100 Epitaphs

One hundred humorous, serious, and interesting gravestone writings for graves.

1Albin - sire of few, father to many
2For years Yamill talked us half to death, this is the first time she's been out of breath
3Here lies a MacKennell lad, who bravely fought the wolf that stalked our town
4J.P. 873 - 894 A tough bastard
5Stay dead this time
6Kensa Ayarson - rightful heir, last of his line
7[This gravestone has been heavily scratched. It appears someone really wanted to obscure the inscription.]
8Go To The Old Tree At Full Moon To Learn My Secret
9Jentaros can finally get all the sleep he wants
10All shall join me one day
11Farooi, warrior of the Thunder Legion, died in bed
12Tricky Ulfrit finally met someone he couldn't cheat
13The Red Bull is with his foreign god now
14H. Loggerton - lived by the sword, died by the gun
15K. A. S. - founder and honoured teacher
16Nicola would curse us for not burying him next to the tavern
17Here lies a wise sage, buried by his devoted student.
18Master Alamexios buried by his greatest work. [Gravestone near a ruined tower]
19Eul B. Next
20Stavros was right, the drink didn't kill him... the fall did
21C. Corey, devoted father and husband. 'The wind in the trees/and the smile of a wife/teach the thoughtful man/all there's to know about life.'
22Old Bill tells his tales in the next world now
23Grand Lord Fulburne lies where he came from [Gravestone near a farmhouse]
24Here lies a street prophet, nothing he predicted ever came true
25Zerauth Trisquen - Author, Husband, Martyr 1746 - 1953
26Brownleg, the king's favourite horse [Large and ornate gravestone]
27Charlotte - Beloved daughter gone astray
28Gon Vishin' - Drown't But Not Out.
29Here Layeth a Fool: Lied Once; Lays Forevermore
30Yu Winsome: Lost Some.
31A Saint to Many, A Scoundrel to Some.
32​Dirty D'an, Gravedigger - Man Loved Mud; What Else is There to Say?
33Keep Back - Contagious Necromancy
34A. Trap - If You Can Read This, You Are Too Close.
35Jinder - Stole from the rich, gave to the needy, met his end when he got greedy.
36Geoffrey - We thank him for his sacrifice
37There is a fine line between bravery and foolishness. Elgin Tenson crossed it.
38Kelly the Arsonist, fire was her best friend
39Harikin master archer, once shot a branch from across a field
40May death bring you the peace that eluded you in life
41The most trustworthy comrade I had and a true lifesaver. Farewell. [The grave of a tool or instrument.]
42Here lie the nightmares of a child. Sealed within the coffin. [Coffin contains a doll.]
43A. Rose. The prettiest flower plucked away from his field.
44D. Docks. Called Doc by many, but had more intent on making wounds than fixing them.
45Here lies impatient Jon. Measured once, got shot twice.
46Here lies the Wizard Zas, a man of few words and much brilliance
47Here lies Smitty Werben Jagerman Jensen: he was number one.
48The Sleeping Sage of Contina, on to the next dream
49Ricky - long missed
50Here lies Fortune-Teller Fegip, who predicted her own date of death
51In memory of Diao. The world wasn't coming to an end -- only her.
52Corindel, fallen before the walls did.
53In memory of Redbeard. Killed because he loved dogs.
54In memory of sweet, harmless al-Ruub.
55In memory of Dwongar. Completely Forked.
56Here lies Stout. Faster than the wind, dumber than a stump.
57I think his name was Andy.
58In the end, his last breath was stolen from him.
59Bosworth's last words: 'Bring some damn good pipeweed to my wake!'.
60In memory of Maryse. She enjoyed every cut to the last. And she enjoyed that one the most. It cut her spirit free.
61In honor of 'Soupy' Sariel. He made killing things fun again.
62He taught us to make the seconds count before we close our eyes.
63Remember Sari'andi. One day she will rise and take her vengeance.
64Theodmer died hungry, or at least he thought he was.
65In memory of Thomsap. Sticks and stones broke his bones.
66Zilyana the Deaf. She never heard it coming.
67Aberlag never felt like he fit in anywhere. He fits in a coffin quite nicely, now.
68Kelvhan died. We ate him and buried the bones here.
69Red Trinos found that which he did not seek -- the sharp end of a blade.
70May your spirit swim forever, Kelvan.
71Marlevaur rests with the knowledge that her death provides much gossip.
72Numbers matter no more, for Faringan has found eternity.
73Grevea lies here, covered in glory and dirt.
74In memory of Ulduin. He was one crazy son of a bitch.
75He's cooked his last meal.
76Beloved wife and loyal drinking companion.
77This time, she was right.
78Finally, Zinwelle sleeps alone.
79In memory of Nekrasova. A juggler beyond compare, at least in her own mind.
80She couldn't take it with her.
81In memory of Kevliss the Unrestful. His works completed, may he finally find rest.
82In memory of Barron, a true Oddity.
83He asked to be buried with his beloved dog. Oh, well.
84Methath finally got out of the city. [local god] watch over his spirit.
85Botvat. Noble but poor.
86Quinzel was thrown in this hole.
87In memory of Old Macintosh. May all her children prosper.
88Skye didn't love me enough to write me an epitaph
89If even a tenth of the stories Nathy told us were true, he's alive and halfway across the continent by now.
90Skarfitaine the cook - her food was okay, her death was honourable
91In memory of cunning Liza, who pulled off the whole plan perfectly and then died of fever that summer
92Greedy Holros buried with that which he prized above all else. [This grave has been dug up, there's nothing in the hole.]
93An arrow is buried here, that killed a man who was about to kill me on the battlefield. Archer, I thank you.
94Dhitta wanted to live among the foreigners and is now buried in their way.
95Sasyidat Ilyota, 555 - 597. The fifth stone in this graveyard, after his lucky number.
96The Snake' - never knew his real name but we all owe him our lives. Gods be with him
97In memory of the Vikra family, killed to the man in a senseless feud. Spring 1326
98Let this stone be a warning to all who would trouble Threepines
99Durgan Fairhammer, clan exile, hero to our village
100Here lies Azelia in the place she loved most. [Gravestone in a peaceful clearing]