and committed to understanding and serving it.
56You were able to speak with animals for as long as you remember. Even vicious predators have come to hold conversation with you about the comings and goings of the region.
57Always gifted, this one was kept in a secret facility in a mountain by scientists and alchemists, where they learned to control the powers of nature.
58All things must come to an end, such is the circle of life. As a mycologist who devoted years of study to the topic, this was everclear. However, the circle was mutable, and they sought to tweak this circle to their own will, thus delving into druidcraft and entering the Circle of Spores - and swiftly learning that this forcibly imposed circle of life is just, and is ***not*** to be tampered with.
59Always interested in magic but not able to access the weave, the character witnessed a druid performing their work and became determined to learn magic that way.
60With a love to gather people and form a movement. They saw their surrounding natural preserves fall victim to drought and destructive development. With little knowledge they started their own druidic sect and formed a group to nurture nature against drought and industrial expansion.
61The druidic focus is sentient and has chosen the character.
62Seeking to cure an illness that had plagued their family for generations, they turned away from the priests and their conventional gods and sought help from nature itself. Nature heard their cries and was willing to come to their aid. They owe their life to the wilds.
63Lived in the city and grew repulsed by the gang bosses who used industry for personal gain at the expense of nature and wildlife. I will do everything I can to stop this.
64As a young adult their village was nearly wiped out by an epidemic. A wandering herbalist concocted a remedy that saved most of the villagers. They were amazed that such life saving could be brought forth from just plants. And so began learning as much as they could about the powers of nature.
65Even in the depths of an industrial capital, nature can still be found by those who look for it. They found this small branch of nature when they were at their lowest. Homeless, with nobody else to share their misery with, they started to speak with the rats and the ravens, their only willing audience. But the animals were a good audience, and eventually the talks became two ways. As they learned the ways of the rats, the rats respected them as their protector, and granted them their most prestigious title: "The Giant Rat That Makes All of the Rules"
66After dying in battle, a demon recruited this one to watch over a haunted forest in exchange for eternal life.
67For reasons you don't know, or have forgotten, you cannot die. Instead, each time your spirit leaves your body, you instead find yourself regrown anew in the same forest clearing, and every time in a different body. You are unsure why this is happening, or how long it has been going on. You may not even remember who you originally were, but you are driven to understand, and have no shortage of time.
68This one has a dark secret that grants them the power to destroy whole worlds. To keep it at bay, they choose the way of nature and protection to be able to fight the inner battle.
69This scientist accidentally infected himself with experiment spores and is now a half-plant hybrid. As such they also gained the power to communicate with nature on another level.
70Exiled city dwellers who, on visiting their favorite area of nature, found it devastated and pledged to defend all of nature from then on.
71After killing many and more enemies in countless battles, this one is tired of taking lives and seeks forgiveness in the ways of a hermit.
72A Fey lord traded your family druidic knowledge in exchange for something near and dear - like the love of your family - that he could give as a gift to the Queen of Air and Darkness.
73Lovestruck fool studies ‘nature magic’ to try to impress the local nymph after catching a glimpse of her bathing in a remote natural pool.
74While playing outside they found a lone seed and curiously nurtured it to a seedling, sapling, and a finally sprawling adult tree. They now perceive trees and plants as their children and must do everything in their power to protect and nurture them to a healthy life.
75He was fascinated with watching birds and other wildlife and became so in tune with them he just never returned to his old life.
76As a creature of the water this character has sworn to protect all sealife from the pollution and the intruders of the overworld.
77You grew up loving any treat that involves honey and can't imagine a world without honeybees and have promised to protect their habitats.
78As the child of the city's herbalist, there was no way to decide otherwise.
79This character lived in the harsh outlands where nature rules and civilization is but a dream. They saw and learned to appreciate all of the nature around them and sought to learn more about the wonders they saw every day.
80After their wealthy family lost all their money and their reputation, they rejected material wealth and aimed for a connection with something less fleeting. They discovered that nature was the thing they were looking for.
81The character lost a loved one this pushed them into a depression that they couldn’t seem to get out of as the town/city they are from brings memories of that person. They decided to leave the town/city as a way to put distance between them and the memories. Along the way they are jumped by some bandits. 2 Druid’s come to his/her rescue and take the pc to their camp. They seem at peace, something the pc craves. The pc becomes one with them as a way to find peace
82This character is an awakened animal/conjured spirit/elemental, seeking the ways of its creator.
83Witnessing the power of natural poisons and toxins, this one committed to utilizing its power on their enemies and delving more into nature's deadly secrets.
84Your village drove you out into the forest in fear of your innate magical abilities but you were able to survive and thrive despite that.
85You are infected by a fungus and have the unnatural drive to sow the world with spores. You find euphoria by climbing up to high places and resting there for hours on end.
86After an elemental deity has chosen to claim the land the character lived in as their new home on this plane, this worshiper became a druid to work wonders and speak in the name of the deity.
87You were taken by the fae as a child and raised in the Feywild. You became infused with the ambient magics of the realm and now act as an emissary between the fae and mundane folk.
88You got lost in a storm while traversing the [insert name here] mountains, fell into a pit and were entombed there. Alone in the darkness with barely enough room to stretch you had no other option than to wait for your death by starvation when you began hearing something. The stone was singing and its song soothed your mind. In time you forgot about time, space, your name, your past. In return you learned the mountain's secrets. Eventually dwarven miners found you while digging new tunnels. As you emerge from your cocoon you have been changed profoundly but the world has been as well in the thousand years since you last walked it.
89The character was an animal polymorphed into a human.
90As a young noble, they wandered into the forest and came upon a tribe of Firbolgs. Enamored by this nature-loving way of life, they devoted their life to learning the way of the druid.
91By stopping a band of fishermen who were illegally fishing at a lake protected by the capital, they unknowingly saved the life of a mother naiad. The kindness they showed her that day was reciprocated in the form of teaching them about what it means to protect life and become a druid.
92You stumble upon a forgotten glen where the local nature spirit resides but cannot leave. They task you with being their agent in the wider world to determine what happened to the other spirits.
93Grew up in a family of rangers with a deep respect for nature, and focused on the magical aspects of the forest as they lacked the physical capability to be a warrior.
94Left out in the wilderness to die when they were a child, this character was raised by a pack of wolves who took him/her in as their own. More feral than anything, this character learned the ways of nature the hard way.
95The character fell from the stars into a deserted landscape which grew green afterwards.
96As part of a dark pact, this one can control the dark beasts and evil vines, granting him the power to reclaim what once was theirs.
97Raised by a now dead necromant, this undead character longs for the vivid spirits of life and becomes a druid to experience life once more.
98They were born poor, and gained the ability to use magic, which was focused into learning Wild Shape, to transform into animals. This let them sneak around, steal food and the like, but their new powers became more powerful and they didn’t need to steal food anymore.
99Your parents promised your soul to an owl spirit in exchange for saving you from a terrible disease. You didn't have much choice in the matter, but dutifully went out to the moors at 12 years of age to learn stealthy swooping and hearing a mouse's heartbeat from 100 wingspans away. Secretly you wonder how other people socialize during the day, when the sun is so bright.
100As a shapechanger/vampire/werewolf the character seeks to gain more control over their abilities and studies their origins.