100 Tiefling Traits

A hundred different traits for a Tiefling character or NPC.

1Patches of red scales along the Tiefling's arms.
2Tiefling's eye color is inverted in their reflections.
3Sheds skin once every 66 days, in the 6 days up to the molting the skin becomes gray and flakey, until it can be peeled off.
4Horns grow forever, and must be filed weekly before becoming heavy and hindering.
5Organs are reversed, pulse on right side etc. (I know that IRL the heart is in the center and only leaning left, suspend the disbelief please).
6No nose, rather holes that expand and shrink like a snakes.
7Smell with their (possibly forked) tongue.
8Can't grow facial hair other than an ominous-looking goatee.
9Can't lie while at least 25% submerged in a natural body of water.
10Sweat turns to steam immediately, although not boiling or even hot.
11Voice is a natural harmony, due to three sets of vocal chords.
12One hand has fingers with five sections each, the other has fingers with two sections each.
13Their horns grow like the branches of a tree and split at the ends that need to be trimmed like a bonsai.
14An insatiable lust for spicy foods.
15Sleep with eyes open and rolled back, snoring in ancient incantations.
16When sneezing, you briefly change appearance as if to polymorph into a demon or aberration of some sort.
17Your tail acts in the same manner a cat's would.
18When inebriated instead of tripping over yourself or slurring your words, you gaze into nothing and whisper infernal phrases.
19Tiefling's facial hair is constantly smoldering.
20Tiefling's shadow is 3 times bigger than it should be.
21Tiefling has multiple pupils and/or no irises.
22Tiefling sees images of the Hells when looking through opaque translucent materials.
23Tiefling has a strong inclination towards formal speech, documentation, and formatting agreements/relationships as contracts.
24Tiefling causes recently picked small vegetation to wilt immediately upon skin contact.
25Tiefling is nearly/completely identical to parent of the same sex.
26Tiefling derives a sense of comfort when faced with noticeable tension between two present parties.
27Tiefling cannot blink or shed tears.
28Tiefling has innate dislike of precise and/or complex geometric symbols.
29The Tiefling has two large horns, each of which has a red crystal carved/implanted into them.
30The tiefling's tongue is that of a serpent, giving their voice a hissing sound.
31The tiefling's eyes burn with the fires of their demonic ancestry.
32The tiefling is devilishly handsome.
33An Abyssal Rune is scarred into their back.
34Tiefling can smell any holy water within 20 feet, it is mildly irritating to them.
35Tiefling's hands are backwards, their palms are where the backs of their hands should be.
36Tiefling has spines like a porcupine's instead of head hair and facial hair.
37Teeth are regenerative.
38Sleeps hanging by tail like an opossum.
39Only has 8 fingers (including thumbs).
40Has two sets of eyelids.
41Can control body temperature (dropping or increasing at will by several degrees).
42Has a spellscar where sorcerers/wizards/warlocks can draw magical power from.
43Is disgusted by anything not humanoid.
44Breath smells like brimstone.
45Covered with birthmarks shaped like infernal symbols.
46Face always obscured in shadow.
47Flames flicker across the back of the hands.
48Each day a new tally mark scar appears on the skin.
49Tiefling is blue and cold to the touch.
50The tiefling's preferred sleeping spot is a burning coffin.
51Tiefling has tusks instead of fangs, almost like an orc's.
52Makes domesticated animals nervous--disturbs messenger pigeons in their roosts, sends cats yowling from the room, etc.
53Has two little nubs on the shoulder blades where wings would ordinarily be.
54Infernal Shadow: this Tiefling's shadow has its own weight, even though slight, is noticeable by other creatures when it rests upon them.
55Antlers that grow like a wreath starting 2" behind the ears moving forward.
56The tiefling has pearly black skin with gold marble veins.
57Vertebrae are raised slightly, like pointed peaks.
58Secondary set of eyes set below a typical pair, one set for normal light, the second for darkvision.
59Only sleeps standing up.
60‎Leaves behind brimstone soot on surfaces, especially in it's bed.
61Spilled fresh blood is dark and gets brighter as it ages out of the body.
62Hair flows and floats as if underwater.
63‎Reflections are tripled.
64‎Bones feel creaky under a full moon.
65‎Four extra canine teeth on the top and bottom jaws.
66Each step made on earth bare-footed leaves a charred footprint.
67Hundreds of healed gashes cover your back, Though you've never been whipped.
68You carve tiny apocryphal sigils into your skin with fingernails as you sleep. If someone with a mind for puzzles and a knowledge of infernal can decode the script, it will reveal a minor demon's true name.
69Your tail, if somehow detached from your body, will grow back in a month and a half, as the old one turns to a jagged obsidian, too brittle to work.
70The Tiefling's shadow shivers visibly, and sometimes twitches and jerks in an unnatural manner.
71The Tiefling attracts their own blood gravitationally, with the blood being otherwise unaffected by gravity.
72The Tiefling's tongue is covered in sharp teeth.
73Small clouds of soot appear as the Tiefling exhales.
74The Tiefling's teeth can be folded backwards like those of an anglerfish.
75The echo of your voice returns in Infernal.
76Followed by a loyal servant that no one else can see, hear or feel.
77When laughing nearby fires sputter, spark and release sulphuric smoke.
78In the presence of priests, monks or clerics can only speak in sing-song rhymes.
79The slightest touch on their skin leaves a black imprint that fades a few seconds after the pressure stops.
80Their blood glows like magma, and turns into solid glass/obsidian soon after leaving the body.
81Pupils/irises look like a highly reflective metal and act as mirrors.
82A ring of long, soft fur grows around the tiefling's neck.
83Long, black claws in place of nails that cannot be cut, only filed.
84Candles are snuffed as if by wind in their presence.
85Short, bobbed tail where a long, pointed one ought to be.
86All bodily fluids (blood, spit, etc) are pitch black and shine like oil.
87Grass dies wherever they stand, sit or lay for an extended period of time.
88With every beat of the tiefling's heart there is a surge of heat through it's body.
89You are inexplicably drawn to music, but you can never understand how to create it.
90Small, heatless flames flicker across your skin when you're angry.
91You understand the thoughts of reptiles.
92Any fire within 5 feet of the tiefling burns dimmer, but hotter.
93All bodily fluids are replaced with blood. You will cry, urinate, vomit, and sweat blood.
94Their breath is icy cold and fogs in all temperatures but the coldest of winter.
95Their only otherworldly feature is their horns, which they constantly file close to their scalp to attempt to look more human.
96Has an extra set of teeth on their lips, outside of their mouth.
97The tiefling doesn’t open its mouth to speak. It’s voice seems to emanate from some source deep within the bowels of the creature.
98Shadow effects physical objects by touching their shadows and is darker than normal.
99Naturally black bones.
100Hair grows in different colors randomly.