100 Rumors, Plots, or Pieces of Gossip The Party Overhears at a Noble Ball

One hundred different things you overhear at a Noble Ball.

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  1. Duke _______ Has pulled out all of his business contracts from the port.
  2. The head of House ________ was assassinated.
  3. They are on the brink of war with a country.
  4. Duchess ______ has been having a dalliance with another woman.
  5. A Baron's son has gone missing.
  6. ________ has a secret double life, but no one knows what he does.
  7. ________ is looking for a new heir after their unfortunate accident.
  8. ________ is still dealing with their little monster problem. When will they get it under control?
  9. The ball's most eligible bachelor/bachelorette is looking for his next partner tonight, but no one knows what they're into.
  10. The baroness and the baron are cheating on each other and everyone knows but them.
  11. ________ made some bad deals and has trouble with some thugs.
  12. Lord ________ has apparently recently renovated, expanding his cellar by a lot.
  13. Green lights have been flashing through the baron’s son’s window. The baron is of course denying this.
  14. The heir of Lord and Lady ________ isn't their true born child but was adopted.
  15. A faction of nobles are plotting to convince the King/Queen to change succession rules because the current heir apparent wants to open up the kingdom's borders to more foreign commerce and cultural exchange. They are planning to frame the heir apparent for a murder.
  16. Lord ________ has a hobby of testing his allies with poetry contests, but it's actually code.
  17. Lord ______ holds late night parties in his basement theater where an illusionist creates shockingly explicit pornography for the audience.
  18. Baron ——- has a bit of a gambling problem.
  19. Baroness ———- has had several of her heirloom jewelry suddenly gone missing.
  20. The King’s men are still looking for his bastard son and the reward has gotten quite large.
  21. No word has been heard from the city of ______, perhaps the King finally had enough.
  22. Lord ______’s secret is out and the church is said to be charging heresy.
  23. The country’s gold supply is just debt to every other nation
  24. It seems the larger cities are preparing for the worst regarding _____’s rebellion.
  25. After the King’s personal guard betrayed him, he’s been paranoid and weary of even leaving the castle.
  26. The merchants guild seemed to have hired a large amount of cutthroats and mercenaries, they must be looking to protect something quite valuable.
  27. The last last lord who betrayed the church went missing, let’s hope Lord _______ is wiser.
  28. The lord’s son is quite taken with one of the kitchen maidens— he won’t even entertain the idea of other suitors.
  29. One of the lady’s tastes in the bedroom— well let’s just say that they are rather unorthodox and peculiar.
  30. I heard that he has has lost his entire family fortune at the race track.
  31. The family was on the brink of destitution, but suddenly came into a windfall out of nowhere. Sounds suspicious if you ask me.
  32. I heard she is redecorating her home for the third time this year!
  33. Did you hear? Her head housekeeper was caught replacing the family jewels with glass replicas one by one. It’s so hard to find good help these days.
  34. The new stallion today they spent ungodly amounts of money to purchase hasn’t been performing very well in practice races.
  35. I heard that the daughters of the lord and lady sneak out to the forest at night to dance in the woods with the locals coven. So unsavory.
  36. I heard that his prize hunting dog has gone missing and he is inconsolable. The dog’s better off living in the woods than with him as a master if you ask me...
  37. The Duke's second son has begot a bastard on the local soap-maker's daughter.
  38. The vintage being served is actually a counterfeit wine being served in good bottle. I guess Lord ____ is not as wealthy as one would believe.
  39. Earl ____ has been seen in the company of the local priest, going to confession more often since his wife passed.
  40. The bard that is playing tonight has been having an affair with the Lady ___, its probably the only reason why she got the job.
  41. If you pay the right servant, they can get you into a back room card game that all the richest nobles play in.
  42. Marquis _____ was seen leaving the privy not moment after Lady ____.
  43. A large platoon of King's Guard have been spotted outside the ball, who are they waiting for?
  44. The head of the _____ household was found in bed with a member of their own family.
  45. The oldest son of Lord ___ was crippled during a hunting accident. Some say it was not an accident.
  46. Lady ____ is the sole reason why silk is simply unobtainable in the city these days. Look at her dress, its must be a ton of silk alone.
  47. The Bishop was found in a compromising position with a lady of the night during one of his alms missions.
  48. There is a schism within the Church of ____, one of their high ranking clergy nailed a large stack of proclamations to the church door.
  49. Duke ____'s hair is completely false, he gets it enchanted by the temple each week.
  50. King ____ will be attending the next noble ball, he is looking for a new wife after the tragic loss of Queen ____ last year.
  51. Queen ____ has been imprisoned for infidelity against the king, the validity of his heirs is now being questioned.
  52. Duchess ____ has allegedly been seen performing rituals deep in the woods at the full moon.
  53. Lord ____ recently donated the vast majority of his wealth to the poor, an rather odd change of heart for the old miser.
  54. The servants of ______ swear that the master of the house is the same as he used to be, the lady of the house disagrees.
  55. The centerpiece of the feast was especially hunted for its magical properties, rumours say it is directly linked to the gods.
  56. The Lord ____ just intentionally tripped his rival ____ on the ballroom floor to embarrass him, they should just dual instead of these pathetic displays.
  57. The witch ____ is here, watching each of her children infiltrate the nobility. Be on your guard.
  58. The hors d'oeuvres have been spiked with truth potion.
  59. The entertainment are actually convicts who will be killed at the end of the night if they don't perform well.
  60. Lord and Lady ____ have been inviting young couples back to their manor house after each ball.
  61. The hosts of the ball have cheaped out on food; the “high quality” meat being served was purchased for cheap in bulk.
  62. There are ‘genuine’ adventures at the ball! An actual, ‘for reals’, adventuring group!
  63. A minor noble recently divorced his wife and married her sister.
  64. The party did a cool thing they did, a cool thing they did and a wildly awesome thing they didn't do.
  65. The party did a stupid thing they did, a stupid thing they did and an absurdly stupid thing they didn't do.
  66. A local noble has allegedly been giving money to a woman who lives just outside of town...and to make a stranger situation, the woman in question is almost never seen outside her home.
  67. I hear House ______ has recently discovered a new adamantine vein in their mine, That is the fourth lucky break they have had in a short period of time.
  68. Baron ____ has had to decline attending ANOTHER ball, I fear he may have taken ill.
  69. The former viscount ______ is set to be executed next week. Bloody fool is still claiming he's innocent.
  70. Guests are saying one of the nobles is actually a succubus/incubus in disguise. 20% Chance for it to be true.
  71. They’re denying it, but I heard the mayor’s son had to be dragged to the local medic the other night after they found him passed out in an opium den.
  72. A nasty communicable disease is spreading through the poorest areas of the city, though the baron is denying its existence.
  73. The baron is himself displaying symptoms of the communicable disease.
  74. The Merchants Guild are unhappy with how the baron is ruling the city and trying to bribe officials and hire mercenaries for a coup.
  75. An infamous assassin whom nobody knows what they look like are at the ball, with a contract to kill______.
  76. The daughter of Duke ___ is set to wed the son of Baron ___! The couple seems happy enough with the arrangement but the Duke is not happy at all. A pairing between houses of such disparate rank is unheard of. Some say there must be a sort of leverage involved.
  77. Did you hear? One of Lord ____’s housecleaners claims to just be some simple lady, but after saving the family from feared bandits? Skill like that doesn’t appear out of nowhere.
  78. Baron ____ has been seen visiting the local orphanage more and more often. Many are beginning to think he has some bastard kids in there.
  79. After that assasination attempt on the prince, King ____ has put the city of ____ on lockdown to find the perpetrator. I’ve heard that prince also wants to find the assassin, but I don’t believe he wants them dead.
  80. You remember Lord ____’s middle son, yes? The thin, sickly looking one? Well, word has been going around that he just won the biggest archery competition of the summer! I won’t believe he won by skill until I see it for myself.
  81. The House of ______ has been buying an inordinate amount of weapons, preserved food and holy water. No one knows why.
  82. There has been talk that Lord ____ and Lady ___’s child might not be their real child, but a changeling. Doesn’t help that mercenaries and scholars have been seen exiting their homes.
  83. The respectable noble family of ____ has not allowed one of their daughters out of the house in months. Some say they can hear screaming in one of the spires of their home.
  84. The _____ family has been looking for their missing child for months. Most speculate they ran away with a secret lover.
  85. That son of _____ is such a smart boy! He truly is a lover of knowledge. But I could have sworn I saw him close by the rumored area where a mysterious cult may be.
  86. Lady ___ has been looking quite excited these past few months. Perhaps she’s pregnant?
  87. My father in _____ has just informed me that important buildings and sectors of the city have been set on fire. With tensions rising, I fear this is a call for war.
  88. The Lord’s son was suddenly kicked from prestigious magic school. The family refuses to talk about it.
  89. __________ has a country house by the river. They disappear there from time to time, but no one knows why.
  90. __________ is rumored to have taken a special interest in a child who lives in old town. A courier was sent there last week bearing a package.
  91. __________ arrived late one evening to court. Anyone’s whose anyone had never heard of them before. But the Queens vizier seem to know them. How did they become such a staple of our circles?
  92. Isn’t it strange that Baron _________ disappeared so suddenly; only to be replaced by an estranged and remote daughter from some tryst long ago?
  93. You know how servants whisper; just last week I overheard our governess gossiping about the Queen. How does a barren woman have so many children???
  94. The new scullery boy has been found sneaking into the lord's study late at night. He's no doubt a thief, but the lord always sees the best in people, and either doesn't believe it, or is willing to turn a blind eye. Potential Twist: The lord is having an affair with the scullery boy, and is more than happy to let folks think it's merely a case of petty thievery.
  95. Baron/ Baroness _______ is suddenly desperate to raise or borrow gold. No one knows why.
  96. Servants walked in on the eldest daughter of Lord ____ while she was alone in a side room talking with the son of a rich merchant. Her family is furious and her betrothal to Baron _____’s son might be at risk.
  97. I hear Baron ________ has recently discovered his son is a draconic sorcerer. That means someone in his lineage has lain with a dragon! How scandalous.
  98. The house of Marquis ________ is on the brink of war with House _________.
  99. Baron _______'s merchant fleet was sunk by an off-season storm! He's ruined.
  100. They say the youngest daughter of Lord _______ has run off with a bard.
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