100 Travel Montage Events

Quick encounters that your players can run into while traveling in your fantasy world.

1A (giant) eagle swoops in and steals something from the party.
2A heavy buzzing is in the air and something smells badly somewhere off the road. Investigation leads to a carcass of a pack animal covered in stirges who are feeding off of it. The pack animal seems to be carrying a saddlebag of some sort.
3Three farmers pass by with a small herd of goats and a cow. Several minutes later a man comes running along with a black eye, roughed up clothes, and holding a rake pleading with the party to tell him where the bandits went with all his livestock.
4You encounter some people seemingly migrating. They're migrating to the nearest city because they lost everything in a fire. They'll try to sell you things, one of them even tries to sell their daughter's hand in marriage for a handful of gold. They're that desperate to not end up as beggars.
5The sound of hooves traveling at great speed comes towards you on the twisting roads. Make some wise decisions because there are over a dozen horses galloping at high speeds along the road in a drag race for some serious prize money. They leave you in a huge dust cloud as even more pass. A straggler has fallen off his horse but he is stuck in the stirrups.
6A group of 15 rough looking soldiers have barred the road with two heavy carts. They will roll them aside for a ‘’Duke’s aid’’ fee of 7 gold pieces per person. (They can be negotiated with up to 4 gold pieces but any lower and they turn sour and rather take some lives. Upon being met with hostilities they will overturn their carts and use the slits they cut in the bottom to shoot crossbows from almost total cover while their foot soldiers use a make-shift tower shield to advance on the party. If 5 of them die and they are not clearly winning they will give up and surrender.)
7In the morning, you find giant frogs rummaging through your stuff, searching for food. They're not hostile, for now. How do you deal with them?
8Near nightfall a rough and wild looking woman will approach the campsite and ask if she can share the fire. She will offer to share three hunted rabbits with the party in order to secure a place for the night. (She is a Werewolf, but does not want to harm the party. She simply wants some human contact. She does have some weapons, but the rabbits have not been caught with those.)
9There is smoke coming from somewhere out in the wilderness. (When you go near, the smoke stops but with a successful survival check you can locate a still slightly smoking tree trunk. A successful wisdom check however might reveal it to be a hidden chimney. A secret entrance to an underground lair of illegal brewers is hidden nearby under a large rock that can be pivoted sideways. The moonshiners produce something that is nearly toxic called Dova made with some weird herb. It is strong enough to burn a hole in a normal human’s stomach (as if drinking acid) and is specifically made for dwarves. They say one cup can get a dwarf drunker than a halfling in a keg. The three alchemist brothers will protect their turf at all costs.)
10A mudslide destroyed most of the road ahead and turned it into a slippery mess.
11You come across two young men, one of which is in noble attire and the other is rather clumsily holding a rapier that is too expensive. The noble (duelist) is exercising his right to call a duel, this peasant didn’t look where he walked and spooked his horse. (The peasant is clearly out of his debt but does what he is told as he fears for his daughter’s life (who is crying at the side of the road begging them to stop), he will most definitely be killed if this duel takes place. If the party interferes the noble will size them up and offer them a gold piece each to get out of his way and keep their heads when his father hears of their interference, in all senses this guy is a prick, but one of nobility. If met with hostility the young noble will bravely fight but upon losing (or dying) he or his father himself will make it a personal mission to ruin this party.)
12There is roaring and thrashing from somewhere off-road. A wounded griffon (or wyvern) is trapped in some poachers’ device and her left wing is damaged by some sort of bear claw device connected to a chain. The chain is locked and hammered into a tree stump, next to it lays the carcass of a goat that was probably used to lure her here. (The creature is very wary and will attack any humanoid on sight if it weren’t for her chain radius of 40 ft. Freeing her is not easy as she distrusts everything around her now. This is reinforced the moment someone tries to remove the chain as arrows fly from the shrubbery and the poachers return for their trophy, this turns the beast hostile again.)
13The party is split by a Goliath jumping from a tree in the middle, while bandits grab one character and hold them ransom.
14A noble steed comes galloping over the road, the rider is nowhere to be seen. (A skill challenge is needed to stop this beast from running on and calming it down (3 successes before 2 fails). Saddlebags with a crest embedded on them are filled with paper documents, a huge pouch of silver (425 sp), and some traveling rations. The saddle is also engraved and probably worth a pretty penny. The horse was stolen from an estate and the rider was thrown off and killed by the horse. Everyone in the region would recognize the crest.)
15A group of kids follows you from the hamlet you just passed by. They are shooting berries at the party using improvised blowpipes. ((+7 to hit, 1 bludgeoning damage) and throwing stones (+4 to hit, 1d4 -1 damage). They have set some weird traps in the surrounding forest to get away when followed (sweeping branch dexterity save, which cuts movement for that round on a success and deals 1d4 slashing damage on a fail).
16When you visit a roadside inn you walk into a showdown between 2 bounty hunters and their quarry. The whole inn is tossed and tables lay on their sides, close to the door a wounded (leg) bounty hunter winds his crossbow to shoot from cover assisting his companion that is now being boxed in from all sides. The three remaining half-orc marauders are slowly flanking the bounty hunter that has sought cover behind a broken table, a fourth half-orc lays dead in the center of the room with a crossbow bolt in an eye socket. Regardless, the bounty hunters are clearly losing against their prey.
17Near a small hamlet you spot a few children playing. One of them climbs in a tree, seemingly to reach a nest. It seems dangerous, and the children on the ground look uneasy.
18A monkey wearing a Fez jumps out of a bush in front of the party, looking at you. It tilts its head slightly, makes an obscene gesture and runs off.
19You got lost during your travels, and now you are all at a path ending in an overgrown mess.
20A fisherman struggles to pull his net up. (If assisted, it turns out to have been stuck on a small, impossibly heavy box.)
21A well dressed person claiming to be an inventor comes up to you, saying he has a compass that he claims points to the nearest demon. It points straight to a party member.
22You find an invite to a noble gathering that evening.
23You all fall into the natural trap of a large carnivorous plant.
24A traveler tries desperately to sell you a decent but mundane goat for 50gp. (He refuses to haggle. He looks emaciated. He was secretly cursed for ripping off a witch and can only try to sell this goat. If someone pays for the goat, it and the gold disappear and the man collapses.)
25A small but vicious dog wanders across the path.
26A few grizzly bears can be seen in the distance, sniffing for food.
27A hooded figure stands in a bend on the road. (It speaks with three voices in order: Deep, Normal, Very High Pitch: GO NO FURTHER PAY FIFTEEN GOLD. The figure is in reality three kobolds in a cloak. They will draw six daggers if the party refuses to pay a 15g tithe).
28You spot an outcropping of glowing stone on a rockface. A medium sized cave filled with primitive ochre paintings is hidden nearby and evidence of long abandoned fires inside.
29The ground through here is scorched and blackened, and charred remains of trees and bushes are standing dead and still.
30You hear beautiful, almost irresistible singing coming from the woods. (Upon investigation, they find a person that ticks all the right boxes in terms of attractiveness for them. It is a fey creature that will test their morality. If they fail, the creature will attack.
31You see curious lights in the woods, and feel compelled to investigate. (Will-o-wisps.)
32You hear beautiful singing, and upon inspection see a beautiful nude woman bathing in a river. (nymph, dryad, or other fey. Will test the character's morality. If they pass, they are given a gift, such as goodberries. If they fail, the fae will attempt to drown them.)
33You meet a shadowy figure at a crossroads. He offers a boon. At low levels this could be an item which is both beneficial and cursed. At high levels, it could be a wish that will turn sour.
34You meet a hobbled, impoverished looking man struggling to push a small cart. To your astonishment, the cart is full of gold, probably 1000 pieces! If the PC's help the man push his cart, he grows agitated and tells the do-gooders to leave. If the PC's steal the money, they find it is cursed. The money increases in weight to the very limit of what they can carry. If they discard the coins, they reappear in their bags the moment they turn their gaze away. The character cannot spend them, and when they attempt to give them away, the coins turn hot and burn them. The only way to get rid of the coins is to be robbed or to use a remove curse spell. The curse affects the first person to steal any coins. The remaining coins will disappear from wherever they end up and reappear in the first person.
35A group of druids watch the party from a good distance away. If approached, they will ask about who the party is, but reveal nothing about themselves. If followed, they prove very patient; they will simply wait until the following party gets bored (or lost) trekking through the wilderness after them.
36A large number of animals(somewhere between 20 and 200 depending on size) thunder across the path, either in front of, behind, or around the party. They may be migrating, or fleeing from some event.
37A falling star plummets to earth a good distance away.
38A construct of some kind (possibly a golem, or something lesser) is traveling the other way on the road. Due to its limited sentience, it cannot communicate its goals, but it is not hostile.
39The party comes across a wolf, seemingly dead in the middle of the path. It is actually playing dead and helping other wolves with an ambush.
40A stone monolith sits at the side of the road. It has writing in druidic, something about purifying the earth around it. It may disappear after the party goes more than 20 feet away from it (DM's discretion).
41You are famous adventurers and every town you pass flowers are thrown, and people flock to you. All manner of gifts and food are given.
42As the party sets up camp, a phantom riding a phantom horse and armed with a whip manifests and approaches the camp. The ghost says "GO! We can not stop! It is not safe." If the party is knowledgeable enough, they will recognize that the ghost is a military officer. As long as the party continues on the road, even if they are going slow, the ghost will follow behind appeased, but if someone stops, it will whip them to get them moving. The ghost will march them all night till morning, where it will say "We made it. We are safe. They are far enough behind." and vanish. The ghost was part of a military troop that was ambushed and killed in the night by orcs following them, which is why the ghost drives travelers through the night instead of letting them rest, even if there is no danger anymore.
43The party spots a baby animal (elephant, bear, hippo, whatever suits the environment) on the road only for a split second. Soon after, an angry mother comes blitzing at them from the flank.
44A shrine to an obscure and almost forgotten deity/deities, but kept in good condition with seemingly fresh offerings, and after a successful moderate difficulty religion check, somewhat matching to their preferences.
45The party comes across a clear babbling stream, stepping stone crossing, good banks, shallow enough to ford a lightly loaded wagon, and with good fishing too! A nearby druid is somewhat friendly with any travelers passing through with good intentions and a light step upon the land.
46The party comes across a lone goblin druid shapeshifter and his adopted giant wolf pack with pups. The pack seems well fed, healthy. There is a 50/50 chance the pack was tailing the party and visible only as brief glimpses, hoping to use the travelers to scare up game; otherwise, the party encounters the pack quickly crossing the road. The giant wolves have a carcass on a travois made of split wood and vines trailing behind one of the pack members.
47Someone has left a large corked jug on the side of the road, weighing 100 lbs. Inside it is a weakly protesting water elemental demanding to be let out (if the PCs can understand its language). The uncommon but crude looking jug is magically enchanted to contain an water elemental of up to large size, and when a command word is spoken and the jug is empty, once per week it can attempt to suck in such a creature (which can resist with a moderate DC STR or DEX save. The current occupant can be reasoned with, but there is a 50/50 chance it will attack anyone who sets it free (at least until it can find an escape route) even if the party has convinced it they are friendly.
48The party comes across a destroyed horse cart. The contents of the cart are strewn about, and drag marks lead into the bush. If the party investigates they find a griffin munching on the bones of a pack animal.
49Whoever is walking in front of the party accidently falls into a pit trap set by hunters to catch a wild boar. Shortly after, some wild boar charged right into the pit.
50As you travel through a heavily wooded area, you notice that the trees above you are filled with dense spider webs. Hidden amongst the webs are dozens of giant spiders, chittering and watching the party silently in the treetops.
51A stray dog begins to follow the party at a distance. With a good animal handling check, the dog will react to the party in a friendly manner. You can keep it or return it to its owner for a reward.
52A lone barbarian, armed with a greatbow, stands atop an abandoned watchtower near a narrow pass that the party will have to go through if they don't want to waste time. He shouts down at them they must pay his toll or die. Why does he think he can enforce a toll against a party of armed and powerful adventurers? Because he has two tamed Wyverns.
53As the sun is beginning to set, a ghost appears on the road, and points off into the forest. If the party follows the ghost, it leads them deep into the forest to its long dead body wishing to have its remains put to rest. If the party takes anything from the body, the ghost will attack.
54A fallen tree blocks the road ahead. As you approach, it quivers, shaking all of its leaves. Then the tree gets up, and you briefly see a face on the trunk. It turns and unsteadily walks away.
55The road literally ends, with a large tree, boulder, or hole filled with mostly uninteresting nothingness and seemingly impossible terrain on both sides. It is in actuality a superb illusion, with a DC21 Will save. Once past the obstacle, a powerfully petty creature will mercilessly mock anyone who went around, and then attempt to kill or rob them. An NPC nearby has suffered the same fate, and will reward the party for helping them across or around the obstacle.
56On the left side of the road is what appears to be a statue. Moss and weathering cover its surface, but beyond that it looks pristine. A gravestone lies at its feet (DM's discretion as to what is on it.) Inspecting the statue (DC 12 Investigation) allows players to spot arcane runes. Inspecting the runes (same DC arcana) shows that the statue is actually a Iron Defender or similar construct which guards the grave, and disturbing it will cause the construct to automatically attack the creature who disturbed it until they or the construct are destroyed. If the creature attempts to fix it, the construct lets them.
57You notice a movement in a patch of soil beside the road. Suddenly a small mole-like man appears out of the ground. He pulls a map and compass from his pocket. Takes a few minutes orientating himself. Then vanishes back down his hole.
58They come across a crossroads, as they try and take their first steps across it a horse runs past them, and more follow. All have riders yelling at the top of their lungs. Eventually the crossroads calms down, and a few people traveling behind it inform the players it is a horse-race, and that they are welcome to join in.
59As you travel past a farmer's field, you see a number of scarecrows above the wheat field, failing at their job as numerous crows sit atop each one. Then one of the scarecrows twitches, sending blood-soaked birds into the sky.
60You are crossing a large open plane, a ramshackle hut stands beside the road as you approach an old man who comes out of the hut and stands in the middle of the road indicating that for you to stop. He points to a scrawled sign which says “Tol 1sp pr persun”.
61The party comes across a roadside vendor selling squirrels. "They make Crackerjack Pets!" he says. A mile down the road, a squad of bandits besets anyone who didn't buy at least one.
62An airship filled with rare and valuable flying fish, and its crew, makes an emergency landing nearby. The vessel is damaged and until it is fixed it will not fly. Meanwhile, the valuable cargo is rapidly spoiling.
63A team of fellow adventurers pass by that follow a radically different class system. There’s a thri-kreen gladiator, a forgeborn alchemist, an erathi champion, and an aetheryte cantor.
64A group of satyrs frolicking in the woods pass the party with no regard.
65The party notices several statues in the path around a traveling wagon. As they approach closer they notice some of the statues are in poses with expressions of fear. A basilisk, cockatrice or any other appropriate monster to the party's level is feasting on one of the victims in the bushes just off the path. Since it is preoccupied and full, the party can easily pass it unmolested unless they decide to attack it.
66A dog comes running toward your group; whimpering as it does. As it reaches your group, you can see it has blood on the side of its face and front legs. Barking at you for a few moments, it bounds off back into the nearby field.
67An old lady sits atop a large flat stone at the side of the road, strumming softly on a dulcimer sat upon her lap. As you approach, she asks the party if they can spare her three days worth of rations and water in order for her to reach the nearest town. If they do, she can cast one of the following spells for the party as payment: Scrying, Legend Lore or Locate Creature.
68You notice a barrel sat in the shade of a lone tree a mile outside of a small village. Your keen eyes spot flies buzzing about the edge of the sealed lid; the ground shows clear signs of the barrel having been rolled or dragged to this spot. If the party opens the barrel, they find the bloated corpse of a young man (Late teens) wedged in an unnatural pose inside. The bottom of the barrel still has about two to three inches of wine sat in it; and the young man appears to be dressed in the livery of a delivery company.
69A religious procession of many people in dark gray robes and hoods with large rounded points on the sides reminiscent of an owl's head. They are carrying owl feathers, live dormice in a clay and gilt glirarium (container habitat for fattening dormice for eating) large enough that it takes six people to carry it, and several hundred dead rats and mice strung up by their tails on poles carried between the processionals. If inspected closely, the rodents have a small gem hidden inside worth 10x1d10 gp each. They offer you little cakes made of millet, dried fruit, and honey, that are shaped suspiciously like owl pellets.
70A roadside latrine with "honey bucket" (for defecating in) filled to the brim with a mixture of waste and random coins. The coins are a cruel illusion, surely, and the smell is bad beyond description.
71A cult of 39 individuals (calling themselves the "Voyagers to the Astral Portal") wearing new, matching robes and footwear have arranged themselves in a small field near the road in such a way that they each occupy one of the stations of an imaginary flying ship or spelljammer and each carry toy versions of the devices a crewmate occupying that station would have: A ship's wheel, toy cannons, toy engine, etc. They offer punch, snacks, and other libations while they wait.
72A heavily armed adventurer is laying in a pool of their own blood and will bleed to death if they are not aided, they are so far gone they will only mumble that "I can't... die like this...". If the party manages to heal them. They will thank the party and tell them that they were climbing a nearby tree when they fell and were impaled straight through on its branches, the wound was so bad their healing potion couldn't even stop the bleeding. They managed to drag themselves to the road and are incredibly thankful to the party, and will give a magical item as a reward and will gladly be looking to return the favor. If they die they have several magical items on their person.
73A frantic traveler runs to the party after he pauses and catches his breath he explains his friend was picked up and carried off by several harpies and points the party in the right direction. The party doesn't have to travel far as the harpies didn't make it back to their roost before they began to argue, leaving their captive stranded on the roof of an abandoned barn as they argue atop some nearby trees. The party can rescue the captive from the roof if they are sneaky if they don't think they can win a fight against all the harpies.
74A siren calls out to the party as she has questions on "Civil folk". She loves a man in a fishing village just up the road on the party route. She wants to "be with him forever" and is asking what a man from civilization can't be without for when she whisks him away. It's very clear the fisherman does not even know of her existence as she has never approached him before. If the party meets the man when they pass through the village he is already married. If the party confronts the siren she states that "My love is true and eternal, I definitely deserve to be with him more." and makes it clear she is going to go with her plan to kidnap the man to be with her.
75Fey creatures are having a party with drinks and food and welcome any travelers to join in the revelry! After the party joins, the fey welcome them to drinking contests and games of skill and promise that every win earns them some gold. However, if they lose, they have to give the fey something or suffer a curse, (up to the GM on what that is and how sinister the fey are, they might not mention the punishment on a loss until one of the party members loses).
76As you travel the road, a dark storm rages above you washing the cobblestones and dirt with a heavy fall. The lightning and wind conspire to reduce your ability to see up ahead as you try to find a campsite but your party soon spots a small flickering covered lantern attached to a roadside tavern. As you approach, you notice the door is swinging open in the night air. The sign hangs loose on one hinge and the chimney shows no sign of smoke. Then the lightning reveals the strong, steady flow of blood pouring down the front doorstep.
77You come across a roadside altar dedicated to the 'Patron Saint of Safe Travels'; covered in small offerings of food items, coins and trinkets. Provided the party makes a donation/offering to the shrine, they may roll a d100 and add the value of their offering (single highest valued item if multiple are donated). If they score 95 or more, they receive a small blessing for their journeys for the week in the form of Advantage on all Perception rolls to avoid encounters.
78A traveling tinkerer asks the party to share a meal with him. The food is good and, if complimented, will repair their things for free.
79Something massive blots out the sun for a moment, but nothing is found in the sky. Moments later, a large carcass crashes beside the road, mostly eaten. It has eaten so it probably won't go after your horses.
80A fallen tree blocks the road with old cart tracks leading off of it. In the undergrowth, the remains of a cart are found with a pair of skeletons huddled beneath it.
81The party hears a lot of hounds barking before they round the next turn in the road. On making the turn they see an isolated farm with an elderly couple sitting on a bench on the side of the road surrounded by several large dogs. On a word from the woman the dogs go silent and sit patiently. She is selling her hounds for 200gp each. They are very well trained beasts with stats far above those of other dogs with an amazing perception unaffected by sleep or being unconscious. If the dog is rendered unconscious from a magical sleeping spell it can't wake up from, it will still bark and growl when it senses danger.
82The first time the party sees their destination on the horizon, spread out before them in a fresh vista. They still have a ways to go, and maybe some more challenges ahead, but the destination is finally real, you know?
83A bridge or ferry crossing near the frontier. A natural choke point, before the oath splits. The party's first encounter with a rougher sort, out here on the edge of civilization.
84A little girl was playing in the forest, and she left her favorite dolly there. Now it's night and she can't sleep without it! She will be too worried. After all, the forest is haunted at night, they say, and her dolly could be in trouble! Please get it for her right away!
85A group of drunk dwarves on the road ahead are cheering and laughing and invite you to join. One of the casks that they were transporting sprung a leak, and it would be a shame, nay, an insult to the gods of the harvest, to let all that ale go to waste. If the party wizard offers to cast mending on the cask, the grumbling dwarves shoo them away. If the party joins the festivities and stays for too long, the dwarves become depressed and talk non-stop about their poor life choices and regrets.
86A nasty group of goblins carrying empty bottles and corks runs across the trail chasing a small group of screaming pixies.
87The party encounters unusual warning signs in an ancient language. When translated the signs seem to say, "This is not a place of honor. We buried something here that was repulsive to us. Leave or die." Investigating further, the party will come to a clearing full of intimidating stone spikes protruding from the ground at odd angles, and a massive black basalt altar in the center. Attempting to dig or disturb the site gives the party radiation poisoning.
88A crumpled piece of parchment on the trail. There's some writing on it but it's impossible to decipher without picking it up and opening it first. Inside are the words, "Don't read explosive runes!" An acid fireball immediately explodes, centered on the reader.
89The party starts finding holes that were recently dug in the earth. The holes become more and more frequent as they approach a nearby river. Investigating further, in one of the holes is a cursing dwarven prospector, mad from exposure, and frantically repeating, "where is it?" The old miner ignores any attempts to communicate with him.
90A stranger asks for help reading their map. The map has no cities or paths the party can recognize, but instead the key markings are waterways, wetlands, and major seasonal air currents. If the party successfully identifies where on the map they are, the stranger rewards them, transforms into a crane and resumes their migration.
91The party comes across an inn just off the main road. The innkeeper is in the middle of a shouting argument with a tax collector. The innkeeper seems to think the tax hike is personal, that the taxing lord holds a grudge and is trying to drive him out of business. The tax collector is arguing that the intended rise in pay for guards patrolling the roads should mean an increase in business for the innkeeper.
92A human young girl with filthy hair, derelict clothes and a backpack too big for her, approaches the party together with her 3 year old brother, who looks equally scruffy. In exchange for protection and food, the girl offers her service as a scout or a helping hand for the party to cook meals, clean and mend things, wash clothes, etc. (The siblings are out and alone for two months now after their village burned down and they lost their parents. The girl has an aura of magic as she is an untamed wild magic sorceress.)
93The party encounters an orc with a broken leg and his pet worg. Both are exhausted and will be grateful when food and water is offered. The orc broke her leg while fighting a bear, weeks ago. Goblins found her and brought her to their camp, pretending to help her. There she befriended the worg, which was treated badly and as she realized the goblins were about to eat her, she broke out and took the worg with her. She carries an important message or item within her pockets.
94The party hears strange noises and as they investigate the source, they find old overgrown ruins of what must have been a small monastery in ancient times. Inside a strange parade of several skeletons and zombies are all following a third zombie in the robes of a necromancer, walking in circles around a stone or an altar under some kind of ancient gazebo. Some inscriptions, runes, melted candles, a book and some notes from the necromancer can be found on and around the stone. (The necromancer failed an experimental ritual here, which eventually gave him the small army he wanted, but turned himself into a zombie in the end.). When the undead are aware of the group, they will immediately attack.
95The party finds the remains and gnawed off bones of a goblin splattered across the way. It has artificial wings attached to both arms. The wings were attached using leather strips and they are made out of wooden sticks, thread, tar and a lot of feathers of different birds. The strange thing is, there is no tall tree, hill or cliff nearby.
96Walking towards a bridge, the group sees a troll and next to him two soldiers in full armor. As the party approaches, the troll rises with a sigh, uses his big index finger to count the group. He over-counts by one, then reaches into a big bag on his belt and hands out a number of gold coins accordingly. Doing so, he grumbles: “Me never take gold without paying tax again”. The guards greet you all with a smile.
97A gnome is screaming high up in a tree. Below her a pack of wolves try to get to her. If the party rescues the gnome, she will be very thankful and hand the party three arrows (or bolts) made of glass. These are magical arrows. Once the arrow hits a large or smaller object or creature that is not fastened to something else, the position of the shooter and the target are swapped. Regardless of this, an arrow shot this way breaks on impact and loses this ability.
98As the group walks through a field of lush grass and flowers, they find a group of two feet high stones, placed in a row. The number of the stones equals the number of party members and the patterns and profiles of each stone resembles loosely one of the party members.
99The party comes across a sign that informs them that the path ahead is crawled by smaller medusa and basilisk creatures. As far as they can see there are poles on the side of the road and ropes are knotted to them. According to the sign, everyone should close their eyes and walk along the ropes for the next mile. (A bit further down the road a merry band of bandits awaits all who are dumb enough to believe this.)
100A huge and deep hole in the ground and the broken remnants of a trading cart are blocking the path of the group. On a successful DC 14 Intelligence (investigation) check, the leg bones and boots of a halfling can be found and identified. The hole is part of a tunnel network inhabited by a bulette that roams the area. If the party can locate the main cave and defeat the bulette they may find some interesting items there.