100 Dragonborn Traits

One hundred different Dragonborn traits that will give your character more details.

1The dragonborn is covered in glimmering red scales. They seem to turn a slight orange color in the sunlight.
2This dragonborn has several scales missing and a long gash running along his face.
3This dragonborn has two long, spined and membranous ears.
4This dragonborn has a slightly off-center snout, akin to a poorly-reset broken nose.
5This dragonborn has two small bony nubs at their shoulder blades- vestigial wings
6This dragonborn has poor control over their breath weapon, and when they are agitated their nostrils and mouth crackle with lightning/exude a green gas/smoke like chimneys drip green acid/breath puffs of frosty white air.
7This dragonborn has highly acidic saliva.
8This dragonborn has long overly curled horns.
9This dragonborn has a heart that glows bright enough to be seen beneath the scales.
10This dragonborn has spines that stick out from every joint.
11Smoke is always slowly rising from their nose and mouth.
12This dragonborn's scales are prismatic.
13This dragonborn has a tiny pair of unusable wings.
14This dragonborn has 2 inch retractable nail/talons on their fingers and toes.
15This dragonborn has eyes that change color depending on their emotions.
16This dragonborn appears to have had their claws torn off, so a leather bound brace of daggers serves as their replacement.
17This dragonborn has random different colored scales glistening blue and white.
18This dragonborn has a crest of multicolored feathers atop it's head, resembling a hairdo.
19This dragonborn is branded on their forehead with a strange, unknown symbol.
20The dragonborn only refers to themselves by a number emblazoned on their gear (necklace, scabbard, belt, etc.).
21The dragonborn slurs all their S's into 'sh' sounds.
22The dragon's acid breath clearly went wrong, as the flesh on the right side of his face, from the middle of his neck to the top of his mouth is burned off.
23The dragon is missing all of it's scales, revealing the pale skin beneath. It's color is only identified by a small patch of scales on it's cheek.
24The dragonborn has one or more hidden paths on their skin where scales never developed.
25This dragonborn has traces of another colour (for example, little splotches of black scales on a green dragonborn).
26This dragonborn's voice seems to come from within it, rather than its lips and mouth moving when it talks.
27This dragonborn's eyes gleam red while in combat.
28This dragonborn is constantly drawn to live as a dragon and hoard all the loot.. for safe keeping of course.
29This dragonborn's fangs grow in the presents of injured enemies.
30The Dragonborn has a cracked or broken snout horn.
31(Insert breath weapon) often emerges in either liguid or gaseous form from nostrils when angry, depending on the breath weapon.
32This dragonborn has a fake, steel nose horn.
33This dragonborn has transluscent or transparent patches of scales.
34This dragonborn has a frill running down the chin and neck.
35This dragonborn has a frill running up the snout, head, and the back of the neck.
36This dragonborn has 3 eyelids: 2 normal ones, and a thin, almost transparent one underneath that moves in a perpendicular direction to the other two.
37This dragonborn tends to hiss when speaking.
38The Dragonborn has shiny blue scales. The darkness of the color is determined by the temperature.
39Their breath weapon is always accompanied by a horrific, sickly sweet stench.
40They have two large (possibly colorful) frills instead of horns.
41They have albinism, making it hard to tell what exact kind of dragonborn they are.
42They have a small patch of scales etched with scratches. It's become a nervous habit to trace over them or scratch even more.
43Their breath weapon is unusually colored (blue fire, red acid, green lightning, etc).
44Their horns originate in the back of their head and curl around to face forward.
45They have ears. They look elven in nature.
46Their eyes have two pupils, with different colored irises.
47They have a habit of chewing on gemstones, jewelry, and precious metals.
48They randomly switch into speaking Draconic and have to catch themselves.
49They have pits in their face instead of an actual nose, similar to a snake's.
50Their scales are a dull, matte color.
51They have 5 fingers and 5 toes, as opposed to the standard 3.
52They have a long, serpentine tongue.
53Their scales are bumpy, thick, and loose on their skin (think a gila monster).
54Their scales are sleek and uniform, like a snake.
55Their scales are incredibly uneven. Some are huge, others are tiny. This isn't uncomfortable, just making interesting patterns on their skin.
56This dragonborn rambles a lot - Conversations with him tend to DRAG ON.
57This dragonborn has a third eye. Doesn't actually see but can distinguish changing levels of light above them.
58Their mouth is brimming with bacteria that can kill in 5-7 days without treatment from a bite.
59They have tail spikes like a stegosaurus.
60Their scales are a dull faded red color, but glow bright red when the Dragonborn is aroused or in love.
61They have the power to make their scales shine with bright neon colors on command.
62Their singing voice is the exact opposite tone of their speaking voice (for example, if the Dragonborn is female and has a higher voice, they will sing in a deep bass-baritone). It's always a beautiful voice regardless, making them better performers.
63Their scales are incredibly flexible, allowing the Dragonborn to bend in near impossible positions (think contortionist).
64Their hiccups are powerful bursts of freezing air.
65His scales shimmer like a rainbow in moonlight.
66She has flaps of skin under her armpits, almost like wings but they don't do anything.
67This dragonborn has two frills on top of his head. Keeps him cool in hot temperatures.
68This dragonborn has scaly human-like ears. Everyone calls him 'Ear-boy'.
69He stares at you intently as if he can see into your soul. After noticing that he is staring at you thoughts begin to creep into your mind that he is telepathic. You think to yourself that's ridiculous and he looks disappointed as soon as you do. As soon as you converse dust gets kicked into the air and you notice his nictitating membranes fluttering over his eyes. 'One more difference between him and you', you think to yourself.
70The Dragonborn's breath weapon is incredibly uncomfortable, even painful, like puking. A few dry heaves beforehand, with a bit of tears and snot afterwards.
71The Dragonborn's form was not made for the human world. Clawed fingers get in the way of delicate tasks; a head bumped on a low doorway will take some effort in order to pull the horns out. The Dragonborn is resigned to this.
72This dragonborn has an above average sized tail to compensate for their vestigial legs.
73This dragonborn has shorn horn stubs on the side of their head. They were stolen by alchemists looking for an E.D. cure.
74This dragonborn has an odd scale discoloration that looks eerily similar to the crest of a very well known Elven god.
75The dragonborn can clean their eyelids with their forked tongue, but only does this as a party trick.
76The dragonborn can gallop quadrupedally by using their tail for balance. They are also an effective climber.
77The dragonborn has impressive face whiskers like a carp.
78The dragonborn hates sweets. He/she is fond of anything that makes a satisfying loud crunch. Bananas are only tolerated with the peel still on.
79The dragonborn is patient to a fault and sometimes forgets that children and grandchildren cannot be judged by the actions of their parents.
80The dragonborn has a colorful dewlap on their chin and neck.
81The dragonborn can move their eyes independently of one another.
82Their scales are of a much lighter tone than the skin, making them stand out even more.
83They have turned their breath weapon into a party trick so always carry chestnuts to instant roast or room temperature beer to instantly chill.
84They are overly formal and insist you call them by their full name and title at all times.
85They are covered in a sparkly paint that magically changes colour every few minutes, making it impossible to tell what their natural colour is.
86(chromatic) They are not particularly clever and have covered themselves in glitter thinking it will make them look metallic.
87They only speak draconic but have a pet talking lizard that sits on their shoulder and translates for them.
88They treat all other species like biological specimens that should be studied and are taking extensive notes on their observations.
89They are overly vain about their scales and teeth and spend a long time every morning polishing and shining them.
90They take great pride in their claws, and have intricate designs painted on them.
91They are very elitist in terms of colour and classify other races into the dragon colour categories by hair colour, treating them accordingly.
92They have a cold and keep accidentally setting off a mild version of their breath weapon every time they sneeze, which is often.
93Whenever they use their breath attack, their eyes shine bright white.
94They have weak and useless vestigial wings coming out of their shoulders that they try to keep hidden.
95When sleeping, they exhale harmless clouds of smoke from their nostrils.
96The dragonborn refuses to eat any meat that isn't cooked past well done.
97They like to cover themselves in mud constantly 'to fight parasites'.
98The dragonborn has a bifurcated nose horn.
99The dragonborn has tiny useless T-Rex arms on their shoulder blades.
100The dragonborn has dry patches of grey scales that occasionally sluff off.