100 Halfling Personality Traits

One hundred different interesting personality traits for the halflings of your fantasy world.

1This halfling constantly talks about their garden back home. It's obvious that they are very proud of it, and will look for any chance to bring it up.
2This halfling never likes to leave their home, unless they are one very important business.
3This halfling carries a walking stick wherever they go. If they lose it or it breaks, they will soon look for a fresh piece of wood to whittle another one.
4This halfling loves to collect small beautiful rocks and gems. They have a beautiful collection back home.
5This halfling loves to tell stories with lessons at the end. If you get this halfling around a campfire, they will tell stories until the sun comes up, if you let them. This halfling particularly likes telling stories about things that have happened to their family.
6This halfling is fascinated with the simplest things in nature and likes to give names to trees, bugs, and small animals it meets.
7This halfling likes to play devil's advocate in most conversations, there is always 2 sides to a coin.
8This halfling prefers to interact with children over adults, adults are too boring and serious about things. Has a small collection of children's toys and candy to help with that.
9This halfling is unhealthily generous and is willing to give up most of their things to help another or simply to be nice, someone may need to give them a helpful talk from time to time about this.
10This halfling is obsessed with puns and play on words in conversation. Chuckles in seemingly random moments as they put two and two together.
11This halfling is extremely opinionated and isn't afraid of being confrontational when they believe they are correct. Frowns sullenly when they disagree with something.
12This halfling is very conversational with everyone and wants everyone to feel welcomed and cared about. Has the biggest smile in the room.
13This halfling takes notes on everything. They operate like a stenographer and can write extremely fast and may write complete transcripts of interactions. Will flip through their notes to remember things often.
14This halfling is a vexillologist whose russet fingers are stained with black ink. Their laugh is deep and throaty, and they enjoy sweets a bit too much.
15This halfling is fidgety and nervous, constantly looking for something or someone. They speak only in whispers and pay their bill in foreign coins.
16This halfling moves cautiously and is constantly eyeing the room. They order only vegetarian meals and hum while waiting for service, sipping on elven spirits.
17This halfling is beaming and polite, enthusiastically working on an embroidery project while sharing anecdotes with anyone who listens.
18This halfling is sickly, with a persistent cough, and is wrapped in a blanket. They ask if anyone has encountered a young woman selling amethyst jewelry.
19This halfling is charismatic yet boastful, regaling everyone with the tales of their time as a boatswain.
20This halfling is prone to skipping and frolicking and often laughs to themselves.
21This halfling is solemn and never speaks. They hand out dried flowers tied with white ribbons to any who will accept their gift.
22This halfling rarely maintains eye contact with those they speak with.
23This halfling seems rather itchy and scratches themselves in different places.
24This halfling is very curious like a child and asks too many questions about simple things.
25This halfling carries a handkerchief with them and wipes their forehead constantly from sweat.
26This halfling is easy to jump scare and surprise.
27This halfling is very obsessive with their possessions and verifies inventory very often while frantic.
28This halfling can do the splits and is very proud of it.
29This halfling likes to deceptively say they've done the same thing in conversation even though they haven't.
30This halfling likes to show physical affection with hugs, pats on the back, and special hand shakes.
31This halfling is obsessive of grooming themselves and asks others if there are any imperfections on them that need addressing.
32This halfling doesn't like to step on other people's shadows or cracks on the ground.
33This halfling loves numbers and likes to showcase how good they are with numbers.
34This halfling when they see anything worthy of a picture will make a picture frame shape with their hands and say something to elaborate and internalize the moment.
35This halfling likes to collect natural trinkets (rocks, bark, sand, dirt) where they go and add them to their collection to show people.
36This halfling is easily disappointed with themselves and goes on a tangent about how they could have done better.
37This halfling selflessly prays for people even after just meeting them and really seeks to know what others' needs are.
38This halfling is afraid of large crowds.
39This halfling always complains that things were better a century ago, despite not being alive then.
40This halfling enjoys talking about cooking. They know recipes for just about everything. One of their greatest joys is finding and trying new recipes.
41This halfling often talks about their great uncle who went on an adventure once.
42This halfling knows a lot about trees and says their names, qualities, and so on.
43This halfling is fond of unusual varieties of nuts and will seek them out either growing in the wild or for sale in towns. The nut is never quite the right variety or sub-variety.
44This halfling has a lot to say about the stars and points out the figures in various constellations and their origin stories, some quite elaborate.
45This halfling is exceedingly generous with praise, compliments, and encouragement.
46This halfling chews tobacco (or the equivalent), and has become proficient at spitting for distance and accuracy.
47This halfling stabs each piece of furniture with a dagger as they have been attacked by a mimic once.
48This halfling is excessively superstitious and constantly tells everyone what they should or shouldn't do.
49This halfling ends every sentence with: "Yes?"
50This halfling scratches their nose every time they are telling a lie.
51This halfling starts to recite a small limerick, if they feel frightened.
52This halfling is constantly snacking some sweets, berries or seeds.
53This halfling wears goggles without glasses and believes he is blind without them.
54This halfling is constantly doing his work-out in one way or another.
55This halfling wears a bunch of medals and patches that he got from his time at the halfling scouts.
56This halfling is constantly shivering and complaining about the cold, even on a hot summer day.
57This halfling is always humming a song, up to one point where they forget how to continue. At this point, they always get angry.
58This halfling only wears clothes of bigger people, because it believes that makes them bigger too.
59This halfling is awkwardly laughing at the most inconvenient situations.
60This halfling collects flies and bugs in a jar that it calls "wonderland".
61This halfling is always only one step away from breaking into a musical performance.
62This halfling is constantly reminded of all sorts of songs they have heard in their travels.
63This halfling only likes eating or drinking things in pairs.
64This halfling always knows someone who has experienced EXACTLY what they are experiencing in that moment.
65This halfling once had a master that taught him many things. Every second sentence starts with "My master used to ..."
66This halfling pokes into bushes and the like with his walking cane, calling out for a long lost pet.
67This halfling forgets what he was about to say in mid-sentence.
68This halfling wears a pointy purple hat of unknown origin that has been in his family for generations.
69This halfling values books and learning over everything else.
70This halfling is writing a chronicle of everything that happens around his home.
71This halfling is painting beautiful landscapes on wooden boards.
72This halfling is always surrounded by birds. They are feeding them with seeds from their pocket.
73This halfling only wants to fish all day long.
74This halfling is always grumpy.
75This halfling always talks about how someone reminds it of someone else it knew but it can never recall the name
76This halfling speaks loudly to an imaginary friend most of the time.
77This halfling is carving tiny animal statuettes from wood while walking or sitting around the campfire. But it never keeps it.
78This halfling is occasionally picking up greater egg shaped stones and shakes and rattles them near its ears before throwing them away in disappointment.
79This halfling smokes a pipe whenever there's time for it.
80This halfling is talking to animals as if they could understand him, which is obviously not the case.
81This halfling loves to cook and eat extremely spicy food.
82This halfling is quiet most of the time, but occasionally it recites a mostly deep and wise line from a poem.
83This halfling shushes away every bird in his closer environment.
84This halfling hates snakes, snails or spiders and will jump onto higher ground whenever such a horrible creature is getting too close.
85This halfling always has tons of seemingly useless stuff in its pockets. Like small pebbles, feathers, a bent nail, a short piece of cord etc.
86This halfling cannot watch while other people do something wrong (in its opinion). It will always comment or walk over and correct the people.
87This halfling likes to dress up in a profession it has never practiced and act like they are an expert in the field, any authentic professional would immediately know the truth.
88This halfling likes to pull off pranks and jokes at other people's expense.
89This halfling loses confidence the longer they talk.
90This halfling is always trying to set someone up on a date or give relationship advice.
91This halfling is like a mother/father to all and treats everyone like their kids.
92This halfling is very superstitious and gives themselves an illogical pep talk when they are afraid.
93This halfling believes all magic is a performance and cheers when someone does it around them.
94This halfling is sage-like and pauses for meditation before answering in short profound phrases.
95This halfling is afraid of snakes.
96This halfling is fond of stealing vegetables, herbs, and flowers from their neighbors, baking or cooking them up, and serving them to those very neighbors. The thrill is just too much for them to help.
97This halfling worked as a musical conductor for the local play house, and cannot help but hum their own theme music when they are "on an adventure".
98This halfling is super into dwarf culture and has grown and braided a beard of their own, constantly works out to be in shape, drinks the strongest beer available to them, and collects dwarven artifacts. They have even been learning dwarvish for the last few years... to some degree of success.
99This halfling was raised by gnomes. Although not as gifted in tinkering as his foster parents, he has a creative mind for making simple inventions to make cooking, eating, or drinking easier.
100This halfling has blinded themselves studying the sun for a few years, however they adamantly deny that they are blind and go through their lives faking that they can see.