100 Quests Involving Tool Kits

This incredible list was submitted by reddit user u/varansl! A massive thank you for your amazing work on this list!

Sometimes, you just don’t have a long time to prep for a game, or maybe your players decided to pay a visit to Yarn the Ropemaker you hastily named and created when they threw you a curveball. Well, here is a list of random jobs and assignments that the common townspeople have for the party that is all focused on finding equipment and items for crafters – plus these are all focused on tools and can help provide some inspiration if you want to expand the use and function of tools in your game!

1Alchemist’s Supplies | Everyone knows that the best alchemical reagents can be found in the bubbling acid of a green dragon’s stomach. The party is hired by an alchemist to collect as much acid as possible from agreen dragon, and are even given a non-reactive pot that the alchemist wants the party to hold in front of them when the dragon spray’s its breath weapon on them. They’ll get extra if the acid is especially fresh.
2Alchemist’s Supplies | A local alchemist has encountered a small problem that the party might be able to help with. A strange concoction of chemicals spilled on the alchemist and a massive wart or tumor erupted overnight where the chemicals spilled. It became sentient and can even talk to the alchemist, prompting him to want to retry the experiment and test it on one of them.
3Alchemist’s Supplies | The royal perfumer is on the hunt for the most esoteric smells that they can utilize to help the royal family smell just a step above all other nobles. To this end, they are on the hunt for the sweat glands of a troglodyte to see if that nauseous odor can be weaponized into the perfect perfume.
4Alchemist’s Supplies | A local physician is trying to create an antitoxin to combat a devastating poison that was laced into the mayor’s food. The toxin can’t be magically removed and the physician’s normal ingredients seem to have little effect. Can the party investigate the poisoned food and help the physician find an antitoxin?
5Brewer’s Supplies | In the local ale competition, a dwarven family wins every year back-to-back. A brewer has decided that this year, they are finally going to win and show that not just dwarves can make good ale. Unfortunately, their latest idea for the perfect ale is going to require the party to head to the top of a mountain and bring back some yak milk tended to by yetis.
6Brewer’s Supplies | Someone has stolen over 50 gallons of beer from the tavern, leaving it empty of drinks. The only clue left behind is a massive hole in the cellar, leading into a twisting tunnel heading deep into the dark below. Perhaps the party must face civilized ghouls, thirsty stone giants, or drunk hook horrors.
7Brewer’s Supplies | A drinking contest has begun in the tavern where a goliath has challenged everyone to try and outdrink them. If they succeed, the goliath has offered to share the secrets of creating goliath ale.
8Brewer’s Supplies | A local brewer has been trying to smuggle in a large shipment of rum, though it seems as if the smugglers have taken off with the precious cargo. The party has been hired to find the smugglers, probably somewhere along the coast nearby, drinking all of the rum!
9Calligrapher’s Supplies | A scribe for the king is in search of adventurers willing to bring back feathers from a harpy, which is a necessary ingredient to help write invisible messages.
10Calligrapher’s Supplies | A calligrapher has been commissioned to create a beautiful text for a noble, but they are in need of several rare inks that got lost while it was being shipped between towns.
11Calligrapher’s Supplies | A book of madness has found its way into the party’s hands. The longer they read the book, the more it pulls them towards an empty asylum near them, promising them knowledge of the stars if they can decipher the puzzles within.
12Calligrapher’s Supplies | A thieves’ guild is looking to hire the party to forge an invitation to the king’s gala, unfortunately, they are still missing the expensive parchment used. It is said that the parchment was made from pegasus hide.
13Carpenter’s Supplies | A kind, old woman in a nearby swamp has asked the party to come and fix a few things around her house. Also, her basement might be haunted, with a ghost that has infused into the wood of the structure. She’d be most appreciative if the party could force the spirit out.
14Carpenter’s Supplies | Ironwood is said to be as hard as iron, but it is incredibly rare. A local carpenter was commissioned to make a suit of plate armor out of the wood, but needs protection as the only source of ironwood is located up high on a frozen mountain guarded by dangerous arctic creatures.
15Carpenter’s Supplies | Strange occurrences keep happening around a jarl’s longhouse, where the wood seems to be rotting at extreme speeds and keeps almost killing him. He hires the party to investigate the structure and figure out what is happening to his home.
16Carpenter’s Supplies | A war horde is making its way to the city, and they are hastily attempting to build a wooden wall. They are seeking anyone who is willing to help them fell trees, construct a wall, and defend it before they are over run.
17Cartographer’s Tools | A nearby valley has recently been discovered and the ruler of the land would like it accurately mapped out, as well as any monsters that make their home there properly dealt with.
18Cartographer’s Tools | X marks the spot as a glass bottle stuffed with a map was found floating down a river. If the party follows the map, they might find great treasure… or was it a devious black dragon looking to add their wealth to its hoard?
19Cartographer’s Tools | An army is preparing for an upcoming battle, but are unsure of the best place for them to attack an opposing force. They have sent scouts and adventurers to map out the surrounding areas and to bring back valuable intel. If the scouts are caught, death surely awaits them.
20Cartographer’s Tools | A mining firm is looking to create a new trail that will cut through the forest, they are looking for some explorers to navigate the new path and report back on any problems. Also, the place is known for having a surprising amount of trolls.
21Cobbler’s Tools | A killer has emerged within the city, the only evidence left behind is the shape of a spring where the heel of a boot would be. Many are calling them the Spring-heeled Killer.
22Cobbler’s Tools | A cobbler has heard that dragon hide makes wonderful material to be used for leather boots. Perhaps the party could be interested in hunting down a wyvern, dragon, drake, or some other draconic creature.
23Cobbler’s Tools | A man has been cursed by a dryad to be forced to wear wooden shoes. If he takes off the shoes, he begins to die and wither away like a plant uprooted. He is looking for assistance in appeasing the dryad.
24Cobbler’s Tools | The prince had the most magical time at the ball last night, but the love of his life ran off at the strike of midnight, leaving behind a single, delicate shoe. Can the party help him track down its owner and bring true love back into his life?
25Cook’s Utensils | Food is a delight to Belch, who wishes to savor every odd taste he can find. If the party promises to bring him back the grossest, weirdest innards of a creature, he will share his favorite recipes with them!
26Cook’s Utensils | A thieves’ guild just got the menu for the upcoming gala and wants to replace several of the dishes with ones of their own make. They are going to lace the food with sleeping agents so that the host and the guests fall asleep while they sneak into the home and rob it.
27Cook’s Utensils | A lizardfolk tribe has captured a group of travelers and the party only has once chance to save them. They must make such a delicious dish that the lizardfolk want to eat that more than the captured travelers.
28Cook’s Utensils | A pie baking contest is in full swing during the fall festival. The winner at this festival gets a magical pie pan that can cook the pie without having to use an oven.
29Disguise Kit | A master of disguise has been fooling banks up and down the coast, posing as royalty and taking a small hoard of gold every time. The bank has hired the players to find this individual and bring them to justice.
30Disguise Kit | A cosmetologist for the queen is searching for the best ingredients to help improve her makeup. She has heard that the best powder is from the ground down statues created by a medusa.
31Disguise Kit | A noble is being hunted by something and has hired the party to act as their double, and defeat the beast. Someone in the party will have to disguise themselves as the noble and try to trick the monster into attacking them.
32Disguise Kit | An assassin has snuck into the prince’s wedding and the party must spot the disguised assassin before they strike.
33Forgery Kit | The local thieves’ guild has come up with a flawless plan that will be sure to make them rich. They will make counterfeit magical items and sell them to the nobility, but they need the help of an adventuring party who can sell the items for them.
34Forgery Kit | The king has just received word from his general that they have been attacked by a neighboring kingdom. While many find it confusing, few realize that the wax seal on the envelope has been faked and there has been no aggression from the neighboring kingdom.
35Forgery Kit | An archaeologist has claimed to have found a lost empire within a nearby set of ruins. The ruler of the land doubts such claims and sends the party to investigate the archaeologist’s claims and the documents that the archaeologist has found at the site.
36Forgery Kit | One of the party has been sent a message from their family, telling them that they must hurry home as a loved one has been stricken with a terrible sickness and may die soon. Though, something seems off with the handwriting… maybe this is a terrible trap they are about to fall into.
37Gaming Set | A large tournament is going on at one of the casinos in the city, the winner could win over 1,000 gold pieces or more! They’ll just have to contend with skilled nobles and cheating thieves.
38Gaming Set | A great card player within the city is looking for worthy opponents. If the party can at least not lose terribly, they might make a new friend in upper society who appreciates that they have some talent at their preferred game.
39Gaming Set | An orc war chief refuses to let captured travelers go but is willing to bet on their lives with a game of chance. If the party wins, they earn a few prisoners, if they lose, those prisoners die.
40Gaming Set | A devil is willing to release a contract on a loved one souls… if someone in the party can defeat them at a game of dice or cards.
41Glassblower’s Tools | The local church wants a large stained-glass window to show off a large miracle their god performed for them. The only issue is that they need several magical components from oozes to make all of the colors they want.
42Glassblower’s Tools | The thieves’ guild is looking for a new type of potion or oil they can use to help them phase through glass like it wasn’t there. Anyone who can help them find or create such an item would be well rewarded.
43Glassblower’s Tools | A golem made of glass has been destroying parts of the city, and glassblowers have been called on to help utilize their knowledge in finding a weakness in the golem.
44Glassblower’s Tools | A hallway of mirrors is said to have stolen the soul of many people, and any attempts to get them out have been futile. Can the party investigate the strange glass on the mirrors and find a way to save those trapped within?
45Herbalism Kit | The king is suffering from a horrific wound that refuses to be staunched, no matter how much magic is used. Most believe he only has weeks left before the wound bleeds him dry. The party has been hired to head into the forest and find a rare ingredient known as black moss that might be able to help.
46Herbalism Kit | A druid is attempting to protect a grove from wild monsters that have been driven feral by a powerful odor coming from the grove. Within the grove is a very rare flower that can be used to help the druid travel between this world and the plane of faeries, but as it matures, it attracts all sorts of crazed animals who wish nothing more than to devour it.
47Herbalism Kit | Hags produce a variety of rare ingredients, and if one knows how to properly trade with them, you can gain all sorts of odd herbs. A local herbalist wants access to a hag’s supply of numbweed, but so far has been unable to make contact. Maybe the party can help them come to an agreement with the local hag coven, peacefully.
48Herbalism Kit | A herbalist has found a new flower growing in a field, but has no idea what it is or what it does. They would like the party to help them track down the origin of the flower and discover what it does.
49Jeweler’s Tools | A local jeweler has been commissioned to create a beautiful piece of jewelry, but none of their jewels will work! They heard that there is a nearby xorn within the hills and would like the party to head there and see if they can get the xorn to find the perfect jewels and trade with them.
50Jeweler’s Tools | The thieves’ guild has crafted a perfect replica of a glistening ruby from glass, but needs the party to sneak into a museum and swap the real ruby with the one made of glass without being noticed.
51Jeweler’s Tools | To create magical items, only perfect jewels can be used. The local magicker needs the party to head into an abandoned mine and try to find a few gems that will work in their projects. Of course, the mine is haunted.
52Jeweler’s Tools | The king has gone missing, the only thing anyone could find is a single black onyx left behind where the king had stood. Some believe the king must be trapped within the stone, but no one knows how to get him out.
53Leatherworker’s Tools | The greatest hide for making armor is, without a doubt, maybe basilisk hide. A leatherworker is experimenting with different monster hide and thinks that basilisk might be the best… they just need someone to go out there and bring back a basilisk.
54Leatherworker’s Tools | All of the hide at the tannery has come to life and is attacking the town! Won’t a brave group of adventurers take on the undead deer hide and find out what is happening!?
55Leatherworker’s Tools | A great hunter has just nabbed a massive wolf way bigger than even dire wolves. The only problem is… rumors say that the hide has been stitched together and the hunter is a fraud.
56Leatherworker’s Tools | A deer in the king’s forest has been killed. The king wants the adventuring party to investigate the deer, as it was strangely not taken, find out who is responsible, and ensure they receive the king’s justice. Strange markings on the hide point towards something supernatural.
57Mason’s Tools | There is supposed to be a secret exit in the castle, a much needed necessity as the castle is currently being attacked by a massive orc horde and everyone needs to run now.
58Mason’s Tools | A traveling mason has traveled to town and his statues are of amazing quality. Many think it is almost real-life, and further expectations lead many to believe that either magic was involved or the man was touched by a divine being. Little do they know that the mason is actually a medusa with a hat of disguise, and the party looks like the perfect specimen for her next exhibit.
59Mason’s Tools | The ruins of a crumbling fortification have been found on the outskirts of the king’s land. The kind has announced that anyone who clears it of traps, monsters, and repairs can claim the ruins so long as they support the king and invite him over for inspections once it has been fixed.
60Mason’s Tools | Someone in the thieves’ guild has been dragged off and will be executed tomorrow. The guild is looking for those of questionable morals to tear down the wall and rescue their comrade.
61Musical Instruments | A musician is looking for some stalwart adventurers who would be willing to help them create the perfect music. They must travel to the slopes of Mount Celestia and steal a harp from a celestial there.
62Musical Instruments | A traveling musician is spreading vicious rumors about the party, and will only stop if they can defeat them in a contest of song.
63Musical Instruments | Eery piano music is heard from the abandoned manse on the hill. It plays songs of misery, love, and loneliness. Perhaps the party can before something a bit livelier for the townspeople to drown out its somber tones?
64Musical Instruments | Lyres, harps, and more all use a variety of materials for their strings, and an instrument maker is interested in trying new materials. Perhaps dragon heartstrings will pull at the heartstrings or maybe the gut of a demon can produce something truly chaotic and wild.
65Navigator’s Tools | During a recent pirate attack, the navigator on the ship was killed and the ship is left without a navigator, lost on the waters. Someone will have to step up and charter out the course.
66Navigator’s Tools | A caravan has become lost in the desert and only have a few days of supplies left before they die of starvation and dehydration. Luckily, the party has arrived just in time.
67Navigator’s Tools | A local river race is the talk of the town, where anyone can try to navigate their boat down past rapids and a waterfall. Some people are even brave enough to attempt their boat down the falls, though only one person has ever been successful before as others have died or destroyed their boats upon falling. Everyone else just carries their boat down a small path next to the falls.
68Navigator’s Tools | The party is trying to determine where a ship might be based on its shape, the weather, and the ocean’s current. If they can pinpoint where it is, they can attack it, or else they’ll miss the ship completely.
69Painter’s Supplies | A king has decreed that he shall have a royal portrait of him and his family. Painters from all over are welcome to apply, the best will be given the great honor of painting his family. This means that the painter will have hours to talk with the king about any topic they want and be paid handsomely.
70Painter’s Supplies | A painter is trying to create an ochre pigment, but needs someone to go and bring them back an ochre jelly. They’ll pay extra if the ochre jelly is brought back alive and contained.
71Painter’s Supplies | A lamia was spotted in old desert ruins, painting murals across the crumbling stone of ages to come. Many scholars are interested in what the lamia is creating, but the desert is a dangerous location and they need protection.
72Painter’s Supplies | A wizard is looking for an exceptionally skilled painter to paint vast landscapes and cities across the continent, the more detail the better. They are hoping that if they have such accurate and real-life portraits, they can use it to sharpen their teleport spell.
73Poisoner’s Kit | There is a rather mean wyvern up in the foothills, but the local thieves’ guild is willing to pay handsomely for anyone that can bring back a few doses. The only problem is that the venom goes bad after just a few minutes of the wyvern dying and they need multiple doses. They’ll give the party several vials they’ll have to fill up while the wyvern is alive. They’ll pay extra if they can bring back the wyvern in the dead of night, sneaking it into one of their hideouts and securing it in a cage.
74Poisoner’s Kit | One of the most dangerous poisons out there is that of the purple worm. There is a worm wrangler who knows where a nest of them are and might be willing to help wrangle one of the worms if the party splits the profits on the poisons with them.
75Poisoner’s Kit | A noble has been killed, with many suspecting poison. A large bounty has been put out for anyone who can help solve the case and find out how the poison was given to the noble, what the poison was, and who the poisoner is.
76Poisoner’s Kit | Someone has poisoned the well, causing the village to become sick. With the arrival of the adventuring party, the village pleads with them to figure out who poisoned the well.
77Potter’s Tools | An ancient vessel has been found under a tavern, with arcane sigils and glyphs laid across it. The village has no idea what it is or what it might contain, worried that it could be something of great evil.
78Potter’s Tools | A traveling merchant claims to know where a powerful magic item is, a genie in a lamp. They are willing to share its location, but for a steep price.
79Potter’s Tools | Broken pottery fragments have been found in an old field, and archaeologists are ecstatic. Could this be evidence of an ancient civilization?
80Potter’s Tools | Someone keeps running into people’s houses and destroying all of their pottery. No one knows who it is, but they describe them as a blond elf or half-elf who seems to be searching for something with little regard for other people and their property.
81Smith’s Tools | The party has found a set of rather battered and beaten plate armor. It is too torn up to be of use right now, but if they could make repairs or find a smith to do so, they could have a set of plate armor for basically free.
82Smith’s Tools | A swordmaster has claimed to learn the art of sundering non-magical weapons, claiming that this knowledge came from their skills with smith’s tools. They might be willing to teach this knowledge, but only to masters of the blade and anvil.
83Smith’s Tools | There are rumors that the chitinous armor of the umber hulk can be forged as if it were metal. Smiths are interested in getting a hold of an intact carapace, something that is hard to do when the creature refuses to die peacefully.
84Smith’s Tools | An orc war band has attacked a mine, claiming that orichalcum, a divine metal sacred to their faith, is found there. No one else is allowed to mine that precious metal except for orcs and they refuse to leave the mine.
85Thieves’ Tools | An ancient lock has stood the test of time, preventing any thieves from accessing the burial tomb behind it. Many believe that if the lock were ever to be undone, then it would harken the end times. Of course, ominous warnings have never stopped wouldbe thieves.
86Thieves’ Tools | Someone has trapped the king’s castle and their traps have already killed two servants and a guard. Adventurers have been called to clear the traps and help investigate the castle, and what exactly was stolen from within.
87Thieves’ Tools | A paranoid wizard has sought out several well-known thieves to help design traps for the wizard’s tower. The thieves must create their traps and showcase them to the wizard, if the wizard approves, they will be paid handsomely.
88Thieves’ Tools | A noble has gone on a trip to the kingdom’s capital, leaving behind a manor loaded down with traps and locks. Perhaps a wily thief could become quite rich if they managed to make their way through to the vaults.
89Tinker’s Tools | A merchant is selling a broken clockwork toy for cheap. Perhaps if someone were to get it working again they could sell it for a large fortune or find out where this toy came from, as its design is unlike anything that has been seen for centuries.
90Tinker’s Tools | A tinkerer is looking for some rare materials, unfortunately, the only place the tinkerer knows where to get them is deep underground in a subterranean structure where creatures of the dark dwell.
91Tinker’s Tools | A noble is offering quite a handsome reward for any who can fix his magical clock, an object built over a thousand years ago by dwarven crafters.
92Tinker’s Tools | An entire village is excited when they hear a tinkerer has arrived. All across the village, things have been breaking non-stop, and they are at a loss on how to repair a lot of the equipment. They think there might even be a gremlin infestation, but they can’t prove it.
93Weaver’s Tools | A wealthy merchant is looking to stand out at the upcoming gala and wants to outshine the nobles who look down upon the working wealthy. If their outfit not only outshines the nobles, but also does something magical to really make a statement, they’ll make it worth the weaver’s while.
94Weaver’s Tools | A magical garment has been partially destroyed, rendering it slightly nonfunctional with only a 50% chance of its effects happening when used. The owner of the garment is looking for someone who can make repairs and mend the damaged magical threads.
95Weaver’s Tools | Perhaps the softest wool in the world belongs to the great dire sheep guarded jealously by hill giants who simply eat the sheep as it is their favorite food. If someone could convince the hill giants to trade a few sheep, or get rid of the giants forever, they could make quite a bit of money selling those sheep to the weaver’s guild.
96Weaver’s Tools | The local ropemaker has heard there is a nest of giant spiders in a nearby cave, if the party can clear it out and bring several unconscious spiders, they could extract the silk-like webbing and make even stronger rope. They’ll pay extra if the party happens to stumble upon a phase spider nest and brings them back.
97Woodcarver’s Tools | A small, wooden figurine is said to be a cursed object as its face apparently keeps changing. The village tried setting it on fire, but it didn’t catch. They are worried if they keep trying to destroy it, and fail, that they’ll anger whatever spirit is within the figurine.
98Woodcarver’s Tools | A wagon operator is looking for a woodcarver who can etch in magical flames on the side of their wagon so that it’ll move faster.
99Woodcarver’s Tools | An ent has been tearing through the local countryside, apparently upset that its friend was chopped down. It is seeking the tree and wishes to have the trunk properly adorned with carved sigils and glyphs for an ent-tree funeral.
100Woodcarver’s Tools | A hunter has stumbled across a foul corruption in the forest and is looking for a woodcarver that can help the hunter craft arrows of slaying. They’ll need some rare materials to create the arrows, but the hunter has most of it. All they really need is the heart of a corrupted beast, a dangerous task now that they seem to be oozing shadow and ichor.