100 NPC Personality Traits

One hundred different personality traits for the NPCs of your world. Give a random NPC one or two of the following traits to make interactions with them more interesting and memorable.

1This NPC's pockets are filled with a seemingly infinite supply of sunflower seeds. They discreetly spit the hulls into their hand and toss them when they think no one's watching.
2This NPC also dreams of being an adventurer, but their parents, spouse, drinking buddies, etc. keep talking them out of it. They are constantly sneaking peeks at your armor and weaponry, trying to hide their jealousy.
3This NPC is very religious. One of the daily prayers is coming up, and they really want this conversation to end so they can make their way to the temple.
4This NPC occasionally sneaks sips from a leather-wrapped hip flask. If they like the player, they'll offer them a nip. It's the vilest bathtub moonshine imaginable.
5This NPC smacks their lips way, way, way too often.
6This NPC starts laughing out of nowhere. When questioned, they say that they just remembered a joke about a freshly plucked harpy that isn't suitable for polite company.
7This NPC is a sailor on shore leave. They're trying to pack in as much drinking, gambling, and general chicanery as possible before their crew sets sail.
8This NPC loves to garden. Their fingernails are always caked in dirt, and they occasionally have bits of twigs stuck in their hair.
9This NPC has a beloved dog that follows them everywhere. The dog likes snuffling for treats in strangers' pockets.
10The NPC writes pulpy stories on the side. They're always jotting down notes on a little slate tablet, and will do nearly anything to witness something grim, gritty, or grisly.
11This NPC just moved into town from a distant land, and everyone thinks they don't know the local language. In reality, they just don't like chatting.
12This NPC was born in a distant town. Their wagon broke down while passing through town, and they decided to just live there instead of fixing it. The wagon is still there, with a single broken axle.
13This NPC has lived alone for years, meditating on the purpose of the multiverse. They came back once they found it.
14This NPC is absolutely obsessed with foraging. They can identify every local plant, know exactly where to find it, and can cook it to perfection.
15This NPC has a strange accent and refuses to tell the party where they picked it up.
16This NPC has read every book in town, but never traveled beyond its borders. They think they're ready for anything.
17This NPC is known across the region for their honesty. Gamblers regularly come into town just so the NPC can deal with their high-stakes games.
18This NPC has a shed on the edge of their property, where they tinker late into the night.
19This NPC has an uncanny ability to predict the weather. They often guide the conversation towards temperatures and cloud movements.
20This NPC's jerky recipe is the pride of the town. They're always willing to buy or trade for fresh meat from the party's adventures.
21This NPC looks severe and talks in a sneering voice, but is actually kind-hearted and generous.
22This NPC has nine children, with another on the way. They'd do nearly anything for a night of peace and quiet.
23This NPC has good taste. They quickly pick out the little flourishes in the party's equipment and sincerely compliment subtle details.
24This NPC has OCD and is constantly trying to organize things.
25This NPC has no sense of direction and will always go the wrong way.
26This NPC is fixated on having the newest cutting edge gadgets, many of which don't work as advertised.
27This NPC never seems to be paying attention but can recite back anything said to him/her/them word-for-word.
28This NPC has a lifelong bird watching list and will drop everything to see a bird not on the list.
29This NPC Whenever someone changes the topic from what they were talking about, they say, "Uh huh. Anyway..." before returning to what they were saying.
30This NPC peppers their speech with words from other languages.
31This NPC habitually whistles a tune, a sort of personal theme song.
32This NPC has been learning a new instrument / writing on their next song, and insists on having the PCs listen to what they've been working on.
33This NPC prefers if they're the only one holding any sharp tool / weapon in the room, and will insist on handling anything that requires a knife themselves.
34This NPC has a bit of satyr blood in them, so when speaking they have a goat-like stu-u-u-tter.
35This NPC is overly secretive of their books / folders, even if they're of no high importance, like their diary.
36This NPC never swears.
37This NPC swears every other sentence.
38This NPC assumes the worst out of any situation presented to them, even something as nice as a picnic could have disastrous effects in their eyes.
39This NPC goes starkly silent around anyone they find remotely attractive.
40This NPC talks relentlessly to fill the awkward silence, even if they would like to shut up, around anyone they find remotely attractive.
41This NPC constantly reminisces about the golden ages or the 'good old days', even if the period they're alluding to wasn't that great.
42This NPC is scared of gore and faints at the sight of blood.
43This NPC needs to wear a certain piece of jewelry or clothing in order to feel comfortable or safe.
44This NPC comments on things they observe in others out loud. Even observations most would keep to themselves.
45This NPC loves gossiping and any piece of juicy info, or just has a constant curiosity in the goings on of others.
46This NPC has a tendency to spill secrets, theirs and others', though they don't mean to.
47This NPC melts and coos at the sight of any remotely 'cute' animal, from cats to dogs to fluffy and lethal owlbears.
48This NPC has selective mutism. As a result, they have a few different ways of communicating non-verbally whenever they need to.
49This NPC loves to hear themself talk, and always finds a way to insert their personal stories into a conversation.
50This NPC loves listening to people talking about their interest, and even if they're not particularly interested in the object of discussion, will ask follow-up questions.
51This NPC has an unhealthy obsession for tea, drinking an unacceptable amount every day.
52This NPC is literate, and considers grammar vital for one's success. They will correct and be annoyed by PCs if they're not speaking prope
53This NPC often loses their train of thought and tends to quickly jump from one topic to the next.
54This NPC tells inappropriate jokes at the WORST times.
55This NPC has an interesting story for every occasion. Sometimes, these stories tend to drag on for way too long.
56This NPC cannot stand the ocean, or any body of water. They are DEATHLY afraid of the open sea.
57This NPC is very religious and typically likes to adorn their clothing with symbols of their God/Goddess.
58This NPC wants everyone to think they are an intellectual. They sometimes use big words to sound smart, but they don't always know what they mean.
59This NPC is very jumpy, and can easily be frightened by loud noises or someone walking up behind them.
60This NPC sounds sweet but is very passive-aggressive and judgmental, bless their heart.
61This NPC keeps food in their pockets to feed wildlife.
62This NPC has a hobby that they are very happy to tell you about if you show even the slightest hint of interest.
63This NPC is on a diet and is very envious of anyone around them eating delicious food or drink.
64This NPC is never idle; they can’t just sit and do nothing. They’re usually busy doing something: reading a book, whittling, gathering flowers, etc.
65This NPC is paranoid, by pretty much anything and anyone. There is always a conspiracy brewing somewhere that involves them.
66This NPC is patient —too patient for their own good.
67This NPC is a neat freak, they love to clean. When someone meets them, they’re usually seen with a broom or a cloth, cleaning something or another.
68This NPC loves to ponder the big questions: who are we and why are we here?
69This NPC loves to cook and will always offer food to her guests, even if they decline her offer.
70This NPC is fascinated by phrenology, and desperately wants to measure the heads of every creature she meets.
71The NPC is gruff and taciturn except when talking to kids because they remind him of his own kids.
72The NPC can't handle their alcohol. The NPC also loves to indulge.
73The NPC can't stand being wrong and will try to destroy every reasoning that could show them this. If proven wrong, the NPC will sulk for days on end.
74The NPC is always doing something with their hands out of nervousness: braiding hair, thrumming fingers on the table, picking at the hem of their shirt.
75The NPC is an unabashed flirt but will freeze up if approached first.
76The NPC does not believe in magic and will not believe in magic even if someone invokes Tiamat in front of them.
77This NPC seems tired and talks and walks slowly and kind of in a slumber.
78This NPC tries to give the PC advice in the form of sayings from his home country. Sometimes they fit, sometimes they don´t.
79This NPC tends to daydream. Sometimes he seems far off and is not listening. Even when he seems to listen closely, he asks to repeat the last part.
80This NPC dislikes violence, but understands that some problems can´t be solved any other way. He may ask for the PCs to come up with a non-violent solution.
81This NPC distrusts everyone and everything and is pleasantly surprised when something happens just as promised or discussed.
82The NPC is on a quest to find rare and elusive potion making ingredients. They regularly turn up with new injuries.
83This NPC doesn't believe in elves.
84They, the NPC, have been mandated by a nature goddess to find and categorize every type of mushroom. They categorize them very badly, and should not be trusted to make meals.
85The NPC is a ten thousand year old dragon in disguise, just havin' a right giggle at causing all sorts of trouble.
86The NPC is always trying to trip on magic mushrooms and they try to hide the fact.
87This NPC has an intense distrust for the city guard.
88This NPC is fidgety and frequently looks at the sky or ceiling to check for monsters.
89This NPC sees any new piece of information as a potential deception.
90This NPC is quick to get into fights in order to test their own strength.
91This NPC is not content unless they are the most extravagantly dressed person in the room.
92This NPC is incredibly helpful, whether you want them to be or not.
93This NPC often speaks in riddles or rhymes and making sense of it all can be quite challenging.
94This NPC follows rules to the letter even when it inconveniences them and everyone around them.
95This NPC speaks to everyone in a calm but condescending voice almost as if they were speaking to a child.
96This NPC treats their tools/vehicle with more love and affection than their own family.
97This NPC gives everyone a nickname and refuses to learn their real names.
98This NPC is always carrying food on a stick, and if asked, will highly recommend the dubious stall they got it from.
99This NPC insists on carrying things too heavy for them, or taking care of delicate objects they invariably break, or watching over valuables they will definitely lose.
100This NPC sleeps all day and stays up all night.