100 Campsite Items

One hundred items you might find around a campsite.

1A broken compass that always points South-West.
2A slightly burnt map of the immediate area.
3A boar roasting over an open flame.
4A silver dagger wrapped in a tight washcloth with a note tucked inside "I love you always. Stay safe. ~Nana"
5A small tin mirror and a shaving kit. A cloth with blood stains right next to it.
6A basket full of mushrooms next to two mushroom piles. A Herbalists Guide opened to the 'Deadly Mushrooms' is open not far away.
7A few knife opened cans of preserved herein.
8An opened, but hardly touched, bottle of alcohol.
9A deer hide half way through being tanned.
10A massive stew bubbling on the fire.
11Damaged leather armor halfway through being mended.
12A small notebook with notes on which local plants are and aren't safe to eat.
13A suspicious amount of rope.
14A sack filled with rotten food.
15Some broken arrows.
16A fire starting kit.
17A canteen filled with clean water.
18A canteen filled with dirty water.
19A longbow with a ripped string.
20The skeleton of a dog, with it's leash still on it, and tied around a tree.
21A bird trap, without a bait.
22A rusty kitchen knife.
23Some novel books.
24An unreadable diary.
25A cooking book.
26A collection of rare seeds.
27A broken flute.
28A mimic disguised as a backpack.
29A glass flask messily labeled “Alchemist’s Fire”. It actually contains a highly-potent cinnamon whisky.
301d4 gold coins.
31A dirty, well-worn towel with the words “Don’t Panic” embroidered on it in large, friendly letters.
32A deck of playing cards.
33A potion of healing.
34A small dutch oven buried in the coals of the campfire, filled with chopped potatoes, butter, onions, and spices. It's perfectly cooked and still hot.
35A rough-looking book, one page bookmarked by a filthy ribbon, filled with orcish writing. If translated, the marked page is a recipe for "Elf Pudding."
36A practically new bedroll, half-covered with dried blood.
37A large, round, rusty shield just outside camp...covering a latrine.
38A small pouch filled with dried pieces of fruit.
39A half dozen rusted, bent, iron tent spikes.
40A simple urn with ashes inside.
41A set of stacking wooden stools.
42A bottle of keogthom's ointment with 1d4 uses left.
43A burned-out bedroll.
44A crate full of nets.
45An axe head lodged deep in a log.
46A bag of rotting food scraps strung up in a tree.
47An unusual pattern of burn marks in the grass.
48A few human teeth in among the campfire ashes.
49A vague map drawn in the dirt with a stick.
50The half-eaten remains of a giant spider.
51A jar filled with various levels of multi-colored dirt.
52A compass whose needle always points to the last person who put it down. The needle is currently spinning.
53A single leather boot that looks like it has been clawed by a large animal.
54A sprite hiding behind a log and watching the party.
55Four arrows surrounding a space in the center of the campsite-in the middle sits a frightened little girl.
56A hand shovel.
57A worn whetstone.
58A blanket made out of rat skins sewn together.
59A set of wood carving tools.
60Extensive fishing gear: bait, tackle, rod, net (especially good if you're nowhere near water).
61Shovel, pick axe, bucket.
62Bear trap.
63Net with an unidentifiable rodent sleeping in it. Possible dead.
64A wagon with two nearby oxen who've been disconnected from their harness.
65Fish skewered and stuck into the ground near a fire pit.
66A small cask of ale.
67A clothesline that's been hung up between two trees.
68A hammock strewn between trees.
69A blood-soaked patch of ground.
70A semi-tamed wolf.
71A noise causing trip wire upon entering the camp.
72A sack of peat.
73A tent emulating a far off culture.
74A political pamphlet.
75A can with a string attached leading into the woods.
76An oil lantern hanging on a weapon rack.
77An ogres broken tusk.
78One dandelion in a pot.
79A giant glass jar with a maelstrom of rainbow colored mayonnaise inside and a spell book in front open to notes. The left page about making storms of substances and the right how to make alchemy mason jars that take the contents of alchemy jugs and make grenades of said substance for creating difficult terrain. Another page sitting tucked half way under the spell book talks about making storms from the contents of alchemy jugs for jarred storms. A closer inspection of the jar and they find a storm caster shrunk down trying to create spells in secret and if they get his attention he will come talk to them.
80A campfire set up to be lit, a box of cooking tools, and drag marks away of what looked like the camper and the catch the camper was going to skin and cook be it fish, rabbit, or deer.
81Three hats that could only fit a giant.
82A fire that can't be put out by any normal means.
83Large and small footprints that insinuate a battle. And then only small footsteps and large drag-marks.
84A small cloth bag with a dozen or so indigo blue glass marbles and two opaque red ones.
85A small leather bag full of ceramic beads, each carefully split in half.
86A dirty, roughed-up picture of a happy family.
87A pile of rocks someone has been collecting for an unknown purpose.
88A tent which is covering the entrance to a burrow. It goes on for an untold number of feet into the earth.
89A pair of binoculars, a wooden whistle, and a diary with drawings of birds.
90A wooden contraption that has drying plants pressed between two planks.
91A bundle of twigs, some string, a needle, and a half-made basket.
92A sash featuring numerous embroidered patches.
93A clay bucket with sticks, detritus, and collected pillbugs.
94A large, quickly-carved totem pole at every path leading to and from the campsite.
95A belt with a hidden space to keep a knife.
96A plate with a half-eaten meal on it.
97A conch shell. It allows you to hear the ocean away from the ocean.
98A DC 7 investigation check reveals a golden amulet hastily buried with the symbol of a major trading guild.
99What looks like the hilt of a sword with it's blade embedded in the ground. Upon pulling it free, you find it is just a very large spoon
100A book of different kinds of tall tales to tell around the campfire.