100 Marks of Darkness

One hundred physical mutations for an evil character.

Full List

  1. An evil rune, such as the symbol of a demon lord or archdevil, appears on your face.
  2. Your eyes become a glossy black.
  3. Demonic-looking horns sprout from your forehead.
  4. You become wizened and hideous, looking almost like a mummified corpse.
  5. You lose all facial features, your former face being covered with smooth skin.
  6. You gain a forked tongue.
  7. You lose your nose and instead gain slit-like nostrils.
  8. You become almost skeletal, with white skin, no hair, and a gaunt stature.
  9. Your shadow seems darker and bigger than before. Sometimes it moves out of sync with your body.
  10. You appear superficially very attractive, but some people are revolted by you (sort of like psychopath sense).
  11. Your teeth become sharp points.
  12. Your nails grow longer and longer, and are impossible to cut.
  13. A small black spot appears somewhere on your body and grows.
  14. Your heart is turned to stone and you are unable to feel emotion.
  15. You are unable to withstand direct sunlight.
  16. You shed your skin all at once like a reptile and are vulnerable for a short period afterwards (alternatively, you build a cocoon and transform into... something else).
  17. You have an affinity with a type of bug like a cockroach, which you may eat, play with, see often, or which may emerge from your bodily orifices.
  18. Animals instinctively know you are evil/wrong.
  19. Plants that you touch wither and rot.
  20. Your eyes grow to be more bulbous, similar to a fish.
  21. One of your hands losses all bones and shifts into a writhing mass of tentacles.
  22. You begin to develop patches of only black scales that are contantly itchy. When scratched off, more grow to take their place.
  23. Your teeth shift in your mouth to sit at odd angles. This doesn't impact your ability to talk or eat, but it does five you a crooked smile.
  24. You begin to sweat a thin, clear grease. No matter how much you bathe you cannot get it off.
  25. Two new eyes grow in the palms of your hands. You cannot see out of them and they seem to move on their own freewill.
  26. Your spine arches outwards, giving you a severe hunchback. Looking closer reveals small spines protruding from your skin down your back.
  27. The palms of your hands are stained a deep red that is not able to be washed off.
  28. Your skin becomes cold and rubbery to the touch.
  29. Blood will occasionally leak out of various spots on your head (eyes, ears, nose, mouth). It is not enough to hurt you, but it is visible to others.
  30. Your body odor becomes that of brimstone, rotting fish, or rotting flesh.
  31. Your body temperature is always burning hot or freezing cold.
  32. Your eye pupils change (cat eyes, frog eyes, goat eyes, multiple pupils, no pupils, etc.).
  33. Your eyes glow with a hellish light.
  34. Your eyes change to empty sockets filled with absolute darkness or hellish light.
  35. You grow one or multiple extra eyes (extra set, third eye, randomly placed eye).
  36. You gain a halo of fire or hellish light.
  37. Your skin color changes to something unnatural for your race (green, milk white, obsidian black, red, etc.).
  38. Your skin changes to scales (if you didn't have scales before).
  39. Your skin stretches and bulges as if there is something moving beneath it.
  40. Your teeth become shark-like, with extra rows of teeth.
  41. There is a literal gaping hole in your chest where your heart used to be.
  42. The touch of blessed, divine, or sacred objects burn you and leave actual burn marks.
  43. Your veins become visible through your skin; they might appear black, blue, green, red, or glowing.
  44. Your reflection shows a monster.
  45. Your shadow is shaped like that of a monster.
  46. Your fingers lose their bones, especially where you held the Evil Object. They still move just fine and may even gain some flexibility.
  47. Your pupils appear to be constantly melting off your face in a jelly-like trail of black slime.
  48. Your mouth moves to your clavicle overnight and expands across the entire front of your throat as though your throat has been slit.
  49. You no longer gain sustenance from food or recuperate from rest. You begin to lose 1 permanent HP per day until the problem is solved or curse is lifted. Becoming an undead or aberration or finding alternative sources of nourishment may help you.
  50. When breathing out in cold weather, you exhale black smoke instead of white breath.
  51. You have no shadow. Even the natural shading of your body is gone, giving you an uncanny valley kind of appearance.
  52. Your blood loses all colour, your complexion is now unnaturally pale and ashy.
  53. Strange runes in a language foreign to you appear on random spots on your body. They appear to be trying to tell you somethig but you cannot descipher them.
  54. Shadows cling to your body, and aren't as easily dispelled by light.
  55. Anomalous orifices begin appearing on your body, such as mouths, eye sockets, etc.
  56. A tragedy/comedy masks appears over your face, which bleeds a black liquid from its openings.
  57. Your eyes are now tinted with a dull black, as if dampened. When you cry, it's almost as if the tears share the same color as your original eyes.
  58. Wisps of black smoke sift through the soles of your shoes whenever you walk.
  59. Whenever you voice echoes, it lasts for much longer than it normally should.
  60. Acts of humanity and decency now stain you. Tears apply permanent defects to your skin. Mercy and sparing aches your hand, and dimples become gnarly and wrinkled.
  61. Your presence dampens the weave around you, snuffing out simple cantrip effects such as dancing lights, prestidigitation, and mending.
  62. You hear the pulses of those near you. The heavy thuds of their hearts beat like drums drowning out ambient sounds.
  63. A loud crash shakes the establishment. It appears lightning struck the rooftop. This is the third time this week it’s happened while you were out and about.
  64. Your wrists can rotate all the way around.
  65. You slowly stop needing to move your mouth to talk.
  66. Amalgamation. You look like several parts from different creatures were spiced, stitched, or grown together to from one creature.
  67. Disproportional limbs. Ex: one overly large arm or one overly small leg.
  68. Strange bulbous pods growing on your skin. They seem to pulsate with your heart beat.
  69. When cut, you bleed black or green ichor instead of blood.
  70. When your skin gets damaged, it reveals a different type of creature underneath. This other creature appears to be wearing your skin like a disguise.
  71. Everybody who sees your eyes will believe that you are looking directly at them. (like it is with the mona lisa).
  72. Your skin turns clean and pure white. It's hard to the touch and slightly cold.
  73. An eye appears on the back of your neck. It's a bright acidic greenish yellow color.
  74. A strange symbol appears in the middle of the chest of whatever clothing you wear. If you put a coat over it, the symbol fades in on the surface of the coat over the course of a few minutes. If you take the coat off, it fades and is back on the shirt underneath again. When you strip naked, it fades in as a tattoo.
  75. Your hair becomes distressed and wirey no matter how much you tend to it, creating a knotted nest of bristly strands.
  76. Your saliva takes on an unnatural hue and can now be used as a weak venom.
  77. You gain a wheezing, hacking cough that eventually leads to strange objects and fluids being coughed up (I.e. tetromas, small statues and smoothed rocks, black sludge).
  78. You weep black, oily tears.
  79. Strange shapes begin to form beneath your skin, spelling out words as you run your fingers over them. The words urge you to commit dreadful acts.
  80. A hornet's nest forms within your body. The hornets come and go through holes at your collar bones. They are not hostile to you.
  81. While your appearance does not change, it becomes increasingly difficult for others to remember who you are. Over time, even your closest friends and family lose the ability to recognize or remember you.
  82. Your fingernails shed and regrow constantly. The process is neither clean nor painless.
  83. You develop a chronic irritation, such as itchy eyes, sore limbs/joints, or a mild rash. Careful observers will notice a very subtle movement at the location, akin to a worm moving under the surface.
  84. Your gait shifts as you move, most times in small increments similar to carrying a heavy object in a hand or dragging with a leg, but sometimes the shift is like some large entity actively pushing/pulling against you.
  85. Your body's symmetry is thrown askew. One arm is thicker, an eye is larger, a leg is now 1-2 inches longer/shorter, etc. This change affects 1d3 paired body parts or organs.
  86. A natural aura of darkness follows you. People always (mysteriously) find themselves standing in your shadow, a cloud passes over the sun/moon, or another person/object blocks the nearest light source when you get close.
  87. Your hair becomes overgrown and filthy quickly, and clumps come out effortlessly, but your hair never thins.
  88. You regularly regurgitate wads of hair, teeth, and toenail.
  89. When others look at their reflection in your eyes they see the moment of their own death.
  90. When you speak a second lower voice comes from your throat repeating the same words but in a croaking, droning melody.
  91. You seemingly aren't affected by wind. Your hair and clothes do not move in light winds, but you will still be affected by severe weather. (Alternatively, you and anything you're wearing are always blowing in wind).
  92. You no longer make noise breathing, coughing, sneezing, from your pulse, yawning, or from objects hitting you. You still make noise walking and verbally.
  93. You're facial features become more severe. Your jaw becomes more angular and long, you cheekbones become abnormally large, your forehead protrudes like a neanderthal, and your nose grows larger. Additionally, your fingers and toes grow longer.
  94. Your skin becomes slightly translucent, so your muscle tissue is visible. Optionally, your muscles are also clear, so you can see your bones.
  95. When you wake up from sleeping/trance etc. Your mouth is sewn shut, and your jaw is unable to open. The wire holding your mouth shut is durable, and takes 2d4 minutes to cut. Whenever you re-awaken, this happens again.
  96. The skin directly above your veins turns dark purple, perfectly tracing them. Your veins also protrude more. When you bleed, the veins in that area become black.
  97. You no longer need to blink nor close your eyes when you sleep. (You still have the awareness when sleeping that you would if your eyes were closed, though.) Your eyes become incredibly bloodshot and get worse every hour after you awaken.
  98. Your skin looks red and irritated, and you are hot to the touch. Any tears or sweat evaporates in a few seconds. When your blood is spilt, it appears to be boiling. The area around wounds that bleed blisters.
  99. Your skin becomes shiny, smooth, and is hard to the touch. When you are damaged, your skin cracks like ceramic. It still heals at its normal rate, but the materials needed to heal you without magic change. Your skin has permanent scratches unless healed magically.
  100. Your eye lashes turn into spider legs. They seem to move with a mind of their own. When one is pulled out it grows back in 2d4 hours.
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