100 Things Found in a Haunted Crypt

One hundred mundane, magical, and creepy things one can find while exploring an ancient crypt.

1An old, frayed coil of rope with a noose tied into one end.
2A rusty ring of keys that might unlock something within the crypt. One of the keys looks brand new.
3A makeshift dagger made from a sharpened piece of rubble. When the players first encounter the dagger laying on the ground, it flies in their direction, attempting to stab the first player.
4A folded piece of parchment paper with each of the player's names written on it. One of the names has been crossed out.
5The statue of a lawful good deity. The statue has been defaced and it is missing its head. If the head is found and returned, the statue will magically heal the player who fixes it.
6A vase made of pure gold.
7Spell Scrolls in an ancient/forgotten language. The players can try them blind or have to descyther them first.
8A broken compass. It needs to be oiled.
9Various human body parts (tongue, finger(nail)s, eyeball, ear) kept in small boxes inscribed with blood runes. They may give minor benefits if a person's natural body part is cut out and replaced.
10An evil, fiendish totem which tempts people to give into their dark impulses.
11A small locket, with a map scrawled on one side with a faded sketch of a woman on the other.
12Candles which, when lit, bring a foul and rousing smell in the air.
13Unspoiled rations (which are actually human hearts, if the illusion is bypassed) in an unlocked box which will infect the consumer with a deadly disease.
14A worn and blood-stained silver dagger decorated with small gemstones and desecrated holy imagery.
15A cracked and damaged medallion of the sun that burns those who aren't pure of heart.
16A small child's doll from which near-silent screams echo from at night.
17Abnormally large rodents and spiders.
18A skeleton leaning up against the wall gripping a rusty sword sitting in a pool of dried blood. A black and bloodied blindfold covers his eye sockets.
19Pale corpses that have no damage on them but sunken eyes and dead skin. They have nothing but their clothes/equipment.
20A drawing of an important person/one of the PCs. The drawing is faded and damaged but clearly very, very old.
21A pale gem that glows in the moonlight. The possessor has lycanthropic tendencies on a full moon (e.g. craving human hearts).
22A yellowed humanoid skull with gems inset in its eye sockets. The rest of the body is nowhere to be found.
23A silver ring with (d3+1) fleshy fingers attached sits in an inconspicuous corner or hole.
24Several small stone gargoyles are set on or near a coffin. If they or the coffin are disturbed, they inconspicuously come to life and cause mischief/harm among the party.
25A small fortune in gems sits in a small, nondescript box. Whoever first takes a gem out of the box or removes the box from the crypt is cursed (DM's discretion)
26A mirror mounted on the wall that only shows the viewer's ruin--their worst fears, their exploitation of their vices, etc. The mirror itself is decorated with skulls, bones, and other imagery of death.
27A compass that leads towards the user's deepest, darkest desire. Whoever follows it inevitably winds up dead soon after reaching their destination, and the compass always returns.
28A gold piece with strange markings that always lands on heads.
29Statues that move when they aren't watched, and cause harm to the party if they can sneak up on them.
30A 1' by 1' massless cube.
31A small bonsai tree in a glass bottle.
32A caltrop made of a resin spider.
33A small dried out tentacle the size of a 'lucky rabbit's foot'.
34A small black glass marble where an eye would appear on occasion.
35Fresh flowers that instantly wither upon being touched.
36A wooden stake, broken and splintered.
37Indecipherable runes painted in blood on a wall.
38Hidden in a crevice, a scrap of parchment, upon which someone has hastily scribbled: gods forgive us -- we could not stop th. The rest of the scrap is missing.
39Dead rats piled against a dead-end wall. Scratches on the stone is evidence they were frantically trying to escape from something.
40A book bound in human skin and wrapped with chains.
41A broken mirror.
42A lantern emitting an eerie green light.
43Ancestral armor of the entombed.
44Ancestral weapon of the entombed.
45A severed arm, that looks as if something has been gnawing on it.
46A shield with the family's coat of arms.
47A statuette of a (angelic, demonic, monstrous) figure.
48Canopic jars. There is a faint rhythmic beating coming from one of them.
49Darts that were fired from some ancient trap long ago.
50Half-melted candles surrounding some kind of ritual area.
51Signet ring of the entombed.
52The remains of a tomb robber.
53Urns containing the ashes of (servants, pets).
54Wedding rings of the entombed.
55A weathered map that leads in a massive loop starting and ending at the crypt.
56A knife that causes bleeding when it cuts into anything (stone, paper, and plant life included).
57Mummified bodies covered in pitch, interred in giant canopic jars.
58A moving mural of the ancient buried here, doing great and terrible things. The mural is 'animated', but time has taken its toll.
59A collection of miniature terracotta chariots.
60A collection of terracotta farm animals, each the size of a small dog.
61A collection of lifelike, life-sized, painted terracotta warriors.
62A giant-sized clay urn filled with: blood from an unknown source, a 700 pound ball of finest unfired soft porcelain clay (coincidentally large enough to form something in the shape and size of a humanoid) is wrapped in once fine funerary wrappings, and has at least a gallon of holy oil in a quartz-crystal bottle shaped like a heart stuffed inside it. The clay is submerged in the blood. Despite its age, the blood in the urn has not congealed, nor has the clay dried.
63Fine, clear glass bottles filled with at least a pound of quicksilver each. The bottles are shaped like fantastical beasts.
64An astronomical orrery, but the celestial bodies depicted are not of this realm, are set to a far future date, or both.
65A 1 inch cube of pulsating flesh inside a seamless, flawless crystal sphere, 6 inches across.
66A fist sized gem which casts an aura of unnatural darkness around it for 10 feet.
67Innocuous seeming cubes of dense gray metal six inches on a side. Each is etched with fine, cryptic runes. Each face of the cube holds the equivalent of 17 pages of text in the language of the glyphs.
68A 10 foot cube of black obsidian. One corner has been beveled, but all edges are fine, straight, and unmarred.
69An intricately carved wooden figure laid carefully on a tomb.
70A burnt, blackened shovel lying beside an open grave.
71Quartz Crystal Decanters filled with Mellified Humanoid, a type of honey mixed with humanoid remains preserved in honey.
72Urns of Wine from fields that haven't existed for centuries. The wine is still fresh, but is possibly either cursed to taste so delicious that no other wine can compare, or just really is that good and priceless that one's palate is ruined for anything else.
73A single feather plucked from the wing of a Celestial Angel tortured in one of the Nine Hells. It is wrapped around a large cold-iron spike used to kill a powerful fiend with leather made from a humanoid.
746d6+3 levels worth of obscure spell scrolls printed on thin golden plates. Each spell is cast as if it is 1 level higher. The gold plates get consumed when a spell is cast or copied into a spellbook from them. Each plate weighs 1 pound.
75A heart-shaped locket with an image of a young man with the inscription 'We loved with a love that was more than love' on the outside. Those that have the locket on their person will have strange dreams involving two lovers and their tragic ends.
76A spyglass that shows invisible things.
77A tea set that belonged to a noble family.
78A small birdcage with a raven's skeleton inside. The skeleton will squawk loudly if the tomb is desecrated in any way.
79A jar labeled 'Necron Belladonna'.
80A bouquet of black roses that always smells fresh, despite its withered appearance.
81A music box that is said to reveal the spirit of a young girl in the small mirror inside. If the box is taken outside the crypt, the ghost will torment the thief through harmless, if annoying, pranks until the person returns the box.
82A small, onyx mirror that is said to show the reflection of the person holding it, albeit dead.
83A logbook of the ship known as Canarvon Bay with the last entry noting strange behavior from the crew.
84A wooden planchette with skulls etched in the design.
85A paper talisman, partially burned.
86A wedding veil that is said to possess those that wear it.
87A ceramic figure of the person buried.
88A glass vial with a corked top that contains a lock of hair, a fingernail, and a tooth.
89A pouch tied with a silk cord that feels and appears to be full of objects, but is empty when opened.
90A little wooden toy coffin with a cloth figure of a child resting inside, its arms crossed upon its chest. A scripture in the coffin says 'for Martha'.
91The broken phylactery of a long dead lich.
92A skeletal hand clutching a faded love letter.
93An empty and desecrated sarcophagus containing nothing but a burial shroud stained with fresh blood.
94A gilded stone sigil of a long forgotten demon lord.
95A jagged shard of crystal that causes the bearer to suffer from debilitating flashes of someone else's traumatic memories.
963d4 swarms of angry bats.
97A perfectly preserved corpse that turns to ash the moment it is touched.
98A skull mask that curses the wearer into believing they are undead.
99A wicked looking sword with a crystal vial of human blood set into the hilt.
100A disembodied hand that crawls around like a spider, following the players.