100 Cultist Items

What does the cultist have on him/her?

1The cult member drops ceremonial robes that were in his backpack. This would make for a great disguise for the character that found it. What they don't know is that this robe is worn by the human sacrificer.
2Three tomes of knowledge about the cult. Each one depicts their rituals and the meanings behind them.
3A “holy” book holding stories about whoever or whatever the cult praises.
4A poisoned dagger with the name of a deity on it.
5A cursed amulet that randomly spawns in a very hostile rat.
6A step by step guide on sacrifices.
7A very detailed drawing of some unholy deity destroying the world.
8A blood hawk feather. There’s dried blood on the tip.
9A map with the location of a cult shrine.
10A dagger engraved with runes, detailing some aspect of the cult.
11A colored gem. If you find three of them, they can be combined in a special apparatus in one of the cultist's bases, to summon an appropriate monster.
12A tiny statue, depicting whoever the cult worships.
13A human organ, presumably to be used in a ritual.
14The bleached skull of a small animal. A semiprecious gem is embedded between the skull’s eye sockets.
15A novel. It’s a fun, light story by a quite popular author. The cult uses it as the key to a book cipher for their secret communications.
16A pouch of dragon scales bloodied by fresh meat.
17A barber's kit (for keeping that scalp clean).
18A scroll of pass-phrases for secret meetings. Dates/locations/map optional.
19A tattoo that falls off a dead person, and can be picked up and re-applied. It depicts the cult symbols, elemental predilection, or ancient writing.
20A silent horned frog with no eyes (Reaching into the frog's mouth will revealed it to be a bag of holding filled with d100 loot from a cult member).
21A carven, hollow horn of an unknown animal, engraved with scenes of whatever the cult venerates. Blowing produces a sound like a human shriek.
22A set of candles commonly used as part of various fell rituals.
23A small statuette depicting whatever the cult worships. When exposed to sunlight, it begins screaming until it is covered again.
24A note containing the names of all party members with (LOCATION KNOWN) next to each name.
25A bag containing the livers of several different species.
26The talon of a phoenix.
27The tongue of a Kenku.
28The crumpled, tear-stained note of a loved one, wishing the cultist farewell and asking them to forget about them. The note pleads with the cultist not to linger on the past, and instead move towards a brighter future of honesty in honor of their memory. The message ends with the writer wishing the cultist all the happiness in the world and a reminder that the writer will always love them.
29A religious symbol from an opposing religion, thoroughly hidden away on the cultist’s body.
30A grocery list with the ingredients for corned beef written on it. Scrawled down at the bottom is the secret ingredient the cultist uses to make his dish extra special, written in a code of the cultist’s own design. A successful DC 16 Intelligence check decodes the scribbling and reveals the secret ingredient to be wood shavings from the local tavern.
31A pewter ring with gold sigils inlaid in it putting the ring on causes it to turn invisible.
32A false eye made of obsidian, the eye unscrews to reveal a secret compartment with small a scroll inside.
33A folded up piece of parchment with a childs drawing of a demon.
34A bunch of half melted candles tied together.
35A twine necklace with a small jar on the end of it, the jar holds a small pickeled snake.
36A small widdled human skull with a pair of small horns, if you ask the skull a yes or no question it will glow red or green. The colors it glows is totally unrelated to the question.
37A coin with an evil sigil on one side and the gead of a demon on the other, flipping it causes the holder to hear a deep evil laugh.
38A mirror that reflects everyone as tieflings.
39A worn romance novel about a female cultist and a demon.
40Teeth. Hundreds and hundreds of teeth in a cloth bag.
41A picture of the cult member's four years old daughter.
42An engraved silver heart-shaped locket. Inside is a tiny portait of you, as the opposite sex.
43A rent book, for a hostel in a suspect part of town.
44Sketches of a friendly NPC.
45A feather duster, polish and a rag. (Temples to dark gods don’t clean themselves!)
46Menthol Cream (piles of rotting corpses and pools of blood smell ... a lot)
47A relatively large amulet with small holes around its edge and a button in the centre. If depressed, hallucinogenic spores are released.
48A pouch of very small bones that can be fitted together to form a strange, highly complex and obviously magical occult symbol.
49A small paper detailing a recent meeting over the pension fund created from the sale of sacrificed victims' belongings.
50A stack of pamphlets vaguely detailing the perks of joining their cult.
51A crumpled up photo torn in a few pieces depicting a young man and small child.
52A tiny sundial and a note written in blood saying "don't be late again". Investigating the cultist will reveal a missing finger.
53A fresh vial of humanoid blood.
54An iron locket with a charcoal sketch of their deity slashed through.
55A book on the basics of prestidigation, and several unused candles.
56A child's toy, a small hand carved horse with wheels.
57A deed for a home in town signed over to the cultist.
58A journal, with graphic details of what vile deeds the cultist wants to do to his/her former boss, co-workers, neighbors, all in the name of the diety they worship and how satisfying it shall be to fulfill this need for violence and bloodlust.
59Several sticks of incense designed to disguise the smell of rotting flesh.
60A miniature doll depicting this same cultist, kept inside a sealed black bag. Members of this cult believe their dolls represent their souls.
61Black leather gloves, slightly damp with some unknown liquid.
62A long (40') strip of spiked leather designed to be wound tightly around the body from ankle to neck — with the spikes pressing into the flesh — for self-mortification.
63A hair shirt/cilice/sackcloth.
64A worn, well-used pillow to sit upon during meditation.
65A padma seat, used for sitting in lotus position for long periods.
66A small glass globe, intended as a meditation focus.
67A featureless mask/hood -- basically a cloth sleeve over the entire head -- with no eye, ear, or mouth holes.
68Several tiny, palm-sized books painstakingly inscribed with minute prayers and symbols of the cult.
69Hand-woven/carved trinkets, flowers, baked goods, or other items meant to be sold on the streets as a fundraiser for the cult.
70A mortar and pestle with bone fragments in it. When used to make healing potions, they can be made twice as fast, but the potion has a 25% chance to do damage instead of healing equal to the potions strength.
71A letter about how the cultist doesn't fit in and regrets joining.
72Alchemy ingredients to make a large dose of weak poison.
73Two potions of firebreath.
74A perfectly round glass disk that fits easily in the palm of a hand. It cannot be scratched.
75A half written manifesto for a splinter sect of the cult.
76A blank journal used to press flowers, it contains 1d4 flowers.
77Guide to the closest large city detailing merchants, taverns, inns, etc...
78A journal. When studied for an hour and after a successful Investigation check reveals names of cult contacts and sympathizers.
79An ivory pipe and leather pouch of tobacco.
80A half written scroll for a random 1st (or other appropriate) level spell. Needs to be finished before it's functional, but no gold pat is associated with writing the scroll.
81A hobbyist book and set of tinkerer's tools.
821d4 candles and a prayer book to whatever the cult worships.
83Ceremonial drinking horn.
84Rabbit pelt knife sheath and sacrificial dagger.
85Dragonborn skin covered tome (spell book).
86Silver signet ring and larger seal stamp of the cult.
87Pair of boots with an odd "swoosh" carved into it. Cyanide pills optional.
88A set of business cards promoting the cult.
89Cult of X for Dummies book.
90A letter from a family member begging the addressed recipient to come home.
91A bone dagger with unicorn horn handle and an eye encased in amber as a pommel.
92A traditional curved dagger with barbs on the end.
93A cursed amulet that can commune with the dead.
94A detailed guide on kidnapping.
95A very detailed drawing of the inside of a local manor.
96An aarakocra feather.
97A cheese sandwich, wrapped in cloth, with two bites taken out of it.
98A folded piece of parchment with an unflattering caricature of the cult's leader drawn on it.
99A small, encoded notebook which, if deciphered, shows the cult member was actually a spy working for the local government. The notebook contains information on the cult's goals, activities, and membership.
100Food: hardtack and moldy cheese for destitute low ranks, wine and a small delicacy for higher rank.