100 Social Encounters On The Road

One hundred different social encounters for your players to experience on the road.

1A bard or minstrel, half dressed and looking over his shoulder.
2Farmer going to/returning from market with his meager goods.
3Farmer going to/returning from town with his/her sons.
4Farmer going to/returning from town with his/her daughters.
5Girl running away from home.
6Boy running away to the city.
7A lost child, in tears and holding a torn sack.
8A troupe of entertainers, led by an overdressed and curious Elf.
9Full company of mercenaries, led by a stout, dark bearded Captain.
10A small group of mercenaries, dishevelled and sweating.
11Minor noble travelling via horse, with servants.
12Minor noble going to/returning from hunt, with retinue.
13Local bailiff, sheriff or warden, with a suspicious outlook of strangers.
14A hunter or poacher, with a huge longbow strapped to their back.
15A pair of hunters or poachers, arguing about who is to blame for a missed shot.
16Large trading caravan, with accompanying surly guards.
17A lone trader/merchant on foot, leading a mule carrying their wares.
18Lone trader/merchant riding on a horse drawn wagon.
19Limping bailiff and his badly beaten prisoner.
20Escaped prisoner, manacled and carrying a religious icon.
21Sheriff and his dogs, out hunting an outlaw.
22A boundary warden with a broken bow and empty scabbard, fuming as he walks.
23Lone travelling priest, carrying a lit censer with an acrid smell.
24Lone travelling cleric, with a faintly glowing mace.
25Charismatic priest and retinue of apostles, who are mumbling to each other and won’t make eye contact.
26A cleric and a small retinue of acolytes, full of confidence.
27A ranger/boundary warder patrol, with a cheerful leader.
28A patrol from the local city or town guard, nervous about being out of town.
29A foot messenger, with a ducal ring on his hand.
30A horse messenger wearing a royal tabard and carrying a fine leather satchel.
31A travelling historian carrying a sack of old stone statues.
32A starving beggar, willing to trade information for food.
33A group of refugees, telling stories of war and oppression in their homeland.
34A wounded soldier, limping along on crutches.
35A deserting soldier carrying a memento of a fallen friend.
36A wandering dog, with a silver collar and name tag.
37A bear wearing a collar and trailing a frayed rope.
38A riderless horse, with bulging saddlebags.
39A thrown rider, trying to catch his horse.
40A wandering madman, ranting about an invisible creature.
41A pair of dwarven prospectors, arguing loudly about where they took a wrong turn.
42Halfling cook/chef, out foraging for ingredients.
43Overturned wagon with injured merchant.
44A bored elderly gnome, with a curious mechanical toy.
45Fisherman by a riverside, without any fish.
46Druid planting rows of trees across the road.
47A drunk from a nearby tavern, unsteady on his feet.
48A partially smashed coffin, with a “corpse” inside which is slowly moving.
49A dealer of “used magical artefacts”.
50An elf picking and eating wild berries.
51A manic Herbalist, with green smears around his mouth.
52Group of robed monks, carrying a lit censer.
53A squire chasing his drunken master’s horse.
54An armoured Dragonborn sitting on a stone, sharpening a sword and sighing.
55Farmer with an unmoving mule, laden with fruit.
56Guarded and chained prisoners digging a ditch.
57A pair of wagon drivers preparing to race each other.
58A tiny Earth Elemental, shifting pebbles from one side of the road to the other.
59A group of dancing lights, which keep just ahead of the party.
60A drug addict, coming down from their last score.
61A harmless ghost, sadly humming an old song.
62A gnome riding an armoured mastiff.
63A hawker trying to find his bird.
64A grave robber, with mud on his shoes and a dark, wet sack on his back.
65A friendly necromancer with several raised skeletons, who offers to share food.
66A gang of youths from a nearby town.
67A gnomish tinker & merchant, offering magical mending.
68A Quickling, fleeing from the service of a warlock.
69A drunken Hill Giant, asleep and snoring loudly.
70A starving hermit, bearing a sword handle without a blade.
71A migrating Treant, walking down the middle of the road.
72A dead knight’s retinue, returning the body home.
73Traveling reeve or magistrate, summoned to a case.
74A group of pilgrims, one of which is carrying a small, heavily bound chest.
75A backwoods moonshiner, offering free samples of his wares.
76A surveyor excited about discovering a door into an artificial hillock.
77A dripping wet fisherman, climbing up from a riverbank with an angry look.
78A girl picking wildflowers, acting as a lookout for local bandits.
79A boy swinging a stick like a sword, with a pet dog following.
80Villagers cutting wood to make bows.
81A stone golem with one leg shorter than the other, never walking in a straight line.
82A pixie telling rude jokes and riddles.
83Four villagers burning a pile of corpses, which are emitting a thick purple smoke.
84A wagoner trying to fix his strangely burned cart.
85A contented Halfling, smoking an oddly scented pipe.
86A wild-eyed and dishevelled Alchemist, ranting about a breakthrough.
87An imp caught in a rabbit trap, screeching loudly.
88A lost wagon guard, with scratches on his face.
89A seller of genuine, if minor, religious relics.
90An old gnome in hat and tattered clothes, rapidly shuffling a deck of cards.
91An ebullient Orc, dressed in bright fine silks.
92A Green Hag, offering a reward for revenge on those who tricked her.
93A wine merchant, asking for directions to the nearby town festival.
94A fur trapper, with a live wolverine as a pet.
95A sour old grandmother, complaining bitterly about her eldest son.
96A Hobgoblin out to see the world.
97A young man, with a hideous mask magically stuck to his face.
98A band of giant hunters, paid to kill a troublesome old Hill Giant.
99A charcoal burner, telling stories about haunted trees.
100A potion merchant, with a backpack full of ‘alternative’ potions.