100 Fortunes From The Fortune Teller

One hundred mysterious fortunes from a fortune teller.

1Beware of the blinding red light. If you see this light, you must flee. It will only bring you death!
2You will find the answer to a long, mysterious riddle in your family bloodline buried between two oak trees, west of the village you grew up in.
3A path of death lies in your wake.
4Greed is a poor man’s compass, and I see gold and riches in your future.
5A single wolf is slaughtered by many enemies that surround it. Let this be a warning sign of danger that is preventable by the pack.
6The truth will come from a child’s toy. The lie will come from a weapon.
7You must drink of the poison well and eat of the spoiled pantry.
8Follow the flight of birds, never in winter, always returning.
9A song contains a wish. Only the name will answer.
10The mother has disguised herself. Her babe is lost and will not return. She will nurse no other.
11The gears turn long after the machine has been broken. He who built it cannot mend it. He who holds it cannot carry it. He who finds it cannot speak it.
12Gaze through the cracked window, and only then will you see clearly.
13Beware the men with gills. Speak not to the sea or the southern wind.
14Beware the snake’s venom, not its bite.
15Travel five days with the silver star at your heels, then cross the raging river. There you will come to realize your true self.
16The light will be in the shadowest darkness.
17Not all the frogs are in the pond, beware of them.
18One for the fire, two for the clouds, and three for the knights.
19Don’t trust the song of the birds.
20Cloak in the water. The man is crying. Let the leaf falls and everything will be fine.
21For one wish to make, it’ll be more wish to crumble.
22In the high plain there’s a dark moon. Don’t follow the light.
23When the dawn will come at the birthday of the mother, rats and snakes will devour all hopes.
24Near the montains, there is a grey falcon. Look at the eyes, and you’ll die. Look at the tail, and you’ll be rich.
25Don’t move when the night song come, or you’ll gain something you don’t want, and lost something you wanted to keep.
26Today was possibly the most important day of your life! Congrat.. oh… you missed it… tsk tsk tsk… What a shame… A do-over, then! Tomorrow you will wake up and it will be today. Make sure you return or that decree will stay. k, Bye!
27Do not trust your thoughts. They will hinder your victory.
28A figment in blue will cross your path tomorrow. You will know it when you see the sign. You must turn around 4 times and speak the following words:
29And through the drifts the snowy clifts Did send a dismal sheen: Nor shapes of men nor beasts we ken The ice was all between.
30If you believe in telekinesis, raise my hand. The fortune teller then proceeds to raise their hand.
31When you are done, the spirit haunting will pass over you.
32A dragon will give you a jewel. Beware the generous miser.
33The path less traveled is paved in gold.
34Find the woman who gives birds their song.
35Beware, young mouse, for the lion is thorned.
36(Do/Do not) Cross the Mountain!
37(1d10) Stars Mark the Path!
38The Moon Shines Brightest to Those in Her Favor.
39Speak Not The Name Unspoken; They Listen, Always.
40Beware, for the Great Gyre is Nigh; The Slouching Beast Will Soon Arrive!
41Swords Shall Pierce Thine Heart; Pin Thy Love Lest It Be Lost.
42Three Crones Shall Visit Thee and Thier Lights Shall Reveal the Truth of What Thou Doth Seek!
43Keep a Candle Burning; Lest The Dark Take Even Your Fears Away.
44Build Not Houses of White Stone.
45Three Coins Must Ye Pay; Three Prices Dear, Secrets Thrice Revealed, ‘ere The Light of Day.
46Gold, Silver, Copper; Never in the Opposite Order!
47Spill Forth a Dram for the Lost; Make Merry in the Name of Those Who Pay the Highest Price!
48You Must Seek the Leaf that Grows Not On Any Tree!
49Jump the Broom; Dance above the Blades!
50Sphinx of Black Quartz, Judge Thy Vow.
51Seek the Egg of Stone; Face the Dragon!
52Your nights will grow colder still, to match the heat of growing fires.
53Trust the twin with no siblings, but abhor the lone child.
54The face of the one you seek is thus- a busker at dawn; a composer at noon; a patron at dusk; a maestro under the stars.
55Your money, here, have it back. The fortune you’ve asked me to read, never shall I speak of it in this life or any hereafter.
56A wilting lineage droops to shadowy lows. What the rotten fruit begets chokes out the tree of its birth.
57Beware! Blessings from above may actually be curses from below!
58A helping hand will come from an unlikely place. Trust it at your own peril.
59When the leaves fall from the trees so too shall the stars fall from the sky.
60The wisest men envy the grave.
61The poison of the moon lies only once.
62There be dragons in ye head. Make sure to feed them.
63The treasure you are looking for is in the fruit.
64Poorly-dresed skanks like you will die alone. Naked, and alone. (Works best in an arctic setting, or not.)
65Never bring upon yourself the wrath of the chicken. You may think this a metaphor, but it is not. Their beaks are sharp like my toes.
66Your hands will taste of orange in the near future.
67That which you hold most dear will turn against you and lead you to ruin
68Your actions have had unintended and unforeseeable consequences, and have placed into action the final piece of that which now approaches you. You are the harbinger of your own death
69The thoughts you have had but not put into action are leading you down a path to your own undoing
70The fall of slow rain upon the barren field will lead you to the house which shelters your destiny
71Steel your heart for darkness ahead. Your betrayal has already happened though you do not yet know it.
72Seek ye the good behind the bad and beware the bad behind the good.
73Never lick a horse in the mouth, they bite.
74A Fall is Coming; Winter Just Round the Bend; Enjoy Spring; Summer Shall Bring An End!
75Let Not Cold Enter Your Heart, For Then Only Love Can Drive It Out!
76The black sky will shield you from your enemies. Travel by night.
77The rope with which you climb may also hang you if you are not careful.
78You will be an old man/woman by the time your quest is complete.
79Fools will take great heed of your words. Use this to your advantage.
80A shrewd and very attractive fortune teller has put a curse on you. I will remove it for an additional sum.
81Trust not the travelers numbering odd.
82Take something old, give something new, doubt something red, trust something blue.
83Left at the stream, at the face look right, crawl through the dark, and you will find the light!
84Salt thy wounds, relish the sting, sweet is the knave, and bold is the king.
85Thrice will call the raven, heed its warn lest the fourth cry your dirge.
86Between silver and gold, choose evil’s bane. Between fire and chill, the lady’s kiss.
87The shadow of the dragon is an omen, but coming of the wolf is the sign.
88Begrudge not the thieving monkey, lest you take its place in the tiger’s jaws.
89Lay not your head in the barn animals’ bed, for the headsman soon calls.
90A copper for the maid, a silver to the beggar, and a gold for a lonely tune, may the vault of riches open to you.
91Someone you remember, someone you forget, someone with a favor, another with a threat.
92Poor fortune for ye, unless you confess your guilt to the willow tree.
93Your luck is a shame until you trade with your mate who has one of the same.
94A fortune most cold if you do as you’re told.
95Torch and candle, wax and wick, in the hall of fire, move right quick!
96Look for the priestess, she will bring salvation.
97An ancient empire will rise from the waves along with ancient secrets.
98Only when the lovers are reunited can the curse be broken.
99As the hermit emerges from hiding, darkness shall soon emerge as well.
100Watch for a nobleman in red, for he is a devil in disguise.