100 Demon Physical Traits

One hundred disgusting, horrifying traits that a demon might have.

1This demon has long fangs, almost 6 inches in length. They seem to be dropping with a greenish saliva.
2This demon has curved horns coming off the sides of it's head. They come to an almost complete circle.
3The demons skin is devoid of pigment and has a slimy texture similar to amphibian skin. Dark blotches appear where it is hit by radiant damage.
4The demon is covered in rock like scales that burn like coal for days after being shed.
5The demon has multiple sets of teeth like a shark.
6The demon has a misshapen, vestigial, but still very angry additional head coming out of it's neck.
7Whenever the demon inhales, its lungs glow bright enough to be seen through it's chest.
8The demon's skull has multiple spiky bone tumors that push up through the skin on its face.
9The demon has an additional eyeball in the back of its mouth.
10The demon has the symbol of a devil lord branded into its back.
11One of the demon's limbs is replaced by a limb of a humanoid or animal from the prime material plane.
12The demon has scars from a mind flayer's tentacles around its head.
13The demon has four eyes, and blinks two at a time.
14The demon's face is twisted into an unnatural smile.
15The demon has long bony fingers that end in sharp claws
16The demon is constantly shedding it's skin.
17The demon’s mouth stretches all the way around its head so that it opens up like a dustbin made of flesh.
18The demon’s veins visibly move around under its skin.
19The demon has moss and plants growing out of every crease.
20The demon's horns and claws are disconnected from their body, floating just above the place they would normally be, subtly shifting around like snakes looking for an opening to strike.
21The demon's form is flat and empty, like a hole in the world. All that can be seen are it's fiery eyes.
22The demon's tail splits into a hundred barbed whips.
23The demon's eyes are sunken pits, filled with orbs of molten metal, constantly dripping and burning their flesh.
24The demon's enormous neck has a ring of regular-sized rooster heads around it. They screech and crow, drowning out anything it might say.
25This demon lacks a physical form entirely, and must invade a person's shadow to communicate with them.
26This demon's eyes change every time it blinks. Now they are slitted like a cat's eyes. blink now they empty black voids dotted with distant, dying stars. blink now they have two pupils each, which move independently from the eyeball and each other. blink now...
27The demon has eyes or mouths that don't logically make sense to be there (in the stomach/neck, for instance).
28This demon has no reflection and doesn't cast a shadow.
29This demon is hard to look at. It repels your gaze like a magnet. In peripheral vision, it seems mostly human, but if you try to stare directly at it your eyes will be repelled or your eyelids will become uncomfortably heavy. Perception/Notice checks against are likely to cost a bit of Sanity.
30This demon is covered in human genitals.
31This demon is a million insects beneath a cloak. From a distance it looks mostly normal, but emits an ominous low buzz and a foul smell. It can change its body shape and even its complexion so that it passes for a human under most conditions. By the time you're close enough to see that its flesh is actually a rippling swarm of beetles, moths, flies, and grubs, it's usually too late.
32This demon can shapeshift, but has a poor memory for numbers. For instance, it always gets something wrong about how many eyes, fingers, tongues, and more rarely arms and legs a human has.
33This demon is a cast iron brazier that walks around on three clawed feet. It can form a torso, head, and arms out of the hellfire that burns within.
34This demon has no skin and secretes foul-smelling blood constantly.
35This demon has an extra face bulging out of its body.
36This demon has a massive, gaping mouth in the center of its stomach, with a long, black tongue dripping with dark saliva as it tastes the air. You can faintly hear wails and screams coming from deep within its maw, as if the sound originated from a deep cave.
37This demon has a large scorpion’s tail, the tip of which is visibly simmering with acidic venom.
38This demon’s form shifts, jitters, and stutters, sometimes even disappearing from sight completely for a moment, then reappearing. Its state of being seems to be, in a way, causing static in the space around it.
39This demon’s shadow seems to be that of an ordinary human being, despite looking quite inhuman in the flesh.
40This demon’s Head is wreathed in a fiery halo, circling counter-clockwise.
41All of this demon’s limbs (head, arms, legs, tail, etc.) appear to be faced backwards.
42This demon’s front limbs end in the massive paws of a bear (bear hands).
43This demon’s entire body is covered in small, jagged spikes, and it seems to be in a state of constant pain. Every step this demon takes causes it to wince, wail, or growl in discomfort.
44This demon is covered head to toe in long hair, Cousin It style.
45This demon’s tongue is long, stretchy, and ends in a wicked barbed hook. The demon can use this tongue to make a grappling attack from a medium distance, causing piercing damage while restraining the target.
46This demon has 4 abnormally long arms formed by dark smoke that keeps rearranging in wicked forms.
47The demon has a spiny back with two lumps on each scapula that look ready to burst. When the demon is enraged, the lumps crack, and out springs two bat-like wings, dark and covered in a bloody mucus.
48This demon has a prehensile tail with spikes that enlarge when the demon is angry.
49The demon’s belly is huge and bloated, and sloshes can be heard when it’s moving, as if it were fully of liquid.
50The demon’s wings are thin and tattered. Holes and tears speckle the surface.
51The demon’s hands are very human-like, but the palms face the wrong way. Like a rakshasa’s.
52The demon’s hair seems close enough to human hair, but upon close inspection the hair is revealed to be incredibly long and thin spikes.
53The demon’s skin is incredibly oily and covered in grime.
54The demon’s irises are a different color to all those who look at it.
55This demon seems completely human, but its reflection is that of a hideous monster.
56This demon has a giant bloated elastic belly. hands & faces seem to be pressed up against the inside of it's belly as if swallowed people are trying to force their way out.
57This demon seems to be made of a mishmash of other demons parts. In fact if it gets close to a fallen demon, it will remove the other demons limbs and attach them to itself.
58The demon had sickly, weeping sores around it’s body, dripping viscous liquid
59The demon has obsidian rings and armbands permanently sealed to it’s body
60The demon has a plume of bloody red feathers going down it’s back
61The demon has several contracts tattooed onto it’s body- each one signed with a scar on the demon’s back
62The demon has a collection of smashed holy symbols around it’s neck.
63The demon’s eyes are covered by a thin layer of skin
64The demon has cancerous growths covering one of it’s limbs, making it almost useless.
65The demon has a metal nose where it’s own has been cut off.
66The demon's throat is covered in sickly boils that inflate and swell when it breathes.
67This demon's lower jaw is split down the middle.
68The demon's limbs and torso appear to only be attached to each other by rusted hooks.
69The demon's skin is covered in little holes, little worms and maggots occasionally pop out of them and then retreat back down.
70The demon's arms are actually snakes: one is venomous, but the other is a constrictor.
71The demon's head appears to be a featureless metallic sphere. Or maybe that's just a metallic sphere around the demon's head. You can't tell.
72The demon's mouth has been sewn shut. That doesn't keep it from talking... somehow.
73The demon's eyes have been sewn shut. It can still see you, though you don't see how.
74The demon closely resembles a red Tiefling except it has its eyes where its ears should be. and no ears whatsoever.
75The demon has no face, but instead, its head has the outlines of fully extended hands and fingers burned into it.
76This Demon has three rows of baby teeth. The Demon did not grow these teeth itself.
77When this demon walks and talks, it's skin fractures. Cracks and orifices seem to open, and appear to be held together by glue.
78This demon has warty green skin, a thin hooked nose, three eyes, and no arms. Large muscular legs support a significantly smaller torso and head. The demon stands 8 feet tall.
79The demon is covered in nail-like protrusions giving it a ridged, scaly appearance.
80The demon is small, like an infant, but it's sunken eyes glow a dark red.
81The demon takes the form of a lost loved one to whoever sees it.
82The demon appears to each, as an exact copy of themselves, as if looking into a mirror.
83This demon has horns growing out of its eyes, ears or any place where horns shouldn’t be.
84The demon looks like he is made of coal. When he exhales, puffs of soot fly out of his mouth.
85This demon has multiple arms of varying lengths and thickness, protruding from seemingly random areas of it's body.
86This demon has 3 heads, each one on top of the other like a totem pole.
87This demon has shiny black skin like patent leather, and a row of sharp teeth running vertically from the top of its head to it's groin like a zipper.
88This demon’s head resembles a huge bat with a large bloated stomach, it’s wings extended out on each side.
89This demon’s skin is dripping with a foul smelling yellow, viscous, oily substance that collects in a pool beneath it, corroding the floor.
90This demon has a completely featureless face. You can still hear it perfectly and it can still see you.
91This demon’s stomach is furry. On closer inspection they are small quills.
92This demon’s limbs, hands and feet all has an extra joint.
93This demon’s eyes are turned 90 degrees.
94This demon’s body is covered in a thick mucus. It smells of Sulphur.
95This demon has a metal prosthetic tail covered in runes. When it moves you can see hellfire in the spaces between the plates and joints.
96The demon carries with it a heaping mass of trophies won in previous battles and conflicts, either in a kart or on its back, ranging from armor and weapons, to body parts and living captives.
97The demon has white skin, stretched thin so you can see the veins. Its head only has a mouth with sharp fangs inside. Where there should be eyes and nose is just smooth skin. It has long arms and walks like a gorilla
98The demon is extremely hairy and has a humanoid shape. One arm is extremely muscular and almost the size of it's torso. It drags the big arm like a club. It's head has almost no neck and resembles a pig head
99A humanoid torso on a spider like thorax. The spider part is rocky and jagged and the humanoid part is pink flesh that is red with bloody scars. On its neck is a giant pyramid like head made of the same jagged rock skin as the spider lower half. One of the points of the pyramid opens like a beak into a monstrous jaw.
100A whispy figure, no thicker than a normal human arm at any point in its body. It resembles a walking stick figure but made of flesh and with jagged tooth like growths on it's torso and arm.