100 Interesting Traveling Merchants

One hundred interesting merchant NPCs that your players can run into on the road and what sort of things they are selling.

1Gerard Oirling: A very thin human man with a backpack that seems much too large for him. Inside it, he keeps minor magic items with a twist for sale. For example, he may sell the Torch of Night Vision (a torch that grants the user night vision for up to 30' when lit), or the Potion of Hydration (just a vial of water).
2Sunu'Rahh: An aarakocra who resembles a massive vulture. He has a colorful carpet stretched out that displays all of the neat things he has found along the roads of his travels.
3Kranz 'Boom' Rubblefist: A dwarf with insane eyes, charred hair, and only one eyebrow. He has an insane look in his eyes, and is always attempting to sell gunpowder to all who walk by. He has been put in prison for arson a few times, and he's currently trying to make enough money to get his partner out of jail for the same crime.
4Nipip and Prina Glitterhelm: A gnome couple who sell flavored healing potions. Nipip is a successful alchemist who discovered how to create healing potions, and Prina colors them and adds different interesting flavors to them, such as mint, strawberry, or cotton candy.
5Thokon Kolakavone: A massive goliath who sells massive Clydesdale horses. When he is encountered, he is always carrying 1d4 of these magnificent horses on a lead. He sells these horses for a much higher price than a regular horse, because he claims they are 'as strong as three horses combined'!
6Bokim Pappalnap: A cheery Gnome selling his own paintings. Unfortunately, they aren't very good. He hasn't sold any paintings yet, but everyone he has spoken to has had a good explanation for why they couldn't buy his art. He sold his family's fishing boat to pursue his art dream, but hasn't regretted that decision yet.
7Caleb Farseer (an alias; actually Caleb Butterhouse): A tall, high-strung, well-dressed young man selling a variety of luxury goods: silk and fur clothing, silver tableware, valuable books, etc. He knows the items' histories in detail. It's not hard to get him to spill the truth: these are the possessions of his wealthy family, he's selling them without their permission (he's trying to look at it as taking his inheritance in advance), and it's the only way he sees to purchase armor and warhorse for his perceived destiny as a bold knight. He's seeking strangers from out of town to sell to because locals know who he is.
8Allendra Maple: A serene, middle-aged human woman selling exquisitely carved wooden goods, both decorative and high-quality, from cups and tableware to bows and arrows, all in a consistent style. She is the only merchant a tribe of wood elves will trade with - indeed, the only outsider permitted to know their location. She honors her agreement with them scrupulously, but she has rivals who hope to extract the information by foul means or fouler.
9Braymore and Co.: Braymore is an earnest sentient talking donkey who carries his peddler's wares in his own saddlebags, both moving the goods and making the deals. "And Co." is Ep, a squirrel with a typically high-strung, squirrely personality. Ep has no sense for business, but does have small prehensile hands, making her crucial to the partnership. If the players don't fall in love with Braymore and Ep, you're playing them wrong.
10Merthin Goodbelly: A halfling selling a delicious stew, pudding, or beverage, perfectly chosen for each setting. His fare comes from an enchanted cookpot that generates any food or drink desired without ingredients, requiring only heat. Once per day, it can create a dish with mild healing properties (1d4 hp), though it will spoil after a week if unused. He is terrified of his pot being stolen, so keeps a loyal half-orc bodyguard, Rumblesome; more importantly, he strives to keep secret the fact that the pot is magical at all. This makes selling the healing draughts particularly challenging, and he rarely offers them.
11Jebediah Faust: A "human" peddler with a ridiculous circus-like entourage who has a unique magical ring of wishes for sale, The ring has only one charge. The granted wish will do everything in its power to screw over the wisher in any literal or logical manner possible.
12Bright Eliza: A dozen people dressed as sailors; one carries a model of a cargo ship under an arm. That model is their ship, the Bright Eliza, which can magically expand to a full-sized ship or shrunk to this toylike size, along with its cargo. They customarily cross the sea with a cargo and then, upon reaching land, shrink the ship and carry it inland to where their wares fetch higher prices.
13Fenton Golee: A portly and cheerful dealer in the lucrative spice trade, he's always seen discussing business with associates over fine spiced wine.... "business" defined quite loosely. He readily decides that the PCs are interesting people, and their varying travels make them important business contacts, because... um... well, never mind the details. Sit down, take a cup! He can become a valuable source of refreshment and sometimes useful information.
14Martha Switchgrass: An elderly but healthy peasant. Her village, suspecting that their usual merchant was swindling them, elected her to take a cartload of their dried fruit directly to the port city, hoping to get a better price. Her son-in-law Nate accompanies her to help watch for thieves. She's struggling, thanks to unfamiliarity with the market and the demands of city bureaucracy, but even worse, the snobbish reluctance of buyers to deal with a mere peasant instead of a fellow member of the merchant class.
15True: A changeling merchant selling empty potion bottles and discarded items claimed to be owned or used by famous adventurers that the changeling swears have been good friends with. He sells them as mementos for as much as they can get away with. They take different forms related to whoever they claim they’re selling trinkets from.
16Marvin the Mushroom Man: Gathers and sells a bewildering variety of fungus. Assures you with great confidence that he has one that is just the thing for any need or desire you express. Luminescent, healing, poisonous, or just good eatin', you name it.
17Baralty Gimmel: A powerful but silly gnome wizard. A collector of magical items both powerful and mundane. His stone giant companion Klex carries a sack the size of a shack that contains all the magical items he has collected on his recent journeys. Baralty is also an avid alchemist and likes to exchange magical items for willing test subjects to try out his home-brewed potions.
18Tatiyana (Tatty) and Mark: A young fey merchant beginning her trade in the mortal world, Tatty still deals mostly in coin and material goods but might offer discounts on her magic items for 'fey goods' (the wings of your soul, your name, etc). Her 'partner' Mark appears at first to be a furred Bag of Holding, but is in actuality one end of a bag of devouring. Tatty is immune to its teeth, and is one reason objects placed within bags of devouring disappear.
19The Unencumbered: a traveling caravan of gnomish merchants who buy and sell any and all items. They are known to deconstruct mundane items and turn them into something worth selling.
20Tom: A large Troll who carries a cart-like backpack with the help of ropes. He is non-hostile and surprisingly well spoken. Tom doesn't sell his stock of foodstuffs and potions, he trades it for items he deems "interesting". It becomes obvious that it means weapons or sets of Armor.
21Ferdiad: A traveling cleric of Goibniu, a god of metalcraft and hospitality. He'll gladly heal and restore any heroes he comes across. If given up to 100gp, Ferdiad can use his connection to his god to create non-magic objects of the same worth.
22Khim: An old Goblin driving a cart pulled by dogs. Because of his race and events in the past, he is reluctant to trade or even go near non-goblinoids. If he can be shown you are not a threat, He will trade his assortment of trinkets, poisons and, most notably, bombs. When asked about his wares origin, he openly/proudly admits to have stolen them from a racist merchant next town over.
23Mr. Scorsosby: A elderly chultan merchant who travels from town to town selling textiles. Cloaks, rugs, well-made fabrics and such. He has a wide, kind smile and likes to chat with his customers. He's rarely hassled on the roads, since he travels with his belongings and wares slung over the back of a large and loyal Triceratops named Chuchu draped in a patterned cloth barding.
24Otha Toothmane: A ivory-scaled Dragonborn occupied by three kobolds; Qenk, Zuum and Irk. She rides a cart drawn by a white guard drake with just a few small barrels loaded on the back. The barrels are covered in hoarfrost. Otha brews and sells magically cold ale. And she is as cool as her beer, but she may be persuaded to sell you some of her. It is very expensive, but incredibly refreshing.
25Hirum the Hairless: Hirum sells saintly bones, single-use charms, and holy water that he claims came from very powerful holy officers or saints. Significantly overpriced, obscure edge case charms, but the effects are always what they are described as "on the tin", and they have a reputation of never cheating a customer.
26Uncle Urist: An avuncular dwarf former adventurer that always tries to upsell the customer by using the line, "Now listen to Uncle Urist, what you really need is..". Sells adventuring supplies or mounts. Always inquires after and remembers details customers provide, especially about families and relatives. "And how is your mum, lately? Did she get over that case of gallstones you mentioned her suffering so?"
27Hannah Boll's Discount Oliphauntery: A traveling gnomish seller of very, very large mounts, at deep deep discounts. Look at all this trunk space!
28The Pillowsmith: A small, tired and sallow gnome marketing the perfect snooze. An excellent inventor, but not the best quality control. Goods include:- Pillow of clouds -reduces long rest by 2 hours, 1% chance plane shift to the Elemental Plane of Air; Draught of sleep -insomnia cure, works perfectly, 2% of regular users never wake; Worries for another day -Forget all that's bothering you for tonight, 5% of users forget it completely.
29Professor Conrad Goodwin of Wynarn University and timepiece collector extraordinaire: He has a knack for giving his full undivided attention, but still remains a bit aloof. Always fascinated with materials in which to make watches or timepieces from.
30Bellaluur and her daughter Garundah: They are salvagers in the "Salvation" outpost, always ready to cut a deal on a good find. Bellaluur would sell her daughter for a silver sovereign, but secretly loves and cherishes her spunky, rambunctious daughter.
31Zell Mar: Zell is an aspiring scholar, wannabe loverboy, all out coward. He is in the 'knowledge business', yet can't ask a fellow colleague on a date. Perhaps you could help set him up, for that piece of info you're looking for.
32Fretz Lyric: an old 'beach bum', crunchy granola type guy, always willing to play his banjo, but really has the down and dirty details on all the socialite behavior this week.
33Becca the Blacksmith: She is a former Brelish soldier, now doesn't trust a soul except for the flames in her forge and steel in her hand. 'Don't get close to me, buddy, you're going to just end up like the rest of them.' She has a solid grip and forges the BEST things from recovering scrap or ruins of a fallen city.
34Braba Brimblebottom, the key merchant: An old gnome geezer. It is extremely difficult to find him. You may meet him in inconspicuous places, here in there, or in shady corners, always trying to hide from someone. His back is bent over the weight of a huge key that he carries on his back. There are a thousand more keys hanging from him. Intricate, simple, bent or dented, made out of iron or copper, or crystal or golden, of wood and of thistle, mechanical or magical or just plain. He has a key for every door, box or lock.
35Jarek Whillock and Caleb Brown: Jarek drives a cart full of basic foodstuffs pulled by two scruffy mules. Sat beside Jarek is his partner Caleb who clearly has been dead for quite some time (and not undead either). If Caleb's condition is pointed out to Jarek he will become insulted and drive off.
36Thwaite Bunniman: Automaton Merchant, hides a giant pair of rabbit ears under an oversized tophat. He was cursed by the fey for their name, and lets everyone know it. He won't sell anything to anyone they suspect works for THEM, and has a long and complex set of tests to qualify against.
37E. Barrat Prettyman: Once a beauty or livestock harvest festival pageant judge, now a traveling magistrate. He will judge any dispute, and do so fairly. Can, once per day, cast Zone of Truth; also sells a number of Justice related scrolls. He is friends with every sheriff and noble from here to far-away-ton; knows them by name, can provide information or letter of influence if tongue loosened.
38Fereh Whitemaw: an albino orc woman traveling with her goat familiar. She's a mid to high level mage that transmutes anything and everything to drugs. Sometimes there's something left over which she sells. Constantly high, erratic and loves goats way more than humanoids.
39Vüt (Pronounced Voot): A large, shaggy-haired hill giant with half her left ear missing. Vüt has a chronic sickness that causes her to throw up regularly. This is seen as a societal offense in hill giant culture, and so she has been functionally banished, sent to move along the developed roads and sell/buy animals for the clan. Vüt has makeshift rope reins tied around her waist, each tied to whatever rhino, pony, or terror bird that she has with her. She speaks Common well enough and usually approaches travelers with large mounts or pets.
40Yatzery Monchumba: a tall, wizened, heavily tattooed man in flowing purple garments. In lieu of a typical caravan, he is followed by a floating procession of large, flat pallets bearing tons of valuable quarried stone, such as marble or some strange purple sandstone. He was once blacklisted in a joint statement from multiple wizard academies for his dangerous experiments in graviturgy - this discredited expertise is how he can transport such heavy goods across long distances without having to teleport them.
41Qeraszt: a gynosphinx sworn to guard the treasury of a long-forgotten merchant god. An extraordinary heist saw that treasury stolen away and circulated across the world, so Qeraszt now attempts to reclaim its contents one item at a time by means of violence or trade. She has a number of valuable wares she is willing to part with at fair prices; however, if someone bears one of the items she seeks, she is incapable of hiding her desire to have it, and won't stop until they've given it back, one way or another.
42Simmia Cactusbury: a gnome in brightly striped clothing and with a pack always on his back, Simmia sells hot-air balloons as well as packs similar to the ones he wears, which would happen to be parachutes. He offers a free training course to all his customers. Simmia is accompanied by his wife and kids, who don't share the same enthusiasm for air travel, but would rather be there with him in case something goes wrong.
43Edgar Ash, Master Adventurer, famous author: Most famously known for his book series, "One Foot in the Grave" about a Paladin named "Lance Harder'' who falls in love with a Lich. Well known for traveling and researching everything to make aspects of his book as factually accurate as possible. Currently looking for Menzobarrenzan (especially if you're in a realm where it doesn't actually exist) because he heard dark elves have a bunch of weird ritual magic and that he needs to learn about for "authenticity". He sells a variety of adventuring equipment, potions, and minor magic trinkets that adventurers might find useful (such as things to make light, aid with climbing/swimming/etc), but no weapons or armor. What he really tries to push on those he encounters is copies of his books, and every time he mentions them or is asked about them, the price inexplicably raises. And he's more than happy to sign them for an additional fee so you can brag to all your friends about meeting him.
44Dysiphis’s Destinies & Destinations: A hunched, wizened individual of indiscernible gender or race, Dysiphis (presumably) sits at a crossroads beside an empty door frame hung with a beaded curtain, a teapot steaming over the fire before them. No bead is the same, precious amber strung alongside worn sea glass; and the iron tea pot, once painted green, is now pitted and rusting. If offered payment Dysiphis proffers a cup of tea, bitter yet redolent with forgotten spice, then pours the dregs onto a scrap of yellowed parchment. As the tea leaves dry and stain the parchment a pattern emerges…a map, if one is bold enough to pass through the doorway.
45Kher Tusksnout: A gray scaled and yellow eyed kobold in a black hooded trench coat, and a pocketed vest. Well connected with the black market, his inventory usually includes vast varieties of weapons, banned arrow or bolt types, exotic poisons or potions, illicit ingredients, and dangerous magic items. Every bit of available space on the inside of his coat and on his vest is taken up either by his wares or by pockets of holding for more of his wares. Every step he makes is accompanied by a cacophony of clanks as the small army’s worth of weapons jostle. With a casual gesture he’ll hold open his coat, putting his collection on full display and he’ll ask in a gravelly voice that sounds like a man who smoked tobacco since the day they were born, “What’re ya buyin’, stranja?”
46Malinda Farfoot: An exuberant halfling woman with free flowing dark brown hair that falls down to the middle of her back. Her bright blue eyes sparkle with the joy of someone following their passion and love sharing it with others. She smiles eagerly and warmly despite the jagged scar that runs diagonally across her face from temple to jaw line. She has a belt that holds knives, spoons, ladles, forks, and all manner of culinary tools. She travels with a muscular donkey that moves fairly silently considering all of the pots, pans, and other implements it is hauling. Malinda offers exotic recipes that use rare materials usually taken from monsters. She also offers to prepare any item as long as you bring her the materials, pay a relatively modest fee, and let her keep a portion for herself. She will only divulge how she got her scar with those she has developed a good relationship with.
47Unique Mulumba: A mysterious traveler from the distant south. He has coarse black hair and dark brown eyes. When you don't encounter him on the road, he can usually be found napping under a nearby tree, or in his small wagon. If you catch Unique while he's awake, he is always up for listening to tales from your adventures. He is good natured and laughs a bit too hard at most jokes. On (far) more than one occasion, an adventurer made him laugh while he was drinking something, and more of that drink ended up on the adventurer than in Unique. For all his carefree attitude, under it all, he came from a childhood of being a child soldier and knows how to take care of himself. He has basic traveling supplies, an extra tent or two, food rations, and always has his coffee.
48The Teeth Merchant: A very small looking creature who appears before adventurers after trekking through a perilous forest or plundering a deep dungeon, and asks if it has any teeth. If the party offers it teeth they got from some kind of monster, it unfurls (kind of like the grinch making That Face?) its arms and plucks it from them, before unfurling their body and showing them their coat full of magical trinkets, and will offer them a magical trinket of equal value (DM's discretion). After the initial encounter, The Teeth Merchant trades with the party as though with any merchant, but just with teeth instead of gold pieces.
49Mudpin: A middle-aged Verdan salesman. He normally sells items for Druids, Artificers and Bards. His wares include a variety of potions, staves, totems, foci, various parts for tinkering, crystals, small musical instruments and assorted home décor. Atop Mud's teal-painted cart is the hollowed-out and dried head of a dead Remorhaz. "Disclaimer," he says, "I did NOT kill that thing."
50Quansee't the Magi: A variety of different merchants who vary wildly in appearance, except for one distinctive feature; a bright blue cloak with gold accents. Each time the PCs come across a new Quansee't, they will act as if they have never met the party before. However, if they choose to barter with Quansee't, they will be selling certain items that they bought from the party earlier. Is Quansee't a shapeshifter, or is something weird going on?
51The Traveling Scam: Nickname for a doppelganger (either the monster or just a talented person disguising themselves with magic or costumes) going from place to place. They disguise themselves as other well-known merchants and offer to sell fake magical items and treasured pieces of art. When given the chance encounter with a poor person traveling the land or an injured adventurer in need of help, they will help the person out through all means necessary, whether it be through payments to help them purchase land or by administering medical care.
52Harold the Hunchbacked Haberdasher: A short hobbled little man pulling a cart with various, nice-looking though utterly mundane hats. Will try incessantly to get anyone he meets to buy something off him or indeed attempt to buy one of the hats they are currently wearing. Unfortunately he has a mild speech impediment preventing him from pronouncing the letter "h".
53Dulluen: A Half-Orc traveling in a small caravan. He plays sad tunes on his guitar, humming in a low raspy voice rolling slowly from one village to another. He has lots of stories full of wonders and mystery to share. The inside of his caravan is full of interesting curiosities, necessities (rope, pickaxe, lanterns, soap...) and some rare magic items hidden in a corner. It smells of sage, incense and cigars.
54Vulnebirus: An excommunicated paladin traveling for redemption for his sins. The order he belongs to condemns all oathbreakers to sell the equipment of their past lives, vowing to silence and humility. Dressed only in tattered rags, he carries his past gear on his back, tied to a sort of reliquary rising above his head. In the center is tied his blessed armor, on the right his trusted mace, on the left his battered shield. Various holy books, sacred vials and religious icons are scattered about the wooden structure. Vulnebirus will refuse to speak under all circumstances, and if he successfully sells all of his possessions, he will promptly journey to spend the rest of his life in a far off monastery of his god.
55Zalsregaar: A spellcasting drifter selling all sorts of magic paraphernalia. His hyper personality can be a lot to deal with, being particularly aloof and unpredictable. Often seen resting under a mossy log, in a wet ditch, hidden in dewy vegetation, he always smells of mold and spices. He carries his wares in a leather bag covered in fungus and will offer them to anyone within eyesight. If a customer appears, he will be able to buy parchment, potions, healing balms, soothing herbs and vision mushrooms, enchanted trinkets and magical ingredients along with sticks, pinecones, leafs and nuts bark found on the forest floor, all at reasonable prices.
56Floppsy Trillsinger: Gnome Bard Performer Extraordinaire. Travels the land in a dual horse drawn vardo that folds down into an impromptu stage, complete with miniaturized set pieces and costumes to perform one of three one-man shows: The Lady's Folly, The Addled Knight, A Bard's Lament. (Perfect NPC for a Harper (FR) or Grinner (CR) type spy)
57Durlin Deerstalker: Upon outward appearance, one might be intimidated by Durlin. Durlin is one of the finer hunters in the land. He grew up fending for every scrap of food his family ate. War and disease had brought disaster to their land, so Durlin learned to hunt and scavenge for anything remotely edible, mostly by trial and error. His older brother taught Durlin how to make dried meat, meager vegetables, and herbs into the best stews. As food became more plentiful, Durlin decided to use his skills to make money. His skins and meats are always cut properly, and he sells excellent roots and foods, but it's his herbs that are the real treasure.
58Eckerd the Brave: Eckerd doesn't stay in one place for very long, his house keeps burning down. That's the life of an experimental potion-maker, though. One minute, the new potion of tremor sense is distilling nicely. The next minute, half of the kitchen is gone, along with most of the ground directly under the kitchen. When Eckerd's mobile cart rolls into town, everyone keeps a 10 foot distance for the first few minutes. But it's hard to keep away from Eckerd's natural enthusiasm. This wiry gnome, fitted in his least scorched tailcoat and tophat jumps at the chance to tell you about his latest invention. Let the buyer beware. Let the buyer's immediate neighbors beware.
59Claudia Smothersea: Claudia has been running the Smothersea tavern for four decades. It had been part of her late husband's family for generations. Claudia would have retired and given the tavern to her oldest son, Ellis, but the boy wanted to play soldier. After he enlisted, Claudia held out hope he would come home, but there hasn't been any word for two years. Her daughter, Clea, and younger son, Irwin, help her run the tavern now. It is busier now than when her in-laws ran the place. It might be in part because Clea is a shameless flirt, but it's Claudia's brewing recipes that bring people back. Horehound stout, hawthorn ale, wormwood bitter, and especially Goodberry mead make for many repeat customers.
60Euan Toller: Old Euan has spent as much time hammering steel as other people have breathing. Time and heat have grayed his hair and beard, but his back is strong as it was when he forged armor for his lord's father. Euan is a fair man, but his apprentices more often last weeks than months. Euan demands a work ethic as strenuous as his own, and does not believe in idling. A woodsman who buys an ax from old Euan will give that tool to his son.
61Marten Likker: As a young apprentice, Marten Likker was told by his master that he was most likely the world's worst hatter and that he would never amount to anything. With fierce determination, Marten sought out to prove his master wrong... by becoming the finest shoemaker in the land. Marten can craft a pair of boots that will last for a generation, or a pair of fine heels that will draw the attention of all royalty. His customers have come to expect long waits, prices one would rarely call "competitive", and Marten's eccentricities such as a ban on hats in the shop. Heaven help the customer that criticizes his work, for they may be threatened with the loss of their toes.
62Ariel Knockturne: She is a young elf with a dream. A dream to create a carriage empire using centaurs as labor. Her fledgling business empire, Hoofin' It, has run into some early entrepreneurial issues including competition with other local carriage merchants and issues with the local Centaur union, Clip-Cloppers Local 104, who are threatening to strike over having to purchase their own shoes. As a result, Ariel has found herself deeply in debt and working with smugglers to bring illicit substances into town.
63Petrie Spires: He is getting too old to run a general store. This old merchant spent far too long working behind the counter; lifting heavy boxes, rude customers, not to mention the numerous times he’s been robbed. What Petrie is not tired of, is making money. Calling Petrie a cheapskate elicits the same response as calling him handsome. Once when he was robbed, the bandit panicked and shot Petrie in the leg with a hand bow. The next day, Petrie sold the arrow, still covered in his blood. Petrie is not a big fan of questions like “where did you get that ring?” And “why does this shield have so many holes in it?” Recently, Petrie realized he could solve all of his problems by purchasing golems to run the shop.
64The Duke: a massively overweight human sitting in the open backdoor of a cart, who turns up in places that make absolutely no sense for a regular trader to be. There are no tracks of horses or anything, but he sells fantastic dishes that grant minor benefits as well as whatever the PCs need currently.
65Tanner Smith: Dressed in sweat stained clothing an exasperated Tanner Smith futilely drags on the leads of a dusty camel train while muttering under their breath, "What I wouldn't do for a couple good horses, hells even a donkey." The camels are loaded with amphorae of spiced apricot wine, phials of exotic perfumes packed in straw filled crates, and bundles of rare incense. Tanner will happily trade some of these expensive goods for any other pack animals, provided you "Get these damn camels out of my sight!"
66Morg Coalbuckle: From a distance you see smoke rising and hear the ringing of metal on metal. Rounding a curve in the road you find Morg Coalbuckle in a heavy leather apron hammering away at an anvil atop a stump beside their traveling forge, a roaring inferno in the belly of an iron golem shaped like an ox. Morg is a master blacksmith, and having forged the golem themselves, knows the secrets to animating metal. Now that you think about Morg's skin has a strange sheen to it too...
67The Pixie Express: A stable of pixies flitting around invisibly on enchanted hummingbirds happily willing to deliver a message or small parcel if one knows how to summon them: a saucer of sugar water and a few crumbs of cake left in the crook of a tree.
68N'vereye: A strange merchant, wearing a blindfold over his eyes and cultist robes, selling creepy-looking tomes. N'vereye is a star pact warlock who worships an Outer God, and always covers his eyes in order to keep his sanity intact. The strange books he sells contains lore and information of the outer realms and the Great Old Ones. If one were to buy one of his tomes, they take 1d6 psychic damage as it contains things that normal people could not comprehend. He's popular among other warlocks though.
69Rascal Garbageson: Some guy who sells stuff he finds in garbage cans for a very, very cheap price. Lies about his inventory being magically enchanted, and came from faraway lands. Don't be surprised if he sells a pile of dog poop one day.
70Boote Legg: A crazy woman who sells bootlegs of very rare magic items. Her stuff is all sloppily made and some might even break very easily, even though she proposes that they're the real deal.
71The Masked Tea Sommelier (Or the Tea Fox for short): An enigmatic figure that has the appearance of a young human woman with a theatrical fox mask and a short hanfu. She rides a penny-farthing that carries a passenger cart. The passenger cart carries an immaculate tea shop. It doesn't matter how rough the road is, the ceramic pots and cups are never disheveled or broken. She will occasionally stop on the road to offer travelers some tea and tell their fortune from their tea leaves (For a price, of course). No one knows her real name, origin, or what she looks like under the mask. After she finishes telling your fortune, she puts everything back in the carriage and rides off. Legends have been told about her for centuries so her true age is also a mystery.
72Professor Terracrus Halfang: A gnome book salesman who appears to be in his early 400's. He carries around a large backpack and has a surprising amount of books contained within. He has plenty of rare and banned books for sale in his collection and enjoys discussing politics, philosophy, and religion with other enthusiasts as well as his favorite fiction and adventure novels. He's even carried conversations about children's books as well. He's also willing to buy books that adventurers have written. On more than one occasion, he's even gotten them published and given them a cut of the proceeds.
73The Shadow Seller: A figure clad in plague doctor garbs is rumored to haunt roads near fresh battlefields and recent massacre sites. The figure rides a (skeletal) horse-drawn hearse and speaks in whispers. They sell a collection of macabre things such as mummified limbs, necrotic venomous spiders, books about the dead, tiny flesh golem familiars, and a collection of jars that they claim contain the souls of the dead. It's not clear how they get these souls but they somehow know which souls are important to someone. A dead lover, friend, or family member might find its way into their collection. The price for the more mundane morbid curiosities is priced in gold but the souls are offered in favors or tasks. Perhaps they want something from a necromancer's collection or a pale master's skeletal arm. For the more morally corruptible, they might ask for a much more wicked task. Anyone who has tried to fight the Shadow Seller has simply seen it vanish into a mist after the first blow is made.
74Brother Garrett Tumbledown: A half-hin (half-human, half-halfling) who dresses in a road worn, patchwork, ragged priest's garb and carries a backpack filled with everything a kitchen might need. He offers a delicious, home cooked meal to weary travelers for a fair price. He enjoys talking about his religion (NG light/holy-based god. Whatever works for your setting. Pelor, Lathander, Silver Flame, Bahamut, Sarenrae, Paladine, etc.) His food seems almost divinely enhanced. It can have a multitude of positive effects (Boost of temporary HP for 1d4 days, dispelling negative effects, recovering from fatigue. It's up to the DM.) He makes enough food for leftovers and wraps them up once the meal is finished. After the travelers finish their meals, the prestidigitation his utensils, gathers everything up, bids farewell, gives them an informal blessing, and continues on down the road.
75Akhissie: A pureblood yuan-ti woman who considers herself a "Pharmacist" but she honestly just offers hallucinogens that allow for extraplanar astral projection (or at least the perception thereof). She's very laid back and carries her supplies in a knapsack and a series of pouches located on her overcoat. When she encounters travelers she asks them bizarre, nonsensical questions such as, "Have you asked a god why their air tastes like fear-induced sadness?", "When was the last time a person has said all the same exact things you said for an entire day but in a different language in another part of the world?", "Do you think our eyes are different enough to give each other an entirely different perception of reality?", and "What is it called when you recall a feeling you used to have at a time in your life as if it was a room you simply left but now it has a different feeling because you left it for too long?" No matter the adventurer's response, she just smiles and says, "Far out..." Then she sells her wares, speaking in a similarly bizarre way.
76The Clay Brothers: These three Humanoids shaped out of clay may seem crude at first, but they are actually gold smiths of some renown. They work especially well on gemstone jewelry. Since they are made of clay and have a quite intimidating amount of strength, they practically carry around a small forge on their backs.
77Carvin Slowfellow: He is a male halfling in his later years. Gone bald, his gray beard is charred in places, stained in various colors in others. He wears a pair of discolored pants, no boots, a shirt and a black vest. Donning a pair of round glasses, he looks a bit unhinged. Carvin was blessed by Gond, God of Craft, with the gift of crafting and enchanting almost any items that come to mind. He fulfills this blessing by rapidly creating items of various powers, but they are usually unconventional to say the least. A Fishbowl of Silence for example, where the inside of the bowl has Silence enchanted into it. A bucket that despite your best efforts always returns to a spot by the door, when you look away. Edible flowers that taste like chocolate... but only the stem. Use Carvin to deliver your comedic relief items and trickle in some interesting homebrewed items that you know you always wanted the party to have!
78Gappo Shandeley: An old sailor and scrimshaw maker, he carves elaborate false-limbs for adventurers from the tusks, bones and chitin of slain creatures, occasionally paying for these cast-offs from particularly storied beasts. Has an unnerving way of looking at you, like he's constantly sizing you up, though whether that is to sell you a prosthetic -or to steal your bones for materials- is up to you. Wears a large floppy hat with elaborately-carved bones hanging from the rim, an advertisement for his skills.
79Loony Luna Braehler: A purveyor of exotic "moon poetry", which she claims is sent to her by the moon using a "tidal ouija-board". Tall and gangly, with extremely long, tousled brown hair, upon which is threaded a hoard of cheap, gaudy moon-shaped paraphernalia. Her detractors claim the poetry is just her own, with a dodgy story to sell the bizarre readings, whilst her supporters claim that nobody sane would write such pointless nonsense. Nonetheless, highly regarded in divination circles as one to watch.
80Zin zu'la Zandras: From far off foreign land. Traveling peddler is considered the highest calling in his homeland. He seeks to gain favor and status for his house by finding goods and materials of indispensable value and offering it to the royal family. Players find him regularly robbed and his cart torched. He somehow manages to financially recover every time.
81Tavos: Tavos is quite the veteran, surviving a war between the planes. He’s gone to hell and back, quite literally, earning a numerous amount of scars on his human body. Tall, slender, and almost completely covering his body in masks and a black cloak, covering his scars, and his past, he now makes a living as a traveling merchant using his “spoils of war”, including powerful artifacts from his youth in war, useful connections from around the planes and dark contracts that he’s taken advantage of, and his tamed giant spider that obediently totes his large storage of items and himself on it’s back. He sources many things from the abyss, as few merchants would dare to compete in that market. He rarely talks about himself, only about business, and has a dark sense of humor. Also be careful, the spider bites, but Tavos will hold a grudge forever if you harm it, even in self defense.
82Fahir the Rugged: A wizened, dark-skinned man with sharp eyes and an even sharper tongue. This elderly trader reclines on his flying carpet as it whisks him to distant lands, and when it lands again, it's laden with intriguing trinkets and exotic spices. The real goods are his words - few others have Fahir's global perspective.
83Poosey the Butcher: This burly dwarf is pure muscle, and always has a few cleavers tucked behind his apron. He rolls his clattering abattoir-wagon into town, hires adventurers to hunt local game, breaks it down, and preserves it in a special Bag of Holding to sell to connoisseurs. From peacock cutlets to were-boar loin, if it's made of meat, Poosey probably has it... and if he doesn't, he'll hire you to bag it.
84Bandolier Sam Delgado: This half-elf gunslinger's adventuring days might be behind him, but retirement isn't really his style. Sam's handmade stagecoach unfolds into an open-air saloon, where folks gather to sip Dwarven smoking ale and sing folk songs late into the night. It's jam-packed on Sam's last day in town; the whole village turns out to watch his impressive trick-shooting routine as he twirls and blasts his exotic arquebuses.
85Cogmaster Kazoc: No one's sure who gave this clever gnome his ridiculous title, but he's not letting it go. His nimble fingers and keen magic certainly back it up. The moment he parks his caravan, he's plied with broken clocks, faulty lanterns, fizzling wands, and seized-up water wheels. He never sticks around for more than a week or two, but by the time he sets off, the town's machinery is whirring and purring. He doesn't like to brag, but if you prove your expertise, Kazoc will take you in back and show you his custom designs.
86Denthel: A copper dragon disguised as a small lizard merchant who is only interested in trading objects rather than gold pieces. Having learned from another pushy type of merchant, he sells all his belongings claiming them to be "the best". "This longsword is the best!"
87K'zeyul Ragh: This witty and charismatic kobold merchant's life has been entirely devoted to dragonkind. Due to this, he mostly trades in anything and everything draconic, ranging from conserved dragon body parts to artifacts, books that talk mostly about dragons and maps that record the location of dragon lairs
88Leire Noul: An attractive-looking but overall seedy human lady in her late 20s that stocks a wide variety of exotic components used for rituals, books on occult subjects, various religious items and perhaps a spell scroll or two. However, she actually disdains religions and the occult, and is only in it for the money. She is very well versed in those subjects however, but only so that she can pretend she's deeply invested into whatever faith her patrons follow, in order to win them over and get them to spend more money on her goods than they would otherwise
89Clitter Clatter: A skittish kenku that only sells incomplete items he has come across in his travels. Goods on sale might include rope scraps, rough and incomplete maps, single Sending Stones (for example, a creature might carry the other stone, or it could've been dropped somewhere and adventurers might hear a particular noise that could eventually take them to it), Decks of Illusions or other similar card-related magic items with only 1d8+2 cards remaining in them, or flawed/damaged magic items that can only hold half the charges a normal version of that item would have. Also, he might buy similar items from the travelers for a better price than most merchants would normally pay for them
90Gwlop: A sentient, talking ooze that sells a wide assortment of items that it has "found" (read: couldn't digest after consuming many overly trusting travelers) while on the road. Since it likes consuming the coins it's given as nourishment rather than keeping them around, it prefers being paid in copper whenever possible
91Grung: A human with rough factions and copious facial and body hair, who only wears animal skins for protection and barely speaks common (can't read or write). Rather than buying or selling, he only understands the concept of trading, and values items in a way that's entirely incomprehensible to anybody else. Whether this skewed value errs in favor of or against their patrons is up to the GM's discretion
92Eleanor de Corbyn: A small and brightly-clothed woman; a trader in futures. Though sighted, she wears a blindfold so that the visible world does not distract her from her visions. She looks into a customer's fate to foresee some good outcome, then offers to buy it away from the customer in exchange for a different boon. Or she foresees a disaster and offers to sell them a better outcome, in exchange for some different loss. If the PC takes her bargain, they should come close enough to the traded-away fate (and then have it snatched away) that they can tell (or at least suspect) that the deal was real.
93Vandross: An expressionless, iron-masked humanoid that is half mechanical, half biological that speaks in profound, if slightly violent rhymes. Remember to speak their name in ALL CAPS or they get agitated and refuse to sell until sufficient apology is made. An interplanar gemstone factor, and member of a powerful cartel of gem-dealers, has many connections, especially between several Elemental Mote settlements that border the Planes of Earth and Air, as well as several far-flung regions of the Astral Plane, the City of Brass, etc. They are willing to let adventurers and merchants tag along on their peregrinations, for a small gratuity, investment, or for reasons of plot, never spending more than ten days in a location or plane before plane-shifting to the next in a strange series of logistical conjunctions that would require a genius to work out a complete schedule for, if not for VANDROSS's Perfect Recall. Up to twenty sentient individuals and their gear, inside 76.3 cubic meters of volume, and massing no more than 20,000 kg may travel this way, the amount that would fit inside a standard Earth-based Shipping container. Their extensive web of connections could make it near impossible to purchase certain gemstones here on this plane, should the party cross them.
94Bephryn Omardiiren: A drow smuggler from a long-ago disgraced noble house. He now traverses between the underdark and the surface world, selling interesting trinkets, some magical. He travels the surface in a cart pulled by giant spiders illusorily disguised as horses.
95Enneff Te'a: Buys, or rather collects obscure or powerful magic items; sells nothing but Certificates of Ownership of magical items, and also the souls of others. They say they keep the item or soul in a vault in a demiplane under their control, but tell everyone else that you own it, they promise.
96Niya: A mysterious masked woman who sells shrunken heads. Some have been enchanted with Alarm spells that will cause them to scream when triggered.
97Faranni Orama: A middle-aged elven woman who has recently made the decision to leave her homeland and travel the world. She is writing a book on Alchemy and will gladly buy any unique herbs that the party has picked up on their travels. She sells a variety of rare potions.
98Azarg Yak: An older orc male who sells beast skins that he collects on his travels. He is currently working on a cape made from wolf pelts, but he has run out of materials. If the party can bring him some wolf pelts, he will make them a set of capes.
99Fili Diamondhide: Fili is a 232 year old dwarf who is traveling the realm with her husband Trundum Diamondhide. Trundum is suffering from a horrible disease and is only given a short amount of time to live. His dying wish was to see the world. Fili funds their travels by selling homemade jewelry (which are incredibly beautiful!). If the party is able to cure Trundum of his disease, the couple will be forever in their debt.
100Uroxan Lorfras: Uroxan is a dragonborn yak dealer. He is seen traveling the countryside with 1d10+3 tamed yaks. He is a very patient man who has trained hundreds of yaks over the years.